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INSPIRE 2014 A Materials Engineering Perspective

Introduction of the Institute Nature of Internship (project-based or lab-rotation) Work description (Project-Based) Work description (Lab Rotation) Methods and Materials Flow diagram Advantages and disadvantages Your Experience Advantages of internship

Introduction of the Industry/Facility

Name of the industry/facility General information Labs, machinery, materials Processes going on, objectives Work environment, safety measures Certification, if any

Nature of Internship
Project-based internships
If you worked as a part of a project and helped in a industrial process, R&D work or product manufacturing

Work rotation/supervision/administrative
If you underwent organizing processes or administrative work during the time of your internship in the work place and learnt different techniques

Work Description (Project-Based Internship)

Abstract of the Project Problem Statement/purpose of manufacturing Background and related processes/research performed previously in the same area Principal Investigator/Head of the Project Facilities, machinery, equipment, you used to carry out processes Current situation/phase of the project Time line of the Project Impact of the Project Starting and completion date of your internship

Work Description (Work Rotation/Administrative)

Facilities of the industry/facility where you interned Techniques you performed or were given a demonstration of Machinery, equipment and processes you used or learnt to use Your supervisor Starting and completion date of your internship

Materials, Methods and Gear

Basic principles and techniques Machinery and processes used and their involvement in in your product manufacturing/research What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the problems/hazards? How are they overcome?

Flow Diagram
Describe the steps of your entire processes/analysis in flow chart Order of steps Depict complete picture Be comprehensive and easy to understand

Plant/Industry Activities
Product manufacturing Product/material testing Material refining Plant/Industry/facility environment challenges

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of the techniques used Justifications of each advantages and disadvantages Suggested improvements

Your Experience
What were the tasks assigned to you? How did you manage them? What was your basic learning?

Advantages of Internship
Advantages of your internship Technical and non-technical lessons learned How it helps to impart professionalism in someones personality Develop the relation between course work and lab work