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Joseph Sosebee Dr. Lampley English 1102 February 16, 2014 The Tragic Li e o Emily !

rierson" # $sychoanly%ic &ea'ing o (# &ose or Emily( Sigmun' Freu' began his pri)a%e psychoanaly%ic prac%ice near %he en' o %he 1*%h cen%ury in #us%ria. Freu'+s %heories o %he unconscious, %he libi'o, %he oe'ipus,comple-, psycho%heropy, %he 'e ense mechanisms, e%c ha)e in luence' 'isciplines %ypically remo)e' rom psychology. The goal o classical psychoanalysis is %o use )arious me%ho's o analysis, such as 'ream analysis or %he analysis o a gi)en parapra-is .a error %ha% can re)eal i%sel %hrough mispo/en, misrea', or incorrec%ly 0ri%%en 0or's, e%c 0hich is cause' by %he imper ec% e-pression o a 'is%urbing unconscious 'esire o)er a 'is%urbe' 'esire1 )ia ree associa%ion, in or'er %o bring %he unconscious ma%erial %ha% is causing %he neuro%ic beha)ior %o ligh% so %ha% %he beha)ior may be change'. #ccor'ing %o classical psychoanalysis, %he orma%ion o neurosis mainly occurs 0hile a chil' is progressing %hrough %he psychose-ual s%ages o 'e)elopmen% .in %he case o Emily, 0e 0ill e-amine her 'e)elopmen% in %he 2ral s%age %hrough %he $hallic s%age .%hese s%ages co)er rom bir%h %o abou% i)e years ol'11. Through classical psychoanalysis, 0e can pic/ up clues rom %he %e-% %o piece %oge%her Emily+s chil'hoo' an' lin/ %he problems in her early 'e)elopmen% .speci ically her rela%ionship 0i%h her mo%her1 0i%h her se)ere neuoris. #% %he en' o $ar% 33 0e are %ol' abou% %he 'ea%h o Emily+s a%her. Emily re uses

%o ac/no0le'ge %he 'ea%h o her a%her an' re use' %o gi)e up her a%her or burial or %hree 'ays. 4e ore %he au%hori%ies (resor% %o la0 an' orce(, Emily gi)es up her a%her+s bo'y. This e)en% o ers an insigh% in%o a e0 s%ages o Emily+s 'e)elopmen% .0e shall re%urn %o %hese la%er in %he analysis1. #long 0i%h %he la%er 'esire %o /eep 5omer+s bo'y ore)er, 0e may pos%ula%e %ha% Emily began %o ha)e issues in %he 2ral s%age. The 2ral s%age is %he irs% s%age o psychose-ual 'e)elopmen% in 0hich %he main erogenous 6one is %he mou%h, 0hich is 0here %he main source o pleasure comes rom. The main con lic% in %his s%age is %he 0eaning o %he mo%her+s breas%, an' a ailure %o success ully comple%e %his s%age .calle' being ( i-a%e'( or ( i-a%ion(1 lea's %o 'epen'ency an' aggressi)e beha)ior. 7e may assume %ha% Emily+s mo%her 0eane' her breas% %oo early, 0hich lea's Emily %o be a (un'erin'ulge'( or (neglec%e'( chil' 0ho 'esires %o oral s%imula%ion or %o hol' on %o some%hing no ma%%er %he means necessary .%he use o arsenic %o /ill 5omer or e-ample1. The ailure %o success ully comple%e %he 2ral s%age gi)es a chil' a grea% 'eal o issue 0hen %hey are orce' %o comply 0i%h paren%al 'eman's in %he #nal s%age. 3n %he #nal s%age %he chil' sacri ices i%s pleasure in or'er %o mee% %he paren%+s 'eman's %o con%rol one+s beha)ior, urges, e%c .%he main con lic% in %he #nal s%age is po%%y %raining1. The chil'+s success ul u%ure in%erac%ion 0i%h %he 4ig 2%her .3n %his case socie%y, au%hori%y, or la0, 0hich is si%ua%e' in %he symbolic or'er .%he Symbolic,3maginary,&eal 'is%inc%ion is a Lacanian i'ea ra%her %han a Freu'ian one11 an' %he 8ons%i%u%i)e 2%hers .%hose 'i eren% %han %he sel 1 'epen's on %he success ul comple%ion o %his s%age .%he en%erance in%o language is associa%e' 0i%h %he en%erance in%o %he Symbolic 2r'er in Lacan1. Emily+s ac%ions in %he %e-% sho0 her %o e-hibi% %en'encies o bo%h %he e-%remes o %he #nal s%age .#nal,E-pulsi)e an' #nal,&e%en%i)e .she %ypically re lec%s %he la%er more

so %han %he ormer11. #n #nal,E-pulsi)e %ype is usually 'es%ruc%i)e or messy, 0hich can be seen as she aban'ons %he s%a%e o her house an' ac%s on her )iolen% %en'encies, an' an #nal,&e%en%i)e %ype is usually s%ubburn or obs%ina%e, 0hich can be seen in her re usal %o become (mo'ern(, %o accep% ree pos%al ser)ice, an' %o pay %a-es. The mos% probable ans0er %ha% 0e can o er o 0hy she is #nal,&e%en%i)e is 'ue %o %he harsh en orcemen% o bo0el con%rol by Emily+s a%her .0ho is 'escribe' as (clu%ching a horse0hip( near %he en' o $ar% 331 0i%hou% %he correspon'ing posi%i)e rein orcemen% by %he mo%her .0hich 0oul' ha)e allo0e' a success ul passage %hrough %he #nal s%age1, 0hich lea's %o ur%her %rauma %ha% a ec%s Emily nega%i)ely. The ne-% s%age o psychose-ual 'e)elopmen% is %he $hallic s%age. 3n %he $hallic s%age, %he main erogenous 6one becomes %he geni%als an' %he main con lic% becomes %he 'esire or %he opposi%e se- paren% .%he 2e'ipus 8omple- or boys or %he Elec%ra 8omple.a Jungian concep%1 or girls1. 3ni%ially, %he girl 'e)elops se-ual 'esire %o0ar's her mo%her, bu% she soon reali6es %ha% she lac/s %he phallus re9uire' %o ha)e he%erose-ual rela%ions 0i%h %he mo%her. Desiring %he phallus .in an ac%ual sense an' a symbolic sense .possession o po0er an' 'ominance11, %he girl 'e)elops se-ual 'esire or %he a%her .0hich is also assis%e' 0hen %he girl blames %he mo%her or being (cas%ra%e'( o her phallus1. The girl 0ill learn he gen'er i'en%i%y %hrough immi%a%ion an' compe%i%ion 0i%h %he mo%her in an a%%emp% %o posses %he a%her %hrough %he mo%her an' e)en%ually replace %he mo%her. Fearing punishmen% or her 'esires, %he girl 'isplaces se-ual 'esire on %o men in general. The /ey %o going %hrough %he $hallic s%age is %he i'en%i ica%ion 0i%h %he same separen%, so Emily+s ailure %o comple%ely pass %hrough %his s%age is lin/e' %o %he absence o

%he mo%her in some sense .0hich may be re lec%e' in %he lac/ o any men%ion o Emily+s mo%her1. Since her mo%her 0as absen%, Emily coul'n+% learn %ha% 0omen can no% possess %he phallus an' %ha% all 0omen 'o no% ha)e a phallus. Emily+s 'esire %o posses %he phallus becomes pa%hological la%er in her li e, 0hich is e-presse' in her 'esire %o ha)e a phallic igure .her a%her or ano%her man1 aroun' %o possess %he phallus %hrough %hem or ob%ain i% rom %hem. This e-plains 0hy Emily allo0s her a%her %o 'omina%e her 'a%ing li e .0hich en's in her e-periencing cas%ra%ion a% %he 'ea%h an' burial o her a%her, 0hich buil's on %he pree-is%ing neurosis1 an' 0hy she ma/es her conclusi)e a%%emp% %o a%%ain %he phallus by mur'ering 5omer an' /eeping him in her house ore)er. The mur'er can be in%erpre%e' as Emily+s 'espera%e a%%emp% %o 'eal 0i%h her pa%hological penis en)y. :sing classical psychoanalysis, 0e can %race Emily+s neuro%ic beha)ior %o unconscious %rauma an' %he aile' ul ilmen% o 'esires cause' by her i-a%ion a% her unsuccess ully comple%e' psychose-ual s%ages. #% %he hear% o Emily+s neurosis is a girl s%ruggling 0i%h %he absence o a mo%her. This neurosis is re lec%e' in her ac%ions an' in %he symbolism presen% %hroughou% %he s%ory. Emily+s house is 0here %he s%ory en's, 0hich is apporia%e. 3n psychoanalysis, houses may be in%erpre%e' as a 0omb or %he eminine an' %he room in 0hich 5omer+s bo'y lie can be in%erpre%e' as a orm o a 'ream, 0hich is use' or %he imper ec% sa%is ac%ion o 0ishes or 'esires. #% en', 0e see Emily, s%ill a young girl, li)ing in a 'ecaying 0omb %rying %o imper ec%ly sa%is y her 'esires. #% her 'ea%h, 0e are presen%e' 0i%h %he inal %rage'y. Emily becomes some%hing li/e a phallic igure in her 'ea%h, 0here she is 'escribe' a ( alling monumen%(. 7or/s 8i%e'

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