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Termination means the ending of First Nations pre-existing sovereign status through imposed Indian Act legislation, policy and federal coercion of First Nations into Land Claims and Self Government Final Agreements that convert First Nations into municipalities, their reserves into fee simple lands and extinguishment of their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights!

In 2006, Stephen Harpers Conserva ve Pla orm promised to: Replace the Indian Act [and related legisla on] with a modern legisla ve framework which provides for the devolu on of full legal and democra c responsibility to aboriginal Canadians for their own aairs within the Cons tu on, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Of course modern in Conserva ve terms means assimila on of First Na ons by termina on of their collec ve rights and o loading federal responsibili es onto the First Na ons themselves and the provinces. Aboriginal Canadians is the term the gov ernment of Canada uses to describe First Na ons because the Termina on goal is to convert Indian Bands into ethnic munici pali es with fee simple lands under provincial jurisdic on. The Harper government is implemen ng a First Na ons Termina on Plan through two tracks: 1) a Modern amended Indian Act; or through 2) SelfGovernment/Comprehensive Claims FinalAgreements. The Termina on Plan is based upon the following key tenets using federal laws, policies, funding and law (and if necessary military) enforcement: Ge ngFirstNa onsconsenttotheex nguishment(modica on)ofAboriginalTitle; Ge ngFirstNa onssignoonthelegalreleaseofCrownliabilityforpastviola onsofAboriginalTitle&Rights; Ge ngFirstNa onsacceptanceoftheelimina onofIndianReservesbyaccep nglandsinfeesimple; Ge ngFirstNa onsacceptancetoremovingonreservetaxexemp ons; Ge ngFirstNa onstorespectexis ngPrivateLands/ThirdPartyInterests(andthereforealiena onofAboriginalTitle territorywithoutcompensa on); Ge ngFirstNa onstoaccept(tobeassimilatedinto)exis ngfederal&provincialordersofgovernment; Ge ngFirstNa onstoacceptapplica onofCanadianCharterofRights&Freedomsovergovernance&ins tu onsinall ma ers; Ge ngFirstNa onstoacceptFundingonaformulabasisbeinglinkedtoownsourcerevenue;

Other measures too, essen ally accep ng to become Aboriginal municipali es. [AdaptedfromFederalPowerpointen tled ResultsBasedApproachtoCanadasPar cipa oninTreatyandSelfGovernmentNego a onsEngagementProcess]


FirstNa onsFinancialTransparencyAct

FamilyHomesonReservesandMatrimonialInterests orRightsAct

SafeDrinkingWaterforFirstNa ons Act IndianActAmendment andReplacementAct

FirstNa onsElec onAct FirstNa onsSelfGovernmentRecogni on Act

FirstNa onEduca onAct (Pending)

FirstNa onPrivatePropertyOwnershipAct (Pending)