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SECRETS OF AMERICA This article was written by a retired U.S. Judge f r the !ur! se f e"!

sing the fraudulent and illegal syste#. It sh ws us h w t ut f c urts as a defendant. The C urts $% u !r bably identify with this COR&ORATE &ROCESS as 'E(A' &ROCESS but it really isn)t ab ut what is legal r lawful because all !r cess is ab ut the enf rce#ent f CO*TRACTS r the i#! siti n and enf rce#ent f COR&ORATE RE(U'ATIO*S called STATUTES. The best ad+ice y u will e+er recei+e is t , A-OI. T/EIR COURTS 0/E*E-ER &OSSI1'E. There is *O 2ustice t be f und in th se C urts unless y u are a #e#ber f the -atican3 the R yal r Elite4 r ha+e !urchased .i!l #atic I##unity5 $ $The nly C nstituti nal C urt in A#erica is the Internati nal C urt f Trades4 which was created because n F reign *ati n ( +ern#ent w uld Trade with the C r! rate United States4 until they !r +ided a way f r these F reign *ati ns t enf rce their Trade Agree#ents with A#erica.$ $The !seud Judges f these !seud C urts ha+e *O ! wers with ut the C nsent f b th the &laintiff and the .efendant. 6A*.7 In e+ery case the Judge #ust deter#ine that he has C nsent3 &ers na# and Sub2ect Matter Jurisdicti n bef re he can act r access the Cesta 8ue Trust. $ The Cesta 8ue Trust is an acc unt y u inherited due t the ban9ru!tcy f the U.S. in :;<< and the subse=uent ceasing f all the citi>ens g ld4 sil+er and ther assets as c llateral. This acc unt c ntains #illi ns f d llars in y ur na#e. The nly !r ble# is that the g +ern#ent and legal syste# failed t inf r# y u ab ut it and h w t access y ur # ney. In the #eanti#e4 they are drawing d wn n it f r their wn !ers nal use and as !ay#ent t the -atican and the English cr wn. $It is the funds c ntained in this CESTA 8UE TRUST that the Judge4 Cler9 and C unty &r secut r are really after r interested in5 This Trust actually !ays all f y ur debts but n b dy tells y u that because the Elite c nsider th se assets t be their !r !erty and the Federal Reser+e Syste# is res! nsible f r the #anage#ent f th se In+est#ents.$ $S cial Security3 SSI3 SS.3 Medicare and Medicaid are all financed by the Trust. The g +ern#ent #a9es y u !ay TA?ES and a ! ti n f y ur wages su!! sedly t !ay f r these ser+ices4 which they can b rr w at any ti#e f r any reas n since they cann t access the CESTA 8UE TRUST t finance their 0ars r t bail ut 0all Street and their !atr n C r! rati ns.$ $% u #ay recei+e a # nthly state#ent fr # a M rtgage C #!any3 ' an C #!any r Utility C #!any4 which usually has already been !aid by the TRUST. Al# st all f these c r! rate businesses d uble di! and h !e that y u ha+e been c nditi ned well en ugh by their Credit Sca#s4 t !ay the# a sec nd ti#e. Instead f !aying that State#ent ne"t ti#e4 sign it a!!r +ed and #ail it bac9 t the#. If they then c ntact y u ab ut !ay#ent4

as9 the# t send y u a TRUE 1I'' instead f a State#ent and y u will be glad t !ay it@ A State#ent d cu#ents what was due and !aid4 whereas a TRUE 1I'' re!resents nly what is due. 1an9s and Utility C #!anies ha+e direct access int these Cesta 8ue Trusts and all they needed was y ur na#e3 s cial security nu#ber and signature.$ Cri#inal 'aw $There are *O Cri#inal 'aws in A#erica because Cri#inal 'aws w uld i#!ly that the C r! rate United States ( +ern#ent are S +ereign that ha+e abs lute ! wer +er all li+ing4 flesh and bl d A#ericans4 which f c urse is n t true because a c r! rati n is a ficti n and theref re cann t be S +ereign. Man is S +ereign and is in c ntr l f his wn destiny and ne day he will finally wa9e u! and reali>e this t be true5 There is h we+er Cri#inal C ntracts being enf rced against us and with ur C nsent4 which are surre!titi usly called, Cri#inal Statutes. Our C nsent has been btained by the# +isa +ie ur silence and failure t act r !r test4 which under law is defined as, Tacit &r curati n.$ $Ae.g.B Tacit &r curati n, If s #e ne accuses y u f theft in writing and y u fail t res! nd r deny th se allegati ns in writing4 y ur failure t deny r act is c nsidered an ad#issi n f guilt5 A rB % u recei+e a 1ill f r g ds r ser+ices that y u ne+er rdered r recei+ed4 and y u fail t deny th se allegati ns4 y ur #issi n re!resents the truth f the #atter4 which i#! ses an bligati n t !ay5 C llecti n c #!anies fre=uently use Tacit &r curati n t establish indebtedness t the# n a discharged debt they had !urchased fr # s #e c r! rate business.$ If y u get a citati n Atraffic4 c de +i lati n4 etc.B d nCt sweat it. The c urt is in+iting y u t gi+e the c urt 2urisdicti n. % u ha+e < days t si#!ly write n the tic9et $I d n t acce!t this ffer t c ntract and I d n t c nsent t these !r cedures.$ Ser+e this t the Cler9 f C urt with a Certificate f Ser+ice. See Full Article f r details. $This 9ills the CITATIO*3 re# +es y ur CO*SE*T and re# +es the JURIS.ICTIO* f the C urt4 all at the sa#e ti#e. It really is that si#!le5 $ Su## ns and 'awsuits $A #illi n d llar lawsuit is n different than a CITATIO* and b th can be cancelled5 /ard t belie+e4 isn)t it@ . es y ur lawyer 9n w ab ut this@ % u bet he d es but he is n t !er#itted t e#barrass the C urt and besides4 C urt is where he #a9es his # ney5$ .i+ rce There is a sh rtcut by g ing t &uert Rica4 which is still under S!anish 'aw. % u can file with n tificati n f y ur s! use4 use a legal assistant4 and in < days ha+e a di+ rce degree t ser+e t y ur n w e". F recl sure $If y u are in+ l+ed in a FOREC'OSURE r y u are thin9ing ab ut filing f r

1A*DRU&TC% !r tecti n t buy y u # re ti#e4 instead f trying t defeat the c rru!t 1an9 and y ur Credit rs in a State r Federal C urt4 where the cards are certainly stac9ed against y u4 !lan t file f r 1A*DRU&TC% and d it this way4 t insure that y u c #e ut n t !5$ File f r ban9ru!tcy y urself at a c st f EFGH. 'ist y ur 1irth Certificate as an asset. Research and list the a!!r !riate nu#ber t identify it. This will f rce the 2udge t a!! int an att rney Afree t y uB t !ay all f y ur debts ut f y ur Cesta 8ue Trust4 as described ab +e. Any f the E Milli ns left after debt !ay#ents will be refunded t y u5 F r # re inf r#ati n and the actual d cu#ents t s l+e the ab +e issues Can all be f und in Tarha9a Archi+es T gain !er#anent access t the # st c #!rehensi+e &ri+ate 'ibrary in A#erica clic9 /ere htt!,IIwww.tarha9aarchi+es.c #I F r su!! rt call Tarha9a J;HKL<H<L;HM: