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Do przeprowadzenia dowiadczenia potrzebujemy: Kwas solny HCl (stony), c lore! miedzi CuCl", #lin ($olia aluminiowa) Do zlew!

i nalewamy ostronie !il!a cm% stone#o !wasu solne#o, po czym rozpuszczamy w nim !il!a niewiel!ic !ryszta&!'w c lor!u miedzi CuCl" (oztw'r ma intensywnie zielony !olor) *lew! nastpnie wstawiamy do wi!sze#o naczynia z wod+) ,a-nia wodna ma na celu c &odzenie u!&adu rea!cyjne#o, poniewa rea!cja jest silnie e#zoter. miczna) /astpnie do roztworu wrzucamy jedn+ lub dwie !ul!i z $olii aluminiowej) 0o c wili roz. poczyna si rea!cja1 #lin jest roztwarzany, roztw'r si silnie roz#rzewa i pieni) 2stronie zapalamy powstaj+cy #az) Doc odzi do zap&onu, nad roztworem powstaj+ niere#ularne, ci+#le poruszaj+ce sip&omienie o pi!nej, niebies!iej barwie)

Colored Fire Chemicals dark red = lithium chloride Chlorek litu LiCl

red = strontium chloride (found in emergency flares) Chlorek strontu SrCl2 orange = calcium chloride (a bleaching powder) Chlorek wapnia CaCl2 yellow = sodium chloride (table salt) or sodium carbonate Chlorek sodu NaCl yellowish green = borax (sodium borate, a common insecticide and cleaning agent) Tetraboran sodu

green = copper sulfate (found in some pool and aquarium chemicals) Siarc an mied i(!!) CuSO4 blue = copper chloride (lab chemical, but other copper compounds found in algicides and fungicides may work) Chlorek mied i CuCl2 "iolet = # parts potassium sulfate, $ part potassium nitrate (saltpeter) Siarc an potasu potasu KNO3 purple = potassium chloride (sometimes sold as a %lite% salt) Chlorek potasu &Cl white = magnesium sulfate ('psom salts) Siarc an magne u

K"324 i


Prepare the Flame Colorants !f you were (ust coloring a campfire or other wood fire, you could simply sprinkle the dry metal salts onto the fire) Copper chloride is especially nice for this since the sodium that is naturally present in wood causes this chemical to produce a mix of blue, green, and yellow flames) *owe"er, for the gas flame in a burner, you need the salts dissol"ed in a flammable liquid) +he ob"ious choice here is alcohol) Common alcohols found around the home could include rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol (e)g), in "odka)) !n some cases, the metal salts will first need to be dissol"ed in a small "olume of water and then mixed with alcohol so that they can be spray onto a flame) Some salts may not dissol"e, so what you can do is grind them into a fine powder and suspend them in liquid)