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Rob The Robot Dinosaur Train

he total value of global animation production is expected to experience stunning growth from US$158 billion in 2008 to US$249 billion by 2012 (Digital Vector, April 2009). Today, Singapore is perfectly positioned to carve its share out of this lucrative market over the next few years. As a flourishing centre for animation production, myriad opportunities abound in Singapore for companies looking to create innovative content, and to raise their production techniques to the next level of expertise. Renowned for its skilled workforce, IT infrastructure and strong intellectual property rights protection regime, coupled with its growing reputation as a regional media hub, Singapore is ideal for developing, producing and distributing digital content. Capitalising on these vast opportunities afforded, one of the foremost international companies in the industry, Lucasfilm Animation, took the visionary step to set up a facility in Singapore in 2004 to produce content films, TV and games for a global audience. Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan society, presenting a vast array of multi-cultural and multi-lingual talents. As such, the city has created an array of original made-by-Singapore content primed for the international market. For example, Peach Blossom Media, a Singapore animation studio, has sealed many distinguished international co-production deals over the years. Under its belt are a number of animated TV properties, such as the 2007 Emmy-nominated


Growing Up Creepie, the 2008 Emmy-winning I Got A Rocket, as well as their animation feature LaMB for Sony Pictures which won the 2009 Golden Bell Award for Best Animation. Other Singapore animation success stories include Nanoboy, an animated TV series by Scrawl Studios that has already garnered sales in international territories, and Dinosaur Train, a series co-produced by Sparky Animation and The Jim Henson Company that was a top-rated show on PBS in 2009. Through initiatives such as development grants and co-investment schemes, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) directly supports the evolution of innovative concepts into realised content products in the animation space. These include property from animated pilots and trailers to fulllength animated TV series and feature films. International co-productions are actively supported to encourage foreign players to work with Singapore companies. The following pages are filled with examples of content produced by Singapores unique and creative animation studios. With an infrastructure augmented by the latest in production technology, and a manpower pipeline boasting some of the brightest creative talents in the workforce, Singapore is all set to ride the next wave in the ever-expanding global animation industry.

Singapore Media Fusion

The Singapore Media Fusion strategic positioning encapsulates the attributes of the media industry in showcasing Singapore as a global media city. It is a mark of the quality of our products and services and the collective richness and diversity of the media industry. The positioning not only lends consistency in the manner to which the Singapore media industry is represented and promoted, it is also intended to enhance the image of Singapore media at an international level, in a compelling and coherent manner.

Company Profiles
Chips and Toon Pte Ltd Digisoft Media Pte Ltd Egg Story Creative Production Pte Ltd Infinite Frameworks Pte Ltd Lights and Shadows Pte Ltd Mediafreaks Pte Ltd Omens Studios Pte Ltd One Animation Pte Ltd Peach Blossom Media Pte Ltd Scrawl Studios Pte Ltd Screenbox Pte Ltd Southern Star Singapore Pte Ltd Sparky Animation Pte Ltd ST Electronics (Digital Media) Pte Ltd Tiny Island Productions Pte Ltd 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10

Company Profiles
Educational Institutions
3dsense Media School CG Protege Egg Story Digital Arts School Intense Animation Academy LASALLE College of the Arts Nanyang Polytechnic Nanyang Technological University National University of Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic Orita Sinclair School of Art and New Media Republic Polytechnic Singapore Polytechnic Temasek Polytechnic 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 18

Chips and Toon Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Darran Kuah Director ADDRESS: 3 Pemimpin Drive #04-03 Lip Hing Industrial Building Singapore 576147 TEL: (65) 6356 8265 FAX: (65) 6356 8265 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Chips and Toon is a full-service animation studio that creates content for TV, web, film and publication. The companys works have been well-received at international festival such as Cannes FIlms Festival and FMX Stuttgart. Chips and Toon first original show, Stoneboy is screened at Nickelodean Asia over 14 locations and distributed by their partner, Edebe Audio Visual. The company is currently developing new original contents and is seeking co-production partners for these projects.

Digisoft Media Pte Ltd

Contact person: Joseph C. Koh Managing Director ADDRESS: 9 Jurong Town Hall road, iHUB #02-84 Singapore 609431 TEL: (65) 6560 4321 FAX: (65) 6310 3730 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Digisoft Media is a media technology corporation that is built on innovation and creativity, focusing on the areas of education, entertainment and technology. Since its incorporation, it has worked with clients ranging from educators to entertainers, from preschools to game publishers, while continually developing its own contents and intellectual properties. Its animation studio gathers a team of talents from around the region that has the ability to produce animated TV series, in stages from preproduction, production to post-production.

SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter Singapore Animators Connection 11 11

Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Egg Story Creative Production Pte Ltd

Contact person: Ms Elizabeth Wong Producer ADDRESS: 45 Middle Road Singapore 188954 TEL: (65) 6238 8200 FAX: (65) 6238 8203 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Egg Story is a leading digital animation and effects studio in Asia that combines Hollywoods creative and technical leadership with an international workforce to create, develop and deliver the most challenging of projects. From commercials to films, world-class animation and visual effects, you can expect uncompromising standards for excellence.

Infinite Frameworks Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Freddie Yeo General Manager Mr Greg Chew VP Animation Business Development ADDRESS: 28 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089842 TEL: (65) 6222 7888 FAX: (65) 6227 7557 EMAIL: / WEBSITE: A one-stop post production facility based in Singapore, Infinite Frameworks started its operations in 1997. Located in an approximately 10,000 square foot shop-house unit in the heart of the creative industry, Chinatown; it supports the needs of the advertising, broadcast and film/TV industry both locally and regionally in the areas of broadcast design, 2D and 3D animation, and visual effects. As one of the leading facilities in the region, Infinite Frameworks offers client the best in terms of industry. Its in-house team comprises of 40 talents, credited with awards such as Promax 2000 and Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2000.

Lights and Shadows Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Calvin Tng Director ADDRESS: 17 Bukit Pasoh Road #01-01 Singapore 089831 TEL: (65) 6220 9980 FAX: (65) 6220 9983 EMAIL: WEBSITE: A creative group with different teams that solve unique challenges across many mediums and industries, Lights and Shadows create strong identities that are beamed to the television sets of billions across Asia. Their work is designed to punch strong distinction to network channels by engaging audiences through design, motion graphics, animation and live shoot. They bring characters and their environment to life so that the audiences can see, hear, feel their personalities and at times touch them in physical forms. The characters lives start from the storyboards, encountering many different journeys across many imaginative thoughts and creating happiness when they arrive. They are moulded into different sizes, proportions, colours, shapes, treatments (pencils, water-colour, realistic) and most commonly in 3-dimensional form. Lights and Shadows are motivated through prizes, projects, compliments, feedbacks and friendships.

Mediafreaks Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Aric Lim Accounts Director ADDRESS: 206A Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207739 H/P: 9389 5920 TEL: (65) 6323 3186 FAX: (65) 6323 2960 EMAIL: WEBSITE: A key player in the animation industry in Singapore , Mediafreaks is a new media and 3D animation studio that focuses on working closely with producers, distributors, broadcasters and partners worldwide to produce original television content and high-end animation for broadcast and marketing purposes. Established in 2003, Mediafreaks has since produced hundreds of projects spanning from animated cartoon series to television commercials to CGI for documentaries to medical and architectural visualisation work.

Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Omens Studios Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Tang Chi Sim Managing Director ADDRESS: 777A North Bridge Road Singapore 198745 TEL: (65) 6297 6020 FAX: (65) 6297 9509 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Omens Studios is a boutique animation studio that provides top quality concept development and CG production services to international clients. Their projects range from game cinematics and TV commercials to film and TV series. They also develop and produce original content, and are currently co-producing titles with local and overseas studios. The studio is headed by two founders, each based in Singapore and Los Angeles respectively.

One Animation Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Phillip Stamp Co-Founder & Executive Producer ADDRESS: 302 Tanglin Road, Blk K & L Phoenix Park Office Campus Singapore 247971 TEL: (65) 9118 6002 / (65) 6423 9516 FAX: (65) 6222 8916 EMAIL: WEBSITE: One Animation is an independent 3D Animation and Visual Effects Studio founded by professionals with over 40 years of experience worldwide. One Animation merges A-list experience and the ability to produce quality at a lower cost for both film and television series. The philosophy is to combine talent, experience and leading technology to deliver world-class CG Imagery. One Animation is uniquely positioned in Singapore to access the best regional and global talent. The company produces original content, as well as service A-List Contracts from around the world. One Animations first 3D animated television series is Rob the Robot.

Peach Blossom Media Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Sung Lingun CEO & Creative Director ADDRESS: 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #04-16 Entrepreneur Business Centre Singapore 415978 TEL: (65) 6742 8332 FAX: (65) 6742 1337 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Peach Blossom Media is the leading animation studio in Singapore. Our original pre-school shows have aired in more than 40 territories and on channels such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Taoshu was the first Singaporean animation to receive the prestigious iParenting Award, and has become Singapores favourite homegrown animation series. Having enjoyed great success and popularity among kids worldwide, the adventures of Taoshu has now expanded into publishing and merchandising. 2009 saw the debut of the colourful sing-along adventure Olive & the Rhyme Rescue Crew, and the uniquely designed fable-based Shapes, sold to many countries in Europe, Asia and the US. Their animation feature, LaMB for Sony Pictures won the 2009 Golden Bell award for Best Animation, the most prestigious award in Chinese language TV. They are currently producing, XOL, a boys comedy action series, scheduled for release this 2010. A show where action, comedy, and extreme jeopardy makes this a mustsee show of the year.

Scrawl Studios Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Seng Choon Meng CEO ADDRESS: 1008 Toa Payoh North #02-05 Singapore 318996 Tel: (65) 6225 0910 FAX: (65) 6250 6170 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Founded in 2002 and a pioneer in Singapores animation scene, Scrawl Studios is an award-winning content provider specialising in animated digital entertainment for television and new media as well as full service 2D/3D animation production. The 70-staff company, with offices in Singapore and Suzhou, China, also manages the intellectual property rights of its character brands for the purpose of worldwide licensing and merchandising. Well-versed in international co-productions, Scrawl Studios has established a track record of creating and producing quality animation products sold to broadcasters around the world and working with some of the best names in childrens entertainment. Among the studios works are series such as The New Adventures of Nanoboy, Milly Molly and Clang Invasion and Silly Bitty Bunny.

Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Screenbox Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Sujimy Mohamad Executive Producer ADDRESS: 1 Bukit Batok Cresent, #09-56 WCEGA Plaza Singapore 658064 TEL: (65) 6324 2463 FAX: (65) 6324 0679 EMAIL: WEBSITE: ScreenBox Pte Ltd has established itself as a main player in the TV-making industry in Singapore. Started in 1999, ScreenBox has grown to specialise in producing quality information and documentary programmes for television. Over 8 years of operations, ScreenBox has produced over 45 television series for Channel NewsAsia, MediaCorp TV12 Pte Ltd and the Media Media Development Development Authority Authority of ofSingapore Singapore(for (MDA) both local 5 of and regional which won international content) 5 of awards which at won the international 34th & 35th awards Annual at U.S. the 34th & Film & 35th Video Annual Festival U.S. in Film Year& 2000/2001 Video Festival and inthe Year Phoenix 2000/2001 Awards. and the In addition, Phoenix4Awards. of ScreenBoxs In addition, TV programmes 4 of ScreenBoxs have TV also programmes won local have also awards forwon Bestlocal Documentary/Information awards for Best Documentary/Information Category affirming Category the soundfoundation affirming the of their sound productions. foundation of their productions. Recently, ScreenBox together with MDA, produced international programmes including an animation series titled Nadims World, a documentary titled The Peddlers of Asia, current affairs programmes such as The Million-Makers, Explore Middle East, and FUSEAN for Channel NewsAsia.

Southern Star Singapore Pte Ltd

Contact person: Ms Jacqueline Chan General Manager ADDRESS: 122 Middle Road #03-04 Midlink Plaza Singapore 188973 TEL: (65) 6337 0083 FAX: (65) 6337 0032 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Southern Star Singapore is an affiliated company of Southern Star Entertainment which in turn is part of the Endemol Group. Endemol is the worlds largest independent television and digital production company with over 80 companies in 26 countries that annually produce over 40,000 hours of content for over 400 broadcasters and platforms. Endemol is also one of the worlds major distributors of television programming. Since its inception in 2004 as a 3D/mixed media studio, Southern Star Singapore has been committed to producing first class content for the international market. In conjunction with Southern Star Entertainment, its output has included such high end, innovative animation programming as, The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and Bananas In Pyjamas as well as the animated components for leading pre-school series ,Hi-5 and RAGGS. In 2009, Southern Star Singapore broadened its activities to include live action drama when it combined with NDR, Germany and Southern Star Entertainment to co-produce the internationally acclaimed, 26 x half hour tween series, a gURLs wURLd.

Sparky Animation Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Wong Kok Cheong Co-CEO Mr Robert Skinner Director, Business Development ADDRESS: 12 New Industrial Road #08-00 Morningstar Centre Singapore 536202 TEL: (65) 6281 0790 FAX: (65) 6281 7613 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Sparky Animation is one of Singapores largest animated content companies. Run by a highly experienced production and management team boasting Hollywood credentials, the company has a portfolio that includes multiple Theatrical Features, DirectTo-DVD And TV Series. Some of Sparkys work can be seen on Mr. Moon on Playhouse Disney, Dinosaur Train on PBS, Zigby on ABC Australia, NBC Qubo Bands 321 Penguins and many others. Sparky is always on the lookout for new kids properties to develop and market. The company also boasts a CGI studio that has produced some of the best animated titles coming out of the South East Asian region.

ST Electronics (Digital Media) Pte Ltd

Contact person: Mr Chua Woo VP - OPS ADDRESS: 24 Ang Mo Kio Street 65, Block D, Level 4 Singapore 569061 TEL: (65) 6413 1302 FAX: (65) 6482 4651 EMAIL: WEBSITE: ST Electronics (Digital Media) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd. As the animation and games arm of ST Electronics, it continues to progress towards becoming a world-class studio, with capabilities across the full spectrum, from investment, production, IP exploitation to distribution in the digital media domain. Building on the strong foundation of the parent companys expertise and capabilities in simulation and state-of-the-art graphics, the company delivers high-quality productions with cost effectiveness and efficiency, making it a leader in the international Digital Media arena. ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Electronics.

Company Profiles

Organisation Profiles

Tiny Island Productions Pte Ltd

Contact person: Ms Sharon Tan Director, Business Development ADDRESS: Blk H and Blk E 141 Redhill Road Singapore 158828 TEL: (65) 6473 9937 Fax: (65) 6795 4961 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Tiny Island Productions develops and produces original properties in partnership with international broadcasters and producers. With a full-service CG production studio facility that provides outsourcing services for international clients, they are experienced in spearheading productions from conceptualisation to final production. The management, creative team and panel of advisers have an excellent track record in the areas of production setup, production pipeline design, production skills and manpower resource development and production management for many major pioneering projects for both local and foreign clients.

SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter

Contact person: Dr Susanto Rahardja President ADDRESS: ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter c/o Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR 1 Fusionopolis Way, #21-01 Connexis (South Tower) TEL: (65) 6408 2728 FAX: (65) 6467 1387 EMAIL: WEBSITE: The society, run exclusively by volunteers, was established in March 1998 to promote computer graphics in Singapore and its region. It is an interdisciplinary community interested in research, technology, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Members include developers and users from the technical, academic, business, and art communities. The Chapter is operated exclusively for educational, scientific and artistic purposes. Its objects are: 1. To promote an increased knowledge of and interest in the educational, scientific and artistic aspects and applications of modern computing in computer graphics. 2. To provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in computer graphics. 3. To support activities complementary to the ACM, SIGGRAPH, and other ACM and SIGGRAPH activities in Singapore. We organise events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and courses, and serves as a resource centre for up-to-date information on the technologies, related events and links.

Singapore Animators Connection

Contact person: Mr David Kwok Chairman ADDRESS: Blk H and Blk E 141 Redhill Road #01-24 Singapore 158828 EMAIL: WEBSITE: The Singapore Animators Connection (SAC) is a consultative body that handles matters concerning 3D animation in Singapore. Over the years, SAC has been working in close collaboration with the Singapore animation institutions, related bodies and people from the industry to promote the Singapore 3D animation industry. SAC looks into the concerns of Singaporean 3D artists and others residing here. Currently, the club has about 300 members, including Singaporean members based in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, the UK, the US and Canada.



Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

3dsense Media School

Contact person: Mr Justin Chua Marketing Manager ADDRESS: 1 Selegie Road #04-01 Paradiz Centre Singapore 188306 TEL: (65) 6339 9455 FAX: (65) 6339 9775 EMAIL: WEBSITE: 3dsense Media School immerses students in a creative environment that is focused on producing results in the real world. It utilises teaching methodologies that emphasise on fundamental knowledge and project-oriented learning necessary to build strong foundations. The cutting-edge, high-quality animation demo reels created by the students is a testament to their application abilities, and demonstrate the dedication of the highly qualified lecturers. The School offers Professional Certification Programmes in various media disciplines that are endorsed by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). 3dsense also maintains a CG web portal and together with SIGGRAPH Singapore, has been organising the annual COMGRAPH Asia-Pacific Digital Art and Animation Competition.

CG Protege
Contact person: Mr David Kwok Managing Director ADDRESS: Block H and Block E 141 Redhill Road #01-24 Singapore 158828 TEL: (65) 6473 7502 FAX: (65) 6795 4961 EMAIL: WEBSITE: CG Protege is a quality provider of WSQ accredited training programmes recognised by the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore. Training is administered by Tiny Island Productions and a team of industry veterans and trainers who have a successful track record in grooming and preparing artists to join the pool of production-ready talents. CG Protege past graduates have found positions working on television and film projects for both local and international animation and visual effects studios like Big Communications, Lights & Shadows, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Mikoishi Studios, Real U Singapore, Sparky Animation, ST Electronics (Digital Media), Double Negative Visual Effects, Weta Productions and etc.

Egg Story Digital Arts School

Contact person: Mr Chris Tan General Manager ADDRESS: Egg Story Center 45 Middle Road, Singapore 188954 TEL: (65) 6238 8202 FAX: (65) 6238 8203 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Incorporated in January 2007, Egg Story Digital Arts School (ESDA) is a unique blend of local and international academics and practitioners who share a common vision: to hone and nurture tomorrows digital artists, content creators, and agents-of-change. ESDA is appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as a Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre to help develop a strong talent pool that the media industry can tap into to build their workforce. As an entity of Egg Story Creative Production (ESCP) ESDA builds upon the technology, digital content, and Hollywood affiliations afforded by its parent company. Offering real-world, cutting-edge training in the fields of Digital Art, Animation and Visual Effects, our curriculum primes students to experience the rigors of professional studios while developing their abilities to their fullest potential. Together with a strong body of management, with academic and professional advisors from Hollywood, ESDA is passionate about transforming the animation and training scene in Singapore and the region. ESDA is committed to stimulating ordinary students to achieve extraordinary accomplishments, as the goal is not only to identify talents, but to transform ordinary people into extraordinary and talented individuals.

Intense Animation Academy

Contact person: Mr Tony Sealy Managing Director ADDRESS: 12 Prince Edward Road, Bestway Building Podium B #03-04 Singapore 079212 TEL: (65) 6327 8525 FAX: (65) 6327 4383 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Intense Animation Academy is Singapores premier commercial 3D animation training facility. Established in 2004, Intense offers two 12-month Diplomas alongside specific Professional Certificate courses in modeling, character animation and VFX. All students graduate with an individual portfolio of work and Diploma students qualify for additional professional training within the Intense production department. The large number of Intense graduates currently employed in the professional industry is testament to the high standard of training we offer. Intenses curriculum and software platforms are constantly updated to meet the demands of the professional industry. The Academy is part of Intense Animation Studio.



Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

LASALLE College of the Arts

Contact person: Ms Mah Yen Ling Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications ADDRESS: 1 McNally Street Singapore 187940 TEL: (65) 6496 5000 FAX: (65) 6496 5353 EMAIL: WEBSITE: LASALLE College of the Arts provides tertiary arts education within a practice-led learning environment that reflects the collaborative and interactive processes inherent in artistic practice. The Faculty of Media Arts curriculum provides the academic framework for undergraduate programmes in a range of areas of specialisation, appropriate to existing and emerging media art practices and creative industries. It aspires to provide the local and international community with graduates of enhanced ability, knowledge and diversity of experience, particularly in the skills of communication, teamwork, problem solving, creative endeavour, and presentation of original work. The programmes emphasise collaborative and interdisciplinary modes of teaching and learning, which are responsive to the professional standards in the creative industries, and encourage active engagement with cultural and communicative forms and practices.

Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive and Digital Media

Contact person: Mr Daniel Tan Director, School of Interactive and Digital Media ADDRESS: Nanyang Polytechnic, 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Singapore 569830 TEL: (65) 6550 0021 FAX: (65) 6451 2450 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive Digital Media (IDM), a pioneer in animation and games education and development in Singapore for more than 15 years, currently offers full-time courses in Animation, Games Design, Interactive Media & Interaction Design, Digital Entertainment Technology, Digital Visual Effects and Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design. It also offers a 6-month parttime specialist diploma in Games Development with specialisation in Playstation 3 console and PSP game design and development. SIDM is the only education institution in Asia that has set up a Games Resource Centre with Sony Computer Entertainment and a Visual Effects studio with Side Effects Software Inc (AP). In true testament to the quality of the animation programs, our students have won numerous awards including the Public Award for Be Film School at the Lyon Asian Film Festival France and Best International Student Film at the ASIFA Celebration of Animation Day in Mumbai, India. Our graduates have also found their way into Ringling, Cal Art, AAU, CMU and many other top universities.

Nanyang Technological University School of Computer Engineering

Contact person: Professor Seah Hock Soon Director, gameLAB ADDRESS: Nanyang Technological University N4-B1b-13 Singapore 639798 TEL: (65) 6790 0375 FAX: (65) 6792 6559 EMAIL: WEBSITE: gameLAB was established in 2004 as a research and development entity to exploit the growing opportunities in harnessing computer game technology for both entertainment and serious applications. While games continue to thrive on the rapid advancement in computer hardware and software technologies, gameLABs mission is to discover new frontiers in gaming through R&D and the generation of creative game designs. With close collaboration with its industry partners, gameLAB positions itself as the R&D body that value-adds to industry-academia chain by deploying game technology in previously unperceived uses. Undergraduate and post-graduate students can find opportunities to work in gameLAB through the commercially sponsored projects or conduct research under the supervision of faculty staff from the University. They get direct access to the industrys key game developers and most innovative users of game technology.

National University of Singapore

Communications and New Media Programme Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences ADDRESS: National University of Singapore Blk AS6, #03-41, 11 Computing Drive Singapore 117416 TEL: (65) 6516 4670 FAX: (65) 6779 4911 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Department of Computer Science School of Computing ADDRESS: National University of Singapore 3 Science Drive 2 Singapore 117543 TEL: (65) 6874 2726 FAX: (65) 6779 7465 EMAIL: WEBSITE: National University of Singapore (NUS) is a comprehensive university offering a broad-based curriculum underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment. NUS offers courses and undertakes research related to games and interactive media under the Communications and New Media Programme, available in both the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing. The Communications and New Media Programme at NUS trains students to participate in interactive digital media research, scholarship, and commercial development. The multi-disciplinary programme emphasises human-computer interaction and design, with a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Graduates from this programme are employed as designers of interactive media, games, and entertainment for such companies as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, SonoPort, and the Singapore Army. The Department of Computer Sciences Bachelor degree in Communications and Media aims to train students in the technological underpinnings of interactive media and games technologies as well as the required skills of games and media design and content creation tempered with a proper understanding of the social sciences. The two programmes work in close collaboration to train students for the interactive media and games industries, and to pursue research in these areas. Graduates from NUS are employed in the games industry in companies such as Electronic Arts.



Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Infocomm Technology

Contact person: Mr Agus Rahardja Course Manager ADDRESS: 535 Clementi Road, School of InfoComm Technology, Singapore 599489 TEL: (65) 6460 8207 FAX: (65) 6469 0490 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is one of Singapores leading institutions of higher learning. It offers a total of 47 full-time diploma courses through its eight academic schools. NP offers students a holistic learning experience through the Ngee Ann Learning Model, which emphasises balanced and broad-based education. The School of InfoComm Technology (ICT) is a recognised leader in providing quality IT and Interactive Digital Media (IDM) education. Established in 1982, ICT has a reputation of delivering holistic IT & IDM education that is technology-driven, fun and yet empowered to provide design and business solutions that are highly creative. ICT offers four full-time diplomas Information Technology, Financial Informatics, Multimedia & Animation (MMA), and Animation & 3D Arts (A3DA). MMA and A3DA are practice-oriented courses that provide strong and balanced foundation in the art and design, storytelling and animation, and offer specialisation options in Game Art & Design, Character Animation and 3D Arts.

Orita Sinclair School of Art and New Media

Contact person: John Tan Director ADDRESS: 12A Pahang Street Singapore 198613 TEL: (65) 6398 0372 FAX: (65) 6398 0276 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Orita Sinclair School of Art and New Media provides its students with the opportunity to excel in a career in the Visual Arts, such as computer graphics animation, classical (cartoon) animation, video production and editing, graphic design, interactive and web design through its Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and short courses in New Media Art and Design Communication. The courses fulfill the needs of todays growing industry of media and design professionals whose ambition is to use technology to create and develop content. The School has established a strong curriculum that creates opportunities for technical, conceptual and creative development. Graduates from the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses can gain advanced standing and direct admission into the degree courses offered by Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and James Cook University, Australia.

Republic Polytechnic School of Technology for the Arts

Contact person: Dr Victor Valbuena Director ADDRESS: 9 Woodlands Ave 9 Singapore 738964 TEL: (65) 9105 2322 FAX: (65) 6415 1310 EMAIL: WEBSITE: The School of Technology for the Arts offers five diploma courses focusing on the creation of media arts content through the use, application, extension, and experimentation with new technology. These diplomas New Media, Sonic Arts, Technology and Arts Management, Game Design, and Design for Interactivity prepare students for work in the creative media industries, including film and animation, games, graphic design, technical theatre, sound design and music production, arts management, and interdisciplinary arts. Classes are delivered by qualified staff with post-graduate degrees and award-winning work experience in industry and the performing arts, in state-of-the-art teaching and production facilities.

Singapore Polytechnic School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology

Contact person: Ms Wendy Lee Keng Hoe Deputy Director ADDRESS: School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology Singapore Polytechnic, 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651 TEL: (65) 6772 1900 FAX: (65) 6779 7912 EMAIL: WEBSITE: A school that offers diplomas in Digital Animation, Digital Media, Music & Audio Technology, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, and Information Technology with a specialisation in programming for game development.



Educational Institutions

Temasek Polytechnic Temasek Design School

Contact person: Mr Moses Wong Chiat Chang Director Mr Eric Koh Cheok Howe Deputy Director ADDRESS: 21 Tampines Avenue 1 Singapore 529757 TEL: (65) 6780 5133 FAX: (65) 6789 8165 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Temasek Polytechnic is the first polytechnic in Singapore to offer courses in design. The Temasek Design School is well-recognised in the local and international arena as an award-winning design institution. It is a comprehensive design school offering eight 3-year full-time diplomas in design & media. Students from the school have won many prestigious international and local competitions; and their alumni comprises notable and accomplished practitioners in the creative industries. The school offers 2 game and media related programmes. The Diploma in Interactive Media Design offers a broad-based curriculum covering areas in foundation design studies, creative conceptualising, interface design, interaction design & application, multimedia technology and project management. The Diploma in Moving Images offers 2 options in Animation (2D & 3D) and Video. It offers a broad-based curriculum covering areas in foundation design studies and drawing, creative story development and conceptualisation, technical skills and professional practice. It is the first course in the region to embrace high definition (HD) with the use of high-end equipment from cameras down to editing and post-production suites. The school collaborates closely with the industry and our partners through its Centre for Design Innovation, in areas of applied research and consultancy.



Disclaimer: The content of this brochure is provided for informational purposes only and is correct as of June 2010. The information found within has been collated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) in good faith. Whilst MDA has undertaken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information, to the fullest extent permitted by law, MDA does not warrant and hereby disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, correctness, reliability, timeliness, non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of the information in the brochure. 21

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Disclaimer: The content of this brochure is provided for informational purposes only and is correct as of March 2007. The information found within has been collated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) in good faith. Whilst MDA has undertaken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information, to the fullest extent permitted by law, MDA does not warrant and hereby disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, correctness, reliability, timeliness, non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of the information in the brochure.