.. •  
--. .......
li P. RARY
Ervin FBI Investigate Hoov
Copyright 1973 Tht Harvard Crlrn$on, Inc.
Cubans linked to Watergate may have
burglarized the home of and oossibly killed J.
Edgar Hoover last year, a 'source close to
federal investigations has told The Crimson.
The so_urce, who has given affidavits to the
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ervin
Committee, said at least two others familiar
with the Cuban underground have given the
same testimony when interviewed hy the
probe'rs between August and November.
The break-ins were allegedly directed by G.
Gordon Liddy and carried out by Cubans
working under Felipe De Diego, who par-
ticipated in the burglary of the Ellsberg
psychiatric fi lf'.s ;Jnd in the first Watcrgatt!
bugging attempt.
Hoover died on May 1, 1972. in the midst of
mounting disputes with the White House. Th!:
cause of death was listed as "hypertensive
cardio-vascular disease."

:,YOLUME CLVlii, No. 46
DcDiego admitted. and then denied. that a
burglary of Hoover's apar tment had taken
place. ·
In a cmwersati0n with this reporter in mid-
August. De Diego-a forlller CIA agent
facing indictment for the Ellsberg burglary-
first confirmed that he knew of the Hoover
"I am under my lawyers' instructions that I
should tell nothing." OeDicgo said. He added,
however, that he hoped he would be in a
position to " talk about evErything" within two
In response to a question as to who might
say something in the. meantime about the
Hoover break-in. DeDiego named Humberto
Lop_ez and Jaime Ferrer, both of Miami.
Neither could be reached for comment.
When the repot;ter asked DcDiego to
confirm that the two were associated with the
Hoover break-in and not the Ellsbcrg or
burglaries , DeDiego stated, " Yes,
Critnson: To make sure ·
we're refetTing to the same
thing, they [the two
Cubans] 'vith the
Hoover break-in and not
the Ells berg or the first
Watergate break-in, right?
DeDiego: Yes, they were
involved in that raid.
l£xcc-rpt of August 2J phone conversation
between Felipe De Diego. a participant in :he
El/sberx psychiatrist burglary. and Mark. C.
they were

the <ICCOI.
of ::. ny br
He add
\\•ere rcc•
" trouble"
staten,cn t
The M
night in r
hear tht: J
A sourc
1he past !
trjing ·to i;
in order
lawyers t'
dictment l
fidavits tc
assndate c

.... II.""

.. .. . .. { ,. l f'l
J J H . · ....

. J ' I , ·._,
'\ .• _J. ..1..L _L1. -'---- ..
.. n q p ! _.
} Saw
Men ·. . ' .J1 Power Cutbacks Likely Th
Putttng Stolen .J!rt \! : -- ,l -;---,....,.,. .. . .. · _·
Into Waiti.ng Car 1     Heat J
1 f 1 / 1 (_) /
B} STEVEN M •. LtlXX:NSERG . t \. J TL -  
ahl,· l·l cl i•. tri h u tr tnt; J:,c.: r t •l rh-c f-,: , ..... r.
l /1
: l
I ,
1 admitted. ancl then denied. that a
of Hoover's apartment · had taken
NOV 1973 .
FBI Investigate Hoover Death
wnrcrsalion with this reporter in mid-
' DcDiego-a former CIA agent
indictment for the Ellsberg burglary-
nfirmcd that he knew of the Hoover
under my lawyers' instructions that I
tell nothing." De Diego said. He added.
r . that he hoped he would be in .a
to "talk about everything" within two
ponse to a question as to who might
1ething in the. meantime about the
  DeDiego named Humberto
and Jaime Ferrer, both of Miami.
could be for comment.
l t he reporter asked De Diego to
the two were associated with the
llreak-in and not the Ellsberg or
te burglaries, DeDiego stated, "Yes,
,; l.• ""
Crimson: To make sure
we're referring to the same
thing, they[ the two .
Cubans] w·ere with the
Hoover break-in and not
the Ells berg or the first
Watergate break-in, right?

De Diego: Yes, they were
involved in that raid.
(Excerpt qf' August 23 phone com•ersation
bC'IweC'n Felipe De Diego, a participam in thP
El/sbcrg psychiatrist burglary. and Mark C.
Frazier. )

the-y were in volved in tha t raid."
DcDiego asserted yesterday, however, that
the account of the August conversati on was
· "completely wrong." and "I don't know
. of any break-in."
lie added that all his phone conversations
were recorded and tha t there would be ·
"trouble" if The Crimson's version of his
statements was incorrect.
The Miami Herald unsuccessful' last
night in r eachi ng DcDi eso with a rcquesr . to
hear the Augus t tape.
A source who had workf'd with DeDiego in
the pas t said that DeDiego may have been
· trying to invent stories of crimes last summer
in order to pe1·suade Justice Department
lawye rs to grant him immunity from in-
dictment for the Ellsberg bu:·gJary.
Among the claims brought out in the af.
fidavits to the Ervin Committee, a past
associate of E. Howard Hunt said, was that
(continued on page 6.'
. ,
. . . itJll
Fl'f:TFF.N ,... .... . .  



f '





-· .,
. . t '.:
. •' .



q ,,
. .. In
. .,
• f .. .. ... ,
... , . 1 •
r :
- - -- •• v ul uunomgs eal \ -: ·J as fire
wrougn tllree vacant triple decker houses, an auto body shop :uL a broom and
brush factory building in East Boston .
The general alarm blaze. combined with two other ftres around the city, emptied
Boston fire houses. Suburban fire departments covered Boston on a mutual aid basis.
Fire Chief George Paul estimated damage at 5175,000 .
(continued from page 1)
DeDiego a.1d at least t'No co:workers
registered in a Washington, D.C., Holiday
Inn two days before Hoover's death under
false names.
A further suspicious occurrence, he
said, was the appearance of DeDiego and
ten confederates at the funeral of Hoover
several days later. In televised hearings
before the Watergate committee this
September, Hunt said the Cubans were
"protecting" Hoover's body from
protesters, but could not explain why the
Committee to Re-Elect the President paid
. to provide the ;;crvice.
• The first alleged break-in took place in
!ate winter of 1972 to retrieve
that were thought to be used as potential
blackmail against the White House, the
source said.
Hoover at the time was in poor graces
with the White House as a result of his veto
of a White House intelligence force in
1971; and .his refusal to take hints later in
the year from the president that he resign.
When the frrst raid failed to yidd
results, the source continued, a second
burglary was attempted. This time,
whether through misunderstanding or
, design, a poison of the thyon-phosphate
genre was on Hoover's personal
toilet articles, he said.
Thyon-phosphates can induce heart
seizures and are indetectable unless an
immediate autopsy is performed.
Latin American Studies: Dick Hanford,
factory worker, hospital worker and
alternative press contact in Chile for two
years, will show the film "Cam-
. pamento' ' (on building a new worker
tQwn} aud speak at t he Dunster House
JCR at 7:30p.m. , Nov. 13. (13)
Biology Concentcat.irs: If interested --rn
Fellowships supporting graduate study
in Biology, see F. Knott (5-2319, Rm.
150. Bio Labs). (12)
      from page_!l
Saundra Graham, who,w·as on the CCA
slate in 1971, split off to form the Grass
Roots Organization this year.
Most observers said yesterday that
Clinton will probably jump past both
Fantini and Dueray when the' ; votes:•of ... , ,,a
Stewart and Dominic-H. Chrisrofaro•.are.., ' : ...
redistributed. Christofaro, with 895 votes,
was the most conservative member of the
CCA slate.
If t hat happens, Fantini and Duehay
may battle down to the wire fer the nint h
and last council seat. Two years ago,
Duehay beat Russell for t he final seat by a
scant margin of. 37 votes.
The major surprise so far has been the
strong showing of Graham, who ran well in
most areas of the city. "I'm flab-
bergasted." said Graham when asked
yesterday for her reaction to the returns.
She acknowledged that she is now the
leader of the council's liberal faction.
Sullivan has already announced that he
is a candidate for mayor. This cc uld cause
some friction among t he Independents, as
Danehy is also expected to seek the
position. The mayor, elected by his fellow
councillors, also has a seat on the seven-
member school committee.
The counting of school committee
ballots will begin today in conjunction with
the fmal tabulat ion of council results.
Blood of the Condor will be. shown at 4:30
and 7:30 p.m., Nov. 11, at Hilles
Cinema. The film was originally
    for Nov. 12. (10).
Music: Francis Fitch will perform harp-
sichord music of the ! 7th ::no 18th
centuries at 8:30 p.m., Nov. 10, in the
Eliot House library. (10)
FfbU-Goe.rs! ·The Institute of Politics will
show D. W. Griffith's "Hearts of the
World," {made to convince the United
States to enter World War I) at 7:30
p.m., Nov. 11, at Harvard-Epworth
Church. Free. (10)
Savin!ls Bank life Insurance.
You do tha shopping. And the saving.
According to the 1972 Pennsylvania Insurance
Department's Shopper's Gf..!ide to Ufe Insurance.
"It pays to shop for life insurance. Costs may vary
over 170%."
When you shop for life insurance you're doing
the wise thmg. Chances are, you'll wind up buying
Savings Bank Life Insurance ... one of the best life
insurance buys in the country. Ask us - r· ·' ,.. ·

i l
I .
I ----
HOOVER, From Al hearing ll His reading of  
ate cause might have beiln u heart at- ·tllre Wllll shrewd, lf. . '. :· ·FBl
t1!c.k •. lhuugh_nu nutO!lSY-was.planned.---=:-.

h dlr ·, _ f
1e es.s a muau e aspec..., o • .,.,....Vfur . t1
T e . - ector "or ked a ll . day. as were being constantly revealed."
usual on Monday. He left hts fifth
floor oillc'e at :t'{inth and Constitution
at 5 p.m. with hi.s closest friend, FBI
.\ssociate -Dlrect.or 'Clyde A. Tolson.
Admiwers ·and .Criti
- ------- -- . . . - -·--- -- ________ ,. -- ---. . -- They dined together ..at Tolson's home,-
'fhough falling jn hea!UJ, Tolson be-
· I !c' wlJI -be replaced by a temporary. di- Wa4hlo•too Poot start W<tte< hiS .death," Clark sidd. "He
t·<>clor, to be appointed by-Acting At· Admirers as welll)..s many. has peen a maJoi: figure ·on
tm·ney General Rlchard Kleindienst. .critics of_J, Edgar Hoover ... the.Amertcan lct1Jl0
'- -- Hoover's sudden and j>€acefi.il ioin_e{! yesterday in portray- long 'time. He. lovlid this
rubbed his many critics of any pros- . . .
pect for one final vict(u-y over the man· ·mg the··controverslal··chtef .. and we shall mls!J .
-. -. -··the possibility ·-·
-.,- -- ·- ·-   tcau :se _ .
tion might have forced his resignation. . institution 'and a major can- MilS$.) .. ·
Thoug[J he was seven years over thE! . t.o ·1aw enforcement. H.qover, _saying that. >eVen .
' ' ·
Lirement age, both Presiden!Lyndon Leading the elllogies for- hlm always had
Johnson ahd President NL-<:on waived Hoover;whci was found dead respect for his honesty, m-•
the rule to- keep Hoover. One Demo- }·esterday. morning, Presi- ills desire
era tic candidate; Sen. George Me- dent Nixo!f praised his "un- best for the ..
Govern, had promised to· retlre him; paralleled devotion and abll- ,countt:Y. He _will-be millsed
c1·en within the Nixon. administration- ity and-or· · and -- ._. ----
there was .some talk that after the elec- dered • the flags . Thefe: were these 'comments-
tion Hoover might oo asked to step flown at half staff in his from four Democratic pre!iiden-·
down because of his age. honor. . tial
aspirants: .... _
On his last hirthdav,. J.11o. 1. the Hfmry M,._..liiiCk&aa
director repcate>i what he bad said be- Iv to While House .'news- "Wbat J1 .Edgar Hoaver cU&l't
fore during hls. lomi tenUTe--tbat as · n1en, . the Pres.ldent _de- do _is just importantj!a_
long as he was in-good health· and able sC:rlbecfHoover as "one of let UJ.e FBI get lnvolveld
to serve, lie . plan,ned to continue. He my closest _perllonal friends in' polities; ·He didn't let the
\\'anted espectally to be in offic.e, some and advisers" for 25 years . FBI extend itself into matters
:mid, when the new mlllion adding' that all better handled by others."
headquarters building Is completed· on . owe hfin "a great debt for Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey:
Pennsylvania Avenue, though •the mon- bl!lldlng. th.e FBI into the fJ. "Few men in our time 1NWI!
" . . . . . . . d h b: ..............
est law cnfotceznent oxgau-. nme--suc a IOllfl

-nhc_;,_·it .a._, ·   __

·,:e,:. ,null! on_ budg!:,l:;,..,!!E?     _ · .J.a(er,;thec•Pte$l.d"nt e,xUin cc · •   be•J111'"" •
vnti1 J9,000_ nobodY   IUW:!rl;;;§ l!.lltli:'!::r)
lllC next ?lrcclor to be ne_arly
pow- · embodiment of the values he Sen. Edmund· Muskle: '«J;·
f'rful or as was Hoover. - cl1erished mo.st: courage, p·a- Edgar Hoover devoted ·!his· eli·
Indeed, no one else in __ triolism, __ dedication .. 'to the .. service. of .. bis
:-- quite-as-free of the normal constramts country· and a granite-like CQUlltry, While some (•f UB niay
and pres5UTCS. . . · hone&ty and int.cgrlty." have questioned· &Olllc of· hill
:;,. Noting that Hoover had . approaches 1n recent yearn no
according to the popular and mosUy often been the subject of one could question his loYalty ·
unconfirmed ·legeuds, because of hls · ,.
files, the bulging dossiers an private controversy_, Mr. said and dedication to Ills eoun!;Y.
h b't:J a d activities of American clli· the FBI d.i.Jector was never Sen. George we
... a
• n . . "'' _____ ,_ ,_,.. a to run from a fight!' can· :£lllY j!( ""1 --- .
• - ····-- ooay; IS convinced ·interna\1
Jaw would favor Honduras, Jl 2,9:1; former Pres Galvez
dies at age of &S, Tc;J,uciga\pa, Ag 21,34:5
Hondurao.Arm ... FMes overthrow Pres Cruz in bloodless
c:oup on De< 4 and install Gen 0 Lopez Arellano a s Pres
for 5 remaining yn of Cruz's term; Lopez also overthrew
Govt in '63 and served as Pres until Cruz was elected in
'71; army communique says Cruz is under house arrest and
that his wife and 4 children new to US on Dec 3; Lopez is
to govern with decrees and laws issued through Mins
Council; Armed Forces cite failure of bipartisan agreement
inspired by Lopez and 'chaotic situation in country;
asrecment involves div of power between Nationalist and
L1beral parties; after election, friction developed between 2
parties and, after Cruz took office, they signed 2d
which Cruz later renounced as not legally
bmding; rumors of coup had been circulating for mos and
grew stronger after Nationalist party special conv on Oct
25 refused to support 2d bipartisan agreement; pors of
Lopez and Cruz; map, D S,l 5:2
HONDURAS, British. Use Brit Honduras
HONECKER, Erich. S.e also Books -USSR Bloc, My I.
Bulgaria, Ap 22. Commerce-East Germany, N 23.
Commerce- East Germany- US, N 23. Culture-East Ger,
My I, Ag 8. Eur- USSR Bloc, Ap 26. Ger- Berlin
Je 8,
N 23. Ger-Econ Conditions-East Ger, Ja 21, F .t3,
Ap 30, N 29. Ger- Internall Relations - West Ger, Ap 22,
26. Ger- InternaU Relations- East Ger, N 23. Gcr-Pol,
Ap 22, N 23,24. Ger-Pol-East Ger, N 23,24,29. Ger-
Poi -West Ger, Ap 26. Ger- Soc Condit ions- East Gcr,
My 1, Ag 8. Internatl Relations-Communist-Western,
N 24. lnternatl Relations-Communist-Western- European
Security Proposals, N 23. Poland- lnternatl Relations, Ja 2,
Ap 26. Science- East Germany, Ap 30. Travel-Ger-
Travcl Restrictions, Ja 2. USSR-Holidays, D 23
HONEST Ballot Ann. See also Dem Party-Nat! Com,
Jl 30 in Jl 16 par. Pres Elect '72, Jl 20. Teachers-NYS,
My 19, Je 6
HONEY, Joel B (Capt). See also Santa Barbara County
(Calif), Jl 5
HONEYMEAD Produdo Co. S.. also Soybeans, Ja 25
HONEYWB.L Inc. S.. also Astronautics-US, S 5. Data
Processing, Mr 20, Ap 18, Ag 29, N 21. Italy- Pol, Je 4.
Office Bldgs-NYS, Mr 5. Photography-EQuipment. Je II
in 1st Je II par. Stocks-US- Institutional fnvestors, Ja 5,
S 10. US Armament-Defense Contracts and Production,
Ja 5.z. Ap 27, My 5, 0 26, N 14. Vietnam, Ap 27, My 5,13,
26. :>ubsidiary names, eg, Honeywell Photographic Products
W C Pratt apptd Honeywell's N Amer operations vp-adm,
Ja 29,42:7; Honeywell Inc repts sharply higher earnings in
'71, attributed to computer business, F 3,41:7; J W Morrison
elected to Honeywell Inc bd replacing late W W Finke,
F 23,53:7; Honeywell Inc stockholders defeat, Apr 26,
proposals calling for com to plan co's conversion from
weapons production and for written rcpt on co's ·
nvolvement in I ndochina war, annual meeting,
'Ainneapolis, Minn; 50 antiwar protestors demonstrate
>utside meeting and 500 demonstrate outside co hq, Ap 27,
19:7; analysis of failure of ch and consumer groups to alter
>ractices of major corps notes defeat of Honeywell Inc
tockholders' proposals to require disclosures of co's mil
ontracts and set up com to study conversion to peace
•reduction, My 5,57:4; windows of building occupied by
.wiss sales div of Honeywell lnc arc smashed and anti-
l mer Vietnam war slogans are paini.Cd on walls May 25,
ieneva, My 26,2:7; Honeywell Inc names J-P Brule as pres
f Paris hq of Honeywell Bull cos, succeeding H
lesbrueres, who will become bon chntn, My 31,64:7; article
iscusses career of GE pres R H Jones, who engineered co
1crger with Honeywell Inc; Jones who is seen as successor
• chmn Borch, comments; illus, Ji 2,III,5: 1; Honeywell net
come advanced 66% to S 15.1-million in 3d q.r from $9. 1-
illion in same period of '71; extraordinary gam of $1.6-
illion, compared to $881,000 last yr, noted; other data on
ofits and revenues; Honeywell chmn J H Binger
mments, Jl 15,31:4; Honeywell Inc names S J Nelson
JUp vp, Ag 15,45:7; Honeywell repts decline in 3d-qr ' 72
crating earnings with income of S 16-million as compared
th $16.6-mill ion for same period, '71, 0 19,79: 1
INEYWEU Phofatlraphlc Produm Inc. See also Motion
:lures-Equipment and Processes, Jl 9. Photography-
uipment, Ap 30, N 26
lNG, Y H (Prof). S.. also Korea-South Korea, N 5
tNG Kone. S.. also Asian Development Bank.
mmonwealth of Nations. Ke'!}'a. My 9
' I econ of Hong Kong rcvd {Econ Survey of Asia and
:ific); moderate slowdown noted; outlook, Ja 24,45: 1;
111 shop operations in Hong Kong noted as a traditional
ect of city (Econ Survey of Asia and Pacific), Ja 24,
I; article discusses shortage of land and high rentals in
ng Kong which burden businesses and drive up prices;
>, F 2 1 ,43:7; Hong Kong's reaction to Nixon's visit to
ing discussed; many commentators see hope of China
tinuing to tolerate Hong Kong's existence as a colon:t
;omc time to come; stress its econ imponance to Chtna,
5,6: I ; Communist China brings its claim to HonJ Kong
1e UN, Amb Huang Hua lr to Com on Uecolomzation;
•oids any suuestio n that Hong Kong miJ!ht have the
1 to choose mdcpendcnce rather than Chmese rule;
>mats doubt China will seek immediate control of city;
ng Hua says China has consistently held view that the
tion should be settled when conditions were right and
had right to take up issue; map, Mr 11,1:7; Hens Kong
1 seen making conscious effort to lower its colon1al
le; most outward signs of Brit presence arc
trc.nd is linked to Brit-Communist Chinese
:s to improve their relations; examples of possible
' of Chma's attit ude towards Hong and Hong
1 s steps to reduce possible sources of imtation to Chin!!.,
; Hong Kong's recent chanJc in immigration re-entry ,.....
_ ·- - - ""t''- ' UliVUUJ
.......... - , ... , wnn rcmammg units becoming operational at J.
mo intervals, Ag 24,16:4; USSR press, on Aug 26, scores
Communist China for permitting GB to retain control of
Hong Kong which it contends is major hq for US CIA,
Ag 27,1:1; USSR freighter with deported Chinese mfr Ho
Hyng-yan aboard rides anchor in outer Hong Kons harbor
for II days, defying Brit demands to leave; Gov s .. M
Maelchousc and exec council reject appeal of deportation
order on charges of spying for Soviets, N 22,10:5; Japanese
consulate-gen in Hong Kong will continue its Communist
China-watching role and continue to be major source of
information about China for Japan despite fort hcoming
opening of Japanese embassy in Peking in Jan '73, D 3,
II: I; B Hope says he doubts politics was linked to
cancellation of his plans to entertain at Christmas on USS
Enterprise in Hong Kong; repts pub in Hong Kong linked
cancellation to left-wing pressure, D 20,60: I
HONG Kane & Shanghai Banking Corp. s .. also Banks -
China, Communi st, J e II. Commerce- China, Communist-
US, Je II. Wardley ltd, My 27

Kane Club. SH also Office Bldgs-Hong Kong,
Kong College of Acupundure. See al so
Acupuncture, N 15
HONG Kane Flu. See also Influenza, Ja 5,8, 18, I 9,22, F 13,
0 22, N 24, D 22
HONG Kong Lond Investment & Agency Co. S.. also Real
Estate- Hong Kong, F 2
HONG loi Chen. S.e also Drug Addiction, D 2 in 3d D
Son Dong (Sen). See olso News-Vietnam, S 24
HONGISTO, Richard. S.e also Vietnam, Ap 23
HONIG, Emonuel A. SH also legal Profession, F 13
HONIG, Poul See also Wool, My 9
HONIG, Wllllom. SH also Luggage, Mr II
HONING, Charles. See also Gas- US-Pipelines, S 23
HONJO, Yukito. See also Japan- Pol, D 8
HONOLULU ( Hawaii)
F Fasi is re-elected Mayor of Honolulu, N 9,18:7
HONOLULU Advertiser. See also News-China,
Communist, Jl 29
HONOlULU Star-Bulletin. See also News- US-Awards,
Ap 22
HONOR, Medal of. Us.- Medal of Honor
HONOR Sy•lem. See also US Mil Acad, S 4
HONORE, Jo .. ph E Jr. S.e also Elks, Improved
Benevolent and Protective Order of, Ag 28
HONORS. Use Awards
HONZ, Karl. See al•o Track- West Ger, Jl 22
HOO, Vldor Chi-foal (Dr)
Dr V Chi-tsai Hoo, I of top-ranking UN officials for 2
yrs, dies on June 9; was 77; career, Je 13,46:3
HOOIILER, Ray (Police Chief). See al•o Pres Elect '72,
Mr 19
HOOCH, Pleler de (1629-?). S.. also Art-Group Sho
F 20
HOOD, Ca,..llne. S.e olso Pub Relations, Je 7
HOOD, David T. S.e also Thompson, J Walter, Co, Ag 8
HOOO, Edwin M. See also Shipbldg-US, Mr 3, S 17.
Shipbldg-US-Navy, Mr 3
HOOD, H P, & Sons
H B Russell elected dir of H P Hood &. Sons, F 10, 61
HOOD, H P, Dairy. S.. also Milk- US, Je 23
HOOD, John. SH also Drug Addiction, Ja 22
HOOD, John {Mn). S.e olso Drug Addiction, Ja 22
Theodore Alfred. See olso Negroes-South- NC,
HOOO, William D. See also Stocks-US-Violations, Mr I
HOOD, William K. See also Hunt-Wesson Foods Inc, Ap 7
HOOD Ornaments. S.e also Autos-US, D 5,15
HOOF-anO-Mouth Disease. u .. Livestock Diseases
HOOFT, Wlllem A Viuer'l (Rev Dr). See also Religion,
Ag 14
HOOK, Howord. See olso London (Eng), S 10
HOOK, John W (Capt). S.e also US Armament, D 24
HOOK, Sidney (Prof). S.e olso Educ - US, Je 25. NYU,
D 21. RC Ch-Gcneral, My 8. Reader's Digest (Pub),
Ja 29. Science, American Assn for the Advancement of
(AAAS), Ja 17 ,28. University Centers for Rational
Alternatives, F 21. US-Education Profession, National
Advisory Council on, Mr 7
HOOKER, Henry. S.e also Sinclair Oil Corp and Affiliates
HOOKER, John Jay Jr. See also Pres Elect '72, F 4, My 4
HOOKER, Roger W. S.. also Educ-NYS, N I I. Educ-
NYS- Equal Educ Opportunities, F 25
HOOKER, Slewort. See also News - US-Labor, Ap 4,11
HOOKER Chemlcol Corp. S.. also Caustic Soda, Ag 29.
Chlorine, Jc 13. Sodium Chlorate, N 25
HOOKS, Ben (Judee). See also News - US, Mr 9 in 2d Mr
par. US-Communications Comm, Mr 9
HOOKS, Benjamin L (Comr). S.e olso Georgia-Elections,
Ag 10. Negroes, Ap 13. TV - Cable TV, Jl 7. TV-
Noncommercial TV, N 2. TV- Personnel, N 2. US-
Communications Comm, Ap 13,15
Hooks' biog; por; his full name is Benjamin lawson
Hooks, Ap IJ,15: 1
HOOKS, Robert. S.. also Pres Elect '72, Je 25
HOOPER, John A. SH also Bank of the Commonwealth
(Detroit}, F 29
HOOPEJI, Lucien 0 . S.e also Stocks-US- Stock Prices,
D 17
HOOPES, David B. S.e al•o Ad- US- Magazines, Mr 2
HOOPES, Lorenzo N. See also Safeway Stores Inc, Je 29
HOOPES, Townsend. See also Pres Elect '72, Mr 28
HOOf'MAN, Harold D. S.e also Marathon Oil Co, N 8
HOOSE, Hamed Pettus. See also Commerce- China,
Communist-US;My 28 •
HOOSON, H Emlyn (MP). S.e also Commcrce-EEC, F 19
HOOTEN, B G. S.. also Westinghouse Electric Corp, Ag 8
Bruce Du.ff. S.e also Music, Je 21 in 2d Je 21
lf'Obrs, Howard L (Mayor). See also Housing-NYS, its issued to residc;pts China noted among its
liatory moves.LICi et ' 4 811; lJN Fund for Population
ities, repn:scnlil!J nations; cites
n tE &.'6u .. -
Mr 19, Ap23 -
HOOVER, A M. S.. also Ronco Inc, Ap 27
• -
HOOVER, Herbert (1 874-1964). See also
Engineering and Engineers, F 25. Pres Elections N 19 .
Election of 1932, My 7, 0 15, N 7.'US-Econ
Cond111ons, 0 30. US- Pol- Harding Administration,
Mr 26. US-Pres, 0 5
HOOVER, J Edgar (Dir). See also Alessio, John, Mr 20.
Autos-US-Robberies, Ja 22. Capitol, My 3,4. Courts-
US, F 1,15. Crime-US, Ja 7,9, Ap 20. Firearms, Jl 22.
Freedom, My 4. International Telephone & Telegraph Corp
( ITr), Mr 25,26. Negroes, Ja 9. News-US, Ja 25, F 2 in F
I par, My 2 par. Nixon-Tributes etc, Hoover, J Edgar
Dir), My 3, My 5. Pres Elect '68, Mr 20. Supreme Court
US), Ap 17. US- Internal Security, My 3,7. US-
nvestigation Bur, Ja 7,24,25, Ap 29, My 3,4,5,6,7,12,13,23,
Je 2, Ag 9,13, S 8. 0 1,4,29
US - Justice Dept,
Mr 25, My 2,3,4,7,7 in M 2 par
u . 0 28 .
· -Pol - Fringe Po
Movements, Ja 7. US - Pol - Fringe Pol Movements,
Berrigan and Others Case, F 22, Mr 1,2,7,10,11,22,24,31,
M'J 2,3. Vietnam, Ja 7
E Hoover, who ••Ned as FBI Dlr for 48 yrs, found dead
by housekeeper al 8:30 am on May 2 In bedroom of his
Rod< CrHk Pk home; Washington Med Examiner Dr J L
luke says Hoover, age n, died of ' hyr.rtenalve cardio-
vascular d isease' (high blood pressure and had
sufferine from heart ailment for •ome time; Acting Atty Gcn
Kleindienst announces death at II am; Cong promptly votes
permission for body to lie in state in Capitol Rotunda; Sen
approves resolution to name new FBI office bldg, to be
completed in 3 yrs, for Hoover; Hoover was FBI's only dir,
holdmg post since Mar 14 '24, when it was small, pol-
ridden bur; Hoover built bur into dominant, and later
controversial, force in Amcr law enforcement; he presided
over bur's famous exploits against gangsters, kidnappers,
spies in World War II and Communists in postwar period;
more recently he came under criticism from pol left for
on civil liberties, and from pol right for
abandomng FBI's spy-catching role; his long-time friend, C
A Tolson, age 71 , assumes command of FBI as its 2d
ranking official, but seen not in line to become acting dir;
possible Hoover successors seen as Calif Atty Gen E J
Younger, Los Angeles Sheriff P J Pitchcss, Dist of Columbia
Police Chief J Wilson, ex-Asst FBI Dir C DeLoach and Sup
Ct Justice White; speculation that Nixon may delay apptmt
until after Pres election in order to nvoid campaign con·
iusnA Hoover's
death; Hoover ilus, My 3,1 :4; J E Hoover's life and role as
FBI Dir traced; his innovations, made mostly during 1st
decade of his 48-yr tenur.e, include centralized fingerprint
file (print total passed 200-million mark in '72) at
lndentification Div (1925)
_crime laboratory (f932) and
Nat! Police Acad (1935); Hoover's relationshipS w1th
various l'res Adms, Congressmen and other pol leaders
recalled; his long-time fncndship with Assoc FBI Dir C A
Tolson and their shared passion for horse racing noted;
Hoover seen having few other interests outside bur; Hoover
illus wi th Pres Kennedy and R F Kennedy in '61; illus with
Pres F D Roosevelt in '34; illus leading gan$ster A Karpis
into ct after P.Crsonally assisting with arrest m '36; illus with
Pres Nixon; dlus shooting submachine gun in '35, My 3,
52: 1; ex-Pres Johnson's daughter, Mrs C S Robb of ladies
Home Journal, arrived for 10:15 am May 2 apptmt to int
FBI Dir Hoover and was asked to keep his death secret
until public announcement could be made, My 3,53:2;
tributes to late FBI Dir Hoover by Pres Nixon, Vice-Pres
Agnew, Chief Justice Burger, HR Speaker Albert, Sec
Connally, ex-Attys Gen Mitchell and Clark, Gov Wallace,
Eastern Dist US Atty Morse, Narcotics and Dangerous
Drugs Bur Dir Ingersoll , A mer Bar Assn Pres Jaworski ,
lntcrnatl Police Chiefs Assn Pres Murphy, Repr Ccller and
Sens Eastland, Kenned,Y., Humphrey, Muskie, McGovern
and Jackson; Mitchell 1llus givmg tribute, White Sulphur
Springs, W Va, My 3 53:4· Soviet press agency Tass rc{l tS
Hoover's death, My 3,s3:S; Chief J ust ice Burger illus 41ving
eulogy May 3 ncar Hoover's nag-draped coffin in Cap1tol
Rotunda, My 4, 1 :2; body of FBI Dir Hoover is carried on
May 3 to Capitol Rotunda, where it will lie in state I day,
1st time in h1story this honor has been accorded a civil
servant; Rev E L R Elson, Sen chaplain and pastor of Natl
Presbyterian Ch, where Hoover was lifelong member, gives
opening prayer at Capitol rites attended by Scns, Sup Ct
Justices, Cabinet, HR members led by Speaker Albert, and
Gov Reagan; Chief Justice Burger gives eulogy; Sec
Connal ly bears nora! wreath from Pres Nixon; HR chaplain
Rev E Latch gives benediction; Pres honor guard takes up
vigi l; outside on Capitol grounds, antiwar group begins 36-
hr readi ng of names of Vietnam deadi Rotunda remains
open all night, My 4.18:3; bd chmn of Boys Clubs of Amer A
L Cole announces in telegram to Pres Nixon establishment
of J Edgar Hoover Freedom Award to perpetuate late FBI
dir's memory and his inspiration to Amer boys; Cole says
award will be presented annual' y to 'A mer who best
typifies those principles to which Hoover dedicated his life' ;
notes Hoover served on bd of dirs of club for 30 yrs, My 4,
18:4; ed on late FBI Dir Hoover lauds his service in field of
law cnforcemnt, but criticizes his failure to keep bur pol
neutral; sees Cong and various natl adms failing to exercise
effective checks on Hoover's autocratic power; says that
moral of Hoover's career is that any public servant, no
matter how able or how devoted, can be spoiled by .,..
  I; Pres
H-ver, calling him giant, a ' legend' durinJI his own life and
an Amer inst, Natl Presbyterian Ch, Washmgton; says 'bur
he built to last' would be his real memorial; Rev E L IR
Elson conducts services attended by 2,000, including Chief
Justice Burger, Assoc Justice White, HR Repub Leader
Ford, Phila Mayor Rizzo, Acting Atty Gen Kleindienst, ex-
Any Gen Mitchell, Pres advisers Finch and Shultz, Vice-
Pres and Mrs Agnew, Mrs D D Eisenhower, Acting FBI Dir
and Mrs Gray, Mrs Nixon and Sees Connally, laird and
motorcade of I 0 limousines accompanies
J . Edgar Hoover, Director of the 1". 8 . 1. ( 1895-1972).
nuppy, tncre m1ght be marc interest' rn liberat iOn·- -·-·· .
movement; scver:al women int; ill us; describe traditional
goals and attitudes, Mr 22,54: 1
HOPE College
Former Mich Univ Engineering School dean G V Wylen
named pres of Hope Coli, J e 7,54: 1
HOPES, Bobby. See ol•o Black Muslims, Ap 16. Murders-
NYC, My 20. Negroes - NYC, Ap 16,18,21. My 1 14
HOPF, Franci• A. See al so Prisons-NJ, Ag 22 '
HOPI jndians. See al so Elcc Light- US, Ap 27 par
HOPKINS, Arthur. See also Theater-Personnel, 0 27
HOPKINS, Carl ( Dr). See ojso Fi sh, Jl 6
HOPKINS, James D See also NYS-Eiect-
Appcals Court, Mr 30
HOPKINS, Jome• T. Soe also Rumrill-Hoyt Inc, Je 27
HOPKINS, John M. See also Total Building Systems Inc
Ap 23 '
HOPKINS, l inda. See also Pres Elect '72, 0 29. Theater-
ll,cvs, In ner City ( Play), F 13
Actress L Harkins, who has role in show Inner City, int on
career, F 13,1! , 8: I
Screen and stage star M Hopkins dies o n October 9; was
69; career rcvd; por, 0 10,48: 1; funeral plans forM Hopkins
announced, 0 12,50:3
HOPKI_, , Raymond H (Capt). See also US Armament-
Minoril es, F 13
HOPKINS, Stephen. See also Floods-US Je 26
HOPKINS, William B. See also Roosevelt 'Raceway, F 4
HOPKINSON, George. See also Queens College, J3 2
HOPLEY, John K. See also Telephones-US- Rates, Jl 20
HOPMAN, Harry. See a l•o Tennis, 0 22
HOPPE, Chari••· See al so Bank Robberies, Franklin
Bank (Mineola, NY), My I I. Bank Robberies
N rth Side Bank (NYC), Ap 14, My II '
H PPE, Gus. See al so Housing- NYS, Mr 26
HOPPER, Brooke Hayward. See also Art, S 2 I. Pres Elect
Y/2, s 21
HOPPER, Edward (1882-1967). See al•o Art-Group
Shows, F 20, Jl 30. Art-One-Man Shows, Hopper, Edward
(1882- 1967). Jl 16. An-Sales etc, 0 12
HOPPER, Hedda (1890-1966). See also Motion Pictures -
Personnel, Ap 23. Theater - Personnel, Ap 26
HOPPER, Nelson F (Dir). See also Labor - US-
hearse to Congressional Cometary, only few blocks from Unemployment, Jl 2
Hoover's bi rthplace on Capitol Hill; Hoover's closest friend, HOPPS, Waller. Soe also Art-Group Shows- Venice
C A Tolson, is given fl ag that draped coffin after brief Biennial, Mr I 0,26. Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington,
graveside ceremonies; Hoover is buried next to parents, Mr DC), Je 25. Photography-Shows, Ap 20 par. TV-
and Mrs D N Hoover, and sisterS M Hoover; Nixon illus Equipment, Ap 20. TV - Personnel, Ap 20
returning to ch pew after delivering oration
My 5,1:4; '42 HOPWOOD, Kathryn L (Dean). See also Drug Addiction,
illus of Hoover and friend C A Tolson, waiKin$ his usual Mr 12
respcctual step behind FBI chief, My 5,14:7; Ptmlico Race HORACE Mann School
Course, Baltimore, announces May 4 that it will name · Trustees bds of H Mann School and Barnard School
handicap or stakes race during '73 season in honor of late approve merger of their 2 adjoining campuses, Ja 31,37:6;
FBI Dir Hoover; Hoover appeared in winner's circle at , correct ion oo Jan 31 story about decision of H Mann
Pimlico's Handicap every rr for qr century; he was o School to go coeduc, F 3,3 1: 1
have attended 71 st runnmg of Dude May 13; track offici a HORAN, John J. See also Merck & Co Inc, Ja 29
say Oag will be flown at half staff that day, My 5,15:2; T HORAN, Robert F Jr. See also Virginia-Elections, Jc 14
Wicker recalls history of FBI under Hoover's leadership; HORATIO Algor Awards. Use Alger, Horatio, Awards
says many Amers feeling relief at Hoover's death and HORDERN, Michael
others mourning him as symbol of old-fashioned patriotis Hordern named in Queen's New Yr's hon list, Ja 1,3:8
and rigid 'moral' values; says domestic pol surveil lance has HORE, Richard. See also Ships- Hi story, S 10
been bur's chief concern in recent yrs, causing some to sec HORGAN, Daniel M. See al•o Pres Elect '72, Je 18,25,
it as alarming secret-police threat; holds Hoover's J l 16, 0 16, 17
successor, therefore, must be strong enough to resist HORGAN, Paul. See also Music, Jl 2
improper pol demands, as Hoover himself was; HORICON (Wi•)
ill us of Hoover coffin lying in state in Capttol Rotunda, Article on sister cities program organized by by Town
My 7,1V,2: I; lr by M J Davis, ex-FBI agent, notes Hoover Affiliation Assn; program links 400 US villages, towns and
had total of 55 yrs service with Justice Dept, including 48 cities with 449 communities in 60 foreign countries;
yrs ser vice with FBI , My 16,42:5; former FBI dir J E clationship between sister cities Horicon. Wis, and
Hoover estate is appraised, May 22; Hoover left almost enonches, France, detailed; ill us of sister city sign in
entire estate of $551,500 to long-time friend and colleague, oricon; illus of Scnonches town hall ; Wis and French maps
C A Tolson. My 23,9: 1 owing citjes' locations; chart comparing population,
  income. unemployment, major industries and
': HOOVER, an . - nn11.e Pol school age populations of Horicon and Senonehcs; instances
Movements, Berrigan and Others Case, F 23,26 in which sister cities have provided mutual emergency aid
HOOVER, Marcus L. See al1o NATO- Mil Personnel. Jl IS· cited; other sister cities noted, Jl 5,26:2
HOOVER, Sadie M ( 1B90-93). See also Hoover, J Edgar, HORIE, Kenichi . See al•o Ocean Voyages, N 20
My 5 HORIKOSHI, Teizo. See olsa China, Nationalist, D 27.
HOOVER, William R. See al•o Computer Sciences Corp, Currency - Japan, Mr 20
N 14 HORIZON Corp. See also Forests-NYS, Mr 31, Ap 19.
HOOVER Ball & Bearing Co My 7,27, 0 23. Housi ng- NYS, Mr 31, Ap 19, My 7,9,23,
Dr P W McCracken named dir of Hoover Ball & Bearing 27, Jc 21, 0 23, N 8. Real Estate - NYS, My 7,9,17,23,27,
Co, F 4,37:7 Je 21, 0 23. Real Estate - US. S 21,0 17, N 29. Stocks-
HOOVER Jnstllution on War, Revolution and Peace US- Stock Prices, 0 22
(Stanford University) Horizon Corp, mass-marketer o f undeveloped Ariz land,
Hoover l ost 'l n War, Revolut ion and Peace on July 28 reveals that 2d-qr sales might be down 15% or 20% from
announces it 'NiU begin devoting same 3mount of attention previous yr and earnings could be even more affected;
to domestic problems as it docs to intcrnatl affairs; ci tes activi ty of stock on Oct I I. day of disclosure, detailed,
rcpt prepared by sr fellow M Anderson, Jl 30,34: I 0 12, 68:2
HOPE, Anthony. See also Ohio-Elections, 0 16 HORIZONS Communications Corp. See a lso TV-
HOPE1 Bob. See al•o American Hospital (Paris, France), Programs, Jc 7
Ap IC>. Athletics-US, Ap 16. Floods- US, Jl 11,23. Golf- HORLEN, Joel. See al so Baseball - American League,
Tour naments, F 14. Hong Kong, D 20. Jacksonville, Oakland Athletics, D 28
University of, Ap 7. Korea - South Korea, D 20. Nixon- HORMAN, Jo•eph (Sgt). See also Pornography, D 10
Sports, Ap 23. Ohio- Elections. 0 16. Olympi c Games HORMEL, George A, & Ca. See also Food Poisoning,
(1972)-Summer Games-Swimming, S 27. Parsons, Mr 6. Meat-US, N H. Meat-US- Prices, D 16
Louella, D 14. Pres Elect '72, 0 9,10,15,30, N I. Reader's G A Harmel & Co annual meeting; co names pres I J
Digest (Pub), Ja 29. Rcpub Party- Maryland, My 20. Holton chief exec officer, succeeding M B Thompson, who
Thailand, D 26. TV- Programs -Special Shows, Ja 19, continues as chmn; Holton repts earnings in fiscal '72 will
Jl 11,23, S 27, D 12. US Armament-Recreation, Ja 19, be lower than in ' 71, Ja 27,54:8
0 13, N 29, D 25. Viet nam, F 19, D 25. Wilberforce HORMONES. See also Cancer, Mr II, J l 8.23, Ag 16.
University, F 16 Feed, Ja 5, Ag 3,16, S 17. Meat - US, Ja 5. Mr II , 118,23,
HOPE ( Health Opportunity for People Everywhere). See Ag 3. Meat-US- Prices, Ag 3. Sex, N 20. Names of glands
a lso Measles, F 2. Med- Brazil, D 3 and hormones, cg, Androgen, DES (Diethylstilbestrol),
Dr W B Walsh, dir of Project Hope, says on Sept 22, while Estrogen, GH (Growth Hormone), Progesterone, Renin.
preparing for project fund-raising ball, that Pres Nixon is Names of glands and hormones
close observer of HOPE med program, S 23, 17:3; Reader's HORN, Bob. See also Swimming, Mr 26
Digest to add special insert in June issue in which mfrs will HORN, Carol. See also Apparel-US-Women's, D 18
promote t heir products by arranging for contributions to HORN, Deborah. See ol•o Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Project HOPE; percentage of money wi ll be contributed for (1882-1945), Ag 20
each proof of rurchasc sent in by consumer; minimum HORN, John J ( Anembllman). Soe also Mcd- US- Health
guarantee isS 5,000 for each 1/ 2 page advertiser, with ad Insurance, Mr 10. NJ - cgislaturc, S 29. NJ-Pol. Jc 2.
nft(foQttlal li4'U!..i!t 51,500; P Sandhaus Transit Systcms - NJ, Mr 8. Transit Systems-NYC Met
4,65:5 ) Area. N 20,28 •
r)/"'j •
.... , ., • ::ury fGha
Wf:! n:m.g .?n . ..., £.,
· · - -•,., t"n v tna . 011- GI SO rOOO- U::i, 0 16
HORN, Siegbert. See also Olympic Games (1972)-
Summcr Games - Canoes and Canoeing, Ag 29
HORN, Stephen. See also Educ-US-Equal Educ
Opportunities, My II
HORN, Yiannls. See also Greece-Pol, My 28. Nc•
Greece, My 28
& Hardart Co. See al•a Hotel s etc-NYC,)
Horn & Hardart Co rcpts losing about S4-million
chmn T R Hardart says that 'substantial portion' ol
was to discontinued operations and tha
S6.5-mtlhon reserve to cover cost of closing other
unprofitable operations; notes that NY restaurants 1
reta.il shops to be discontinued had sales and profit
dunng past yr, F 5,37:5; Horn & Hardart Co elects
Guterman as pres, chief exec and dir, Ap 4,70:7; H
Hardart Co has sold fo_rf'!'er commissary property tc
Co for S4· m•lhon payable on partial cash,
o_nd long-term note basis: ; property cnco1
enure block 10 Manhanan; was vacated by Horn &
in '71, S 29,63:3; Horn & Hordart Co on Oct 3 app
Green creative di r, 0 4,65:4
HORN Con•truetian Co. See al•o Bridges, S 24. RRs
Grade Crossings, N 6. Water Pollution - Sewage etc
HORNBLASS, Jeromo (Rabbi). See also Drug Addict
Ja 24
HORNBLOWER & Weeks-Hemphill Noyes. See al1o
Stocks-US, Ap 9 in 2d Ap I par. Stocks-US- Br<
Fees, My 31. Stocks-US- Stock Prices, N 15
J Noyes Jr elected managing partner of Hornblowt
Weeks-Hemphill, Noyes; illus; brief career sketch, A
58:7; Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill Noyes names 1
Spadoro vp, Jc 24, 44:7; D B Morris is named vp for
research at Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill, Noyes, .
39:7; Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill Noyes' plans t•
incorporate noted; H E Buhse will be new chmn, J
c hmn of fi nance _com, J Noyes Jr pres and exec com
W G Maloney v•cc chmn, S 20,62:4; Justice Dept di
Dec 19 that G Kanno, B T Okamoto and R N Murr
been accused of alleged fraudulent buying ond sellin/
securities that resulted in loss or about S 1.4-million
Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill, Noyes; indi ctment c
D 20,71: 1
HORNBY, William H. See also News-China Commt
Jl 29 •
HORNE, David. See also Harvard University Press A
HORNE, Elliot. See al1o Music, Ag 27 '
HORNE, James. See al •a Housing-Calif, N 12
HORNE, Jam•• E. See al10 News-NYC, 0 14
HORNE, John H. See al•o SSC&B Inc, Ag I
HORNE, lena. See also Motion Pictures- Revs, D 17
HORNE, Marilyn
Singer M Horne. who will si ng in concert version o
Die Walkucrc, which will be presented during PittsbL
Symphony concert, int on her career, Ja 16,11,13:5
HORNE, Stephen. See also Educ-US- Equal Educ
Opportunities, Ap 12
HORNE. Brothers Inc. See al1o Shipbldg-US-Navy,
Ap 25 10 2d Ap 16 par
HORNER, Garnett D. See also GB-History, N 10. GJ
Pol. N 10. l ntcrnat l Relati ons-US, N 10. Middle Ea:
Israeli-Arab Conflict, N 10. Pres Elect '72, N 10 12.
Taxation -Fed Taxes, N 10. US-Finances-Budget
US- Pol-Nixon Adm, N 10 12,13,26. US-Soc
N 10, 12,26. US Armamcnt- l:iudget, N 10. US Armat
Draft, N 10
HORNER, John V. s .. al•o International Telephone &
Telegraph Corp (ITT), Mr 18
HORNER, Malina Souretia ( Dr). See also Radcliffe
College, My 16, N 17
HORNER, Richard W. See also Mississippi River Corp,
HORNEY, Karen (1885-19S2). See also Psychology, F
HORNIBLOW Cox Freeman (lntematloncll). See al•o
Benton & Bowles Inc, Je 30
HORNICK, Edward J ( Dr). See al•o Med-NYC, Ap I
2d Ap 16 par. Motion Pictures-Censorship, D 30
HORNIG, Donald F ( Dr). See al1a US Armamenl-
My 3. Vietnam, Ap 20. Westinghot
HORNING, Clarence P. See also Art-Publications, N
HORNSTEIN, Howard B. See ol•o Housing- NYC, D 2
HORNUNG, Clarence P. See al•o Art - Publications, D
HOROVITZ, Israel. See also Book•- A wards, Ap I.
Theater - Revs, Dr Hero, Mr 19. Venereal Diseases, A
HOROWITZ, AI. See also subjects of articles, eg, Chess
85 newsmen assigned to cover chess m:Jtchcs in
Reykjavik, Iceland, except for NY Times and UP!
correspondents. sign agreement with Icelandic Chess
Federation declaring that they will limi t their coverage
repts d uri ng each game; AP made oral agreement with
to limit dispatches to 5 during each game; NY Times
refuses to sign fed proposal on ground that it would in
prior restraint on rcptg; H C and A Horowi
Times) will purchase spectator tickets tnstead of using
press facilities r,rovidcd by fed; arc assured by o!Jicials
they will be ab e to use phones without rcst nction, J l 2
HOROWITZ, David. See a l•o lntcrnatl Relations-
Communist-Western, Jl 19
HOROWITZ, Elaine B (Mrs). See al•a NYS-Eicct-Co
(HR), Nassau County (NY), 0 22, N 8. NYS-Eiect -
Co!'.srcss (House of Represenuui ves), Nassau County
(NY), Ap 16. Pres Elect '72, N 5. NYS-Eiect-Cong
(HR), Nassau County (NY), N 9
HOROWITZ, Gedale 8. See al1o Pres Elect '72, N 4
HOROWITZ, Harold. See also Educ-US- Equal Educ
Oppor tunities, Ap 13
HOROWITZ, Ira (Prof). See abo Athletics -US- Pro, Jt
HOROWITZ, Jacob ( Dr). See abo Mcd-NYC, Je 23
HOROWITZ, Julius. See also Parks- NYC, F 20
HOROWITZ, Michael. See al1a Med- US, Jc 18
HOROWITZ, Paul D. See al so Educ - NYC-Equal Edu•
Opport unit ies, 0 31
HOROWITZ, Saul J1. See al•o Building_- NYC-Labor, t
HOROWITZ, Sydelle. See also NYS- Eiect-legis,
Brnoklvn INYCl. Je 22
n' .
;:· __
cused Hoover,
zens with· his
of-lramp!lng on•t!l€. civil
liberties, spoke 'charitably ·of hiin yes-
terdnx.. . · '· :.::·: . ;: . . :. · .. · . ·
- '
; ..
'" · .• ,. ' :- :_'-\::_'
!'- ·,.
·Dr: J'all)es .. L, . . · ··
iumbiil'.coronet:, descr cause-:o£
deaj:h as ·.''hypertensive
disease," _whicfi,is associated wftn:high A'dmil:ers and ma;
'blood. said _the immedi-   Hoover-:ru
See:.ll!OOVEr.t,-'Al2rCot-l- .. _______ ,--
. ·' . . . '. . . '
. ' .:· .... -.
· ..
_1_ ____ . ___ . ____ :,_____ , ___ _.__._._\
·Phone 22:

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