(What I call Parasailboard is usually called Kitesurfing...

Something like
Sailboarding/Windsurfing but the lighter sail with no mast, grabs the upward
gusts of wind, & can lift you straight up o! the water...It’s a wild looking
liberating sport...Cheers to those who delight us with this act of raw freedom...)
About how to think, how to formulate ideas, & about parts of this book:
For years, it was like I was talking gibberish...Writing gibberish...Tweeting
gibberish...I had learned as an artist that when you begin, begin with non-
judgmental broad strokes...Just let it all out...Don’t try too hard, don’t overthink
it...I used this method as well when trying to formulate theories about
medicine...On my blogs...
In the beginning, it was all point form...Just a word, then maybe a comma or a
“...” to indicate a separate thought that was connected...It could be a string of
words, on one line, connecting 4 disparate things...This is how I made
Medicine has become so complicated today...The same things have so many
di!erent words...People with Manic-Depressive tendencies are now called
Bipolar-& the drugs they are given all seem to have long & very di!erent
names...Truth be told, most medicines for this particular tendency, which is a
Zinc excess in the Thyroid Gland, are treated with elements in the Bone family
which are Lead(plomb in french) elements...Lead elements are also called
Vitamin A, or you could eat a carrot or a potato daily...Or bonemeal...Lithium is
in the same family as lead, but just way stronger...Most drugs for Bipolar types,
or people experiencing temporary Zinc excess from sun exposure, hotter climate,
excess radiation, radiation from flying in airplanes alot, or smoking too many
cigarettes, or even having been exposed to Agent Orange-most of these drugs are
still Lithium/Lead based...But the list of names has lengthened...
In the world of cosmetics, if you copy someone else’s formula but then change
even one tiny ingredient, like you added a microscope nanobyte of a di!erent
colour, you can get a patent on that formula & call it a NEW product...Great way
to make money(sarcasm)-just copy what is already there & add one tiny thing &
then you can add it to the already overburdened cosmetics market...
This is basically what happens in the pharmaceutical & medical
marketplace...New drugs are just rehashes of old drugs...New procedures are
just variations of old procedures...Artists are guilty of this too...brand new
paintings are really the same subject, just with a slightly di!erent colour
palette...It’s not always a scam or knock-o!, sometimes there is genuine placebo
e!ect(50% of all cures are placebo or faith) in the “newness” value...
People like “new” & “improved”...It helps them to believe that it will work...My
problem is that it creates confusion...Confusion creates dependence on so-called
“experts”...Dependence on so-called experts costs more money...The belief system
that only experts can help you fosters lack of self-worth...Lack of self-worth
compounded with personal inactivity regarding one’s own self-health leads to
people psychologically relying on others for their own health...Which sometimes
is ok if you have lots of money to spend on experts...
If you don’t have money to spend & su!er from lack of self worth & feelings that
health & medicine & pharmacology are all too complicated, but you can’t a!ord
the expert, then maybe you are sick but don’t try to fix it yourself...
This is where I feel we are right now...Something goes wrong in your body & all
your friends urge you to go to a doctor...If you try to fix it yourself, you are
labelled a maverick...if you listen to people on the internet who are giving away
answers for free, that might help you fix your problem yourself at home, you are
told that those people are quacks, that any medicine that is not strictly Western
medicine is quackery, & that you will die if you don’t go through traditional
medicine’s methodology...
This is how I feel about quacks...All pioneering people in the world were
considered quacks initially including Jesus...A quack is usually someone who is
bringing genuinely new information instead of rehashed knocko!s of old
information...Sure there will be mistakes...
Which is where personal discernment comes into play...Sift through the
wikipedia pages to find the information you need & discard the rest...There are
mistakes there too...Know that...It won’t be perfect...truth has flaws in it...But
you will be stronger...
A friend wrote on Facebook that she expletive deleted hates Deepak Chopra...I
was surprised at her language...She did not use expletive deleted by the way, that
is me...(puritanical Virgo)...Deepak Chopra was an endocrinologist who quit
smoking cigarettes & hard black co!ee using Transcendental Meditation...
He was so wooed by this method that he formed an Institute where people could
learn new ways to drop addictive habits...Instead of pushing drugs, this doctor
was going to teach healthier lifestyle choices including the healthy exercise that
meditation causes both mentally & physically...
People are irritated by these new ideas in medicine so they may call him a
quack...Because the ideas are new, they aren’t usually covered by medical
insurance policies...Which irritates people more...If OHIP(Ontario Health
Insurance Plan) covered a visit to the Chopra Institute, I am sure people would
be very complimentary...
This book may include some of my point form type associative notes that I use to
build my ideas...I encourage readers to do this type of weird thinking & note
taking too...Stream your ideas without judging...Let them out without
editing...Years later you can compress or expand & edit it to make it more
normal...But you need to let the crazy stu! out & keep track of it, in order to find
out real answers for yourself, about who you are & how you got here...
Joseph(my gorgeous husband & co-author) talks to himself...This is how he
works out his own ideas...He also screams & yells when he is angry about
something which is often...He lets it all out...The act of screaming when he is
angry(which is daily), allows him to let go of bottled of feelings, & express how he
feels to others, & elicits people to change or fix what they have done wrong...It is
very healthy...
Talking, screaming, arguing, are all ways to communicate...Holding it all inside,
& editing out what is not “normal” doesn’t help much if you are having a
Bear with me...Some of my ideas are not “normal”...I do keep refining this book,
even after it has been published...(You can do that now)...But I am leaving some
of the not normal stu! in...I am leaving some mistakes in...On purpose...
It will feel more authentic that way...It also gets me o! the hook a bit legally-with
obvious mistakes it tells the reader that the author is flawed & that anything in
this book could possibly be wrong...I try not to be wrong, perfectionist that I
am...But it happens...
Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt surgical rotation app
Authors:by Joseph & Sari Grove
edited:by Justin Wood
This book, by accident, became a log for all my thoughts & cures & treatments as
I figured out how to get rid of a breast cancer lump without going through
surgery...I decided to include my blog posts, weird thoughts, & wrong theories
along the way, to track how I got to solving the problem...This makes this book a
little odd at times, but when you are desperately trying to fix something, you do
tend to do odd things...Like ducktaping neodymium magnets to your
breast...Like taping iPod earphones to your breast to create home radiofrequency
abalation...Like covering your body in topical iodine(wow it burns big mistake!
lol)...I have also included some zen moments like the fixing of my toilets myself, &
how good fixing things feels when you are freaking out about your health...
(I’m more of a Duckter...Than a Doctor...Which means, that, yes, I’m a
Quack! ...Sari Grove, the author...)
This book is not what you think...
This is not a book advocating surgery...
The “Apt surgical rotation app” part of the book’s title, is about going around
Rotating out of the surgical protocol...
How to get out of the surgery trap...
Things you could do to maybe avoid surgery...
For example:
You discover a lump in your breast...
Normal protocol might be, go to a doctor, get a biopsy, get some tests done, have
a few conversations, be put on schedule to get a lumpectomy or mastectomy right
away to avoid delay...
Maybe they’ll even get you on board for some sort of prophylactic surgery where
they take out your ovaries too...
You’ll be extra scared & maybe take that option if they tell you you have a family
history, there’s a gene, it could spread...
Scary stu!...
The next years of your life will be spent with doctors, surgeons, in hospitals,
maybe you’ll get radiation, maybe you’ll get chemotherapy, maybe a breast
reconstruction, maybe you’ll go into early menopause...
Now, let’s see how we could avoid this...
How could we be proactive ourselves about that darn lump in our breast?
Ok...Here’s one way to go...
You go online & Google “Madagascar Periwinkle”...
Madagascar Periwinkle contains vinpocetine, the same stu! the doctors use in
In fact, the basis for the new anti-cancer drug Tamoxifen is Madagascar
But you don’t need a doctor to buy it...Or an appointment...
Ok, so you find some at your nearest online Herbs store...
I found half a pound of Madagascar Periwinkle at Herbie’s Herbs on Queen
street in Toronto for about $25.00...
Order it & have it delivered right away...
Ok...The fastest way to get this herb into your system is to just chew it...
Yup...In Nigeria there is a plant they call “Bitter Leaf” which also has
chemotherapeutic properties...They chew it...Swallow...That’s it...
So do like the Nigerians do...Take your Madagascar Periwinkle, pour some into
a cup, fill a teaspoon & stick it into your mouth...
Chew it, chew it, chew it...Swallow...
There...You are on your way to getting rid of that lump in your breast...
Take 2 more teaspoons that first day...
You are on your way to getting rid of that lump...
Every day, chew some more of this herb...It’s strong when you chew & swallow
it, so 3 teaspoons a day is fine...
Drop all calcium from your diet if you can, because Cancer & lumps & cysts are
all calcium based...
So don’t feed that lump with calcium...
Increase Iodine in your diet as well...Madagascar Periwinkle is in the iodines, but
it doesn’t hurt to help it along with some sushi, fish, seafood, or seaweed salad...
You can bathe is kelp bath gels...You can paint iodine topically on your
breast...You can take Iodoral pills to increase your iodine as well...
Watch that breast lump shrink...Watch it dissolve & disappear...
You have now rotated your life out of the surgery protocol...
I am not saying all surgery is avoidable...I am saying you should insert some DIY
medicine in between discovering that breast lump & deciding to have things cut
We know Iodine antidotes calcium excess in the Adrenal Gland...
We know lumps are calcium excesses...
We know most Calcium excesses today are caused by birth control drugs...
We know Aids is another calcium excess...
We know Gender dysphoria is yet another Calcium excess...
We now know where to get our Iodines, over the counter...
So let’s fix some of these problems before they get worse!
Let’s give the hospitals & surgeons a rest & start acting proactively ourselves!
The way to get lumps & cysts & Cancers out of the body is to correct the calcium
excess by adding Iodines...
It’s time to rotate out of the surgery protocol...
Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App...
Some background to how I know about Madagascar Periwinkle:
When I got married, I went on Depo Provera...Birth control by
injection...Joseph didn’t want to have children, & the sub-text was that I should
go on birth control...I wanted to be married...To him...So I stupidly allowed
them to inject me with this horrible horrible drug...
I gained over 30 lbs....More like 40...I felt sluggish & hungry all the time...I lost
my whole sex drive...I lost my ooph for life...My eyes looked dull...Sleep was my
favorite thing...
So I exercised like crazy...Walked miles & miles & miles then kilometers &
kilometers...Then I ran...I’d run for an hour...Slow but for a whole hour...I
figured the really long time would help with weight loss...
I also lifted weights...I ran on the treadmill...I cycled...I took aerobics classes...
I was still huge & miserable & unhorny...
The worst was, was that sex became painful...First, I lost lubrication...But
worse than that, there was something in there causing pain...
I figured it out...I had ovarian cysts...Great...
So being naturally a talky person, I asked everyone I knew & everyone I didn’t
know about ovarian cysts...Finally I asked the right person...This was the owner
of natural Solutions, a supplement store in Sherway gardens in Mississauga,
Ontario...(outside of Toronto)...
He said:”Oh yes, I had a lady with the same problem & we tried this, & it
worked...Here let me order you some”...
What this something was, was Dr. Reckeweg’s R38 & R39...To remove ovarian
cysts...R38 for the right ovary...R39 for the left ovary...
The first time I tried them, I just drank a swig from both bottles...Little bottles,
maybe 25 dollars each...(but much less nowadays)...You’re supposed to drop some
drops into water but I decided just to drink them straight...
2 days later...I went to have a pee...I peed...Got up...As I went to flush the toilet,
I saw the cysts in the bowl...Like little jellyfish...or tapioca pudding...The ovarian
cysts just fell out when I peed...
Ok so this was a miracle...
Anyways...I continued o! & on for several years, every once in a while ordering
R38 & R39, just to make sure any & all ovarian cysts were gone...
I didn’t do it all the time...Just once in a while, especially if I felt pain during
sex...I was careful...Not too much...
Ok so I got rid of the Ovarian Cysts...But I was still large, unsexy, manly almost,
& unhappy...
I started talking again to anyone I could...In an art gallery one day, the owner
told me she had done a heavy metal detox...Chelation or something like that...I
was interested...I went home & Googled what are the top ten things for heavy
metal detoxification...
Google spat out a link to a list...I took each word from the list, the top ten
detoxifiers, & Googled all those ten words to see if maybe there was a product
that contained all 10...
Ok so what came up first was a product called HEARALL from NaturalCare
in Oregon...It contained the top 3 things from my list...
Gingko Biloba, Butcher’s broom, & Vinpocetine...But it was a hearing
product...What the hell, I ordered a bottle...It contained what I wanted, the top 3
things for detoxification...Plus some other vitamins...Couldn’t hurt to try...
So I got the bottle of HearAll capsules, & took about 6...Again it was about 2
days later that I had an e!ect...
What the e!ect was, was this...I got a giant humongous boil or pimple or cyst or
something on my inner left thigh right at the top...It was huge & stuck on my
Femoral artery...(a big artery in your thigh)...
So I squished it a bit to see what it was...Fluid filled...So I squished harder & it
popped...Buttermilk coloured fluid spilled out...What the heck was that???
I smelled the fluid...Oh my GOSH, it was the same Depo provera fluid that had
been injected into me years ago...Just sitting there in my thigh...
The HearAll had forced it all together into a lump...
Ok...So I ordered more bottles of the HearAll & started taking those capsules
every once in a while too...I started to lose weight...I felt a little sexier...I started
to look a bit more feminine again...
So of course I wrote about it...Blogged about it...I started thinking I could tell
other people about my discoveries...But I realised it was too much trouble for
Canadians to order pills from NaturalCare that were called HearAll, because of
shipping costs, because everyone I knew seemed broke, because explaining the
whole thing was complicated...I wasn’t going to be helping anyone well...Maybe
some, but I could help better...
What was the actual ingredient in the product that was causing the birth control
drug to leave my body?
Was it the Gingko Biloba? No I didn’t think so...
Was it the Butcher’s Broom? No I didn’t think so...
The third ingredient was Vinpocetine...What was that?
So I started researching Vinpocetine...Yup...Vinpocetine is what they use in
So where could you get just Vinpocetine in the real world?
I stumbled on something called Madagascar Periwinkle which apparently was a
great source of Vinpocetine...
Searched where I could get some...Ordered the half pound bag from Herbies
Herbs online, for about $25...Got it...Made it into a tea...
Wow this stu! was strong...As a tea it was just like what I imagined a chemo
treatment was like...Ok less than that...But I immediately felt sleepy...
Lay down, slept...Woke up feeling good...Started drinking Madagascar
Periwinkle tea once in a while...Lost even more weight...
Fast forward to years later...I still drink Madagascar Periwinkle tea once in a
while...I still take the hearAll pills once in a while...
I found out somewhere along the timeline that Vinpocetine is really an Iodine
element...So anything with Iodine in it, I ate...Sushi, Sashimi, Arame is a dried
seaweed you can steam cook, fish...Iodoral are Iodine tablets you can take
orally...You can paint topical iodine on your breasts daily to keep them lump
free...Iodized salt has iodine in it...
I learned that cysts & lumps & tumours are basically Calcium based...I learned
that Iodine was the opposite to Calcium...I learned all calcium birth control
drugs, & Iodine chemo type drugs or anti-cancer drugs, all act in the Adrenal
(Correction: Ok, I write that I “learned” about Calcium & Iodine...I didn’t exactly
“learn”...What I call “learning” is I read alot, about as much as I can, about a
subject, intensively, then sort of form a hunch....Then I try to prove my hunch by
reading any & all medical studies that could support that hunch...Then I
continually try to prove my theory if it still seems to hold true...prove means that I
probably go out & buy something that contains the element that I want to check
out & see if it actually does what I think it is supposed to do...
The Calcium Iodine opposition theory probably began when I got to smell &
touch the Depo Provera, that popped out of that thing on my upper inner right
thigh...It smelled & looked & felt like buttermilk...Calcium...
When I finally figured out that it was the vinpocetine in the HearAll product
that was eradicating this buttermilk type stu!, I later deduced that Iodine was
the active element in the vinpocetine...This came from researching places where I
might find vinpocetine in the real world...I was reading something about
butterflies eating milkweed, & that butterflies liked Iodine type foods...There
was a connection somewhere along that line between vinpocetine & Iodine...
I solidified my theory that it was Iodine that was acting like the detox agent...It
seemed to me at the time, every disease always had these 2 components:Cause &
Cure...There was always some sort of excess of one thing, & then some element
that cured that...But then if you took too much of that cure element, you could
get a new disease...
When I was researching what happens if you take too much Iodine, while trying
to cure cancer, a Calcium excess, I came upon Grave’s disease...Grave’s disease
was too much Iodine...You can correct that by adding calcium to the
diet...Maybe it was there that I started thinking more that Cancer was calcium...
I knew birth control drugs were the cause of my problems...They call that
progesterones, but I needed to pare that down to an element from the Periodic
Table of Elements, which was what I was using to form my chart...)
I started formulating a theory that every organ had two elements inside that lived
as opposites that must remain in balance...
This was the beginning of my idea, the Grove Body Part Chart...

Author’s Note: Dr. Reckeweg also makes R17 which are anti-tumour drops...The
3 ingredients in R17 are very interesting & I will explain them briefly...One
ingredient is Figwort...Figwort is something a butterfly might eat...That is a clue
to what’s in it...Butterflies prefer IODINE type foods...So Figwort is an Iodine
food, & thus is anti-cancer, anti-Calcium, anti-calcification, anti-tumour...(Cleans
out Adrenal Gland, corrects gender dysphorias, resurrects the Aids adrenal
gland, helps women lose weight after taking birth control drugs, helps women
detoxify after taking birth control drugs so that their planned baby won’t be born
inheriting the Calcium excess, helps men return to former masculinity if they have
been passively exposed to birth control drugs by water supply location or sexual
partner taking them-or mum took them & didn’t detoxify before conceiving...)
Ingredient 2 in R17 is Indian Cobra venom...(sorry if this troubles you-yes milking
snakes for venom is indeed controversial...I apologize for this problem...)
Anyways...Snake venom is a paralytic which keeps the tumour from moving
around...The paralytic acts like a pin, it pins that lump down so the Iodine can eat
away at its calcified shell...Many people take Iodine drugs but the lumps keep
avoiding the Iodine...The paralytic of the Cobra venom solves that
problem...Things that paralyze are Fluorine...Yes like Fluoride...Fluorine is the
name from the Periodic Table of Elements...
(Anesthetics are fluorine, date rape drugs are Fluorine-anything that causes
paralysis is a Fluorine thing, diseases that have slow paralysis as a symptom are
Fluorine excesses)...(The antidote to Fluorine is Bismuth, yes, Charcoal...Indium
is another element that antidotes Fluorine but is stronger...Wild Indigo Root &
melatonin are Indium things...)(Insomnia & ALS & Epilepsy are Fluorine
excess)...(Indium metal can be worn against the skin & the Indium will make you
sleepy & suppress seizures-get a 5 gram bar at least, put a hole in it, wear it
around your neck on a leather cord at night)...
Ingredient number 3 of R17 of Dr. Reckeweg’s line of products is a weird
one...Lactic acid...Yup...Calcium...But you just said calcium causes lumps??? yes
I did...But the drug needs to know where to go...So very smartly, Dr. Reckeweg
put some Lactic acid(Calcium) in to the anti-tumour drops because he knows like
is attracted to like...The Lactic acid will seek out the calcium tumour...ba
Boom...But the drug attached to the Lactic Acid will kill the tumour...It’s a
trojan horse...Built to look friendly but carries warriors inside!!!
Note:You can also just buy the herb called Figwort...Scrophularia Nodosa...For
the Iodine...Herbies Herbs has it...It is cheaper that way...Much cheaper...Chew
it or make it into a tea...
Afterthoughts: So the Dr. Reckeweg R17 tumor drops are the correct thing, but
you might have to take several bottles of it to get the desired e!ect-namely, the
dissolving of your breast lump...So, in the spirit of being cheap, which I have
learned from my husband(who is the guy who bought the on sale fish), I’d like to
add that the main anti-lump ingredient in the Dr. Reckeweg product is the
Figwort also known as Scrophularia Nodosa...So Figwort is known to be a
breast anti-tumor medicine...For sure...Now you can get 4 x 4 Oz. bottles of a
very strong tincture of Figwort on Amazon right now...The order I got ships
from Hawaii...If you are trying to budget your supplement expenses a bit, you
could try the Figwort tincture, instead of dozens of bottles of the Reckweg R17...
(Now the Reckweg R17 is documented in getting rid of a dog’s cancerous
tumour-which indicates that the ingredients are solid, just need to be taken in
massive doses for a human to get real results...The dog would be much smaller,
hence the great success rate...)
ALSO: Get it Girl has a Women’s Health System which is a Whey Pink
nutritional powder that makes a shake, a Whey green powder that also can go
into a smoothie or shake, & you get anchovy fish oil capsules...This system was
designed exactly for the type of imbalances & needs that women are experiencing
today...I will write more about the Get It Girl System once I have taken it...
I should mention too: One doctor tested 500 of his patients for iodine
deficiency...Turns out 94.7% of the 500 were iodine deficient...Wow! He wrote
that it can take a year, at 50 mg of Iodoral daily, for an iodine deficient person to
get up to spec...Now I think 50 mg is alot...Myself I can only take 12.5 mg of
Iodoral, & that is at night because it makes me sleepy...I also crush a 50 mg
Iodoral pill with the back of a spoon on a plate(use a pill splitter first to make it
into smaller bits), & put that powder into my bathwater & soak for a really long
Women who have taken Iodoral for 3 months have had their breast lumps
dissolve to nothing...I write this to encourage women...if you do take Iodoral, be
confident & be patient...Getting enough iodine can take a while...But Iodine
DOES DISSOLVE breast lumps...Just keep taking it...
More:things used for cancer today that come from herbs & trees...(these are
proven & used worldwide)...
*scrophularia nodosa/figwort
*taxol is from the Taxus brevifolia l./the Pacific Yew bark/paclitaxel drug chemo
*Camptotheca Acuminata/ Happy tree/cancer tree/
*Catharanthus roseus, commonly known as the Madagascar rosy periwinkle/
*Podophyllum peltatum, commonly called Mayapple/
Real success stories I found online about dissolving a breast lump...
Ok, to be honest, so far, in all my vast looking for success stories, I only found two
solid ones...
Yes, two...
The first lady took 50 mg of Iodoral for 6 weeks, daily, as well as taking 100 mg of
Selenium daily...After that she dropped to splitting the 50 mg Iodoral in half, &
took 25 mg of the Iodoral for another 6 weeks, as well as continuing the Selenium
at 100 mg daily...After 2 months, since starting this protocol her breast lump
disappeared entirely...
My comment about this:Personally I find 50 mg of Iodoral daily too strong for
me to take...But this super strength of it is probably why it worked so fast...
The second success story...
Ok, the second lady took 800 mg of Vitamin E daily for several weeks...That is all
she did...No diet change, no restraint on anything...Her breast lump, which was
probably just a cyst, also disappeared entirely...
Comment:I went out & bought some Vitamin E right after reading this & took 2
capsules while standing at the cash register...
Update:Since my first look, I have found a few other breast lump success
stories...Significantly, one was gotten rid of by a combination of acupuncture,
moxibustion, & Chinese herbals...Acupuncture tends to increase flow
throughout the body, helping toxins to leave...Moxibustion uses Moxa which is
similar to walnut, a Manganese element, which lowers iron levels in the
bloodstream in the Thymus gland...Moxa is called Maqua in Eritrea, Mugwort
in the States, Nutmeg in health food stores, Walnut as a nut-well, they are not
exactly the same thing, but all in the same family...You can burn Moxa cones as
incense, or even just burn Mugwort incense for the same e!ect...You breathe it
into your lungs, & it is a nice opiated feeling...Cupping involves putting suction
cups on various points on your body & also increases flow...Chinese herbals tend
to be anti-parasitic as well, which is great because there is a strong link between
lumps & bumps in your body & possible parasites...Why not get rid of possible
parasites too while detoxing? Note:Moxibustion can also involve burning the
Moxa directly on the skin...In Eritrea, it is believed that the burn causes a suck to
the cyst, drawing it out...Burning the Moxa on the skin can then cause that
sucking e!ect, plus the MOxa itself delivers the Manganese element medicine-
which is particularly e!ective in leukemia type problems where the Thymus &
blood are overloaded with iron...Lancing the Cyst in Chinese medicine is not
what you think-they go in from your back, lancing the artery that feeds the breast,
allowing the blood to flow into a suction cup...This shrinks the cyst almost
immediately...For the left breast, the lance artery is on the back left
shoulder...They will needle in a circle to find the large artery hole to prick...None
of this really hurts & is in general quite pleasing...(You can also drink Mugwort
as a tea)...
Adding things:Another success story is a nurse who just went all raw
vegetarian...”My raw food diet cure & secrets” is a book by Helen Hecker
R.N....It inspired me to try to go vegetarian(maybe only piscatarian I don’t have
as much willpower there...)
Clove incense is a nice painkiller, relaxer, go to sleep helper, & lowers Aluminum
levels in the Lung & Lymph nodes...(Little Hippie Mama artisan incense makes
great homemade incense btw)...
Potassium incense is banana based...
You can mix ground nutmeg into peanut butter & burn that as incense...Use alot
of nutmeg to make it drier...(tiny bit of peanut butter)...
More ideas: After suspecting that breast lumps had a uric acid(Nitrogen)
component, I researched studies about that...Finding that to be true, then I
looked at whether there had been studies about sodium bicarbonate(baking
soda) helping to lower uric acid levels in breast calcifications...Yes that was true
So I put 2 teaspoons of baking soda into some water & drank it...Gave me
diarrhea & later my annoying lump was smaller...
Later when I made the mistake of eating a sandwich from Subway that was high
in Nitrogen(uric acid)(the glutens in breads raise Nitrogen which raises uric acid
levels), my lump decided to get bigger...
But I had confirmed this truth...Breast lumps vary depending on uric acid levels
(Nitrogen excess in the Kidneys), & that Carbon, like baking soda, help to lower
uric acid, shrink breast lumps, & that I was going to add baking soda to my
protocol from then on...
Sa!ron also lowers uric acid-eating raw Sa!ron strands...
Celery seed extract & celery lowers uric acid...
Cherries(& cherry juice) lower uric acid...
(Parsley & artichokes too)!
Actually to be more correct, celery, Sa!ron & cherries are Oxygen elements that
lower Hydrogen in your Liver...But they all help the Kidneys to lower Nitrogen,
which does lower uric acid...Just not as directly as many seem to assume...
It is actually the Carbon family(think oils like olive oil, Vitamin E, evening
primrose oil, sa"ower oil, canola oil-any oils) that directly lower uric acid
Exercise thought:
If you can find a saltwater pool to swim in near you, I think this is a great &
healthy way to get Iodine...
If you are feeling sad,
Our new Mobile App is free...Go to http://bwell.mobi/grove to get it on your
Mobile device...It has our books on it, but these are Kindle versions(& a few
other small mobile sizes), so you can read them on your phone’s Kindle app(free
also)...There is also a video talk explaining the basic Grove Body Part
Chart...There is a 3d animated film (10 minutes long) that is a fun watch for your
Right brain...(lefties should like this one)...There are some cool
documents...There are pictures...There are links to some good music...The
address Bwell.mobi/grove means BE WELL MOBILE GROVE...So you
should remember it now...
Mistakes: In Book 2 of the Grove Health Science series, Do it Yourself
medicine:A repair manual, I wrote that Opium is a very strong Titanium on page
82...I no longer think that...I think that Opium is a very strong Manganese (In the
Thymus gland) that helps to lower Iron levels...
Dear Reader, (so you think I am crazy to try to get rid of my breast cyst myself?)
Here is my open letter to you in response to that...
I got rid of my ovarian cysts...I took Dr. Reckeweg R38 & R39 & they
fell out in the toilet like jellyfish...I knew they were cysts because
intercourse was painful...
I have detoxified from the harmful Depo Provera birth control injection
through careful use of drugs & exercise over many years...I am almost
back to where I started before I went on this dangerous stu!...
I am an a serious & powerful program right now that addresses cysts
directly, dissolves them...
The stu! I am taking is similar to chemotherapy but I can dose it
myself, so if I need to go to a dinner party, like last night, I can
skip the dose the night before so I am able to be awake & energetic...
The Iodoral 50 mg tablets are very very strong Iodine...(if you crush them into
powder with a mortar & pestle you can stick them in your morning drink-shake it
up with a shakey cup with a lid)
Madagascar Periwinkle contains vinpocetine, the active ingredient in
chemotherapy...(you chew like two teasppons well, then swallow it whole for best
Very High dose Vitamin E lowers uric acid which is a Nitrogen component
to calcifications that has been shown to help break the shell casing...(2 x 445 iu
Vit.E 3 x day is alot so watch this dose & lower it if you feel weird)...
VegaOne sugar-free energizer powder contains mega Ginger, Turmeric, Zinc
to speed up metabolism so the other processes work faster(one scoop is enough, 2
scoops & you feel jittery)...
Coconut Milk is non-dairy & also aids in faster elimination(avoid calcium when
trying to get rid of breast calcifications-Coconut Milk works fine in hot drinks too
& even vegans/non-dairy advocates drink it)...CORRECTION: TURNS OUT
MILK!(Big woops on my part...sorry...Almond Milk reportedly has 20%
Calcium...The cardboard Coconut Milk container I got from Whole Foods said
0% Calcium which is how I made my mistake...So, sorry, Coconut milk is a no-
I have an extra supplement pill(HearAll from NaturalCare like 6 pills a day)
which contains extra Vinpocetine plus
some other vitamins to detoxify my Adrenal gland which is the organ
Selenium(500 or 600 mg tablet) lowers sugar/Sulphur content which cysts can
feed on...
I almost got rid of the whole entire thing last week...But it feeds on
food, protein food when I eat, so I had it down to almost nothing,
decided I was in control of it, then pigged out...
Because I had shrunk it down to almost disappear, I know how to do that
now...Unfortunately I really like to eat alot, & if I would just stop
eating things I could get rid of it entirely...
I have added raw Sa!ron(Sa!ron Queen sells 10 grams or more at a time for a
reasonable price & it comes in test tubes with corks-eat it raw like a pinch- more
than 5 grams can be toxic actually so dose sparingly over time)) as an appetite
suppressant & diuretic to help
with my eating addiction...
I am documenting my progress in my third book which I am writing right
I assure you, if I fail, which will not happen, that I will subject
myself to having other people fondle my breasts...
But I am not ready to give up on myself yet...
Plus there are newer studies that say that needle aspirations & various
other medical procedures just aggravate things, not to mention cause
debilitating fear & anxiety, which are counter-productive to healing...
This is why I was not going to tell you...because I knew it would push
your buttons...
Joseph said I should tell you eventually, so I took his advice...
The only reason I told you was because I tend to tell you everything...
I am not asking for advice, opinions, debate, help, or anything else, &
I would hope you would respect my privacy & wishes...
This is not a topic for conversation...
Cysts change in size depending on your period & food fluctuations &
appear just before menopause...
Benign breast cysts are quite common in my age group...
It follows all the characteristics of a completely boring cyst...
Considering I almost got rid of it once, I know I can get rid of it
completely...If I could just stop eating...
I am my father's daughter in this particular case...You forget that I am
a genius...I am also very hardworking & spend weeks researching every
medical study available to womankind...
My protocol is very strong & is certainly stronger than the word
homeopathic might suggest...This reaches far beyond homeopathy...
The chemo type stu! I take makes me lazy, so sometimes I don't take it
so I can go outside...I probably should stick with it more...
But I am not that worried about this, so I have been casual...
The surgical protocol is lumpectomy, then radiation & or chemo...
The doctors give no biotherapy advice at all...
What I am doing will cure the underlying imbalance in my system, as
opposed to just removing a lump & having another one reappear because
they didn't correct the imbalance...
What I am doing now will correct my body for the rest of my life...
Removing the lump without correcting will cause re-occurence...
Did you know I can get tamoxifen if I want it from BodyBuilding
supplement stores over the counter?
I am not getting it now, but if I want it I can get it...
The world of medicine is a di!erent place today...
Women share their stories online in forums & results of studies can be
seen for free also online...
I also have high dose Scrophularia Nodosa(it is called Figwort) tincture
coming in from Hawaii which specifically targets breast tumours...
The company Get it Girl makes a nutritional powder system in 3 parts for
correcting women's imbalances specifically...The owner is a survivor &
developed it with a pharmacist...It includes Whey Pink, Whey Green, &
anchovy fish oil capsules...
The owner of Get it Girl, Trudy, is in Montana, & we have been
corresponding about her system...She likes Whey as a base(magnesium),
probably because it is a laxative(my interpretation)...Pooping alot is very healthy
ridding the body of toxins(bengal cats don’t get feline leukemia because they
poop alot & hide when ill)...
I am eating roasted seaweed snacks this morning for breakfast...High
iodine again...
I am losing weight & looking great...
Don't you think other women want to know things they can do themselves
to possibly avoid the trauma of entering the butcher's cage?
I am aware surgery is useful...
But I am going to churn that milk into butter like heck to get out of
this trap...
Sincerely Sari Grove
April 16, 2014
p.s. I take a teaspoon of baking soda too, in water, for the carbon, that lowers
Uric acid as well...(Uric acid is a Nitrogen thing in the Kidneys, which lumps can
feed on...)
More ideas...
Another example:
A teaspoon of baking soda in some liquid, daily, will,ensure that the Nitrogen
buildup of GMO glutens in your Kidneys gets excreted, instead of causing
Kidney failures, need for Kidney Dialysis, Heart attack & other organ blockage
A teaspoon of baking soda in some liquid, daily, could save your life...You can
even take it after your heart feels all blocked up...The Carbon cleans out blocks
almost immediately...That GMO grain pizza crust that is stuck in your heart
doesn’t need to stay there...Why not prevent or correct the block right away,
instead of calling 911 & having open heart surgery again? I mean, if you are
actually having a heart attack, go ahead & call 911...I’m talking about all those
times after a meal when your heart hurts but it isn’t exactly a heart attack...Those
are the times you need to fix the problem right away...because when the heart
attack eventually happens you won’t have time to self-medicate...It will probably
be too late...
I’m saying it is time we took our own health & put it back into our own hands...
If you have Parkinson’s disease, start drinking strong co!ee or tea right
now...The Copper in the co!ee or tea cleans out the Phosphorus mold from your
Spleen & your Globus Palladus...Parkinson’s is Phosphorus mold in the Spleen
& the brain...Copper cleans that out...Get to your Starbuck’s now...Buy a
membership...(Get a Hot Straw too, so your teeth don’t turn orange from all the
If you have Multiple Sclerosis you have Lead poisoning...Too much lead...You
need Zinc...Zinc is in cigarettes, sunshine, tanning booths, Vitamin D patches,
Phototherapy, Fruit, & a few other things...I don’t care which Zinc you
choose...Choose one & stick with it...The Zinc will correct the lead excess...Go
ahead & smoke cigarettes...The MS is worse than the cigarettes...Really...People
in cold dark countries smoke cigarettes for the Zinc...People in hot sunny
climates don’t need it...So stop taking advice from people who live in hot sunny
climates if you live in a cold dark climate...They don’t know what they are talking
about...They get their Zinc straight from the sun...They don’t need
cigarettes...Don’t let doctors or other humans tell you what is right or wrong for
you if they don’t live in your country, in your climate...Start suntanning today if
you have MS...Get a great bathing suit & become a sun worshipper...Use that
Hawaiian coconut oil stu! & get good & brown...Watch your MS
disappear...You have now avoided more endless boring hospital stays, plus you
have a great tan...You can also now enjoy a cigarette & tell people who complain
that it is medicinal...I give you permission...
I should add that Bullous Pemphigoid, like scleroderma, which I wrote about in
Book 2, DIY medicine:A Repair manual, is a LEAD excess in the Thyroid
gland...Centuries ago, women would use lead oxide based make-up, which later
caused skin eruptions...Bullous pemphigoid is characterized by skin eruptions...It
is a sign of lead poisoning...Like scleroderma, Phototherapy might be the first
line option of treatment...or buy a great bathing suit, get some coconut oil & start
suntanning...The sun is like Zinc, which o!sets lead in the Thyroid gland...R.I.P.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who just passed away due to Bullous
Pemphigoid complications...
“I’ve got syphilis, Jolly jolly syphilis, I’ve got syphilis that will last me all my life,
I’ve got syphilis of the brain & syphilis of the mane & syphilis that will last me all
my life...Mine eyes are dim I cannot see, the pretty little girls that infected me”...
This is a little song my Dad learned while studying to be a neuro-
ophthalmological surgeon in England...He was taught that mnemonics like
rhyming & rhythm & song were key to remembering complex disease symptoms
& causes...
Our pond up at our farm is always getting reclaimed by algae...It seems one of
our earliest fun tasks was to stand at the edge of the pond & grab at the algae
blooms & drag them o! the surface of the water...It is a surprisingly arduous task
with not much reward after even a good hours work...
The pervasiveness of algae, the rhythm & rhyme method of learning...These are
the two thoughts that appear to me as I look forward to working on this book...
Is it that Nature herself is so powerful? That algae will reclaim a pond to its
rightful owner? Is it that the kookiness of singing about a disease, about rhyming
out a cure, about setting Gray’s Anatomy to a rhythmic beat?
My Dad had a chart on the secret closet cafeteria wall of his o#ce...Secret
because patients weren’t allowed into this closet sized room where you could
drink co!ee with powdered milk & feel special because patients weren’t allowed
in, only sta!, my Dad, & me if I got to visit...
The chart was his rotations...When he was scheduled to do surgery at the
Scarborough General Hospital, & when he was to see patients at his downtown
o#ce in the medical Dental building at Davisville & Yonge...
All I knew was that this rotations chart was awfully full for one human...I felt
sorry for my father, & promised myself that I would somehow help him, so he
could have more time to do nothing & less time just always working...
It took me a very long time, but my feeling is that if you read my books, maybe
you will be able to figure out what is wrong & be able to fix it yourself, without
having to further burden a medical practitioner who has family who wants to
spend more time with him...
This is Book 3...
Algae-Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt surgical rotation App
You should probably read Book 1 & Book 2 first...
Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation
Do it Yourself Medicine:A Repair Manual
The word App is so now...I thought it sounded snappy...An apt app...
I used the word App also because everyone wants an App...If you say Book, they
are maybe bored...Book...App...
I did, by the way, make an App app, where you get the books all together in one
tiny little app place...It’s at http://bwell.mobi/grove ...Just type that all into your
browser bar, while surfing the internet on your mobile device or your desktop, &
you will get there, for free, so far...
I am still adding & removing things from this book...This takes a while...But raw
working versions are available, because this is how I get mistakes
corrected...People tell me...It is a great way to edit a book...
This book contains blank pages & space...
Please write your own symptoms into the appropriate areas if you can...
There will be a test...
This is not a game...
This is your Life...
The test is survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin...
“a little exercise is good for the body”: says the Bible...(“a little” means not “alot”,
meaning what you may think is healthy is really way too much exercising...)
To be fit might mean to not exercise so much...
To drink 8 glasses of water a day might be fraudulent advice if you are drowning
or have liver problems or have chronic fatigue syndrome or tend to get colds
A surgical rotation app:
A (means one of...)
surgical(means surge as in jump, plus the word +ical, as in a jump in time, or a
surge in thinking thought...)(surgical also means with exacting precision...)
(surgical also comes from the French chirurgie which comes from a Greek 2 part
word Kheir-Ergon that means hand+work...)(surgical can also imply cutting or
incising into the skin)...
ie:In Africa, cutting into the skin is known to release Hydrogen into a dehydrated
liver, which might justify the act of cutting into the skin,
the Bible says, ‘do not make marks in the skin’,
so a not recommended action?...
But later we read ‘if thine eye o!ends you, cut it out?’)...
Source;(someone whose car I battery jump started for him on a cold night in an
empty parking lot up north...)(a Ghana Ashanti Asante tribe member (think of
Seal the musician, Kiss from a Rose song fame, his tribal scar tissue on both sides
of cheek,) my Ashanti friend was at Humber College post-grad chef school,
where I asked about the ritual scarring of his face...)
(I had also studied at York University, African studies, & attended church with a
true Masai warrior/arborist in training, who was studying how to bring trees to a
Later watched with interest, the Kenyan Masai warriors, tribe runners, drink
milk & blood from a living cow, on the ‘Survivor’ tv show, Canadian feed...)
rotation(means to go around)
app(means application)
A book is an App that/which you read...
Does the African example(bias towards endorsement of cutting or scarring) pre-
suppose edicts not to make marks in your skin, from writings in the Bible?
That is up to you the reader...
In the film The Blue Butterfly, the surgeons are shown, briefly, painted faces
with tuned spears, as they gently prod the boy’s back of the head area brain
tumour swelling, with what I gather is the Iodine powder from the rare blue
butterfly there...
Butterflies worldwide eat milkweed which they process into an Iodine poison in
their bellies, so if eaten, poison their predator...Iodine butterfly poison is the
surgeons method of cracking the hard Calcium shell of the tumour...
The boy’s tumour is thus lanced, & he recovers...
The surgery, ala Africa style, is dangerous, ethically questionable since the boy is
a foreigner & might later disclose the secret whereabouts of the surgeons, & uses
the almost extinct resource of the blue butterfly...
Repercussions, Contradictions, Oppositions, Whips, Addendums, &
Corrections, this is what this book/app is about...
Karma: ***Our kitten was having her paw toenails clipped...The person doing
the clipping wasn’t paying attention & was clipping the quick, the white part you
shouldn’t clip...Our kitten bit her hard causing blood to spurt...It was the fault of
the handler, the person with the clippers, but still I felt bad...Later, many years
later, a nurse who was practicing acupuncture hit my ankle tendon directly
instead of going around the tendon...
The tendon severed & the tendon sprang back into my brain where it had been
born...During the acupuncture session afterwards, the lady acupuncturist gently
massaged my head & I could feel my tendon sort of slipping out the back of my
head...Later when I tried walking, I felt
that she had replaced my torn tendon with her own tiny one, to try to make up for
her mistake...I felt that the loss of my genuine skiing muscular tendon with her
tiny tendon was somehow a karmic loss, due to the fact that a long time ago my
kitten had maybe torn into someone else’s cartilage tendon of her hand...
A di!erent hand, a di!erent piece of cartilage, but karma tends to prevail...I was
sort of ok with the loss of my tendon by mistake, understanding that somehow
mistakes happen in medicine, & somehow a Duckter (or a Daughter, hard gh
sound), has to pay for other people’s mistakes...This also gets into laying on of
hands, an established healing process, wherewith a healer gives their own stu! to
the person who is lacking...It is also a strong recommendation for “not forsaking
the gathering of the fellowship of the presbytery”, which means, you should
gather with birds of your feather, because they will share their stu! with
you...***Stu! can be healing stu! too...
But remember, consent, in your mind is important, when forgiving a mistake by
a medical practitioner...Here was my reasoning, and so on...
Does removing a tendon from one adult soul’s ankle, to give to another, a
weaker soul, a child, constitute a legal surgery?
Yes if consent is given...
Which is why CONSENT is such an important topic in surgery today...
If consent cannot be given or is not explicit, then the surgery is moot...
Moot as in mute...Deaf...Cannot be heard...
Without consent a surgery cannot be heard as in proposed...
Without being proposed it cannot be heard by a tribunal or jury or sta! or chief of
sta! or anybody...
It cannot be discussed...Moot...
WHO can give consent? a. usually the person whose tendon it belongs to.
However, God could override that authority based on the fact that He created
you...(in case of a debate)
When can consent be given? a. Before, or, after the surgery, in the case of the
person who owns the tendon decided afterwards that what you did to save
yourself was a good idea, even if you didn’t ask for consent first...
How do you establish that the surgery was a good one or a bad one or just moot
as in did nothing, like did not even occur at all?
a.scores, surgeons drinking whiskey to celebrate, lack of lawsuits suing the
a2. Probably because we saved a life by transplanting a better tendon into a
person with a weak tendon, who then went on to win an Olympic game?
a.3.because the patient on the receiving end of the better tendon was grateful...
This Book 3, pre-supposes that you have read Book 1 & Book 2...It is like third
year Medical School...Go back if you have come too far, too early...Please...
This book shows more of HOW to think...How reasoning begins to innovation,
repair, including sound rhyming & rhythms...
Understanding HOW to think will allow you to THINK for yourself! That is
the goal here...
The following is sort of a groundbreaking new theory, that arrived as I logically
followed through on my Minus Plus body to brain part theory...
I write groundbreaking, because, well, maybe, it is going to really break new
ground in sidedness theory to assert that women are natural lefties & men are
natural righties...
if my ideas are in fact true, this could revolutionize learning & education & career
choosing & more...
If women are natural lefties, then all the brain activity dominant to a lefty makes
That women are more artistic, abstract, language driven, poetic, emotional-this
all makes sense with this sidedness polarity theory...
If men are natural righties, then those dominant thoughts seem natural too...
Can you imagine if women were all Encouraged to use their left hand as
If women were all encouraged to follow through with right brain dominant
activities?(Right brain controlling left hand & left side...)
That the di!erences between men & women be understood to be biological,
including sidedness & thought style?
This will inevitably anger some...But you cannot break new ground without,
well, breaking something...
So here goes how I got there...(I am not saying this 100%...Just that my research
had led me to this place, & it really seems to make sense...)
When you take Calcium in excess (ie: too much Milk or contraceptives), you
awaken the NON-DOMINANT side of your brain & body...
The NON-DOMINANT side of your brain & body is determined by your
The jpg/pictures above & below, show a HUMAN brain & body from the
BACK...The green thing at the top is a NOSE...Facing AWAY from the
The PLUS areas are the MALE areas...The Nose & the FRONT of the
BODY, The RIGHT HAND & things on the RIGHT SIDE of the BODY,
& the LEFT SIDE of the BRAIN, & the BACK of the BRAIN...
BODY, the LEFT FOOT, & things on the LEFT SIDE of the BODY...Also
the RIGHT SIDE of the BRAIN, & the FRONT of the BRAIN...
By AWAKENING the Non-Dominant side in the gender selector the Adrenal
Gland(Milk or Calcium its element predecessor acts within the ADRENAL
GLAND sector)...
Let’s try that sentence again...
If you are a girl, a MINUS dominant person, then your MINUS areas will be
ACTIVE & DOMINANT...Your PLUS areas will be asleep, Non-Dominant,
& quiet...
Now say, you take contraceptive drugs...
The Calcium in them will awaken your non-dominant side, which in a girl/female
are the PLUS elements...
Men don’t get their period, men are heavier, men are stronger, men have lower
voices, men are bigger, men have flatter chests...
So the Calcium excess awakens the non-dominant side of the female, awakening
the male side of the female...
In extreme cases the female becomes what one might call Androgynous or
Hermaphroditic depending on the culture of the language there...
In the male species/specimen, the male exposed to contraceptive drugs, a
Calcium excess, also has an awakening of his non-dominant side, in this case, the
Minus female elements/areas...So the MALE starts displaying female
characteristics like smaller-ness, thin-ness, higher pitched vocals, breasts...
Broca’s Area sits in front of Wernicke’s area... Gallbladder...
Since Broca’s area sits IN FRONT of Wernicke’s area, within the same domain
(technically Broca’s sits in the Frontal lobe & Wernicke’s sits in the Temporal
lobe, but studies have shown they rule the same area & are inextricably linked as a
paired set), we will follow the rule(from the picture), that the things more to the
FRONT are ruled by the MINUS FEMALE GENDER...
Thus Wernicke’s which sits BEHIND, will have a PLUS designation & MALE
gender type...
So IN THE BRAIN, things that sit TO THE FRONT are MINUS
FEMALE elements...
In the brain, things that sit to the BACK, are PLUS MALE ELEMENTS....
In the brain, things that sit on the LEFT side IN THE BRAIN ONLY, are
Things that sit on the RIGHT side IN the BRAIN only, are MINUS element
FEMALE gender things...
In the BODY, all that Brain positioning is REVERSED, CROSSED,
BACKWARDS, MIRRORED, whatever you want to call it...
So the front of the BODY is a Plus male.
The right side of the BODY is a Plus male element...
The BACK of the body is a MINUS female element...
The left side of the Body is a Minus female element...
Which would make females natural lefties...(handed)(Which might explain
Males natural righties...(handed)
In terms of the designation Plus for male & minus for female, take that up with
the most obvious gender typology...
That the male sticks out & the female is an inny...
Plus usually implies something sticking out, Minus usually implies something not
To change an Xx female to a Yx male, you’d have to take so much Calcium that
your y chromosome would awaken to make XY...But then you’d have to also
enhance your outer “look”...
If Calcium(& IODINE its minus element opposite),
is ruled by the Adrenal Gland, by the Parietal lobe, & helps OVARIES in the
female to form, & TESTICLES in the MALE to form, then,
the penis or vagina needs to be formed in the SPLEEN...The SPLEEN, thus,
helps to determine the physical presentation of the most prominent gender typing
Too much Phosphorus(recall from DIY Medicine: a Repair Manual our 2nd
medical arts book) would awaken dormant male genes in the female & dormant
female genes in the male...
So if you ate large amounts of cheese or Valerian root pills or any Phosphorus
like a Blue mold, your non-dominant side would AWAKEN...So the female
might grow an enlarged pubens, the male might have his pubens shrink up or
retract inside himself...
So for a true gender reversal, you’d have to really AWAKEN the NON-
dominant side of your body & brain ALL the WAY ALONG, from brain part to
body part...
So if you show only some signs of gender reversal, do not fear, you are not now a
woman if you are a male, & you are not now a man if you are a female, just
because you show a few symptoms of gender mis-typing...
I use the term “mis-typing” because I am going on the assumption that a female
wants to remain female & a male wants to remain male...
Those who wish to explore other choices are free to do so...I am only looking at
NORMS here, for the sake of CLARITY...
Globus Palladus, Hypothalamus:So theoretically, when faced with a decision,
like say the TWIN PAIR globus palladus & hypothalamus that RULE the
SPLEEN, IF the pair sits from front to back, as the globus palladus & the
hypothalamus do, THEN the one in FRONT(towards the NOSE) will be the
MINUS element, & the one to the back(closest or towards the back side of the
brain) will be the PLUS element...
INSIDE the BRAIN (NOT in the bodyparts)!
By pairing the Globus palladus & the Hypothalamus, we are saying that both are
involved in a similar area in the body, here, the Spleen...So if the Minus element
in the Spleen is Copper, that implies the Globus palladus, the brain part more to
the Front than the Hypothalamus, thus is also ruled by the Minus element
Copper...That means the Hypothalamus, which sits more to the rear of the brain,
is ruled by the Plus element in the Spleen, Phosphorus...Both brain parts should
be involved with activities that the Spleen uses...
Now we know Parkinson’s disease is a Phosphorus, Plus element excess, both in
the Spleen & the brain parts...
So, if the Hypothalamus is overloaded with Phosphorus, then how do we
activate Copper, as an antidote?
The simplest answer is to ingest Copper...You can drink Colloidal Copper
liquid-it is clear...You can drink very strong Copper filled espresso daily...Or
Copper filled black tea...You can wear copper against your skin...You can eat
foods high in Copper...
Also you can reduce your exposure to Phosphorus...Get mold(Phosphorus) out
of your living space...Stop eating old cheeses(Phosphorus)...
An injured Spleen grows Phosphorus excess...An injured Spleen does not show
up on hospital machines...You could injure your Spleen when you were 8 years
old, & 40 years later develop Parkinson’s disease...
If you have ever been in an accident where your Spleen may have gotten hit, you
can add Copper to your life in order to ensure the Spleen stays healthy...
How do you know if you are not taking Copper for no reason?
Well, for example, say you start taking a Chinese Spleen cleaning supplement...
(Chinese medicines seem to be big on the Spleen & there are a great variety to
choose from)...Immediately, when you start taking your Spleen medicine, you will
feel something...If it was indeed necessary, you will feel better...
The “better” or “worse” method in medicine is actually tried & true & used in
practices around the world...
If your Spleen was fine with no injury & you start taking a Spleen medicine, you
will feel worse...Worse as in, this was unnecessary, worse as in you drank too
much Co!ee & your stomach now feels acid reflux acidic...
With all medicines including herbal titrations which are just lower doses, there
will be a better or worse phenomenon...
If something makes you feel better, it is usually a good thing...
If something makes you feel worse it is usually a bad thing...
It is amazing today how many people are taking drugs that make them feel
People are taking drugs to prevent osteoporosis, that are making them feel worse,
with terrible terrible joint pain...So why are they still taking these drugs? Because
they don’t know the basic better or worse gauge...
There are people taking Warfarin(Coumadin) today who are experiencing
dementia...Warfarin causes dementia...Those people should stop taking this
drug...Those close to them should force them to stop as well...In that case, the
worse symptoms actually interfere with the patient being able to remove himself
or herself from the drug...
In all cases, if you are perfectly healthy, then adding medicines to your life can
always cause side e!ects that might make you sick...
Taking an aspirin a day can cause memory loss...
Drinking too much water daily can cause depression...
They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...”
But today, many are taking a pound of prevention & causing Iatrogenic e!ects
(Iatrogenic means doctor induced)...
I say Iatrogenic e!ect, because, if you are getting your preventive medicines from
a doctor, then that doctor is responsible, since those drugs would not be
accessible without that consult...
So your decisions all the way along, PLUS or MINUS, will be:
Either: the brain part is on the LEFT side(then PLus element) or RIGHT side
(then MINUS element) of the BRAIN...
the brain part will be either PAIRED to the FRONT of the BRAIN(Minus
element) or to the BACK(Plus element)...
In the body, these rules are all reversed, or cross-switched...
Front of Body(Plus element)
Back of Body(Minus element)...
Right side of BODY(Plus element)
Left side of Body(Minus element)
Depending on Gender;
The FEMALE has MINUS element DOMIN-ANT(-ance)
The Male has Plus element dominance...
The NON-dominant brain & body parts, depending on gender, should be just
that, asleep or non-dominant...
If overfed, non-dominant parts can be awakened, which can be dangerous, but
useful, during war times...
During times of peace, non-dominant parts should be put back to sleep...
The act of awakening inappropriate non-dominant parts, brain or body, is, in &
of itself, controversial, in & of itself...
Experimental, to say the least...
Fri. Feb. 21, 2014, 3:14pm
If the Pineal gland rules the Colon, one might expect its shape to be like a snake
too...If we draw that half smile shape, curving gently towards the back of the
brain, from one side to the other, NOT front to back, then we have an elegant
perpendicular shape to the curving Motor Cortex, which curves top down...This
elegance implies we are right...Then the left side of the Pineal gland handles the
Plus element Bismuth with its darkness, & the Right side of the Pineal gland
handles the Minus element Fluorine with its love of lightness...
More on Handedness & Sidedness:
If a boy has been exposed to birth control drugs in the womb, he is more likely to
be left handed...
We know that if a boy is exposed to birth control drugs in the womb that he will
also be more feminized...Birth control drugs, a calcium infusion, cause an
awakening of Non-dominant sides of the brain & body parts...
So boy’s have an awakening of girl features & girl’s have an awakening of boy
So when the boy exposed to birth control drugs in the womb has his feminine
side awakened, he also has left hand sidedness awakened...
Which implies that left handedness in a boy is a feminine trait...My theory is that
women are natural lefties & men are natural righties, so this supports that idea...
In he wild, chimpanzees in one study showed only a 66% disposition to right
handedness...Which implies that in the wild, lefty-ness & righty-ness is more
evenly distributed than among humans...
In humans then, it might point to cultural imposition to be righthanded...That if
humans were allowed to choose handedness, that perhaps our results would be
more like chimpanzees in the wild, more evenly distributed...
Is our cultural favoring of right handedness really a cultural favoring of the male
right handed species?
I’m not sure, but I will continue to look for examples...
Are male female relationships really righthanded to lefthanded relationships?
That would explain alot...About our di!erences...
Could female children be actually encouraged to use their left hands? I
wonder...Would that set women free to think & act according to their own true
nature rather than trying to fit in to a righthanded left brained world?
The righthanded left brain loves math & logic...
The lefthanded right brain loves art & music...
Could this not be just gender di!erences?
Another piece to put together the Gender Polarity Theory:
Ok, so, elegance is one indication that something is true...beauty...A sort of
symmetry...Can cause a theory to feel true...
So here is a thought: A woman who is left-handed & a man who is right handed,
will both live to the age of 72...(approximately, for the sake of averages)...
If you are female & left handed & you are married to a man who is right handed,
you will both die a the same time, at the age of 72...
Isn’t that elegant? Wouldn’t that be nice?
Unlike other paradigms, where if the woman is right handed & the man is left
handed, the woman will live to 77 years of age, & the man will live to only 62 years
of age...Now that is ugly...That poor woman has to live as a widow for all those
years, just because she chose to be right handed & he chose to be left handed...
Let’s go back to our first thought, the pretty thought...If God arranged women &
men to hook up, then wouldn’t He have made it so both could die at the same
It pushes for our argument that men could be righties & women could be
lefties...Say we organized ourselves that way...Taught women to be lefties & men
to be righties...Think of all the grief we could avoid...The husband dies early
grief, the wife lingers on sadly & alone grief?
But you say, I looked at studies & they say humans are 90% righties or something
like that?
Turns out that in countries where being a lefty is severely discouraged that
incidence of leftyism are incredibly low...
Which points to the fact that the whole righty lefty thing is & can be forced onto
us by culture...
This link(above) tells of all the Vile words there are from country to country for a
left handed person...(It is a very very long list of mean words...)
In countries that are less severe about what hand you should use, incidence of
lefthanded people rise...
http://lefthand.wikia.com/wiki/Left-handedness This is a wiki on left
handedness-Note that people who write in languages that read from RIGHT to
LEFT are very very happy to use their left hands, since the ink doesn’t run like it
does with a left hander writing English, because English goes LEFT to
RIGHT...(So theoretically people who read from RIGHT to LEFT should be
ENCOURAGED to be lefties...My stance is that this should be the women in
particular, because my theory is that women are natural lefties...)
(Notice also in the WIKI that people who have been coerced into using their
right hand if they are more inclined to use their left, are often su!erers of
Dyslexia, Stuttering, & emotional su!ering...Think of King George VI of
In the animal world, cats for instance, are almost 50:50 lefty to righty, as to which
paw they’d raise first...
So the non-human world, might indicate a truer number...
What if women were Allowed to be lefties? If they were not subtly pushed into
being righties?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have women & men have exactly the same life span?
An elegant thought, no?
By the way...A right handed woman will outlive a right handed man by 8
years...That ain’t right! Ladies...Switch to your left hand...Then you & your mate
can live & die together...
Instead of you being stuck alone for 8 years while you wonder who you can
complain about, not being able to watch chick flicks, but you can now, & it is
If a left handed woman & a right handed man both die at the same time, which
they do, then I think that sounds like the right answer...
Parents, let your girls be lefties...
Here are the lyrics to the song Left Handed Woman by the Statler brothers...
PeterHandke Here is a link to an ebook version of the book Left Handed
Women by author Peter Handke...
http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/weird-facts-about-lefties This is a
link to an article by Lisa Collier Cool entitled Weird Facts About Lefties...
What is pertinent to note, regarding my theory that women should be lefties, is
that left handed people, when tested, are far more emotionally sensitive for
example to horror movies...PTSD symptoms, Post traumatic stress disorder
symptoms, include repeating facts back in a disjointed manner...
The act of repeating things, either mentally or out loud, is that symptom...The
left handed viewers who watched a horror clip exhibited twice as much of that
PTSD type way of recounting details from the film...
This type of deep emotional response to horror, the sensitivity, has long been a
feature of the female personality...
The classical female personality...So are women being coerced into being right-
handed, but using their other hemisphere to respond?
What I mean is, is that if women should naturally be lefties, then naturally their
right brain hemispheres should be acting dominantly...
However, since handedness is malleable-malleable meaning that when you are
born your handedness is very dependent upon environmental stimulation &
guides, it is able to be decided on by others who influence you...
So what I am saying is that women are being trained that being right handed is
better, even if it is against their true nature...Then, as righties, they are still using
their right brain hemisphere, despite the fact that a right handed person should
be using their left brain hemisphere...
The right brain is the one that is touchy feely, the one that gets scared deeply
during a horror film...
If lefties feel more it is because they use their touchy feely right brains to
think...Now doesn’t that sound like women?

This is a paper written by Molly Kalafut in the early 1990s on the subject of left
handedness, Blessing or Curse...
What I notice is that older generations who were pressured to use only their right
hands, indeed have fewer lefties than today’s more laissez faire society...
Which I emphasize, is probably the main reason why the number of right handed
people is so high in the world today...
That of the pressure to be a rightie...There is no indication in other animals
besides humans that right handedness is necessarily dominant...
It is merely huge society, religious, school, pressures, that have caused this
completely imbalanced skew of lefties to righties...One wonders if it is a form of
discrimination against women-that the touchy feely left handed female soul must
be forced to be manly & right handed in order to be accepted on this planet...
I’d like to see more women trying to use their left hand for tasks...Write to me at
grove@sent.com & tell me how it went...If you don’t mind me using your
comments in this book, please add that after your email comment...Say if you
want your name, a link to your website or not...Thanks...
I was a natural lefty who was guided to be a righty in school...That is how I was
taught to write:”With your RIGHT hand, Votre main droit”...
(This was french school so it was all in french...)I realized at that tender age that
they were telling me that using my right hand was the better choice...So I
acquiesced...(But secretly I knew my left hand would have been my secret
At a Club Med in Mexico, I was shooting a target with a bow & arrow...Pulling
with my right hand...But I managed to knock o! a flap of skin on my inner left
arm, right at the inner elbow, when the bow string skimmed the skin of my left
arm that was holding the bow steady...

So I went to the instructor & said:”I can’t pull with my right hand anymore
because I have injured my left arm...Can I switch to a bow where I pull with my
left hand please?”
The instructor said:”You won’t be able to do it...Not only will you have to pull
the string with your left hand, but you have to change eye dominance to your left
eye as well...”
I said:”Let me try...I can do it...”
Well, about 10 guys who were also shooting at the range, stopped what they were
doing at just stared at me...Nobody talked back to the instructor, nobody
switched eye dominance from right eye to left eye, nobody could switch from
shooting right hand to shooting left hand...
I held the bow in my right hand...Steady...I put the arrow in place with my left
I held the bow & arrow up towards the target, & aimed slightly upwards,
because I knew the trajectory needed to be slightly higher, then the arrow would
curve a bit downwards to land...
Then I stared at the target, & focussed with my left eye as much as possible...
After a second, my left eye went into focus & I knew I was there...My left eye was
now dominant...
The 10 guys were still watching to see how I did...
My first arrow was so good...So good...If you could feel silent astonishment from
10 guys, that is what I felt...
My next bunch of arrows were all equally solidly good...I was able to shoot a bow
& arrow with both my right eye & my left eye...
I knew why...I was a secret lefty...All my life I had operated as a righty because
that was what I had been told to do...
It was supposedly safer for me, I’d have fewer accidents, the reasons were myriad
all through society...So I knew how to use my right hand, my right eye, my left
But my true nature, the lefty with the right brain, who could focus with her left
eye on a target with a bow & arrow, that was still there...
Society had created an ambi...
Today at my home desktop computer, my computer mouse sits on the left side of
the keyboard...My mum noticed this when she used it one day:
”Why is your mouse on the left side Sari?” “I guess I just feel more comfortable
that way...
When I get very angry, I find switching to my left hand, say while eating with a
fork, calms me down...
I can paint with both hands, & have many times, because when doing a large
work, your arm gets tired, so for me, it was of necessity, to be able to switch o! to
the other half...
It is more acceptable to be a lefty today...
My father was so righthanded, that most of his activities were entirely dominated
by his left brain...We found this out the hard way...
A pallidotomy is a type of brain surgery that they can do on either side of the
Globus palladus...When they zapped my father’s right brain side of the Globus
palladus, the e!ects were minimal...(remember, right brain side controls left
hand, which dad didn’t use at all)...
They had never done two pallidotomies...Never done one on either side, both
sides...When dad agreed to the second surgery, it was because he was a neuro-
ophthalmological surgeon himself, he supposedly knew the risks, & was able to
coach those working on him, because he knew brain surgery...(You are awake
often for brain surgeries)...
So he consented to do the second pallidotomy...The one where they nuke his left
brain side of the Globus palladus...The one that controls the right hand...
(Note:We all thought the whole thing, both surgeries were a dumb idea, but my
Dad was not someone you could change his mind about things or even get him to
back o! something if he thought it was a good idea...I think he was hot to trot
about doing pioneering brain surgery...Either that or he got conned into it...Bit
of both probably...)
Anyways the second surgery was a massive failure...massive...Turned out that my
father’s entire brain system was holed up in the left side of his brain...Like all of
his systems, responses, abilities were tied to his right hand & his left brain...
Knocking out the left side of the Globus Pallidus knocked out my Dad...It was a
knockout...Destroyer...That was the beginning of 10 years of torture...
For my Dad...For us...For the million dollars in 24 hour nurses, caregivers, union
people, new Russian immigrants who were willing to work for cash & clean up
pee, pooh, saliva & pick my Dad up o! the floor when he fell which was several
times a day....
I told my Mum after 10 years of this that she needed a rest...Someone had built a
new beautiful place called Westpark...We put Dad there, still with our own
private sta!, because he was so hard to care for...
(A neuro-ophthalmological surgeon who taught & wrote books & was very
athletic & involved in business, was not someone who was going to sleep all day
or knit or something passive...Even severely broken, my father still tried to be the
hero he was...)
Soon after someone at the home gave him an overdose of insulin...Diabetes,
Pancreatic failure, sometimes accompanies Parkinson’s disease...We rushed him
to Western hospital in Toronto, but it was too late...Well, he was semi-conscious,
but somehow they managed to finish him o! pretty quickly there too...
They say with cats the biggest decider of them getting dropped o! at a humane
society is litterbox habits...If they crap outside of the box, they get given
up...Same with people...if you are crapping outside of the box at a nursing home,
someone is going to overdose your insulin pretty quickly...if you arrive semi-
conscious at the hospital, the hospital may decide it’s not worth it to save you...
These decisions are not spoken out loud, but happen all the time...
When my father died in the hospital, we didn’t sue anybody or really point fingers
or anything...We knew what happened...
But to be honest, we were exhausted...mentally, physically, emotionally,
spiritually, financially...I could go on...
Our village was exhausted...Yes, our neighbours would help pick him up when he
fell...he was heavy from all the muscle work he used to do...All the tennis...All the
downhill skiing...All the working...
When he died, or they killed him, however you want to spin it, we were
relieved...It happened & it wasn’t our decision, but it happened...
Anyways, at one point, after the second surgery, & my father was still able to
speak, he said to me, about the surgery:”You should use your left hand”...he was
saying that only using one hand caused too much of your brain to be wired into
that one hand, that it caused an imbalance...
That if I used my left hand, I could stimulate that whole side of my brain that I
wasn’t using...That then I would have TWO hands that I could use, that I could
have TWO sides of my brain that would work, instead of just one...
He understood why the second surgery was such a massive failure...They had
knocked out his whole brain by knocking out the one side, the left side...he had
never really used his left hand or his right brain, & it showed physically...
After that, I started to on purpose try to use my left hand for tasks...
My art career flourished...I am also much much happier...
Today I am pretty ambidextrous & the two sides of my brain are very active...My
thoughts are deeper & my connections between ideas stronger...
I have written two brilliant new books on medicine & this is my third...(brilliant
is my own adjective)...
So, like my Dad said:”You should use your left hand”...
(I love you Dad, by the way, thank you for being so great & so great as a Dad
Sari Grove
Sunday March 16, 2014
Our Youtube Channel GroveCanada has some films that explain how the Grove
Body Part Chart works if you don’t feel like reading...
Here’s a link to one good VideoTalk I did...
More complicated symptoms:
Back Pain can be a symptom of something else...
Back pain can indicate a lung infection like pneumonia...
You can treat the lung infection by taking a high potency (600 mg) of Garlic,
which acts juts like an antibiotic...
A lung infection, in fact any infection, is high blood Sulphur or Sugar is easier to
understand, in the Pancreas...Seleniums like garlic lower blood sugar...Lowering
blood sugar removes infection...
Interestingly enough, back pain due to lung infection can also indicate or trigger
lumps in the breast...Why would that be? Well, a lung infection is excess Sugar in
the Pancreas...A lumpy breast is excess Calcium in the Adrenal Gland...The
Adrenal Gland falls below the Pancreas in the order of flow in the body...
Here is the Grove Body Part Chart which shows the order of flow in the body...
So if you have an excess of Sulphur/Sugar in the Pancreas, due to a lung
infection/pneumonia, then that can descend down to the Liver to the Adrenal
Gland & further...
So an infection can also cause excesses in organs below the infection...
So too much Sugar can help to increase calcium levels in the Adrenal Gland,
which can then make your breasts lumpy...
So not all back pain is arthritis, which is a magnesium excess in the Gallbladder
& can be treated with mercury things like bacon & pate & shrimp & corned beef
& salt & rest...

Some back pain can be indicative of a lung infection which can also trigger
lumpy breasts...
Again, treat that type of back pain by treating the lung infection by taking very
high potency garlic...Kyolic makes a 600 mg garlic pill you only need to take once
a day...(That’s what I am taking this winter)...
If you have not read Book 1 or Book 2 of the Grove health Sciences series, you
may not clearly understand the Grove Body Part Chart...
What follows is the transcript of the audio from a Videotalk I did explaining
how the Chart works...
This should help...(You can watch the video by going to our App at http://
bwell.mobi/grove & choosing the VideoTalk button)...
Here's the transcript: (the audio from the videotalk that explains how the
GroveBodyPartChart works!)(this transcript also appears at the bottom of the
video as you watch it-but you can read this faster if you don't have time to spare)...
"Hi I'm Sari Grove
Now the chart you're looking at is actually the back of our business card but it's
also the basis of our medical theory & what it is is 11 organs and in each organ
each organ has two opposing elements minus and plus...
So as you go down the list you can see the two elements in each organ.
So the thyroid the minus element is Zinc, the Plus element is lead.
The thymus manganese and iron, in the lungs and lymph nodes titanium and
in the heart potassium and aurum, in the kidneys carbon and nitrogen ,
in the pancreas selenium sulphur, in the liver the minus element is Oxygen and
the plus
element is hydrogen, in the adrenal gland Iodine & calcium, in the Spleen copper
and phosphorus, in the gallbladder magnesium and mercury, and in the colon
fluorine and bismuth.
So how does it work? Ok so for example, um now the book sortof explains these
elements are from the periodic table of elements, so you have to sort of know
where they might be found in the real world.
So um ah, in our 2 books the first book is called Grove body part chart: a medical
arts innovation, that sort of introduces um the elements and where they can be
found and the basic illnesses that are imbalances of one or excess of the other...
The second book is do it yourself medicine a repair manual, and it sort of gets
into more complicated ailments of excess...Ah that are a little ...
Read the first book then second one...You can read both books, um as pdfs, on
our website grovecanada.ca um so you can read them for free there if you want to
get paperbacks they are on amazon that's not free because
you have to pay for the trees and the ink and everything...
so um basically so how does it work? Um so in your thyroid,
say a zinc excess zinc is found in sunshine and cigarettes and agent orange and
too much zinc ah might cause bipolar illness.
so ah minus elements tend to be um cleansing , or detoxifying type elements,
so all these elements are like that.
Plus elements are more like nutrifying or adding or feeding ,
so all these elements are that. so, if you have a zinc excess, so you're bipolar,
you look for its opposite, in the plus elements, so we have Lead,
check the book what in the element section where would
you find lead, lead is found for example in um Vitamin a, so um you could drink
carrot juice everyday,
if you tend to be a zinc excess, if you tend to be bipolar, you could supplement
with carrot juice, and get your lead to build your bones.
Ok so that's how that works. Um. Here' s another example. If you have Cancer,
Cancer is a Calcium excess, Calcium is a plus element,
so look for its opposite were in the adrenal gland, so we have iodine, so things
that have iodine in them.
well there's ah seaweed you could eat seaweed salad there's a tea madagascar
periwinkle is an herb that you make into a tea that is very strong... there is a less
strong tea...
Nettle leaf tea and that also has iodine. um so scallops fish seafood have iodine in
them too ok
so people who too much calcium um ah and a good thing to know where calcium
might be found that you might not know so in the book
i mention all the birth control drugs are extremely high doses of calcium
so if you have ever taken birth control drugs or been exposed to them ah you're
the spouse and your wife has taken them or your mom took them
there's some you know been some contact or exposure teratogenically um like
your mom took them before you were born um you have a
calcium excess which a!ects your adrenal gland aids is um adrenal gland failure
from too much calcium
so again you're gonna need to supplement with some iodine to get your adrenal
gland going again.
the common cold is in your liver as is chronic fatigue
syndrome and mono those kind of
wet cirrhosis too much hydrogen in water and alcohol so that's a wet liver,
so if you have a cold or anything along those lines, now you could just get alot of
fresh air, um, but the important thing is is that you have a
wet liver and you want to dehydrate it. ah & you want to freshen up. now there
are things that have alot of oxygen in them, um sa!ron,
can be eaten straight the spice just chew on it, and it has tons of oxygen in it
cleans out your liver a less expensive form of
sa!ron is called sa"ower
which is another spice full of Oxygen Um Goji berries are great for Oxygen,
clean out your liver clear up your cold,
milk thistle of course is a traditional thing that people use for oxygen .
Um in your Pancreas
ah if you have diabetes
sulphur is found in sugar, so you're going to need something that is seleniums,
selenium is found in garlic if you want to lower your blood sugar start eating
raw garlic slightly painful but really good for you antibiotics are selenium
insulin is selenium quinine is selenium so um you lower your blood sugar with
in your kidneys um carbon is in oils, nitrogen is in things like beets grains gout is
too much uric acid buildup often in your big toe too much
nitrogen s you want to supplement with carbon, an easy carbon is
sodium bicarbonate baking soda
um just a tablespoon of that in some water cleans out too much nitrogen and
relieves gout pain.
very well or some people use like a tablespoon or three tablespoons of coconut oil
day and that cleans out the nitrogen for um people who have gout.
um too much nitrogen can also cause kidneyfailures and kidney blocks so again
look to
your oils for a solution. lets see down in the colon,
we have bismuth and fluorine fluorine can cause diarrhea fluorine
is a paralytic fluorine too much fluorine can cause
epilepsy and ALS which is amyolotrophic lateral sclerosis so which is a
degenerative paralysis kind of thing... so look to its opposite bismuth.
bismuth is just charcoal. now there are stronger forms of bismuth the periodic
table as
some elements which are basically the same thing but
stronger there's a stronger element called Indium which is also on the table
it's in the Bismuth family but it's stronger you can actually buy some Indium
metal small piece it's quite soft and wear it against your skin
and put a little hole in it and that will relieve your fluorine overdose like for
example fluorine
also causes insomnia wearing the indium metal against your skin will help you to
go to sleep at night.
Indium is also found in or
Bismuth and Indium which are the same sort of idea in ah melatonin, so
is good for helping you to
sleep which is relieving your fluorine excess alot of water is still
artificially fluoridated and some people have problems with that.
so unfortunately. so and i think this is we are coming into 2014 in Canada
they are starting to stop fluoridation of water
which will help alot of people who su!er from insomnia and some of the children
who are now showing epilepsy.
presenting with seizures
and they don't know why. so that's a good thing. melatonin which is in this family
as well has also shown to have excellent applications for ALS and it makes sense
because ALS is a fluorine excess problem so things in the Bismuth category
and melatonin is a drug form of that, are great for relieving that particular
Magnesium and mercury, too much magnesium is arthritis it's a magnesium can
cause a degeneration of the cartilage, mercury builds cartilage,
so um you can find mercury in alot of places, um for people who do eat meat,
you can find mercury in like bacon and as it happens bacon is very salty and
salt will also raise bilirubin levels,
in your gallbladder your levels here are called bilirubin or bile levels so people
with arthritis
need to RAISE bilirubin and salt is a great way to raise bilirubin.
Um there are some more exotic ways to raise your mercury levels,
that i talk about in both of my books and um so read them. and
there's alot of artwork there's alot of pictures it's not all text, and i try to make this
as simple as possible.
In the spleen um parkinson's disease is too much phosphorus,
if you have had a spleen injury you may end up with phosphorus over time
is like mold 40 years later say you were in an accident as a child 40 years later
your spleen has become so moldy
that it starts a!ecting your brain um and i do get into some of the brain a!ect
areas um the globus palladus area is what it's called and basically you have a
moldy brain.
Copper would be the way um
to clean phosphorus clean that mold out of your brain and out of your body ah
great way to get copper is in tea or co!ee and that's a quick
and easy way to get your copper and so strong co!ee or tea is great for people
Parkinson's disease. In your heart potassium is the minus so people who have too
much potassium would have Low blood pressure and beta blockers are the
things that people take for
their heart are based on potassium,
potassium is also an anti-diuretic so if you are taking things that contain
potassium know that you might become swollen with too much water cause it's
an anti- diuretic.
Aurum yes you think oh that's gold, aurum is actually found in heart drugs aurum
will raise your blood pressure in the real world you can buy something called
powder which based on the word aurum will raise blood pressure for someone
who has low blood pressure. so like for example
if you have a concussion concussion causes an
extreme demand on the body in particular the heart you have to be most worried
about ah it causes an overload of minus too much potassium
so one of the first things you can do if someone has had a concussion or gets hit
on the head is to give them something with aurum.
now sure you can wear gold against your skin if you have alot of good fresh gold,
you can take taurine powder very easily throw it in to whatever you are drinking
and that is just great for raising the blood pressure of someone who has had a
In the lung and lymph node system the two elements are titanium and aluminum
too much titanium.
titanium is found in statin drugs things that lower your cholesterol aspirin
marijuana asthma drugs lot of sleeping pills are titanium one of the things that
titanium does is it causes memory loss
so if you have memory loss you maybe have too much titanium so you need
something with aluminum, and aluminum is found in
agave which is a plant that is actually you can make tequila out of agave arnica
pills eggs things with high cholesterol are aluminum
let's see Sage leaf is a great aluminum and aluminums will also reduce sweatiness
so if you're going through menopause or you're a guy and you sweat alot you can
take a sage leaf tincture or make some sage leaf tea and it reduces your
sweatiness ,
cement has aluminum in it, which is why alot of people with asthma have too
much aluminum which is why they take these drugs.
Now you are going to say but I read that people with memory loss with
have too much aluminum,
i'm going to explain that briefly, when they looked at the brains of people with
alzheimers they found too much aluminum, now they made a conclusion that
alzheimers and aluminum have to be related.
but in fact what they did not account for is that people who have too much
aluminum let's say people with asthma tend to medicate with titanium drugs
ok so their entire whole life they are taking aspirins or asthma drugs which are
actually quite strong those pu!ers that people take for asthma those are all
titanium which cause the memory loss,
those people died and autopsies were done of their brains and they found the
aluminum what they are really looking at is the cause of the self-medicating, so
they made a false and opposite conclusion that people with alzheimers have
too much aluminum which is sort of true, but the actual cause of the memory loss
is all the titanium drugs. and we are seeing this more and more , in medicine,
today, and in the world,
is that, people are now medicating and doctors are medicating and alot of drugs
are coming out there and what we are seeing is something called
IATROGENIC e!ect which is medicine itself and pharmaceutical companies
are messing with people and people themselves are messing with themselves and
CAUSING ailments.
for example people have been taking these bone loss pills called Actonel or
Boniva and then needing having terrible arthritis pain and needing hip and knee
replacements and
having various other side e!ects. this is because these bisphosphonate drugs have
extra magnesium in them and magnesium actually is a laxative and over time
degrades cartilage.
so here they were trying to build bone, bone is up here in the lead so the drugs
have lead in them, but they also have the magnesium component and magnesium
over time actually can become addictive because people like the laxative e!ect of
it but
is quite dangerous so people were taking these bone building drugs not realizing
they were also getting the magnesium and causing themselves terrible pain
arthritis pain and to the point of
completely degrading their cartilage and requiring them to have knee and hip
replacements, so this is a drug
caused problem
in the past 10 years actually it's more like 15, everyone we know is getting knee and
hip replacements, why, well if we look deeper because alot of these are women,
some of them men,
who have been taking these bone building drugs, that have the magnesium
components, and been given the class action lawsuits being filed and rewarded
right now about these bone building drugs that had the magnesium component
in them.
I think they are actually still on the market in canada so I am saying this also as a
warning be very careful. and alot of people didn't realize that the pain they were
having was actually caused by their bone building drug.
Let's see and we will do just one more organ in the thymus we have manganese
and iron, and just for the record manganese
is not the same as magnesium,
these are two di!erent things magnesium is in the gallbladder manganese is in
the thymus.
you get manganese in like peanuts and pumpkin seeds and iron is its opposite is a
PLus, one of the an interesting thing to note is that in Africa people who have
iron anemia which is low iron high manganese don't get malaria.
Why? because iron attracts bugs. ok.
iron is also found in meat, so people who ate alot of meat in africa the bugs really
found them delicious and then they got bug related problems the people who
were just eating peanuts the
bugs were not attracted to them and so they were basically had an immunity to
bugs to malaria. so it's interesting to note, so be careful, now not enough iron,
can cause and now I'm losing my voice sorry I'm going to cough, not enough iron
can cause
PTSD like symptoms post traumatic stress disorder and in fact that's exactly
what happens when you have post traumatic stress disorder is
your iron is used up very quickly in that moment and you become in that exact
place of thought manganese heavy
not enough iron too much manganese,
and it causes sort of like a button in your brain that when its triggered you the
ptsd brain goes
over and over the same event the same negative event you're stuck you're like a
broken record you can't move forward,
so for people with PTSD which is a manganese excess you need a little bit of iron
to move forward but I caution you don't take too much iron
or you know you can have problems with bugs bedbugs lice worms any sort of
bugs if you live in a place with mosquitoes will be attracted to you,
so be very careful with iron, and if you do have problems with bedbugs or lice or
pest that is driving you crazy, lower your iron levels and increase your manganese,
a standard manganese that people use to lower their iron is called black walnut
hull powder,
and you can get that from an herb store, it's Black Walnut Hull powder the shells
of the walnuts have alot of manganese in them and its a great way to your iron
and get rid of lice or worms or make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes.
Ok that's the basic chart,
that the books are based on, and the books explore both books grove body part
chart a medical arts innovation, and do it yourself medicine a repair manual, I sort
of get into more ailments like
lyme disease and scleroderma which is a lead excess, lyme disease is a mercury
and I also sort of explain where to
find the elements in the real world and some of my thinking behind how did I get
there, how did I make the chart, there's a
blog at grovecanada.com where I've worked through some of my ideas so you can
go visit , but I do caution you in the blog I am sort of going through ideas so in
the books I try to make sure everything is perfect in the blog while I am
I may go down a false path you do have to make mistakes if you are going to push
forward, anyway this is Sari Grove and it's dec. 30, 2013,
I hope you enjoy my books, actually my our, I worked on them with my husband
Joseph Grove and they were edited by the wonderful
Justin Wood, and , so but I hope you enjoy them and I hope they help you to get
better and these are just a starting point,
for your own research and ideas so don't stop, make this the beginning, so & take
everything I say with a grain of salt, of course not literally.
Ok thank you, Bye Bye Happy New year coming up! Bye Bye...
(I started tracking everything that I did & took after discovering a breast lump
suddenly about a month before Good Friday in 2014)...Some of this in in point
form which is how I think...
Tai Chi Qi Gong.
Surround the Dragon Circling the Dragon acupuncture technique method for
breast tumor cyst lump shrinking
This morning:Coconut milk in shakey cup with VegaOne sugar-free energizer
powder one tiny scoop with crushed Iodoral 50 mg pill...2 Vitamin E capsules
445 iu each...Two teaspoons of Madagascar Periwinkle herb chewed straight &
swallowed...Why? I have a stupid cyst in my left breast, & I am determined to
dissolve it myself...I know it is nothing special because it gets bigger before my
period, smaller when I don't eat much, & moves around a bit...I almost got rid of
it last week, but I am an eater & Subway sandwiches may have worked for Jared
but not for breast cyst dissolving...(I am also tracking my progress while writing
our 3rd book, which ironically deals with how to avoid surgical interventions if
you possibly can(run like heck!)...I'd love to nail down an easy protocol for other
women who really don't want strangers touching their breasts in the interest of
science...)DIY Medicine is getting personal!
This is Book 3 of what has become the Grove Health Science Series of
Books...We are writing, researching & working on it right now...It is not a
surgery book, in fact, it is about rotating your life away from surgery...For
example, successful stories about how women have dissolved breast lumps &
avoided mastectomy, radiation & chemotherapy...This book does not advocate
avoiding all conventional medicine, but what it does do is o!er so more
alternatives, & perhaps fills a gap for people who wouldn't go conventional
anyway...Being the third book in this series, it discusses some much more
complex ideas that build on Book 1 & 2...So read the first two first, & in
order...There is some serious discussion about gender & handedness that
involves brain patterns that needs background to understand...
Hippocratic Oath & The Holy Bible
“Vitamin E worked for me, although there are no conclusive studies out there. I
had very large and painful breast cysts at one point. I did not change my lifestyle
in any way; I still ate chocolate and drank co!ee, but I took a 800 mg vitamin E
supplement daily for several weeks. My cysts shrank and all pain was gone.”(a
breast lump gone with Vitamin E-my guess is what she had was a Nitrogen
based thing-Nitrogens react to carbons which is what Vitamin E & all oils
Comment: Lumps & stones & cancers in the body are made up of mainly 4
Calcium Oxalate(Iron is oxalate)
Calcium Nitrate(Nitrate is Nitrogen)
Calcium Struvite(Struvite is Sulphur think Sugar)
& Calcium Cysteine(Cysteine is Phosphorus)
So obviously to antidote those 4 possibilities you need ok to address the
calcium...Iodine antidotes calcium...
Carbon antidotes Nitrogen...
Then Manganese antidotes iron...
Then Selenium antidotes Sulphur(Sugar)...
Finally Copper antidotes Phosphorus...
So your basic line of attack(if you find a lump) might include all the possible
So you might want to add to your diet:
An Iodine,A Carbon, A Manganese, A Selenium, A Phosphorus...
That list might look like:
Iodoral tablets(Iodine)
Castor Oil(Carbon)
Black walnut hull powder(manganese)
Garlic pills(selenium)
Licorice tincture(Copper)
The antidote element is on our Grove Body Part Chart...Just look for the Minus
element if you are antidoting a Plus, & vice versa...(The symbols are from the
periodic Table of Elements, which if you Google that, you can get a chart of
which symbol means what-but most of you will have taken chemistry in high
school because that was required at a pretty early level...
“the more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of
play...” (spoken by William Shatner, original tv series Star Trek, episode about
the planet devoted to “Play”)...sourced from Art Museum Teaching article
concerning engaging collectors in museums using the idea of play...
Listening to music regulates brainwaves to regular patterns hushing
chaos...Sleep arrives to the insomniac easier...
Mention the book SleepMagik:Surrendering to Success by Victoria Pendragon
(helps one to sleep & quiet old damages/abuse thoughts & clean them out)...
5'10" - 6'1" 31.5" - 33" 58 - 60 cm This is the height of bicycle I need in
Imperial & Metric...(me planning new exercise regimens-swimming in the pond
at our farm was a good exercise)...
Joseph & Sari Grove are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, & own the
company called GroveCanada & all its websites & blogs, & they are the authors
of Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation, DIY Medicine:A repair
Manual, & Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt surgical rotation app, which are
books in the Grove Health Science series...
sa!ron queen celery juice stalks cherry juice:all Oxygens(Liver)
Continued ideas for floating artificial waterbird nests in Canada(as an artist, this
has been one of my ongoing projects-designing artificial nests for Trumpeter
swans who must winter here in Ontario):
wood chips
wood chips float on water
floating dock wood natural, on string, anchor rock,
flippers remove april
chest waders...
does wood float?
floating dock....
Warning:“Comment”****Tamoxifen if overtaken/taken in excess causes
“The dose of evening primrose oil used was six capsules of 500mg daily for three
to six months. 95% of those responding to evening primrose did so within three
months” anti-cancer reporting...
How to write a book is like planting corn:
“You're welcome...When planting corn you plant 4 to 6 seeds...See which spring
up... Then rip out the ones that aren't strong...It is a cruel practice that brings
forth good corn stalks...The ones you keep fill in all that extra space...”
spleen-profuse vaginal secretion-excess phosphorus
circling the dragon/surround the dragon 2014(this is the name for the
acupuncture technique used for breast lumps)
proprioception:the act of the body sensing where its parts are at & adjusting the
muscle stretch to the environment...sort of...(spleen/hypothalamus)...
pancreatitis leading to diabetes...sign of spleen damage...phosphorus excess
causes also diabetes insipidus leading to excess peeeing excessive thirst...high
drink cooking oil carbon...(baking soda same but high in salt)
Below:Supplements I started taking to eradicate the breast lump...
Injury to hypothalamus
Pallido-Thalamic tract
Diabetes Insipidus-polyuria-large amounts of urine-
excessive thirst-brain injury-
let's say that the hypothalamus is the Phosophorus plus
Globus palladus is the Minus copper place...
parkinson's disease is spleen mold P excess...injury...
needs copper, so parkinson's is low copper...
So Globus palladus is not working enough...(not enough
Cu Copper Cupric)
Hypothalamus may be overproducing Phosphorus...
Pallidotomy nukes the Globus pallidus, thus disabling the
Copper centre further, thus less copper is produced...
Hypothalamus is now overproducing P & person dies...of
parkinson's disease...mold overgrowth...
My notes on Parkinson’s disease:
yes, parkinson's is P excess-polyuria is peeing too much-excess P diabetes
insipidus caused by excess P, injured(not destroyed) hypothalamus would
produce excess P...
J La State Med Soc. 2012 May-Jun;164(3):145-6.
Bilateral globus pallidus lesions.
Alquist CR1, McGoey R, Bastian F, Newman W 3rd.
Author information
Following a hypoxic-ischemic insult, the globus pallidus is selectively spared
from ischemic injury in contrast to the caudate and putamen. The known
causes for hemorrhagic and necrotic lesions selective for injuring the globus
pallidus are varied but few. The most widely known etiology is in fatal cases of
carbon monoxide poisoning. Additionally reported associations include
fatalities involving 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine; cocaine; opiates;
and cyanide poisoning. These bilateral globus palladus necrotic lesions have
been reported to occur in 5-10% of opiate addicts. In this article, we present a
striking photo of selective symmetrical bilateral globus pallidus necrosis
following cocaine and opiate abuse.
PMID: 22866355 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Comment:That the Globus pallidus is the Minus element Copper centre is
true...That injury to the Globus pallidus(not destruction of), results in Copper
Also:Vitamin E prevents ischemic attack, but increases hemmorhagic
possibility, EXPLAIN...
very right handed/indicates Plus disruption/indicates excess Phosphorus in
Hypothalamus...parkinson group study 1959...
epidemic influenza=excess sugar/flu
encephalitis=excess hydrogen
reports of epidemic influenza could have been epidemic encephalitis
lethargica=hydrogen excess in the Liver(causing Parkinson's later in Spleen)...
Tremor rigidity=Too much Phosphorus...
Knocked out his entire Globus pallidus since it was already weak & severely
50 mg iodoral daily for six
weeks with 100 mcg
then cut iodoral in half for another 6 weeks...same 100 mcg selenium
breast lump gone!!!
seafood scallop shrimp shrimp shell n tail squid octopi contain iodine diarrhea
potential warning though...(food ideas to remove breast cancers)
Notes on infections:components of tb- infection is sulphur is sugar:treat with
garlic antibiotics insulin aluminum is cement is debris dust pollen marigolds
echinacea cinnamon in lungs;treat with titaniums like peppermint hemp soap
(doesn't work but feels nice), titanium paul mitchell tea tree oil special shampoo
with mint (does work but weak)...marijuana, statins, aspirins, cough & cold
syrup, birch bark tea...and so on...
I told two friends...and so on...commercial (style citation)
Taking anti-parasitics during breast cancer lump removal biotherapy is a GOOD
idea:unda 17 anti-parasitic Smiths Pharmacy in Toronto...
breast cancer is a COLD disease so heat works:heat sauna 10 women 9 cold
circling the dragon/surround the dragon
Lower sugar levels to remove breast lumps(fruit has lots of sugar
Power outages in Toronto:overconstruction with no power generators to handle
increased demand
Vega one sugar free energizer powder (note:artificial sweeteners are just one
molecule of sugar bonded to like 4 molecules of potassium...
If you are not on heart drugs to lower blood pressure, which are potassium based,
you are good to go...Artificial sweeteners will lower blood pressure so be careful
if you are naturally low blood pressure like myself...
But Cancer stories are wrong...Diabetes from eating sugar is a way more
pressing concern here...Not to mention, Cancers feed on sugar which is a strong
case for art. sweeteners...)
heat sauna 10 women 9 cold:suntanning even sunburning, saunas, any kind of
heat is good for removing breast lumps
stretching exercise
I will not have a mammogram again:mammogram-they squish, ultrasound-the
jelly & a radio probe with a tv set (first the consult & referral-think scene from
Fame where she shows her boobs & cries)...
chemo-means chemical
Parkinson’s:chemopallidectomy & chemothalamectomy-means they chemically
removed the pallidus & the thalamus...(study from July 1956 to 1958-650 people)
spleen worked surround the dragon not really, matcha tea copper
give gift to lady at ginseng deli near ocad in the mall
I'm selectively deaf like my father
baking soda-excellent carbon source lowers uric acid & Nitrogen
parsley is a throwaway garnish (it's packed with goodness), celery is a snack that
delivers fewer calories than it takes to digest (a myth!), and artichokes
Changemakers...red tape criticism ignores content for flu!...
Our books were professionally edited & rewritten by Justin Wood(https://
twitter.com/stagenames)...This tremendous energy helped me to break through
into my brain to body part connection map...

My credentials:(Sari Grove) *beyond my genetics, culture, education, family
history, I have also put in my "10,000" hours(& more) in medical research,
writing & thinking...It has been said it takes about 10,000 hours to become an
expert in just about anything...That is about 10 years of working at something...
unda 17 anti-parasitic Smiths Pharmacy in Toronto...(theory that cancer or cysts
or tumors or lumps are all related to parasites...)
unlink sad thoughts from happy places
parenting is linked to cleaning-, so if you can’t clean you might not want to be a
parent...- http://www.happify.com
sa!ron celery cherries sa"ower evening primrose(oxygens clean out Liver)
black walnut hull powder, jamaican blue mountain co!ee ground whole foods,
madagascar periwinkle herb, potassium from 4 artificial sweeteners....water
boiled , some milk homo...
I have been tracking my progress at http://www.sarigrove.com on how I succeed
at removing a breast lump...Here are some of those posts...
This morning:Coconut milk(turns out I should have been using COCONUT
WATER) in shakey cup with VegaOne sugar-free energizer powder one tiny
scoop with crushed Iodoral 50 mg pill...2 Vitamin E capsules 445 iu each...Two
teaspoons of Madagascar Periwinkle herb chewed straight & swallowed...Why?
I have a stupid cyst in my left breast, & I am determined to dissolve it myself...I
know it is nothing special because it gets bigger before my period, smaller when I
don't eat much, & moves around a bit...I almost got rid of it last week, but I am
an eater & Subway sandwiches may have worked for Jared but not for breast cyst
dissolving...(I am also tracking my progress while writing our 3rd book, which
ironically deals with how to avoid surgical interventions if you possibly can(run
like heck!)...I'd love to nail down an easy protocol for other women who really
don't want strangers touching their breasts in the interest of science...)DIY
Medicine is getting personal!
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Do It Yourself Medicine Oh & roasted Seasnax(It's roasted seaweed in a thin
sheath with olive oil & sea salt & is so excellent I buy the family pack size)... 16
April at 08:38 · Like
Do It Yourself Medicine & a teaspoon of baking soda in coconut milk with
art.sweetener(for taste) to lower uric acid...(note:art. sweeteners are just 4
molecules of potassium with one of sugar so nothing to fear...) 16 April at 09:59 ·
Do It Yourself Medicine Just got my GetitGirl System by courier...! So I took
one scoop of the Whey Pink, one scoop of the Whey Green, mixed it in my shakey
blender cup, 2 of the Wavy pills, & some of the Matcha tea...https://
16 April at 14:23 · Like
Do It Yourself Medicine Got the Figwort tincture from HawaiiPharm today!
Drank a swig...Went for a joyful walk in the wintry cold sunny crisp day...Chatted
in an art gallery called Mayberry Fine Art where a Sorel Etrog exhibition is going
on now(WOW!)...Spoke to a Dr. Lady at...See More Yesterday at 19:01 · Like
Do It Yourself Medicine Things you could do if you found a cyst in your
breast & want to participate in your own health...
5 hours ago · Like
Do It Yourself Medicine Confirmed by a British Medical study that the
combination of the elements Selenium & Copper are very powerful in killing
glioblastoma cells...Translation:Selenium is in garlic pills, Copper is in say Coke
Zero-chug a garlic pill down with a Coke Zero & you get your selenium &
copper warriors to kill calcifications, cysts, & indeed cancer cells...(This also
reverses the current myth that copper increases cancer risk-it was bugging me too
so I looked into it...)
A few seconds ago · Lik
prior undiagnosed cysts in lymph nodes adrenal gland full depo provera
hardened? Phosphorus or Calcium or Silicone?- responds to Iodine yes, responds
to real strong Co!ee copper yes, responds to magnesium exercise...Diva cup
trigger? tweezer removal of glass...Note:Sa!ron makes me lose weight...When a
clog forms in the body parts, the clog will rise to infiltrate higher up organs
ie:liver full of water will clog & rise up to pollute pancreas with sugar...or ie:
nitrogen filled right kidney male will rise up to clog right heart side valve with
aurum gold...
cholesterol suet aluminum yes titanium pot whole foods yes
food titanium bu!et marijuana whole foods yes
co!ee milk potassium sweetener sugar water back door whole foods copper yes-
detoxes quickly forms lump is a detox sign actually! (idea: more co!ee?)
pneumonia sugar sulphur yes michael rottman yes-responds to Kyolic garlic 600
mg yes
back pain lung pain right lung yes sugar yes Sulphur -responds to garlic selenium
antibiotics NaturalFactors 500 mg.yes
fettucine alfredo chicken calcium milk makes it bigger yes but also sugar content
does respond to madagascar periwinkle yes
bigger after eating yes
things used for cancer today that come from herbs & trees...
scrophularia nodosa/figwort
taxol is from the Taxus brevifolia l./the Pacific Yew bark/paclitaxel drug chemo
Camptotheca Acuminata/ Happy tree/cancer tree/
Catharanthus roseus, commonly known as the Madagascar rosy periwinkle/
Podophyllum peltatum, commonly called Mayapple/
salt for polio...
that grape stems, that rose stems with thorns form the basis of our neural
network, only smaller or even same size...that real things in our plant world are
existent inside our brains just smaller...same shape & structures just smaller...
math/aptitudes/handedness languages-aptitudes/handedness
stamina-woman can work so long, men longer-expectations need to be titrated...
the good wife:military, uts languages vs math gender issues...
uric acid/nitrogen in breast lump-treat with baking soda drink....
point form notes & ideas follow...
burn wood creates airborne bismuth charcoal dust
sa!ron queen 28 grams of raw sa!ron strands
burn wood creates airborne bismuth charcoal dust
yellowstone park yellow "algae" blooms" cyanobacteria fluorine poison als
“Nutmeg which is made by grinding the seeds produced by the nutmeg tree
o!ers help for those fighting cancer battles with certain forms of leukemia. A
recent medical study has shown that nutmeg extract causes cancer cells to self-
destruct in leukemia patients.”
What you say to a TCMP after you discover a cyst in a breast:
”I am seeking
Surround the Dragon
Acupuncture with Moxibustion (Direct)
for a Cyst
to shrink it...”
design idea:*ambient indium metal pacifier for baby with trismus(lockjaw)due to
some excess exposure to fluorine...
Linkage between Fluoride(F Fluorine
on the periodic Table of Elements), POLIO (a Fluorine excess disease), &
Mental Hygiene(Fluorine drugs cause domesticity or lack of rebelliousness
behaviours so they were used on prisoners of war to keep them docile-it is also a
paralytic)...This was a historical poster...The girl’s sign reads:”Uninformed
Manitoba has the unusual geology of having natural VERY high FLUORIDE
in its rocks...Excessive fluoride exposure from groundwater can cause Polio for
example if the weather gets excessively hot in that locale...Which is what
happened that fateful year in the late 1950s when the temperature soared to a high
it had not seen in over a decade...56 schoolchildren died of Polio that
year...Generally the natural fluoride in Manitoba is controlled by the cold
weather...In the future, if weather meteorologists know a summer is going to be
unusually hot in Manitoba, they could advise
Bismuth or Indium medicines as precautionary measures for younger people who
possibly play in groundwater where Fluoride levels could surge...
Note:Precambrian basement rocks in the Gypsumville area carry overly high
amounts of fluoride, as well as groundwaters from PreCambrian rocks in
southeastern Manitoba...One well had a fluoride concentration of 16 mg/L...It is
supected that the high fluoride concentrations in the carbonate rock aquifer are a
result of influx of groundwater from the overlying Jurassic sediments in these
areas...(citation:Fluoride concentrations in groundwater in southern Manitoba)...
So Manitoba has wildly high levels of fluoride naturally in its rocks &
groundwater...Fluoride gets more in hot weather...The summer of polio was
hotter than it had been in over a decade...In the 1950s though the Jonas Salk polio
vaccine was out, it is doubtful that it was enforced as a rule in Manitoba’s
schoolchildren...These 3 factors contributed to the outbreak & subsequent
deaths & scarring of those children & families...Slow paralysis due to natural
fluoride exposure from water & rocks there is still happening today in those
children who survived...
Things you can do at home:Wear an Indium metal piece against your skin & let
the material osmote into your skin...It acts like Bismuth but stronger...Bismuth
(charcoal) antidotes Fluoride poison)...**You put a piece of charcoal into fluoride
water, let it soak overnight, then remove the charcoal...The water will be
nullified...***You can take Indium as a medicine...***You can take charcoal as a
medicine...*****You can burn wood & the airborne charcoal will enter your lungs
as natural dust precipitate...******Pepto Bismol contains Bismuth...
My favorite breast cancer remedy so far:
Figwort tincture by HawaiiPharm, scrophularia nodosa (iodine herb breast
That(Parkinson’s disease):
That a Pallidotomy is a FALSE step...Why? because if the Globus Pallidus
contains the Minus (female) element Copper, & its twin the Hypothalamus
contains the Yang or male or Plus element Phosphorus, AND a Parkinsonian
has Spleen damage which results in a Phosphorus overload in the hypothalamus
& a DEFICIT of copper in the globus pallidus, THEN...
Then...Just to repeat from BOOK 2 DIY medicine:A repair manual, that,
damage to an organ or brain part results in an excess of the PLUS element, like P
Phosphorus in the Spleen & hypothalamus...AND a deficit of its opposite,
Copper in the spleen, & a deficit of also Copper in the Globus Pallidus...
If the Globus pallidus in a Parkinsonian is ALREADY in Copper deficit, & the
Hypothalamus is ALREADY in Phosphorus overload, THEN...
THEN, Damaging the Globus Pallidus further by Pallidotomy surgery
(essentially they NUKE the globus pallidus), then by nuking that Copper brain
part, they cause its COLLAPSE & failure...
Thus a Pallidotomy operation causes the COLLAPSE of the COPPER
producing Globus pallidus which connects to the Spleen...
Then the already Phosphorus heavy Hypothalamus(remember that Phosphorus
is the Yang or male or Plus element that is opposite to Copper in the spleen),
then this Hypothalmus becomes EVEN MORE over-ridden with Phosphorus
& the patient with parkinson’s disease then SUFFERS MORE from MORE
In Conclusion:The Pallidotomy makes the parkinsonian patient EVEN more
Parkinsonian by destroying the copper producing globus pallidus entirely...
This surgery is WRONG wrong wrong wrong wrong...
Unless you are trying to make Parkinsonian’s worse...
End of explanation of that...
people with als don't hear well fluorine excess deafness lockjaw tetanus shot
cholera trismus epilepsy sweatyness crisoini syndrome insomnia beer
waterdrinking people poor drink lots of water (drink lots of water mythology)
salmonella was phosphorus excess(parkinson's)
ebola high sugar levels global warming
"The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen
(saltwater pools contain IODINE which is great for breast cancer treating)...
desejo, saudade, ânsia, cobiça
ânsia, saudade, anelo, desejo ardente, enternecimento
nostalgia, saudade
yen, ien, saudade, cobiça (music really helps me to exercise-invest in an iPod nano
& buy music using http://jog.fm playlist suggestions...)
By 1910, much of the world experienced a dramatic increase in polio cases and
epidemics became regular events, primarily in cities during the summer months
Gabriel García Márquez was born on 6 March 1927 in Aracataca, Colombia
cyst is magnetic (iron content) leukemia is high iron plus calcium-nutmeg,
mugwort, moxa stick ons, moxibustion acupuncture 208 bloor st west suite 706
dr kokubo
Phineas Gage had a brain injury to the left frontal hemisphere & started
exhibiting bipolar behaviour(which indicates the right impulsive creative frontal
lobe taking over)...If Padgett's brain injury was to the right frontal hemisphere,
then the left hemisphere would have to take over...The left hemisphere rules math
& logic & it would make sense that it became dominant...Synesthetes are less
rare than is reported-also because it can be a question of degree, not yes or no...
acupuncture cured my scoliosis ankles basktball
acupuncture with moxibustion for cyst removal
moxa cones stick-on are mugwort which is like muscade nutmeg a manganese
which lowers iron, you may notice cyst attracts a magnet that is iron content
inside tha needs to be reduced...
Readers of our books so far...5,750 book 1 fri april 18 10 pm, book 2 2372, book 3
378 ...
let yourself arrive
How people perceive numbers by gender:
reversing 208, 706 to 708, 206...male to female reversal??? numbers?
lou gehrig water drinking nutmeg in french is ?
coconut water hydrates better than water & is a great laxative(beware)
figwort has a#nity for the breast & is an Iodine thing..
“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow
old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes (Major Colombian novelist and short-story
writer, 1982 Nobel Prize for literature, b.1928)
jim flaherty lachine quebec-scleroderma
yellow, purple, neon green, pretty in paisley, sea of tranquility-stretchy wide
headbands for working out(looking good helps to motivate you to exercise)
noix de muscade-nutmeg is a Manganese(lowers iron in Thymus)
Injury to the hypothalamus or posterior pituitary can result in diabetes insipidus
which presents as polyuria.
folliculitis pneumonia lung infection high sugar sulphur tumur cyst boil
cyst is magnetic (iron content) leukemia is high iron plus calcium-nutmeg,
mugwort, moxa stick ons, moxibustion acupuncture 208 bloor st west suite 706
dr kokubo
diabetes chronic fatigue syndrome sa!ron plus high potency garlic
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
– Buckminster Fuller
intestinal parasites folliculitis pneumonia lung infection high sugar sulphur
tumour cyst boil
chinese people chinese food has lots of sugar intestinal parasites folliculitis
pneumonia lung infection high sugar sulphur tumour cyst boil
Wear homemade(just pierce a hole into it) Indium metal to antidote Trismus
Lockjaw Tetanus vaccine reactions & other Fluorine excess related ailments
featured in our Colons! See picture for partial list of Fluorine excess specific
conditions & know that third trimester pregnancy Tetanus shots can induce
Lockjaw Trismus in fetus which presents at birth with inability to breastfeed due
to mouth cannot open(shortened jaw muscles-myopathy)...
Do It Yourself Medicine You have to wear it because trismus Lockjaw means
newborn baby cannot open mouth...Indium is available as a tincture, but this
method doesn't work if baby cannot swallow...
Total screw-up...Switched to Coconut Milk to avoid Calcium cause the
container said Calcium 0%...Turns out Coconut milk has more calcium than cow
milk...Calcium is what cysts like to feed on, so in e!ect I have, for one month,
been neutralizing the Iodine medicines by drinking coconut milk...No wonder
this stupid cyst hasn't dissolved yet! I thought I was going crazy...Turns out not
crazy just stupid...
Trismus can correlate to ALS which, Gulf War veterans, after exposure to
fluorine gas, started to show years later...
Paralytic conditions tend to fall into the same Fluorine excess category-Polio,
Cholera, Tetanus(lockjaw was the old name)...
Epilepsy is in this same category...
Double Aortic arch & other heart distentions...
Causal sources could be:Parent was Gulf war soldier, Tetanus vaccination
reaction, Crohn's disease history, Excessive exposure to fluoride in water supply,
Use of chemical fluorine weapons in Ottawa?
Antidote category:Bismuth & Indium element category...
So Melatonin, Wild Indigo Root, Indium , Bismuth type drugs...
Comment:Withdraw from Fluorines
Possible exposure during pregnancy or at hospital...
Sorry this is point form, am typing on iPhone...
Prayers & Hope for your family,
Sari Grove
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from the third trimester tetanus shot is an injection of fluorine which is teteanus
like cholera...pineal gland tryptophan phosphorus botox fluorine bismuth indium
metal mouth tetanus ottawa fluoride geology rocks water botox phosphorus
kinesiology qigong chigong
Pineal gland-fluorine/bismuth...(consider as relation to motor cortex-that pineal
gland is +bismuth area...
Japanese Korean Chinese TCMP acupuncture with direct moxibustion is moxa
stick-ons is mugwort is manganese-like nutmeg in french noix de muscade, it
lowers iron levels which apply to leukemia beacaue leukemia is iron plus calcium
excesses...(iron is thymus, calcium is adrenal gland)...Do it yourself moxa stick
ons are available for home-users easily...
Many years ago, 19 UNION members tried to steal a train, a locomotive...It
didn’t end well for them...(They were hanged, tried, killed not in that particular
order)...What springs to mind is that in Malaysia a bunch of union member pilots
decided to try the same dumb idea but this time with an aeroplane...Same dumb
result...This is what happened to the airplane in the ocean there...Same plot,
di!erent day...Philosophy
Things that remove breast lumps:
(madagascar periwinkle from herbies herbs online-I chew it like a pinch chew
chew chew then swallow-it contains vinpocetine or call it vincristine if you want
same stu! that is in chemo...chemotherapy...which just means chemical
therapy...which just means a whole recipe of stu! inside...which is like the same
as an herbal blend of stu! you get from a TCMP traditional medical practitioner,
or from the japanese kampo doctors...A soup of stu! but tastes not quite as
delicious...The stu! from Susie’s Acupuncture & herbs on Bloor street near
Palmerston avenue tastes pretty excellent, smells like mint a bit...nice...
author’s note; nutmeg (noix de muscade) also contains manganese like the
mugwort moxa moxibustion plant...You could eat grated real nutmeg grate it
yourself from the nut is better, or just like any nut...Walnuts are tree nuts & are
di!erent from peanuts which are grow in the ground nuts...Tree nuts have less
manganese & grow in the ground nuts like peanuts have more
manganese...Which is why peanuts cause more nut allergies than
walnuts...Source of the nut information is Vincent Deshaies of wonderful walnut
oil paintmaking at Kama Pigments in Montreal & yes his site translates into
English so do that...http://www.kamapigment.com (read about how to DIY oil
paints there too! So informative & well explained...Love Montrealers! (Quebec)
(Montreal is named after Mont Royal which is a cool mountain with a lake on top
of it called beaver lake & you can skate on it & I used to run up the mountain &
someone made me try Israeli folk dancing at the top & I was already a Christian
by then, but this was all part of my McGill University path, which apparently
becoming a Quack quack quack duckter included religion which I was not
prepared for actually...”Hananim Uncho Ull ” is God Bless you in Korean which
led Dr. Susie Choo to exclaim that she was a Christian too! I didn’t even know I
had been witnessing
Thoughts as the Sochi Olympics end 2014, Soviet Russia...
cracked heel= heel is a muscle, hence cholesterol repairs that, since cholesterol is
an aluminum element, suet is a good treatment, internal or topical...(it is heat
from frozen that cracks the heel muscle tissue, not the cold-a frozen foot needs to
thaw most gently to avoid splitting...)
garlic or antibiotics, same element selenium, whiten teeth, since selenium lowers
blood sulphur in the pancreas organ, & sulphur is yellow like true sugar is too...
flintstone’s vitamins contain iron, which if eaten as only food group in children or
late blossoming adults or teenagers, can cause iron excess, which attracts
golf clubs may contain iron as do irish things & ironland-ireland...
rats are not raccoons nor are bats or mice or bears or pigeons-reductio ad
absurdium is some sort of latin phrase for reducing things to an absurd
level...Please do not reduce rats who have saved many a medical life...
For all global warming there is all global cooling...
We only rent our lives here...
Do not trust the machine over the human:CONCUSSION...
In an older person who has experienced a concussion, potassium levels will rise
as they do in all concussive instances...As potassium levels in the heart rise,
Aurum levels in the heart drop...The higher the potassium, the LOWER the
blood pressure...Aurum by the way, can easily be found in Taurine powder,
which is easy to source over the counter & easy to take-drop some in any hot or
cold drink you are drinking...
Now as potassium levels rise, blood pressure in the heart will drop...But the
machines will not show the drop as being significant...However, there will be a
tipping point, where even the slightest drop can cause heart failure...The machine
will show a drop from 113 to 111...A drop of 2...To someone who gauges things by
the machines, this drop will not appear significant enough to warrant
emergency...But this drop could mean heart failure...When someone experiences
a concussion, as Potassium levels rise, blood pressure will drop...But the drop
will not look major on a machine...So the person dies of heart failure without any
intervention happening to raise blood pressure...
A better solution is to know in advance that concussion causes Potassium levels
to rise, which require a countermeasure, namely something to RAISE blood
pressure back up again to avoid hear failure...
There are several drugs in the Aurum category that will raise blood pressure in
the heart...These should be given to EVERY concussed patient...Not only to
avoid heart failure due to low blood pressure, but because the concussed brain
uses up huge stores of Aurum in the heart & supplementing will speed & help
with healing...
Ignore those blood pressure machines...They are not going to tell you when
your patient is in danger...A tiny drop in blood pressure on a heart monitoring
machine will tell you everything is fine & to do nothing...The truth is, everything
is not fine & your trust in machines is incorrect...
This is particularly important with patients who are concussed who also have
had exposure to Beta-Blocker (potassium based) heart drugs & Viagra (Copper
based) drugs as well...Low blood pressure needs to be addressed WHETHER
or NOT the MACHINE says so...
Digitalis is an Aurum based drug...Taurine powder can be bought at health
supplement stores & bodybuilding supplement stores, & put in any drink & is
almost tasteless...If the hospital is doing nothing to raise the blood pressure of the
concussed patient, then one should ask for that specifically...More often than not,
concussive patients are given nothing at all to repair the damage...This has got to
stop...Heart failures due to concussive low blood pressure can be avoided, not to
mention, concussions can be repaired faster & better with help by raising heart
blood pressure, immediately after the trauma...
*blood pressure is heart, small & tight is high blood pressure, large & loose is
low blood pressure, so tendencies can be deceiving...a drop below normal of even
2 degrees can be fatal, but the machine is not sensitive enough to show that...
Protocols are often established in warmer climates than Canada...For example,
after a chemotherapy treatment, results may be evaluated right away...But in a
colder climate, in can take weeks even a month for a treatment to actually fully
travel throughout the body...A Canadian might get a negative test result on their
chemo treatment on a tumour, a test result that may change to a positive result if
more time was waited...For a tumour to shrink, the chemo must go through one’s
entire system thoroughly...Something that in a winter climate happens much
much slower than in a warmer climate where protocol times may have been set...
In fact in a more general way, people in colder climates like Canada will have
much worse test results during the winter months...If you discover a lump in your
breast, right at the beginning of the winter season, you may be frightened & act
too quickly when it comes to making major surgical decisions...
That same lump, discovered at the beginning of the summer season, might just
disappear almost entirely, by itself, due to increased exercise, better diet &
increased sunshine exposure, that occur in hotter weather...
Taking a supplement that contains Vinpocetine (HearAll from NaturalCare is
one), drinking Madagascar Periwinkle tea(another source of Vinpocetine), eating
sushi & sashimi & seaweed salads & Arame(great sources of Iodine/Vinpocetine
which are all chemotherapeutic, or even eating Nettle leaf can strongly reduce
size of lumps...
Getting tons of Zinc filled sunshine helps too when it comes to removing the
calcium excess that cancer is...Ignore the myth to avoid sunshine...Sunshine does
not cause Cancer, what it does is detoxify the body, like a facial does, which
causes gunk to rise to the surface...Like after a facial you get a pimple break-
out...It is just gunk rising to the surface...But the facial did not cause the gunk to
exist...Same with sunshine...Sunshine causes Calcium excesses to rise to the
surface...But it does NOT cause skin cancer...It is just revealing an imbalance
that was actually deeper inside...
Older water pipes can be made of lead that is not galvanized...or the
galvanization has worn o!...Galvanized means it has been coated with a Zinc
coating...Raw Lead pipes leach Lead into your water supply...A prime cause of
Multiple sclerosis, especially in cold, dark towns with old leaded pipes...Lead
excess is Multiple sclerosis...Lead excess is also Lupus & Scleroderma...All also
benefit from Phototherapy, Light therapy, Zinc therapies...Zinc & Lead live as
opposites in the Thyroid gland...So any Lead excess benefits from Zinc...Too
much Zinc can make one Bipolar however...Agent Orange exposure is also Zinc
excess...So, everything in moderation...
When all the hooking jobs were filled up, all the new female Russian immigrants
to Toronto flocked to dental o#ces for those dental cleaner jobs...The flow of
fluoride downstream is palpable...Literally...Fluorescent white teeth are the new
skinny, as insecure folk keep coming back to get their teeth made even whiter in
the hopes that it will boost looks, salary &
life possibility...
Downstream of the Belmont dental clinic is the Crown & Dragon bar, where I
ordered a diet coke & got ice cubes that tasted of orange fluoride...The taps get
purged with the same water, so the draft Budweiser beer I ordered also tasted
vaguely of dentist...How exactly the dregs from one business appears in the water
supply down the stream is a tiny mystery...
Yet my own tap water, makes ice cubes that taste of the blue fluoride that
the Rosedale dental clinic uses, just upstream of where we live...
We have switched to bottled water, though our water for tea is boiled tap...
Every January 1st, the yacht club & sailing club boat owners at Blu!er’s Park
dump the contents of their boat toilet tank directly into the water of Lake
Ontario...They are supposed to move that stu! into a tank where it gets filtered
first before re-entering the lake, but I am told that it is very hard to do...When I
go to feed the wintering swans, I always return home with a new eye infection
from the depth of the fecal matter & urine in the lake, from these people’s boat
*wild bird suet is better in winter for waterbirds, birds, however, may attract fish/
slough sharks/northern pike, human predators & minks/beavers...
(Olympics are on Sochi 2014 Winter Russia)
This is a WORKING edition/copy of Algae+rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt surgical
rotation app, meaning it is NOT a stable version yet...
No parts may be reproduced without the express permission of the authors or
The order of American protocol for removal of internal parasites...(The Canadian
protocol is actually the inverse order, which encourages resistance-the Canadian
protocol of garlic, fluoride, magnesium, in that order, is less to more-less to more
encourages parasitic resistance...The American order is actually a better choice
*Actually the American protocol is, alot, a little less, then less...Our chart works
on the basis that Minus elements are stronger at the BOTTOM of the chart, &
PLUS elements are stronger at the TOP of the chart...Here it is again...
(So, Fluorine is stronger than Magnesium, is stronger than Copper...)(PB lead is
stronger than Fe Iron, is stronger than AL aluminum)...
(a drug)Albenza=(its element)Magnesium=Exercise(like a walkabout)
(a drug)Mebendazole=(its element)Fluoride=Hygiene(like brushing your teeth)
(a drug)Ivermectin=(its element)Selenium=Nutrition(like eating Garlic)
Thank you to the head of that Medical Hospital on
http://JustAnswer.com who told me the American Protocol of drugs for
Thanks you as well to http://www.SmithsPharmacy.com for the Unda 17, Unda
12, Unda 270, regime from Seroyal Sweden, as a available over the counter anti-
parasitic [protocol...
From our blog at http://www.sarigrove.com
Book 4. “Untitled:To be continued…”
May 8, 2014Book 4. Untitled:To be continued...
DIY needle biposy, is rather hard to do…Plus I seem to be having hemorrhagic
events requiring taurine(Aurum like Digitalis) supplementation…Using the felo-
taurine powder from entirelypets.com right now…
The lice/roundworm/parasite is not tuberculosis! (but malignancy suspected)…
April 28, 2014Painting

(picture above shows bruising & underlying ripped tissue damage & internal
bleeding caused by mammogram allopathic western medicine)…(the moxibustion
burn mark got infected because the KY jelly salt Hg lubricant used in the digital
ultrasound was like rubbing salt in a wound-not recommended medically…)
So the good news is I got an appointment for tomorrow Tuesday to get an
ultrasound guided needle biopsy needle aspiration with freezing so I don’t feel
For 11 am…Tues. April, 29th, 2014…
The bad news is that I got an appointment…hahahah lol…
freon fluorine F freezing paralytic fluoride orange blue foggy on water
Ultrasound guided needle biopsy with a male dr radiologist & a female
ultrasound technologist to guide the needle aspiration at the Dome
Carlton-Church Medical
thermography full & half body scans 88 Prince Arthur
JustAnswer doctors oncologists
Nutmeg e-cigarettes Thomas Hinds Cumberland st.
Update Tuesday morning: I called BlueWaterImaging.ca to cancel my digitally
guided ultrasound needle biopsy of the left breast area where my lice has settled
into the cushy marble calcium ball of Depo Provera that was injected into my
right arm 18 years ago…
I said that the inner bleeding of torn tissue from the violent mammogram shoving
the plexiglass plates down so hard the marble bashed into my heart, bruising &
finally tearing a new hole between my chest bone lung & heart…
That despite the mammogram being last Thursday & today was Tuesday
morning, that I still didn’t not have proper arm shoulder function & the tissue
was mushy under my mammary gland due to the violence of the procedure…6
days later & I am still in pain & cannot grocery shop for myself…
So I had to cancel because one cannot stick a needle aspiration into damaged
tissue without risking permanent damage or heart attack…
Thermography was recommended to me by a longtime collector of my works of
art, also an artist, whose words I take more to heart…
Thermography means they can do a half body scan without touching you…
You can go once every year or once every two years or whenever, & it costs maybe
$275.00 right now & OHIP does not cover it, yet…
Or you can go the so -called “free” route with OHIP, & be damaged, torn,
wounded & get this:
needle biopsy spreads cancer 30% more than not getting needle biposy…
wearing a bra increases breast cancer risk by 19 times…
I like to read WDDTY.com because it has up to the minute information, it has a
forum where even newer ideas can be discussed, & because they have already
helped both my husband & I massively…(baking soda for Kidney bladder flow
increase, & beware of false positive mammogram ultrasound imaging labs)…
(they don’t get more work with negative results)…
12:46 pm Tuesday still:
Drank the anti-parasitic five flower remedy with the licorice root added…
made handmade incense: peanut butter, sa!ron, garlic, hearall tabs, iodoral,
burnt it, then ate it(lol)
Developed new theory of cancer based on the Crab(NOTE: I NOW
DISAGREE WITH THIS-I think Carbon is the breast lump remover NOT
The crab is calcium carbonate exoskeleton with phosphorus(cheese-like white)
interior, at its most primitive element analysis…
If we antidote calcium carbonate & phosphorus, we should have an antidote to
the crab…
Antidote according to grove body part chart:
Calcium is Iodine(adrenals)
Carbon is Nitrogen(kidneys)
Phosphorus is Copper(Spleens)
Then our ANTI-cancer, anti-crab prescription should be as follows:
Iodine, Nitrogen, Copper…
Now we know Iodine to be a true antidote…
We know Copper causes Apoptosis(cell death) in Cancer Crabs…
The controversial thing I am saying here is that Nitrogen NOT carbon is an
antidote to crab cancer…
Current mythology advocates the use of carbon as an anti-cancer anti-crab…
But if the crab is calcium carbonate plus phosphorus, then the antidote MUST
Not a carbon…
Arginine powder from Popeyes bodybuilding supplements on Yonge street south
of bloor east side, is Nitrogen pure, sourced from BEETS…
I just took a knife’s edge full in my diet coke with lime…(fizzes like Nitrogen &
copper should)…
I think I am right…
The Vitamin E, Oil, protocol as an anti-cancer anti-crab prescription may be
fatally flawed…
If Calcium is the hard shell & carbon enables the shell of the crab to move, then
logically by restricting the crab’s movements, we can target the medicine better…
The moving target is harder to hit…By inserting Nitrogen into our mix instead of
carbon we are paralyzing the crab’s shell…
Now we can spear it…
Note: I have taken the Arginine Nitrogen beet powder & I am feeling better…
This is a first early indication that I am right…
Three pronged problem:
The three things I am dealing with right now are;
1)recovery from lice
2)recovery from Depo provera
3)recovery from pneumonia
These three things need to be dealt with separately not bundled…
Even Bill Gates got caught for bundling & I think oncologists, radiologists &
technologists will be caught as well…
http://www.prohealthimaging.com/locations/ Thermography locations (no
touching alternative to mammogram ultrasound)

Xiaolan Health Centre
88 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B6
(905) 599-0383

thermography is an alternative to mammogram ultrasound, the di!erence is no
PMH doesn’t do this…
Acupuncture-Cupping-Lance the Cyst, Surround the Dragon-Moxibustion is
Japanese medicine PMH doesn’t do either…
It successfully shrank the thing immediately after one treatment…
I am on an extensive biotherapy regime…
PMH doesn’t o!er that either…
Thanks for your support,
I have a cardiologist from Sierra Leone who graduated from Emory who was
visiting Grace hospital recently…
I’ll take grace over PMH…Sorry…(me being philosophical)
Important: I had a parasite roundworm from a raccoon that is causing a
misdiagnosis on the ultrasound…The heat signature was the parasite…Not a
malignancy or whatever you want to think…
Dear E.,
So my query is this…I have a parasite roundworm in my left breast area, above the
wall, close to my heart, but still in my lung area…A radiologist M G. at
BlueWaterImaging.ca (Du!erin Lawrence
location) near Toronto, has misdiagnosed my mammogram ultrasound as
suspected malignancy & recommended a needle biopsy…But he did not ask & I
forgot to tell that I had had roundworm…
I saw the parasite myself when they were doing the ultrasound…
But everyone in that imaging lab is so used to diagnosing breast cancer
that they gave me a false positive…
My doctor just scheduled me for a needle biopsy, despite the fact that
this is a parasite…
Is there any reason to do a needle biopsy on a roundworm parasite???
How do I turn this around?
I ordered a rotation of Unda 17, Unda 12, & Unda 270, from Seroyal
(SmithsPharmacy.com in Toronto has a med clinic with a Naturopath),
which is an anti-parasitic tincture rotation from Sweden…
Do you have any other recommended treatments for human roundworm(from a
raccoon), & do you know a parasitologist in Toronto who will see me?
Thanks E.(Ministry of Natural resources, Environment Canada),
this is a longshot,
To the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources directly: from Sari Grove
I have a parasite roundworm from a raccoon in my lung chest wall…I was sent for
a mammogram & ultrasound & am now being sent for a needle biopsy…
BlueWaterImaging.ca is treating this like it is breast cancer malignant…I am
having to treat this myself with anti-parasitics from a naturopath…The
misdiagnosis from the radiology lab & the doctors at Carlton Church medical
clinic are all covered by OHIP & have all been paid…The TCMP, the
thermographers, & all the biotherapay that I have had to take is not covered by
I don’t mind paying out of pocket, but the OHIP paid for diagnoses are
endangering my health as it looks like they are doing a breast cancer protocol for
a parasite & I am already injured from a violent mammogram that seems to have
torn tissue near my heart…The parasite now has access…
Can you recommend a parasitologist who can see me & how do I treat
roundworm parasite according to protocol in Canada?
The CDC in the US has clearly stated protocols online…
*Roundworm parasite raccoon (ginger turmeric vega One sugar free energizer
powder daily alternative to pyrantel pamoate combantrin pills Vitamin D try
sauna try summer sunshine try thermography try $275 … 88 Prince Arthur
Xiaolan centre)
*Pneumonia Liver Pancreas Winter 2013-2104 garlic sa!ron (antidote selenium
*Depo Provera Adrenal Gland 18 years ago detox using Whole Foods Co!ee &
Matcha (copper spleen antidote)
A Hippie Mama Artisan helped me to understand airborne biotherapy (hint:it’s
called incense)
April 26, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasound, PaintingDragon's Blood
Dragon’s Blood is Nutmeg Mugwort Maqua Moxibustion Walnut Manganese
Thymus White Blood cells Minus Element Female
Sa!ron garlic Nutmeg Peanut Butter Candle in tin with lid lighter
put tablespoon Kraft peanut butter crunchy on small plate drop large
pinch raw sa!ron strands good stu! crush 2 kyolic 600 mg garlic pills in mortar
& pestle drop drop large thimblefull ground nutmeg with a spoon mix, then lick
spoon, then roll into a cone shape with hands place on top of candle tin upright
with a lighter light ends of 2 chopsticks still together attached at base (smaller
tapered ends) take burning chopsticks to tip of cone & ignite until fire light
appears place on stool away from things more in centre of room so you can watch
it don’t worry when small flickering flame disappears it still burns but integrally
smoke will come up & you should breathe that in it is nice & smells nice… don’t
fall asleep cuz there is still fire burning so do something while it burns to keep
busy make sure fire is out before falling asleep(or put it out by screwing it back to
the candle tin base(candle is a tin with a screw on lid)-watch out though, tin will
be hot to touch
So my friend’s friend taught a Derrida to run…At Yale…
Rest run rest run walk rest rest walk run run rest walk stop…go on…
something like that…
this applies to life & all stupid medical treatments…
take a break on the weekend, take a break at night, take a break just to take a
break, stop everything & totally screw up, make mistakes live & let die,
it works better that way…
Grey areas…
6:28 pm est eastern standard time et
I ate it!
The fire went out on the cone so I tried to relight it but no budge,
so I ate it!
Mmm delicious!
http://www.prohealthimaging.com/thermography/what-is-thermography/ A
long time collector of my works of art wrote to me last night with new
information about THERMOGRAPHY…There is a location on Prince Arthur
in Toronto, & they do a half body scan without touching you…(well, the hot
sunshine of the rays touch you, but they don’t beat you up like they do for current
mammies(mammograms)(mammopounds)…You can go once a year for a
Thermography half body scan, the only thing is it is not covered by OHIP, yet…
The KY jelly they used to lubricate my boob(breast) during the ultrasound was
like rubbing salt into a wound, literally…I had already had my first acu-acu-cup-
lance-cup-moxi-moxa treatment & the burn mark was still healing…The
Ultrasound KY jelly is like expanded salt molecules, a Hg Mercury element in the
Gallbladder on my Grove Body Part Chart(see book)…
So I got a little infection on both Moxi mark areas…Nothing to worry about
since my crushed garlic pill intake is on the rise, but still…May have to postpone
my 11:30 am with Dr. Jung Ye Choo just to heal up entirely from the mammo/
ultra extravaganza…(sarcasm)
oduct=1 Smiths Pharmacy Unda 17 is an anti-parasitic that is based on the
Chinese 5 flower recipe but Unda 17 (Sweden) has added Nightshade(Oxygen),
Valerian(Phosphorus), &, Silver(Selenium)…

Photography note:(camera from Henrys camera Toronto) the water in our area
has blue fluoride in it because we are downstream of the Rosedale Dental clinic
who uses the blue fluoride instead of the orange fluoride that belmont dental
uses…(the blue has less than the orange of F)…
Now when I used the FLASH in the photo(when taking the picture), the flash is
yellow in tone…
So if there is blue fluoride present in the water in the pot, when I flash yellow at it,
the picture should come out blue plus yellow= green…
You will notice the white area outside of the pot is true…
Which means that the blue tone is not coming from the Sony tint, but from
something inside the pot…
If the Sony tint was the cause of the blue, then the white outside the pot would be
tinted green too…(blue plus yellow)…
But the blue tint is coming from the water & steam inside the pot in the
photograph…This is how we can confirm the presence of blue fluoride in our
water supply, tap water…
Now if the fluoride is the orange type of fluoride, like what Belmont dental uses,
then, how would we see that in our pictures?
Well, if we used yellow flash, then yellow plus orange=
equals canteloupe…
so if we took a picture of orange fluoridated water, with our yellow flash, then the
resulting glass of water or ice cube would be cantelope in colour..
if no presence of orange fluoride, the water should just look yellow in the glass or
ice cube…(from the flash)

Roundworm human lice kidneys Nitrogen excess…
Down’s Syndrome is carbon excess in the Kidneys.
carbon is found in carbon dioxide among other things…
GMO grains contain too much Nitrogen, not enough carbon…
Thus people with Down’s were not as a!ected by GMO grains as other people…
Nitrogen is opposite to carbon in the Kidneys
if your left breast is bigger than your right breast & your left side of your face is
bigger than the right side of your face, you may be female…
If you are able to use both hands equally well, you might be a monkey, because
that is how intelligent they are…
Parasite theory of malignant breast cancer:
The herbals, the medicine, the tea…
April 26, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasound, Paintingthe stu! the lady doctor
gave me tcmp registered
Anti-Parasitic “herbal” Korean medicine Dr. Choo, Jung Ye
Black Lima Bean Al location Lungs Lymph Nodes breast (arm)pits
Almond Bark Mn Blood Thymus (type)
Celery salty Mercurial Hg fibres
Tomato warm dry taste O
Licorice Mushroom snake twig chew Io Adrenal Gland condition (“I want to
check what condition my condition is in” Je! Bridges )
5 ingredients plus 1
Now Unda 17 Sweden Smiths Pharmacy:
Has 2 extra ingredients;
Valerian root Phosphorus Cheese Shell Spinal cord looks like a lice shape half
moon sickle P (calcium carbonate shell of a crab is an exoskeleton but I’d say
more P Phosphorus flexible than CaC)
(not in Unda 17 anti-parasitic))Copper softens Phosphorus to make it bend btw
Silver (and Unda 17 has Silver Argentium Ag) antibiotic (antit an tit an-tit-biotic)
Sugar is our weakness(Sulphur China dog Stella blindness S cataracts blue foggy
enlarged eyes Shi Tzu Chow Royalty Ming Dynasty)


Magnets have been placed:
At left breast lung lymph node on top of cyst,
with pink duck tape,
positive side polarity facing inward to breast,
to suck iron & attract beast…
Second round with hole 10-24 size threaded neodymium magnet 20 lbs strength
K & J Magnetics Pa,
at top left shoulder blade backside of left lung breast in circle shape where needle
marks are,
with magnet on top of VEIN (vein is at top, artery bigger is at bottom),
Sa!ron (Oxygen) Sa!ron Queen – one whole huge pinch
Nutmeg (manganese) Whole Foods market – ground one nut(cheat & use kraft
peanut butter for water hydrogen plus element in the Liver)
Garlic (Selenium) Loblaws -Kyolic 600 mg. x 2 pills crushed mortar pestle
shape into a cone (small), burn…(wherever) – add tiny circle with hole in centre of
foil or metal or washer or something…stick-on…burn…
April 26, 2014 at 11:27 am
Magnet neodymium round with hole positive side down towards breast cyst pulls
cyst iron to outside keeps it from entering heart(from lungs lymph nodes)…
April 26, 2014 at 11:29 am
duck taped(duct tape) pink colour stuck to magnet’s negative side, so positive
side will suck up cyst’s iron! (to left breast on top of cyst burn hole scar Maqua
April 26, 2014 at 12:03 pm
Dear K & J Magnetics,
I had a parasite in my left lung area…
It had surrounded itself with iron rich blood…
I placed your round with a hole neodymium magnet (the one you can put a 10-24
threaded rod through),
negative side to sticky inside of pink duct(duck) tape,
Then placed the duct tape strip on my left mammary muscle area,
with the positive end of the magnet facing the cyst…
Slept overnight with that magnet stuck on…
Successfully avoided the lump from entering my heart this way…
Many thanks, Sari Grove grovecanada.ca
April 26, 2014 at 12:27 pm
Vein is sucking away the impurities in the parasite(iron fillings from Sudbury
Ontario Edward Burtinsky red algae iron excess thymus causes leukemia is
people who drink milk??? Rawlicious…)
April 27, 2014 at 10:17 am
Oh I have just been told that UNDA 17 the anti-parasitic available not only at
Smiths.pharmacy.com http://www.smithspharmacy.com/shop/
oduct=1 but elsewhere too, contains also the extra ingredient of a Nightshade
plant…Oxygen…Liver…(The original recipe has tomato which is a Nightshade
but it looks like UNDA 17 Sweden has doubled on the Nightshade dosage &
variety by adding another or di!erent one…(I use sa!ron for my Oxygen btw,
raw, eat, from sa!ronqueen dot com I think…(or dot ca)
Is it a lice in my ultrasound picture?
April 25, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasound, Paintingit's a lice roundworm in
my left boob
had my first mammogram & ultrasound on my boobs today…came home & took
pictures of the bruises…also apparently now I see where sag comes from…they
had to squish so hard, thank God I am fat enough to finally make it onto the
pancake squisher shelf…4 pictures…One of each sad squashed potato that once
was firm before this model shoot…The ultrasound was more fun, until the lady
starts drawing around my nipple, like wandering, & I’m like:”what is she doing
over there, hey lady the cyst is down here, she was enjoying the ride…” The neat
thing were the wave-like forms in the ultrasound picture/video on the flatscreen…
Like water waves…Then she is like editing the shot to see heat forms, like when
you crank up the red in edit mode…I see like a peanut shaped little thing, which
possibly could be a lice? Perhaps I swallowed a lice from that raccoon & it is now
showing up in my left boob…? I am hoping this life form was just a peanut shaped
abstract blob that the ultrasound technologist was imagining…If not I possibly
have a lice living in my boob…results in 7 days…If I did swallow a lice by accident
perhaps, how would an Australian person get it out? Male or female…Animal or
mineral…fish even…How do you all deal with creatures that decide to move into
your body???
A poem I wrote that explains the beginning of time-my Physics theory which was
helped by the “Jesus is the cornerstone” concept...The corner gave me the idea for
a fold in space, like a corner...
The Fibonacci spiral…
A piece of dust,
falls softly down & to the left,
into a corner a fold in space,
the dust settles & another follows the same path,
dot dot dot dot dot dash rest.
The pile grows as an
accent aigu
the shape of the line
on top of the e in French,
The corner, the fold in space, becomes full, & oh a piece falls o! the edge,
o! the edge of the Pythagorean triangle of dust,
settled into that corner of fold in space,
the new trajectory spins,
spins from the worry of it all,
spins as it twirls like a snowflake in right to down to loop
to right to down to loop…
The twirls of a young black haired girl’s ringlets,
from small whirls the spin begins & the dust begins to gather unto itself,
remembering the corner of fold in space,
the swirl wants to be warm.
The warm swirl learns the spun unto itself like the spider,
but continues & a first planet is formed…
In space…
The gap where once were particles of dust just in suspension,
is now a noticeable gap,
as the planet grew heavy with dust seeking dust,
The Gap becomes a void of lonely of negativity of suck of vacuum of the Minus
numbers so cold,
Whilst the planet spins upon itself in delightful weight & magnetism & beauty…
Once formed this planet is so desirable that dust in other parts of the hemisphere,
follow the magnetic & not-magnetic pattern
of the Plus Planet & its Minus Gap,
because it has to it has to by Divine Imperative,
It cannot disobey the laws of nature the laws of gravity the laws of infinite
attraction & the laws of the inverted Fibonacci spiral left as a mirror vacuum in
memory of the dust spiral that once was his hers theirs or its…
The pattern repeats, as each planet is formed, each attracted to the other, as a
follower of flow, of feng shui, the gaps in between governed by lack…
Then somewhere at a certain point, the last planet finds the first, the circle is
formed, & the tail is chased by the head the head is chased by the tail & we see
the circle of circles,
Spirals like fusilli gathered but more like a spaghetti strand,
connected for the dust is the dot is the line of dots holding hands,
& we see this whole dance gyroscoping in our tiny brains
as miniatures of our Maker’s grand scheme
we saw through the glimpse in the telescope
one starry starry night smile…
This is how the brain works,
just a servant to the spiral,
the snail evidence of that curl,
& we still hear oceans not only from the Nautilus shell at the beach but our ear
forms close to say:”Oh you shell of snail you curl just like me”!
(The snail inside says:”Put me down”…)
by Sari Grove
mug with gira!e on bicycle with kittens imgur.com
mugwort powder smokable tea ebay.ca
mum bought peanut butter with nutmeg & matcha tea unsweetened large 4.99
whole foods market hazelton lanes toronto
s. c. medical malpractice lawyer retainer
how to get rid of parasitic(they won’t leave, are abusing the system, etc), patients
baron munchausen syndrome stockholm abuse/help/heal them sexually???…
theory of christian korean medicine or create a linkage between sexual behaviour
& workplace?
A Constitutional monarchy is only top down while the leader has its followers
hooked…Once the leader asks for help one too many times, the followers rebel,
fight, war & take over, creating a Republic for a time…IT is really the same thing,
a group of people with a leader, but in times of peace the leader leads, while in
times of war, the people fight the leader…A Republic is the tail wagging the
dog…A monarchy is the dog wagging the tail…But it is all the same dog…Just
over time…
Oh I had the answer all along…To get rid of a parasite that has holed up in your
left breast & is presenting as a cyst, eat ground peanuts as peanut butter with
ground nutmeg a whole lot of it like alot, smushed together, then you get a bunch
of Manganese, which lowers your iron levels in your thymus gland, thus starving
the little bugger…Red blood cell counts should drop, white blood cell counts
should rise…Good white blood cells!(Oh am I o! topic? I thought we were
talking about parasites in the music industry?)
here’s the treatment that already shrunk the thing successfully…(My 2nd
appointment is Monday at 11:30am Dr. Jung Ye Choo)
“Joseph & Sari Grove” <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
Treatment: Lead poison toenails,question: Vitamin D or VegaOne? (don’t take
olanzapine zyprexa right now)Answer 3 Acu surround the Dragon Acu back neck
cupping all over back suction Lance the Cyst back left shoulder prick prick find
lower artery feeds to(bigger flow) upper vein smaller (takesaway) confirm
location of left breast cyst is pressure point to back left shoulder artery that feeds
the left breast(heart) yes press cyst back artery blew(accident cup fell of onto floor
with blood profuse high iron high iodine content too red blood) Moxibustion
Moxa Mugwort Nutmeg cones with incense stick fire plus lighter make wound
(burn down one tiny cone)drop onto wound fresh nutmeg(mugwort maqua
moxa) lice parasite roundworm (heartworm) Potassium (when I stopped
potassium that is when it happened)for one week…right after that… Heart got
cloggy, so act now with more potassium levels up! Use artificial sweeteners with
one stevia molecule sulphur 4 molecules potassium stevia it’s natural as sugar
twin sweet n low n camh…Kampo medicine Dr. Kokubo Japan…
Treat: Potassium yes artificial sweeteners, Nutmeg ground yes is combustible,
So is peanut butter combustible, oil(carbon) + manganese(Mn),
appt. 11:30 am Susie’s Acupuncture & herbals Monday April 28, 2014
reminder:herbal Kampo medicine is mostly iodine(dong quai milkweed?)
titanium (bark), Indian cobra eats fluoridated water to make poison as does the
butterfly eat iodine seaweed milkweed to make poison(if eaten)…R17 Dr.
inconclusive…new doctor…
Copious amounts of peanuts at the bar & I can’t get one unsalted in the shell
anymore (5 guys with fries whatever cats have peanut allergies(hence Flintstone
weekend treatment: DIY medicine…eat nutmeg with garlic & sa!ron…then set it
on fire just kidding guys hello…oh peanut butter is the dough base…
peanuts already in grinder press button swirls of peanut butter come out like ice
cream dream swirls then into the plastic beach sand dune gritty molecules of glass
& don’t forget the lowly crab has a spinal cord, no wait, the h…the crab, i am high
on opiate nutmeg mugwort moxa manganese period sinus medication so…iron
will die because the roundworm parasite like iron magnetic proof…
Stick a magnet near cyst to see if it is magnetic…if it is then there is iron excess in
Thymus red blood cells, must be lowered, lance the cyst…
blood fell 2 quarts of blood, pints, fish story…
ok 2 cc of blood…A+ floor mine
Husband high phosphorus Dr. Choo’s
Wife Dr Susie high copper ( just like my Mum & Dad)
parallel universes Canada Korea
uh oh

herbals take this weekend o!! (good advice psych dr. suzie)
Mercury Hg excess Richard Chinese…repeats 3 times is ptsd he is self-curing
with pork Hg.
Needs iron…Kale…(Richard the Chinese guy who wa epileptic)
Michael Cooper ArtistsDog.com
Imgur.com san francisco frank francesco hiring
removethebackground.com s Ari Benabou abou ben adams Uzi
an Francesco israel
B.L Nig. Anthill productions Austin Grant Nigeria… The bicycle thief…Trevor?
James Kyapii ? David Ross kansas
Spinal Cord is made of Phosphorus
chicken Longo’s spinal cord
when properly severed the spinal cord curves around to a filigree line (umbated)
(umbra degrading lading layers)(faded)a
a sewing needle is tapered, an acupuncture needle is flat
the spinal cord tapers when severed
The spinal cord of a chicken from (zzzzzZZzz) longo’s
SleepMagik by Victoria Pendragon+Korean style medicine
Dragon’d Blood is Maqua eritrea moxa japan mugwort korea nutmeg north
america tea smoke burn breathe watch it with cats’ nut allergy no incense burning
in home.
If the spinal cord of a chicken is phosphorus LIKE the shell of a crab Cancer
horoscope sign then, horrorscope, copper matcha green tea cracks that shell of
the crustacean…(ie: crab claws china house house of chan they moved)…
the spinal cord of a chicken looks like a lice…2 actually…
bruising abuse makes the ball detach from the wall
radiation x ray zinc vitamin d toenails better yes much
nipple clear too left one thanks…
ultrasound cleared up old left nipple braille…””
shoulder almost dislocated in bath left shoulder
heart weak too much magnesium in Getit-girl.com product for me already got
mine before should have warned myself restrained myself I couldn’t help it it
tastes so darn good
China sulphur diabetes excess sugar in diet causes blindness cataracts
aussie mercury excess lyme deer tendency ticks tick watch swiss
winnipeg fluoride geology confirmed
subury excess iron red algae red tide confirmed content analysis: iron shavings +
normal stu!…
leukemia is excess iron from Sudbury water supply iron shavings from iron ore
plant there weapons munition centre…(oh PLUS CALCIUM)…Thymus
gland…Treat with Ground Nutmeg from Whole Foods market…Manganese…()
warning it’s an Opiate don’t ask me how I know this to be a fact…
SheShe sisi xexe XeXe XX XY
Today I had my first acupuncture moxibustion cupping & lancing surround the
dragon treatment to dissolve the cyst in my left mammary gland…
April 22, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasoundacupuncture, benign cyst in left
breast, bluewater imaging, chinese medicine, cupping, dr. kokubo, dr. susie choo
susie's acupuncture toronto, lancing with cupping, moxibustion

Before the appointment:(oh, above photo shows previous posts where the Cyst
was bigger…It has been getting steadily smaller…I have been taking these photos
myself, & editing them myself too…How to do that is in a previous post…Two
before this one…)
“Yes…It is called Acupuncture with Moxibustion & the methodology is called
“surround the dragon”…
You ask for that when going to a TCMP (Traditional Chinese medicine
practitioner) & they will know how to deal with a cyst, tumor, lump…
They can be Japanese , Korean, Chinese or even just trained as TCMP but not
from an Asian country…
I have an appointment for this tomorrow, as I have the same sort of problem as
you had…
After the appointment:
Ok, so I got acupuncture…Little needles stuck all over my body…Surround the
Dragon near the Cyst, but also up my legs, my feet, my ankles, my belly, my
Then after that, I got more needles in my back…
Then needles out, & suction cups “cupping”, all over my back, hard cups tapped
then applied…SO NEAT!
Then we did a lancing & cupping…The lance meridian or whatever you call it,
for a left breast benign cyst is actually in your upper left shoulder…So the Doctor
quickly tapped like an artery there, very quickly with a needle to actually pop
some holes there…Very quickly she put a cup, again suction felt, over the area…
The cup gathers & draws out blood, but also pulls at the Cyst from behind it…
You can feel the Cyst shrinking when she does this…
Finally we do Moxibustion…Moxa is Mugwort(a Manganese plant that draws
out iron-often cysts have iron content-you can tell iron content by putting a
magnet over a cyst-if there is pull the cyst has iron & Mugwort will work)…
Mugwort is a Japanese medicine idea…They are called the Kampo, the Japanese
doctors…The Moxa comes in stick-on cones for home use or for in the doctor’s
o#ce they just apply it straight in tiny bits…
Here’s the fun part…They apply a little conelike piece of Moxa Mugwort onto the
Cyst area directly…Then they LIGHT IT WITH A LIGHTER! Yup…It burns
right on your skin!
The doctor catches the burn just before it hurts, by sort of smudging it with her
fingers & applying more dry unburnt Mugwort…It does burn & it does scar…but
I am fine with that…
We both agreed that a little burn mark was way better than going through a
Western medicine allopathic type lumpectomy where they leave a gaping hole
dent…I think the burn scar is cool, plus it helps me to know where the thing is
when I am taking pictures of it to record its shrinkage in size as we treat it…
Afterwards the Doc gives me 5 bags of herb mixed by hand just for me to boil for
30 minutes in 5 cups of water, then drink 3 times per day for 10 days…(you boil
each batch twice)…
I pay & leave…It cost me only $110 dollars for all three treatments plus all the
herbals…Deal of the Century since I feel like a million bucks when I leave…I felt
like about $1.50 when I arrived…Win Win…
I walk to the Imaging Centre to see if I can get a Mammogram & Ultrasound
but it turns out they are closed on Tuesdays & Thursdays…Go figure…I
promised my mother I’d go get an o#cial mammogram & ultrasound for
Mother’s Day & her birthday…(I wasn’t going to do this but she insisted)…
I was just going to get rid of the cyst & not tell anybody till it was done…My own
fault for opening up my big dumb mouth…Now I have to do boring Western
medicine things that I don’t like…
Things I don’t like about Western medicine:
The referring doctor(to get the mamogram ultrasound piece of paper) was a
man…That sucked…I felt like Irene Cara in that Fame scene where she shows
her breasts to the casting agent & weeps on camera…Like you have to sit there
while some guy doctor ogles your boobs to decide if they are symmetrical…Then
he says:”Lift your hands up & put them behind your neck”…Like where have I
heard that before?
I don’t like that instead of discussing treatment options right away, I get sent for
the mammogram & ultrasound photos & then results come after like 7 days
In Traditional Chinese medicine I got treatment right away…The doctor felt the
cyst & immediately I got treatment…No bs…
I could go on, but I am ungrateful…
Oh yeah, Dr. Kokubo the Japanese doctor called me back right away on Easter
weekend to see if I was alright & consult with me…Western doctors never do
this…Ok not never…But that was so awesome…
Since imaging centre was closed I ended up having lunch at Sushi to Go at bay
near Gerrard…It was fabulous & turns out the owner had also been treated by
my female TCMP Korean doctor, but 10 years before…Salmon sashimi, Miso
soup, green salad, a diet coke, a green tea, some red tuna sashimi…
Called Joseph to say I was fine, no great…
peed in their clean bathroom & good Lord I still had my period! Day 5 but I still
had some blood…Must be all the medicines I am taking…Oh well…Good thing I
wore black stretchy pants…(With a thong panty liner as a just in case)…
My pink & black headband was a huge look success, matching my hot pink top,
& wow it is so important to look good when going through treatments…It makes
people smile at you, then you smile back, then you feel good & that boosts the
immune system!
I’m at home now…The herbs are smelling so nice as the steam rises & permeates
our condo…
I got an Airport express for Joseph so he cal listen to his Grooveshark playlist on
our iPod touch on a dock via the airport wifi…he is so happy with his music…Our
cats too…
Did I mention the Doctor has a dog named Stella who is a Shi Tzu? With big
blue eyes…
The Doctor’s real name is Jung Ye Choo…Jung is pronounced Chung…But
everybody calls her Susie…Susie Choo!!!
She is good…She hugs me when I arrive & again when I leave…

In Eritrea, therapeutic burning is called Maqua…I’m guessing it is named after
the Tigrinia word for the Mugwort, which is what is used, because it is a
manganese element that lowers iron levels in the thymus gland which controls
blood production of red & white blood cells…
Red cells being iron, white cells being manganese…
Anyways, our two friends from Eritrea, who work at a pharmaceutical
distribution retail outlet, explain to me that Maqua or Maguma or Hamaguma,
as they pronounce it, is very e!ective because the burn DRAWS out the Cyst’s
Coal embers & other things are also used to create a tiny ember that you put on
your skin where a cyst is…Therapeutic burning was made illegal but everybody
still does it because it is so e!ective…The problem is that if you burn the skin too
deep, it can cause an infection, which can be more dangerous than a cyst, which is
stupid…Overeagerness when it comes to something that works is possibly not
just a Western conceit, but a human animal foil…
I’m guessing again that Maqua from Eritrea made it’s way to Japan eventually &
they took the word for the Mugwort plant & renamed it into Japanese Moxa…
Hence Moxibustion…Which might be the Moxa-combustion…(the home stick-
on Moxa stick cones look like fun to try & much safer in some ways though DIY
medicine at home could spell disaster if you are not OCD about putting out all
the embers…Fear of starting a fire caused me to put myself into the hands of a
skilled medical practitioner…

List of things that I have been taking, in case you want to try a few…
Iodoral 50 mg tablets with a pill splitter if I want less…
Baking soda one teaspoon in some water
GetIt-girl.com’s System makeover program which includes:
Whey Pink powder(75 di!erent women balancing things)
Whey Green powder(probably 75 more di!erent women balancing things)
Wavy Blue (anchovy fish oil)
Vitamin E like 445 mg x2 or more
Scrophularia Nodosa Figwort tincture from HawaiiPharm on Amazon
Unda 17 from Smiths Pharmacy Toronto anti-parasitic tincture (Sweden)
R17 Dr. Reckeweg Germany (Natural Solutions Sherway Gardens Mall &
Smith’s Pharmacy & elsewhere)
HearAll from Naturalcare in Oregon sourced from a more local online seller
All you can eat Sushi & Sashimi at dinnertime at Aji Sai south of Bloor near
Yonge east side
NOTE:Warning…The coconut milk unsweetened I got from Whole Foods
market SAYS 0% calcium on the carton…I drank this for one month…Coconut
milk has more calcium sometimes than even cow milk…This was my BIGGEST
mistake…I was so trusting of the box that I nullified all my medicines & powder
drinks by using copious amounts of coconut milk to mix them with…I was
feeding the cyst not starving it…Big lesson…Beware of trusting what it says on
ingredients lists…
Myths & truths:I read a study about how the combination of selenium & copper
was ultra powerful in murdering cancer cells…Apoptosis it is called-ok it is not
called that, but that is what I have done with their word…It is really called , oh
shoot, it is called apoptosis, I was right…What a funny word…Sounds like
popcorn apocalypse…maybe that is what it means?
Ok so the combo of S(selenium) & Cu(copper) had so much synergy(they
worked together) that it caused really excellent popcorn apocalypse cell death in
cancer cells…So I have been drinking diet pepsi(copper), diet coke with lime,
coke zero, co!ee, green tea, matcha tea, all with Kyolic garlic(selenium) like 600
mg or garlic pills 500 mg & for fun & hygiene purposes since Joseph & I had
pneumonia since January(not really but sort of), I hung elephant garlic around the
house(condo) to clear the air of ick…
Raw sa!ron from Sa!ron Queen cause you can buy like an OUNCE for not
much money & you eat a whole huge pinch from your hand just lick it o! & chew
& swallow & it is bitter but really is an awesome diuretic & liver oxygenator…My
idea is that if I rob the cyst of water it will dehydrate & turn into a powder…
Visualize an egg shell…How would you destroy an eggshell inside your body? I
say dehydrate it & the molecules of Hydrogen holding the walls together will
collapse into a powder…I know this idea because concrete cracks in heat, not in
cold like most people think…The dehydration of hot weather on dry days causes
the cement to crack…
Which leads me to my next point-heat like a sauna is good…
Also scrubbing with those cool inexpensive scrub gloves that Shoppers Drug
mart & Body Shop sell…Scrub till your skin turns red in the bath…Scrub…This
was from a doctor online whose work I translated from Chinese into English
using the most wonderful translate this website button that Google now o!ers…
(The way I found the doctor’s writings was to translate surround the dragon
moxibustion acupuncture for breast cyst into simplified chinese on Google, then
went to Google China(it is a all in Chinese search engine) & paste in my new
chinese words for what I was curious about…The first search result I chose then
translate that website into English & read the whole entire thing…I liked the hot
part, that women are always cold so making them hot(sauna is my word) is good
for cyst removal…The vigorous scrubbing stu! is also supposedly really
traditional in Chinese medicine too…I like hot & scrub cause I have a sauna in
my building & I have scrub gloves already…
Been using various bath soaps, gels & stu! for scrubbing-Whole Foods market
Hazelton lanes has lemon seaweed bar soap & cedarwood lemongrass bar soap…
(I secretly prefer coconut bar soaps but apparently coconut is a no for getting rid
of cysts so I will have to restrain myself from this calcium containing/ based thing)

p.s.the thing, the cyst is WAY SMALLER after the acu-moxi-cup-lance
treatment today plus the all herbs I boiled & drank already are detoxing me like
crazy…So much so that even Joseph was impressed at the smallerness of the
thing…Yes smallerness is a word…Ask Humpty Dumpty…
p.p.s. flooding in Belleville, Hudson the giant bulldog told me that today…
Thanks to all the Golden retrievers who showed up to support me too, I love
blondes! Stella the Shi Tzu with giant blue cataract filled eyes…Dr. Susie Jung
Ye Choo than you…Dr. Kokubo thank you…The owner of Sushi on the Go on
bay street thank you…BluewaterImaging on Bay at gerrard 717 , for not being
open Tuesday & Thursday so I didn’t have to deal with a mammogram or
ultrasound today…Thank God some people take rest breaks during weekdays…It
gave me the perfect excuse as to why I am delaying another Irene Cara moment
(showing my boobs again to men in the name of science)…
Cyst drain location close up below(I mean far away)
Picture taken by myself, with back to bathroom mirror,
over the shoulder with right hand,
camera faces mirror,
flash on,
take picture,
upload to fotoflexer.com(after editing out any nasty bits)
in Fotoflexer.com choose FLIP in basic
because the image is in a MIRROR & will be reversed-so it looks like your right
shoulder not the left…
You need to FLIP the picture back to true…
Click FLIP & the red circle should show up on the back of your left shoulder…
This is where you can apply HEATING pads, Moxa no fire self-heating stick on
pads, or just microwave a sock filled with wild bird seed for 30 seconds, tied with
an elastic so wild bird seed stays put, then under a tight turtleneck stick this DIY
heating pad right on the exact place where my circle is in the picture…
This area is the drain the cyst area for the left breast…
The holes are artery below, vein above…(in pic)…
Artery feeds cyst & breast, Vein drains cyst & breast…
Both are pierced for flow with a needle…
By draining the most blood from the ARTERY hole, you deprive the CYST &
the breast of food…
Mugwort Moxa-stick-ons can be lit on the spot, or you can eat Mugowort
powder in food…It is similar to NUTMEG Noix de Muscade as they are all
Manganese on my Body Part Chart…
In the thymus…Blood producer…manganese & iron are opposites…
Nuts are manganese…Source:French Wine Trade Commission in Canada
(France not Quebec), visiting wine professional…from France…


Book 3 now being written see advance copies at http://bwell.mobi/grove (choose
HTML5 view from your desktop)***post-surgical review of failed pallidotomy:
destruction of globus pallidus copper area led to increase in thalamus phosphorus
content…too much phosphorus in spleen? bulge in left tummy side area? TCMP
Japanese Korean Chinese Asian medicine believes that manual release by the
doctor lowers Phosphorus levels in the Spleen…It does by why not Do it
Yourself?????(wack-o!)? lowers phosphorus levels…(i am not comfortable
ethically with doctors manually releasing in clinics in order to lower Phosphorus
levels in the Spleen…These patients should be sent home to masturbate
themselves & the doctors should be penalized for allowing this severe breach of
ethics on the FRCS guidelines:(Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons…)
DIY Mammogram/Ultrasound in the comfort of your own home:
April 20, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasoundcyst
I have a DSC-T100 Sony digital camera…It’s a point & shoot…Burgundy
colour…Small & 8 megapixel & relatively cheap at the time from Henry’s camera
Outlet store in Toronto…
Here’s how you do your DIY Mammogram/Ultrasound pictures…
Say you feel a cyst in your left breast just before your period & maybe you are
approaching your pre-menopausal age…
You should take a picture of it…You say:”But my camera can’t see through skin?”
You would be wrong…Yes it can, you just don’t know it can…
Stand near a bright window…Take your top o! where you want to take the
picture-like, expose your left breast area…
Put your camera on Macro setting…Macro means close-up…
Set it to Flash all the time so it flashes for sure…(Note:Stupidly, I now am
thinking my flash didn’t go o! when I took my pictures, even though I told the
camera to use flash…So, apparently it didn’t really matter that my flash
malfunctioned…I still got enough topography for a clear view of how & where &
what size the thing was & how it was sticking out…)
Turn the camera around & point it to where your cyst feels like it is…
Click the take picture button…Turn the camera around & see what you got…
Probably too abstract & not good enough…
Do it again, this time maybe let your nipple into the picture so when you see the
picture, it has some context…
Do this maybe 5 times, until you get a decent shot of the breast & the area where
you feel the cyst…Don’t obsess…
Upload those pics to your Mac computer in iPhoto…
Choose the best shot, & click EDIT…
Enhance…Now start messing with the contrast, the colours, the temperature, the
saturation…In fact, just PLAY with the picture in EDIT mode…
You will find out that certain colours show texture better…Topography…
Mess with the yellow & the greens, the blue & the reds…
Keep going into your picture becomes more like a topographical map…
Certain levels of contrast will show bumps better than others…Some saturation
& exposure levels will reveal HEAT signatures…
A cyst is hotter…A cyst actually sticks out a bit to a MACRO lens…
Once you get a really good topographical coloured picture that shows where the
bump is, save that…
Now move that pic. to your desktop & open it…
in Preview, the file will have a menu at the top…Choose Select, then down that
list choose INSTANT ALPHA…
Now in Instant Alpha click your mouse on area of the photo that you want to
disappear…It takes a moment to decide…
First it turns red/orange, then dotted lines appear on the parts you want to
remove, then click the DELETE button on your KEYBOARD…
You can remove parts of your picture that cloud the subject matter this way…Also
remove the nipple so that you can show the picture to people without feeling
Save the picture again…
Now upload it to Fotoflexer.com …
Make it sharper, enhance it again, basic stu!…
Now there are all sorts of new edit things you can PLAY with in Fotoflexer too…
Play with the TINT function…In Advanced TINT mode you can handpaint
areas of your Photo, then have only that area tinted…
Try to see the lines of the topography of your cyst lumpiness…Then use the
paintbrush to paint just the lumpy area…
A cyst classically looks like a circle with a little dome at its head…
Like this
(Comment:If there is a parasite present, eating at the cyst, the parasite will be in
the DOME area...)
fool around with the edit functions in http://Fotoflexer.com …Just click Cancel if
the function was a dumb idea…
When you get a clear cut picture of your breast & the cyst lumpy area delineated
well so another person can see it too, click save as PNG, which saves
transparency too…
Open that file & look at it…You now have a decent shot of how big your cyst is…
a final step might be to upload that file to somewhere like VISTEK.ca & have
them print out an 8 inch by 8 inch Premium glossy picture, that you can walk
down to Queen & Yonge (near the Eaton centre) to pick up…
I outsource my printing because nobody can beat those professional printing
machines & awesome papers…But you could certainly try…(I have no patience
for printers & printing papers myself, so I started outsourcing that decades ago…
But I am only one…)
Anyways…before you go to your Korean TCMP for acupuncture & moxibustion
to surround that dragon & have it dissolved, you can do all this, so she has a
paper look of where the cyst is & how big it is & what the margins are…
Plus when she gets rid of that cyst, you can show people before & after pictures…
Won’t you be proud?
Algorithm example(of how to mess with editing programs to see cysts)…
Take picture, Upload to Mac…
Go into EDIT mode:
quick fixes:enhance
Adjust: sharpness
highlights (all the way up to 100)
Contrast Saturation (all the way up to 100)
blue(all the way to left)
pink(all the way to left)
Exposure(all the way down to left)
Shadows(all the way up to 100 to right)
E!ects: Click LIGHTEN 11 times…
Ok, Save to iPhoto Library…
Drag edited file to desktop…
InstantAlpha(click & drag over parts of picture to make transparent, wait for red
area, click delete button on your keyboard, start again till all parts deleted that
distract or embarass)…
Save as(new file)…
Go to Fotoflexer.com(close annoying Mackeeper ad)
upload file…(it is a png file that saves transparency so it will take longer to load…
png is more fun than jpeg for this…)
Click Auto Fix
Click E!ects:
Look for TINT Advanced Options(in Tint)
Apply to (choose painted region in dropfdown menu)
Adjust brush size Paint area where you see a lump or weird colour area or
topography with brush Move FADE slider to +(all the way to right)
Click the box INVERT close advanced options
click APPLY
Save this file…(choose PNG)…
Take photo you took 3 days ago…
Take new photo from today…
Drag into DOUBLETAKE program…
Put pictures side by side…make them the same size…Save to iPhoto…
Here is the resulting comparison shots of a cyst during period bloat & shrinking
after period starts to end…It gets flatter at end of period…
Cysts are always huge at beginning of period bloat so don’t freak out, they will
shrink back down when it’s over…
(What follows is our Changemakers Project for Canadians)...
Do It Yourself Medicine
Free Mobile/Desktop App with Free DIY Medicine Books, a VideoTalk &
Project Stage: Scaling
Take Action
Last Update: April 23, 2014
Sari Grove
GroveBodyPartChart is a Mobile/Desktop/Tablet/Android device App...On
your iPhone or Android or desktop computer or laptop, type in bwell.mobi/grove
into the address bar, while you are on the internet...Choose HTML5 view from
your desktop...You get DIY medicine books for free & more...
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Founded: 2014
The Problem
This project is trying to address the problem of people who are ill who don't want
to go to a doctor, who don't have health insurance, who don't have access to
hospitals, or who just like to fix things themselves, including themselves...
The Solution
Our Grove Body Part Chart simplifies the body into 11 key organs...It shows how
each organ contains 2 opposing elements that live in balance as opposites...In the
App, you get free access to the 3 books in the Grove health Science series...The
books answer some pretty complicated disease questions in a simple enough way
to empower those who are sick to help themselves proactively to get better...The
books don't just give answers, they teach you how to think, so you can move
forward with this method & heal yourself...
You get free access to Kindle size versions of
Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation
Do It Yourself Medicine:A Repair Manual
& an early look at Book 3 of the Grove Health Science Series
Algae+Rhythm,Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App
You also get a captioned 23 minute TALK by author Sari Grove explaining how
her chart works...
A 3d animated film also made by this artist, to exercise your right brain...
Two Quizzes that give you the answers straight up to some big health
& more...
In Google Play App store: DIY medicine App
Wherever a lump of Calcium finds itself in the body, using our chart, lower
Calcium levels by adding Iodine, then also lower the Plus element in that body
So for leukemia for instance, in the Thymus which produces blood, lower
calcium by adding Iodine, then ALSO lower the Plus element, which is IRON
Fe, by adding Manganese MN to the diet...Walnuts are an easy way to get Iron
lowering Manganese...
For Thyroid Calcifications, lower calcium by adding Iodine, then ALSO lower
Lead Pb(plomb in french) by adding ZINC ZN things...Ginger & Turmeric are
Zinc things as is sunshine & Vitamin D drops, as well as powders like VegaOne
sugar-free energizer powder...
For a heart Calcification, know that artificial sweeteners like Sugar twin,
Splenda Stevia & sweet n Low, all contain POTASSIUM which will lower
Aurum (think Taurine) levels in the heart...(Beta Blockers also contain potassium
as do anti-diuretics which can cause water bloat so beware)...
Our 4th Book “Untitled:To be Continued” is on its way soon...Stay tuned...
Sari Grove
p.s. The next book, Book 4, talks about what happened after I had my first
needle aspiration biopsy...I had it done at a lab called KHM at 340 College
street...A female technologist, & a doctor called Dr. Korb did a very quick &
brilliant easy to handle needle biopsy-a local anesthetic then 2 quick clicks & 2
samples were taken...Easy Peasy...I was very happy & walked home with no pain
or discomfort...The sun was shining & it was a relief to have that part done...Let’s
see what optimism brings! (Note:But in the back of my mind I know that needle
biopsies can spread cells in an unwanted way...It also bothers me that when I said
specifically I wanted a FEMALE radiologist, the lab mu!ed over the phone by
saying I was getting a female technologist for sure...Then when the time came,
sure there was a female technologist, but as I lay there with my left breast
exposed, a man walks in...They tricked me...Knowing I would cancel if they told
me it was another male doctor...My feeling is that when you are scared &
exposing your breast, that seeing a female doctor is much more comforting...This
should be a gender specific thing & all e!orts should be made to have female
How to use our chart to get rid of that dumb breast lump…
May 23, 2014DIY mammogram?Ultrasound, Do it yourself medicine:a repair
manual, Doctor, Educational How To recipes teaching, Grove Body Part Chart,
molecular physic neurology, Our Book, Our SECOND BOOK Edit
The Minus elements on our chart are Detox type elements…
The Plus elements on our chart are Nutrifying type elements…
Ok, so how do you use the chart when you have an imbalance?
Let’s say you have a breast lump…
A breast lump is a Calcium excess in the Adrenal Gland…(most often triggered
by birth control drugs which are very high Calcium doses…Note: Aids, Gender
Dysphoria & other Cancers are also Calcium excesses…)
So the first thing you do with a breast lump is find the opposite to calcium in the
adrenal gland on our chart…
I stands for Iodine…
So add Iodines to your diet…
You can take 12.5 mg or 50 mg Iodoral tablets daily…
Madagascar Periwinkle is an herb that you can steep into a tea or just chew it
Poke Root powder or Tincture is an excellent choice…(poke root is powerful for
breast lumps but beware-it is so strong it can be poisonous-small doses many
times, are better than big ones at one time)…
East sushi, seafood, seaweed…
Ok so now you have boosted your Iodine…That is the most important thing!
Now a breast lump sits on top of your Lung & Lymph Node area, so it would be
good to clean out that section too…
The Plus element Aluminum would be in excess(The Pluses are when you have a
clog), so its opposite in the Lung Lymph node section is Ti or Titanium…
Titanium is found in an excellent way in the spice called Cloves…
You can get organic cloves from a health food store, & just chew them quickly &
swallow them to get your Titanium…(I really really like Cloves for your Titanium-
strong, easy to get, easy to chew, works fast!)…
You can burn pure clove incense in your bedroom so you inhale that Titanium…
Aspirin is a Titanium as are most over the counter type sleeping pills…(don’t go
overboard on Titaniums, they cause almost instant memory loss so be careful…)
I am NOT inclined to recommend marijuana because of its strong memory loss
problems, but, in fact, it is a Titanium…
(If you do have memory loss then use Titanium’s opposite on the chart-
Aluminum-you can get great Aluminum from Sage tea…Buy Sage leafs, steep &
use a french press to squeeze out…Stronger…Good for Alzheimer’s too…)
Ok, so your breast lump eradication program includes Iodine & Titanium…
Now if you have any other clogs anywhere else in your system it will gum up your
So what you do is try to focus on the MINUS elements on the Chart when you
are trying to detoxify…
So just start at the top of the Chart & try to add the Minus thing into your diet,
all the way down the chart…
For example, let’s add all the Minuses…
Zn is Zinc=let’s take some Vitamin D drops…(or some Ginger, or some
Turmeric, or some VegaOne sugar free energizer powder which is has Ginger,
Turmeric & Zinc inside)…
Manganese=Let’s take some ground Nutmeg powder(dump it into your tea or
co!ee in the morning), or eat your favourite nuts daily
Titanium=Let’s chew some organic cloves(swallow quickly they are strong)
Potassium=let’s eat some bananas & drink some coconut water(artificial
sweeteners are long on Potassium too-so use them, even Stevia is long on
Carbon-Take some Vitamin E capsules, Getit-girl.com has Wavy Blue capsules
which are strong anchovy oil capsules really good, use Walnut oil or another
delicious oil copiously on your salad greens
Selenium-Kyolic makes 1000 mg garlic tablets, or just eat raw garlic cloves
(quickly with some yogurt for the burn)(raw hot peppers work too here)
Oxygen-eat a giant pinch of raw sa!ron(buy sa!ron by the ounce), eat Goji
berries, eat the spice called Sa"ower, Blue Flag iris root powder is high in
Iodine-Poke root tincture, Figwort tincture, Iodoral, Madagascar periwinkle
herb, HearAll tablets from NaturalCare
Copper-strong co!ee, strong tea, matcha tea,
Magnesium-Getit-girl.com has Whey PInk & Whey Green supplement powder
which is based on Whey protein which is actually just Magnesium…Tastes great
by the way! (Warning-too much Magnesium can cause joint pain, neck pain,
arthritis like symptoms so stop your magnesium when that happens)…You can
also bath in Epsom Salts for magnesium…
Fluoride-Your toothpaste & mouthwash will contain fluoride as will your water
supply…Stop fluoride if your teeth get thin looking…
Ok, so now you have all your Minus elements lined up…That breast lump does
not have a chance!
You can read our 3 health science books free on our website at http://
Diet & exercise: I walk real slow...Saturday I walked a trail of almost 10
kilometres, but it took me about 3 hours with some dawdling...That’s fine...A
long slow walk with some good music playing is great...Best thing to get rid of
breast lumps...I map my walks on jog.fm to see how far I go...Here that link
http://www.jog.fm Jog.fm also has running & walking playlists...A neat thing to
do is to add songs to your playlist, then click Buy, & you can Buy all your songs in
order on Itunes...Then get them on your iPhone...Now you have an excellent
playlist of uplifting songs that are exactly chosen for running or walking...It’s
fast...Plus by paying for the music you are supporting artists...(Joseph & I are
artists so we really care about this kind of stu!)...
Diet:Well, I think it is possible to starve yourself when trying to get rid of breast
lumps...So far I am eating...I feel that I need to eat to keep my brain healthy &
keep my energy up...Slowly I am adding some things to my diet that seem
healthier & perhaps I am saying no to less healthy choices...But this will be a
gradual organic thing...I am just not convinced that being too skinny is the
answer here...I feel like I will make better choices if I am thinking with a fed
I will update when I know more about whether my lump is just a benign thing
which I think it is, or whether I am going to get a false positive which seems to be
the rage right now seeing as all the labs are afraid of getting sued for missing
someone...A new technique called Laser Ablation is being taught in the States
now-they basically stick a hot needle into the centre of the lump & dissolve it &
you leave their o#ce after 30 minutes...I am guessing if I really need to get rid of
this thing I will be flying to Boca Raton & paying for this out of
pocket...Honestly if I could get my hands on a local anesthetic & an electrolysis
needle, I’d lance the thing myself!!!(LOL)
I will update when more news happens...
Hugs, Sari Grove, Sun. May 25, 2014
(iris versicolor=shingles, facial neuralgia, herpes, chicken pox, hepatitis,
pneumonia, )-While taking Iris Versicolor Powder(Yes the beautiful Iris flower
Van Gogh painted), I went to check the side e!ects...As I was reading more
extensively about the Iris, I realized something important...
I know Iris is an Oxygen thing, an Oxygen thing or element that lowers
Hydrogen levels in the Liver...So Iris works for headaches, but also works for
chicken pox, shingles, herpes, & also the facial & other neuralgias caused by
shingles...Shingles is a Hydrogen excess in the Liver, as are all those other
Herpes, Chicken pox, severe headaches...(there is another type of headache that
is less severe that is caused by a Sulphur/Sugar excess in the Pancreas that
responds very well to adding Selenium/Garlic to the diet...Turpentine headaches
for example are Sulphur excess in the Pancreas headaches...Glue headaches on
the other hand are more severe & are Hydrogen excess in the Liver which
respond to Oxygen things like Iris Versicolor powder or tinctures...Shingles can
also cause pneumonia in the Lungs & the Iris will help with that, though with
infections you do have to add the Selenium/Garlic factor too, to lower blood
sugar in the Pancreas too...
The reason I write is because I had put chicken pox, herpes, & shingles & that
facial & other neuralgia from shingles into the Pancreas area as a Sulphur
excess...But I have a better idea of what I am seeing here with Shingles
specifically, & now feel that Shingles & the rest of them would be more
accurately put into the Liver organ as a Hydrogen excess...& yes, Iris versicolor
powder(stick a tablespoon of it into your co!ee or tea), works for Shingles &
those other problems, since Iris is a strong Oxygen(like Sa!ron)...
FIRST...I am putting herpes, shingles & chicken pox back into the Pancreas
system as an excess of Sugar/Sulphur...Sorry...
Things to think about:
Draft beer often has loads of fluoride in it...Fluoride is a paralytic that also causes
domestic behaviours, like just sitting around for hours doing nothing-which is
what you see at bars...People sitting around for hours drinking really cheap draft
beer, not really doing anything at all...
Find out which beers your bar serves...Then find out which ones come from
countries that don’t fluoridate their water...Many European beers come from
countries that don’t fluoridate anymore...Try this...One day(or night), when you
go to the bar for your night of drinking, order only a beer that does not contain
fluoride...All night long...Notice the di!erence?
Drinking large amounts of fluoride will paralyze your life...Is your life caught in
paralysis? Spend the extra money to order a non-fluoridated beer...This may be
the key to unsticking your life...Switch to non-fluoridated toothpaste &
mouthwash...Omigosh you now feel energy & desire & independence?
yes...Fluoride has been used on prisoners of war to keep them from
rebelling...Today it is the sub-text of all those people who sit around in bars all
day long just doing mostly nothing...They are being drugged...Did you know
that Freon & Fluorine are in the same family? Freon is stronger...The Freon in
air-conditioning units will do the same thing to your personality as Fluorine, just
more...Sitting around in an air-conditioned room will cause you to sit around in
an air-conditioned room some more...& more...& more...It causes complacency...
Strip clubs crank up the air-conditioning units plus they are heavy on serving up
the cheap beer...This combination of Freon & Fluorine paralyzes the clients &
the girls...The clients sit around for hours & the girls are too drugged to change
their lives...These subtle drugs can destroy your life but not allowing you to think
for yourself...
Fluorine occurs naturally in water, most water supplies do not need the addition
of artificial fluorine...Babies who are overfluoridated during pregnancy(by the
mother drinking too much fluoridated water, alcohol or from tetanus shots) can
be born with epilepsy, Lou gehrigs(ALS), Crohn’s disease, double aortic arch
(distended heart), & other distentions of organs like the Colon in particular...
Freon from air-conditioning can do all the same things Fluorine does, but
Antidote fluorine & freon using Bismuth(yes charcoal, even lighting a wood fire
brings Bismuth to your air), Indium(wear a piece of Indium metal against your
skin to relieve insomnia), drink Wild Indigo Root tea(these are all in the Bismuth
Yes, Indium, Bismuth, Charcoal are all in the same family, just di!erent
You can bring some Indium metal into your home & hang it on the wall
somewhere-it will antidote the Freon in your air from air-conditioning
freon...Really...(We have a 5 gram piece in the living room attached to one of my
Indium metal worn against the skin relieves the insomnia caused by
Fluorine...You can also take Indium as a liquid tincture for epilepsy, insomnia,
Crohn’s disease & ALS...
Indium is so soft, just put a home in it with a nail & slip a cord through to make
a medicinal necklace...You can buy Indium metal bars on Ebay for under 10
dollars, sometimes $5...The 5 gram bars or higher would be better for seizure
control, while the 1 gram bar might be just for sleeplessness...
Bismuth & Fluorine are opposites in the Colon on the Grove Body Part
Chart...(Read our 2 books before this one for background on how our Chart
works...On Amazon type in Sari Grove into Search to
see these books...)
New ideas about what the breast lump is made of exactly)
***Calcium oxalate(kidney stones) iron...:
walked another 10 km yesterday...this time it took less than 3 hours...
maybe 2...
getting easier...
i am exhausted...
have had some success i getting rid of lump myself...
studied kidney stones- found out most kidney stones are Calcium
Oxalate means iron...
Figured that if most kidney stones were calcium plus iron, probably most
breast lumps were too...
I had been focussed on lowering my calcium levels...
But today I focussed on lowering my iron levels...
You lower iron with Manganese, which is found in peanuts, walnuts, well
all nuts, & in Japan there is a plant that has the same nut quality
which is called Mugwort...
I had some Mugwort powder & drank it as a tea this morning...
Sure enough the thing shrank immediately to tiny...
Anyways, I ordered some more Mugwort powder...
I think I have figured this problem out...
I will tell you when I have gotten rid of it!
Dr Richard Schulze-a woman helped her husband on Dr. Richard Schulze’s
The man eventually coughed up the thing sticking to its lung...It was a pale
creamy colour with brown dried old blood & roots like the roots of a plant...
My takeaway:If it came out by coughing it up, then it probably arrived the same
way...Occam’s Razor says the simplest explanation is probably the best...
Which means a creature probably went into the man’s mouth & sidetracked
down into his windpipe & dropped into his lung when he inhaled...The creature
stuck there & started eating milk Calcium & Blood Iron & growed roots...
This got called lung cancer...
By going on Dr. Schulze’s regimen the thing got unstuck, & like the vomit
reflex, the cough reflex coughs up anything bad in the lung area, the throat area,
the esophagus area, the mouth cavity...
Dr. Susie Choo(Jung Ye Choo, Korea, TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Japanese Kampo) Bloor West of Spadina private o#ce Toronto, Ontario,
Explanation Footnotes:
***When a giant building turns o! its water, it creates a suck, a vacuum, a black
hole, a void, a draw...If there are no ANTI-SIPHON VALVES on the water
pipelines, then that suck can draw water in from toilet water that is still
remaining in a bowl...The toilet water gets sucked into the pipeline that brings
freshwater into your tap drinking water...This of course is GROSS...
But in the case of a giant building, the suck can be so great that it draws water in
from existing toilet waters in buildings proximal to the giant building...In most
cases, it will draw water in from the building NORTH of the building you are
in...North is ABOVE...
So after a giant older building or a newer building with no anti-siphon or also
called ONE WAY VALVES, after that building turns o! its water, you may turn
on your tap drinking water the next day when the water is back on, & discover
that your drinking water is gross...
Like for instance, if a dentist’s o#ce up the street from you uses BLUE fluoride,
& at the end of the day, dumps it all down the toilet, the water that people spit
out their mouths with the blue fluoride in their mouths, into the toilet, or if the
dentist has their siptout bowls linked into the toilet system, Then...
Then...Then you might on a Saturday morning discover that the tea you made
reeks of blue fluoride & saliva...Let the taps run for a while after a shut down & it
should clear up of the gross...
This also explains how the ice cubes from a bar smell of ORANGE fluoride
from the dentist’s o#ce up the street NORTH of them...After the bar’s building
shut down of the water one day, the suck created, sucked the toilet water with the
spit & orange fluoride back into the bar’s drinking water...
It’s Physics...The physics of plumbing...Zen & the Art of Toilet Maintenance
(with apologies to Douglas Adams)...
Read our blog at http://sarigrove.com for more info about DIY toilet
maintenance...(While trying to solve my breast lump prolem I found it very useful
to get involved in a complex mechanical & physical problem like repairing a
toilet-kept my mind healthy!)
Short answer:get a one way valve anti-siphon put on your toilet line...Also,
replace your toilet to tank bolts with plastic instead of the rusty metal ones you
probably now have...Why? Because there is a giant rubber gasket that lives in
between your toilet tank & your toilet bowl...It degrades over time due to acidity
in your water supply...Also just aging & use...
If that rubber gasket needs replacing the only way to do that is to unscrew the 2
bolts that hold your toilet tank to your toilet bowl...If those bolts are metal bolts,
they get rusty & you cannot remove them...If the gasket is degraded you have a
teeny tiny leak that causes mold to grow in between the tank & the bowl that
This is how people get MOLD in their homes & don’t know why...
The mold is hidden...
If those toilet to tank bolts are made of plastic then they don’t get rusty...So you
can unscrew them once in a while...Meaning that you can make sure that
GETS REPLACED so it does not leak & cause mold...
THis could save your life...
A rusty metal bolt can be cut...But it is very hard to do, especially if you are
cutting with a manual mini-hacksaw...A professional plumber might have an
electric hacksaw...A handyman or handywoman might have one also...I wouldn’t
cut rusty bolts myself with an electric hacksaw because there is a high likelihood
that it could go wrong...An electric handsaw is a weapon in the hands of an
amateur...Get training before trying to use one...At the very least study videos on
Youtube & elsewhere for hints on handling safely...Safety first is Preventative
Medicine...An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...(Reminder:Just an
new technology: Thermography beats mammogram 90% of the time...No
touching & no tears of tissue no interior damage, no interior bleeding, no interior
scabs near to your heart...
My first & only mammogram tore tissue in my perfect right breast at the top of
the breast where the lady pulled my small size hard & pushed down harder with
those plexiglass paddle shelfs...The holes in my tissue cause a row of wounds that
are now slowly filling with Milk...Yes milk...Milk is what the breast output...I
know have nodes of Milk at the top of my once perfect right breast FROM the
My left breast that already had a lump, a hard stone made of Calcium Oxalate
iron like ones in your Kidneys...When the lady technician fake radiologist(not
certified) smushed my left breast in the paddle shelf (glass maybe???), the walnut
lump got smushed too & hit down hard, grinding into the bottom of my breast,
lung tissue, where my heart is...Tears too but also a wound...A bloody interior
wound that caused me to have to cancel my needle biopsy TWO WEEKS later
because I had an internal scab on my heart that wasn’t yet healed...I now have a
wound area above my heart...This has been causing me heart trouble...I worry
about having a hemorrhagic (bleeding) heart event...
(Ischemic heart events are caused by high blood pressure explosions-lack of
Potassium type-Hawthorn is an herb that contains potassium if you have high
blood pressure by the way-make it into a tea)(hemorrhagic heart events are
caused by leaking low blood pressure events-lack of Taurine Aurum type)...
Castor Oil is made from a bean called a castor bean...Drinking it induces
childbirth labour but also helps the body to remove breast lump stones...If the
breast sits on top of the LUNG then consider the breast as part of the Lung
Lymph Node system...(On our Grove Body Part Chart)...
Treat it like it is on your lung...This means, LOWER nutrifying Aluminum
levels & Raise detoxifying Minus Element Titanium levels...Aveda tea contains
licorice, fennel, marshmallow, peppermint...This tea really cleans out your
lungs...Whatever the recipe in this Aveda tea, when I drink it, I have a
TITANIUM reaction which means it makes me cough up phlegm in my
lungs...That coughing is good...I am coughing up crap that is in my lungs, that
may have entered inauspiciously when I was sleeping breathing...Mouth open
breathing can cause creatures to fly into your mouth & lungs while sleeping,
where they could hole up there & cause lung lumps & stones...
Rub clove oil in your hair(a Titanium) it makes great hair ‘gel’, smells nice, &
you breathe it in all day long...Rub clove oil on your neck & chest...Eat organic
cloves by chewing a little then swallowing with liquid...Stick a clove in your
mouth to cheek area when you have a toothache...Press it into the swollen area a
bit...Leave it there...
Marijuana is a very strong memory wiper outer...I mean to say that marijuana
causes Alzheimer’s...But it also is a Titanium at medical dosages, titrations, &
can be used by a doctor to clean out Lung Cancer lumps...It works as a tea that
you drink nicely & make it very weak...The reason memory loss is so dangerous is
because you can forget that you have a lung breast cancer stone or lump...Then
you forget to treat it...Then it could grow cause you didn’t get it out...You cannot
use Titaniums alone to make you cough up a lung lump...I am saying a lung lump
& a breast lump are the same thing...You need to cough them up both...
This will trouble some...I am sorry...The truth is harsh...But helpful...I think
breast cancer is in the lung & lymph node armpit areas...I think the word breast is
o!ensive...It sexualizes it...
I don’t like men doctors touching my breasts & I don’t think they should...I also
don’t like women doctors touching my breasts, especially if they are getting o! on
it...Pretty much I don’t like being handled unless it is on my terms...
Which is why I like my book “DIY Medicine: A Repair Manual” (book 2 of our
Grove Health science series) as an idea...At least if you Do it Yourself you don’t
feel molested by strangers...
The internet means you can learn yourself how to fix your toilet...You still get
help but the actual physical work might be done by your own hands...Doing it
yourself does not mean ignoring other help...It just means learning new things
when you feel uncomfortable or invaded by the presence of others...
Learning to do things for yourself means you get more privacy...I like privacy...I
get more sleep that way...
Radio-frequency ablation, Laser ablation, thermal ablation, Cryo-ablation:
Laser ablation means they stick a hollow tube into the stone in your lung/breast,
then stick a wire down that tube into the thing itself...Then they heat the wire &
it burns the stone...The heat dissolves it...You are out of the doctor’s o#ce in 30
minutes & can walk a mile after...Local anaesthetic not general...They are doing
this in Boca raton Florida in the United states now...They started this in
Sweden...ASK for some type of ABLATION now instead of Lumpectomy...
”Seek & ye shall find, Ask & you shall receive” Jesus
After obsessing about what the lump was made of-discovered that Benign breast
lumps were CALCIUM OXALATE(oxalate means IRON)...Cancerous breast
lumps were made of CALCIUM PHOSPHATE...
Ok so the Main di!erence between benign & cancer is the
PHOSPHATE...Phosphate means Phosphorus...In the Spleen is where
Phosphorus lives...You will note on our Grove Body Part Chart that COPPER
is the antagonist to Phosphorus...So Copper gets rid of Phosphates...One way to
increase your copper levels is through Licorice...So I got a bottle of Licorice
tincture from the health supplement store at Yonge & St. Clair & took like 4
dropperfuls right away straight into my mouth...Hours later I definitely had a
good reaction...I could Feel the Licorice Pushing out Phosphorus lumps from
my body...You get like tiny balls of Phosphorus which is like cheesy, sort of like
pus...Under my armpit...I scrubbed those o! hard with scrub gloves in a hot
bath...I feel I am definitely finally onto something specifically targeted for
dissolving this breast lump...I am also upping my co!ee drinking(Mount Hagen
organic instant for now), since Co!ee contains Copper...I am also walking as
much as I can, like maybe 10 kilometres a day if Possible...The walking is really a
full time job since afterwards you are really too tired to do much else...But I feel it
is of utmost importance...I am very happy about the Licorice tincture seeming to
work...I can almost feel it attacking the lump-I took some more before breakfast
so it hits directly with no food in the way...
I have also learned that almost every breast lump today gets called breast cancer
since everyone is so afraid of lawsuits...Though I feel my lump is benign, since it
rolls around like a fibroadenoma & appeared overnight, there was probably no
hope of me getting a benign reading from the labs here in Canada...Everything
gets called DCIS(ductal Cancer in Situ)-the False positives in this country are
legally actionable but women are so afraid by the fear mongering by the time they
realize the mistake they have already had a surgery...The rush job you get at the
oncologist’s o#ce means not many women have the guts to try to get rid of lumps
without surgery...I have been told that I will die if I don’t have surgery...I mean,
THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE...The only options I was given were
lumpectomy, mastectomy or tamoxifen...I am already taking the herbal
predecessor to tamoxifen...I don’t think I want surgery...So...That is the end of
allopathic medicine’s help for me in Canada...They have no nutritional advice,
exercise advice, herbal advice, alternate treatment advice...It is like they live in a
cave...I am shocked at the lack of information...The truth is that DCIS just
means that there is something there in your breast that may or may not get
worse...Everybody gets labelled with this dumb label...When I asked what the
chemical composition was of the lump from the needle biopsy they couldn’t tell
me...I mean, what is the point of a lab if they can’t tell me chemistry???
Anyways, I think I have solved my strategy plans...The licorice as the copper
seems to be working great at attacking the Phosphate in this lump...I will
continue to take Iodines in several forms to lower Calcium...Wish me luck...
Last note: God speaks to me...He has been telling me not to have surgery...This
has been by biggest strength...His voice...
Sari Grove
The di!erence between a benign lump & a cancer lump…(hint:Phosphorus)
July 7, 2014

The picture shows two lumps…The one on top is malignant…The one on the
bottom is benign…This is my rendering of what these lumps look like using
“SLIM” which stands for spacial light interference microscopy…The top lump is
made of calcium Phosphate…The bottom lump is made of calcium Oxalate…
(Oxalate means iron)…So the main chemical di!erential between a malignant
lump & a cancer lump is Phosphate, which is Phosphorus on the Periodic table
of elements…
On our Grove Body Part Chart, If you look at the Spleen, you will see the Minus
element is Cu(Copper, & the Plus element is P(phosphorus…)
This means that Copper & Phosphorus are opposites that directly can
antagonize each other…
So if you need to Lower Phosphorus, then you can Add Copper…
A nice easily absorbable way to get Copper is through Licorice…Like a liquid
Licorice tincture…& yes, if you check, licorice lowers Phosphorus…
So…My theory was-if I took Licorice tincture I could start to dissolve the lump in
my breast which, if it was serious, might contain Phosphorus…Better safe than
sorry, I bought a bottle of licorice tincture at a health food store…(easy)
Drank like 4 dropperfulls straight into my mouth, not a bad taste…
Two hours later I could feel it working…The lump felt activated…Then I started
some sort of detoxification process…Little “pimples” started to appear under my
armpits…I scrubbed them o! hard with scrub gloves in a hot bath later…
I was right…My theory was right…I have now added licorice tincture to my daily
My goal is to get rid of this lump without undergoing a lumpectomy…Wish me
P.s. besides trying to walk 10 km a day on a dirt & stone trail, I have also decided
to try to be mostly a vegetarian though maybe more of a piscatarian(fish is a good
failsafe for me if the vegetables aren’t giving me enough protein for my walks)…
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3223513/ Note: My hand drawn
images come from real images in this study which shows visually the di!erence
between calcium oxalate lumps & calcium phosphate lumps…
My next e!ort is going to be to see if I can photograph the lump myself using
Macro & strong light, then manipulate my own image to see if I myself can see
what the thing looks like…Many people don’t know how exactly powerful their
own digital cameras are…Take a close-up picture of where your lump is under
strong light in macro…Then Edit it using colour slidebars to show heat &
texture…Fotoflexer.com has free online editing after that to paint the parts you
see yourself in di!erent tints…It is actually possible to see chemical composition
under your own skin using your own digital camera…You just have to Know that
you Can!
New add:

Ok so the two pictures above I took myself with a sony dsc-t100 8 megapixel
point & shoot camera on macro setting with flash on…Stand in the light near a
window & hold the camera close to your breast where the lump is…(The red
circle in the pictures is actually a burn mark from an early try to heat the lump
using a sock with wild bird seed in it heated in the microwave & applied as a hot
compress-this was at the very beginning of my panic & didn’t really help
anything…Worth a try though!)
Ok, so I grabbed my iPhoto screens in both shots so you could see my edit photo
settings…The idea is to turn your camera into your own microscope so you can
look at your own breast lump yourself…
In the first photo: notice I altered the colour to all blue & all pink…Definition,
highlights,shadows & sharpness are all on full too…Saturation is high, Contrast
is low…Exposure is low…This is in the Adjust section of iPhoto edit…
In the E!ects section, I Boosted the photo 9 times(full throttle)…(second
So now, when I look at the pictures & compare them to the pictures from the
study, I would say that my lump looks like a Calcium Phosphate lump(malignant)
…This means I need to continue lowering my Phosphorus levels like crazy if I am
going to avoid cancer…More LICORICE!!!
Update July 7, 2014:Ok, so here is a “grab” of what my edits looked like on this
close-up macro picture with flash…The lump looks bigger because of lens
distortion which occurs when you get really close to an object-like people’s noses
close-up in a photo…
But what you may notice is there seems to be less Phosphate(dark strandy things)
in the lump than in the earlier pictures…Why? Well, on Sunday, 4 days ago, I
started eating only mostly raw vegetables…(instead of just normal eating with
meat & whatever I felt like)…Plus I added Licorice Tincture to my medical
arsenal…The Licorice tincture is so powerful you can actually feel it dissolving
Phosphate…Calcium Phosphate is what teeth are made of, so this is why a
barrage of licorice tincture is needed…If you take the licorice tincture at might it
will keep you awake…Today I added St. John’s wort tincture to my arsenal too…
My reasoning is that St. John’s wort & Licorice are in the same family, Copper,
so I might as well pummel this lump with two di!erent coppers…Sometimes you
need to do the same element but in di!erent formats…Like co!ee & tea & diet
coke contain coppers, but they don’t seem as targeted as the licorice…I can feel
the thing shrinking…I only have until September really to get rid of this lump-well
I have longer, but in September, Toronto loses its summer heat & it gets harder
& harder to cure things…Sunshine & heat are really important to nuking a
Friday July 11, 2014:
(note-the picture below has also been “boosted” 9 times in the e!ects section of
iPhoto’s edit program…)
What you are seeing is that the lump in my left breast has changed chemistry
significantly since
1)I started eating raw vegetables mainly since Sunday-5 days basically
2)I started taking licorice tincture which is a strong absorbable copper that
dissolves Phosphorus
3)I have added St. John’s Wort tincture, which is actually another Copper source,
very similar to licorice, but I thought I might as well try a slight variable on the
Copper to throughly nuke any Phosphorus in the lump-since as I mentioned
earlier, Phosphorus is what makes a lump “malignant” in nature…
4)Oh also, yesterday I started drinking licorice tea, just in case the hotness of the
tea with the licorice would force the Copper to work even faster…I am working
against a time limit of ultimately end of August, because as soon as it gets cold in
Toronto, it becomes harder to take long walks, get sunshine, & generally one
starts to gain weight…My goal is to eradicate the whole lump by then…
Observations: You will notice in this new picture this morning, that the purple
“ants” which are the Phosphorus, have almost completely disappeared…If you
compare to the earlier photographs in this post, the progress is significant…
What I am doing is reducing a breast cancer lump of Calcium Phosphate down
to a benign breast lump made of Calcium Oxalate(oxalate is iron)…
I am also taking Figwort(Figwort is an Iodine that has an a#nity for the breast)
tincture right now since Figwort is an Iodine that lowers calcium…I am eating
almonds for the Manganese which lowers iron(oxalate) in the Thymus…I also am
wearing a Green Tourmaline rock pendant to sleep in, because Tourmaline is a
Manganese as well…
Food comments:Yesterday I ate an avocado & a banana for breakfast…Then I
went to Whole Foods & ate a Wheatgrass protein bar, & then 2 tins of smoked
mussels because the all vegetable diet was making me dizzy…
Later I had some organic fusilli with some organic tomato garlic sauce, some
Miso soup, a dried pineapple snack type health square (with no sugar), & a bowl
of cranberry ginger chia cereal with almond milk…I am not an experienced
vegetarian or even piscatarian, so my choices right now are a little weird…
Handfuls of almonds are being helpful…
Store Note:Rosedale General Store is a new & old resource that I have re-
discovered recently…It sits up some stairs beside the Roots store at Yonge street,
south of the LCBO store, on the east side of the road…Across from the cafe
Doria hangout, where older “rounders” get their co!ee & stargazing fix…The
Starbucks just south of Doria is for those same rounders to be, younger &
slightly less jaded…
Here is my review of The Health Shoppe at Yonge & St. Clair:
The Health Shoppe
1375 Yonge Toronto, ON M4T 1Y4
(416) 968-1225
Health Food Store
Today 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
The Health Shoppe
Loved it
I have a Calcium Phosphate lump in my left breast…I wanted to try Licorice
Tincture because that is a strong absorbable Copper which dissolves
Phosphorus…I was helped well at the Health Shoppe & got my licorice tincture,
which, when I took it at home, only 2 hours later started to heat up the lump as it
dissolved the Phosphorus…
I could Feel it working…This was the beginning of me being able to change a
malignant lump into a benign one, since the di!erence between malignant &
benign is one is Calcium Phosphate(malignant) & one is Calcium Oxalate
(benign)…This first step was the beginning of the whole cure that helped me to
avoid lumpectomy…To those who balk at prices-you get what you pay for & a
higher price health shop means better service better products & maybe saving
your life…The Chia snack bar I bought at the cash said its first ingredient was
(for those who are curious about the whole getting rid of a breast lump process I
went through, you can read my books for free from my website at grovecanada.ca
-Book 3 has the log of my journey)…Thank you Health Shoppe for helping to
save my life…$25 dollars later, my first ingredient is Love too!
I also had tremendous success with the licorice tincture(it cost about$18.75 which
was slightly more, but it was stronger too & detoxed faster)
Noah’s Natural Foods
667 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9
(416) 969-0220
I have just run out of my Vitamin D drops which I am buying by a large bottle
now, plus I have also run out of Castor oil which is a great carbon(& laxative if
you are feeling heart pressure)…I took some more Figwort tincture today too-
Figwort is an Iodine which reduces Calcium, plus it also has an a#nity for the
As a glorious joy…Today Park Lane Plumbing repaired our 2 toilets! There was
leakage, there was mould in between the tanks & the toilets, & there were alot of
parts to replace, but it was 1/5 the cost of replacing the toilets, & we are finally
living with clean healthy bathrooms…Omigosh! Having clean healthy new parts
working toilets is so important for health & well-being!
Walking notes:I normally do my 10 km walks on a dirt trail…The other day I did
my walk to a Home Depot to look at toilets…On cement…Today my ankles
hurt…So…If you are going to walk far as part of your get well regimens, do it on
dirt! (or grass or another soft surface)…Cement will injure you fast & you will be
out of the game…
Watching “Rectify” on Netflix while supervising plumbers & healing ankles…It is
deep & thoughtful…
Food note:The days I just ate salads(Raw vegetables & lettuce & fruit & nuts), I
felt amazing…Last night I had cooked vegetable curries-3 kinds, with rice…Turns
out cooked vegetables don’t stimulate the mouth & body the same way the raw
stu! does…So, if you are going to cut out meat, try to eat RAW! A raw tomato
will taste so good to you! (Note: I did cheat a bit with a tin of smoked mussels in
my salads because I was feeling protein low dizzy…Apparently it is wise to cheat
while you are getting used to a no meat regimen…I feel fish is a good cheat…)
Eating in restaurants:Mum took me too a Vietnamese restaurant at Ossington
south of Dundas street…I had vegetable noodle soup which came with like a tree
of raw mint to throw into the large bowl as well as raw lemongrass pieces…This
was amazing!
*****Toilet JOYS:!!!(those things you take for granted in real life become life or
death problems when they break...I finally solved my toilet woes & also got rid of
a potentially dangerous mould problem that was growing in between my toilet
tanks & the toilet-you can’t see it because the space is so small & narrow...)
Above & beyond the call of duty from beginning to end!!!
I went to Google Maps & inputted our address...Then search nearby with the
term plumber...Park Lane Plumbing came up first...I read some of the reviews &
clicked on their website...On the site I filled in the thorough get an estimate form
& submitted it...Then I saw the phone number at the bottom of the page &
decided to call...It was close to 5 pm...Minutes later I got a call back...Mike from
Park Lane Plumbing spent the next 22 minutes going over all the possibilities of
our problem & all the choices we could make...We decided a repair was going to
be attempted instead of a replace...This was a bold & good decision & I really
liked that this was actually their company policy...I felt safe that they knew how
condos worked...
The appointment was booked for 11 the next day! Yay! 5 minutes after we got o!
the phone, I checked & found out that indeed there were two master shut o!
closets, with two shut o! valves, in each bathroom...I called back to Park Lane
Plumbing to reassure them that we wouldn't have to shut o! water to our whole
wing of the condo building(upsetting our neighbours)...Though it was well after
5 pm closing time now, Mike answered, & I conveyed the information for the
next day...This meant we all had all our ducks in a row for the next day's work...
At 10:30 am the next day Mike called to say his guys were on their way...Great!
They arrived early! Perfect!
I gave them a 2 minute walk through both bathrooms, listed the problems, &
they were ready to work...Oh yeah-TWO plumbers showed up!!! Unbelievable! I
finally felt a little easier about all the work they were going to do...
The work: Both toilet shut o! valves needed to be replaced...The heads were
stripped...Ok...The bolts between both tanks & the toilet were so rusted they had
to be sawed o!...That is a hard thing to do...The rubber gaskets then had to be
replaced in between tank & toilet...Ok...The toilet to floor gaskets had to be
replaced...Those bolts were rusty too...More sawing...Ok...A bonus clear sealer
got added from the toilet to the floor to keep water from seeping or leaking under
to our neighbours on the 2nd floor...Excellent...The flapper had to be replaced on
one toilet...The fill valve had to be calibrated...The ballcock on the other toilet
had to be replaced...Ok...Did I mention that because both toilet gaskets had been
slowly leaking that there was mould in between the tank & the toilet in both?
Total time was maybe grand total 1 hour & 15 minutes...The 15 minutes includes
paying & thanking & everything! I mean FAST & hard work! Polite, clean,
lovely, professional...
We were initially going to replace...Because our toilets are not white(like an
almond colour), it was going to cost $573 per toilet before tax plus installation &
takeaway...This was the only & cheapest toilet choice we could get in the almond
colour...It was also going to take 2-4 weeks to special order them...(Everyone said
you can't put white toilets in an almond bathroom)...Total replace cost would
have been $1,750.00 including tax(another plumber's quote)...Yes...Whoa...
Total cost of repair job including everything & all supplies...$369.00 (plus we
were able to pay by credit card which is nice!)
We now have brand new perfect toilets that are fully functional...Job well done...I
mean, Job AMAZINGLY done! These guys are GODS...(If there are female
plumbers at Park Lane Plumbing then they are Goddesses!)...
Thank you so much...My husband & I are so grateful...Our lives are better now...
Dear reader...Thank you for caring...You’ll have to wait for our 4th book in the
Grove Health Science Series to see the final results on how Sari got rid of her
breast cancer lump without using surgery...But the keys are all here in this
book...The main find-Licorice Tincture eradicates the Phosphate nature of the
calcium Phosphate lump which is the malignant arm...Eating raw vegetarian diet
speeds up the whole eradication process...Iodine things dissolve the calcium part
of the lump...Suntanning heavily & walking very far daily are crucial to good
spirits, health & socializing...The ginger turmeric combo in the Vega One sugar
free energizer powder gives spunk to your daily trials...Vitamin D3 drops are
awesome as well...Cleaning up your household environment, repairing old toilets,
throwing out old clothing & rubbish & just stu!, really help with Oxygenating
your home...Talking & listening to God is crucial when you are scared, are being
a maverick, & when nobody else thinks you are right...You CAN take pictures of
your own lumps & bumps with your own digital cameras...Digital cameras today
CAN see under the skin-just edit for heat & colour in your edit settings...This
means you can track your progress in your own pictures & even see chemical
composition di!erences-like is the lump losing its Phosphate quality by you
taking several swigs of licorice tincture daily?(Yes is that answer, YES...)
Dear Worrier,
years ago you chose lumpectomy over mastectomy...At the time it was a
pioneering decision...You were a maverick...
Don't you think in all of that time that decisions today should be even
Don't you think that today, your own o!spring would also be a maverick?
But you can't pioneer decisions by copying the past...
Pioneers have to do something new...
I have conclusively tracked & figured out the chemical di!erence
between malignant & benign...
The key is Phosphorus...
To dissolve Phosphorus you need a Copper...
I am having tremendous success with Licorice tincture...
Not only is the thing shrinking but it is changing chemistry...
How do I know that?
Because I am able to do my own heat sensitive photographs of it using my
own camera & some sophisticated editing techniques...
Since I went raw vegetarian on Sunday everything is moving faster &
Here is a picture from today...It is already improved...
Note:The photo makes it look much bigger than it is because I had to use
But the salient point is that the dark purple striations are much less
than the picture I took on Sunday...
The dark purple striations are the Phosphate...
Once the picture just shows a lump with no dark striations it means I
have gotten rid of the Phosphate & hence the cancer or malignancy...
Then it is just calcium Oxalate...or Calcium & iron...benign...
From that state all I have to do is take Iodine to dissolve the calcium,
& Manganese to dissolve the iron...
If there is a uric(Nitrogen component) then I take carbon(like castor
oil or Olive oil)...
But the main thing is first to get rid of any dark striations, which are
the Phosphorus...
**ironically, parkinson's disease is also Phosphorus, which is how I
know to use copper to antagonize it...
Not only am I making huge headway finally, I am also making history...
I am curing this thing...Promise...really...
I am glad you used the word "pray" because God is really helping me too
I felt like those plumbers today were His angels...I mean, I am so
ecstatic about the toilet situation right now I feel like ANYTHING is
Seriously...I have been pretty wrapped up in the toilets for a while
It is a Miracle!
Zen & the Art of Toilet maintenance...Has been the healthiest thing I
have done with my mind...
I promise, I am using the most up to date medical imaging labs to study
what calcium phosphate & calcium oxalate(malignant & benign) look
like under a spectral microscope...The new imaging is called spectral
lifetime multiphoton imaging microscopy(SLIM)...It shows the
di!erence of what 2 lumps look like visually online...I compared that
to my own digitally edited photos...This is giving me a baseline to
DIY medicine is here!!! yay! Alot of people will like this!
I'm not saying to avoid allopaths, I'm just saying that there is MORE
that we can do besides just cutting all the time...
I love you very very much & appreciate the delicious Vietnamese soup I
had yesterday...It gave me the strength to get the plumbing decision
made...Love the mint leaves & the lemongrass leaves!!!
That clothing store was great too!
I am fantastic & am in better health than ever in a weird way...
Don't worry...I am good at fixing things...Always have been...Toilets,
cars, toaster ovens, people...
I'm a good mechanic!!! promise!
hugs, Sari