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Inspire 2014 A Mechanical Engineering Perspective

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Objective; Company Profile; Work Description; Technical questions; General questions;

01: Objective
Briefly describe the objective of your internship (State whether your internship was General or Project Based)

02: Company profile

Name of the company; Departments; Organogram of Technical Section; Products / Services; Subsidiaries; ISO and other Certification;

03: Work Description

State your sub department/s (e.g. design, inspection, maintenance etc.). Also state the level of technology and process used there and compare it to a state-of-art department.
Work description

Project based Internship

General Type Internship

Sub department; Project Objective; Starting and completion date; Equipment/Software used in the department and their level of up gradation; Describe office/workshop environments; Findings/ final results of project; Cost analysis of the complete project; Project Supervisor comments on your work;

(For Project based internship)

How your project proved to be beneficial for the company, Reports,

Explain the work organogram of your respective sub department i.e. the types of tasks and jobs being done there and the flow of tasks from head of the department to a simple mechanic and vice versa; Different machinery/ software used in the department and their level of up gradation. Work assignments / Reports; Describe office/workshop environments; Explain in detail the safety and environmental standards being followed, Your supervisor comments about your professional approach, Note : Explain all of the above points for all the Sub departments you worked in during internship.

(For General Type Internship

04: Technical Questions

List the level of technical expertise and different processes being used in areas like design, inspection, maintenance, piping, Turbomachinery, thermo fluids etc. ; State the flaws and shortcoming you find in the department w.r.t technical knowledge and processes and how you can improve them to increase company efficiency; State the factory floor hazards which workers faces during work and the preventive measures that the company has taken;

05: General Questions

What were your duties during internship? How you managed them? List few advantages of doing internship; List technical and non-technical lessons learned; How it helps to impart professionalism in someone personality; Explain the difference between class room learning and factory floor learning- how similar, how different; What management qualities you feel are necessary for an engineer;