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The Man
who made Angels fly
A film by


A Documentary Film By

Shirly Berkovitz
Original Score

Daniel Sivan Tova Asher


Initial Editor

Sound Designer

Gil Toren


Noam Pinchas


International Sales


Written, Shot, Directed and Produced by


Michael MESCHKE and Irne JACOB

Anglique O.

Shirly Berkovitz

how to lose your virginity

A FILM by Therese shechTer

Virginity is a powerful and malleable concept, as evidenced by the teenagers in Therese Shechters smart, funny and provoking documentary. The Hufngton Post


Oscar Nominee

by Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi | Burnat Films - Guy DVD Films - Alegria Productions | 90 - 55 | Palestine - Israel - France| 2011 5 Broken Cameras looks at Palestinian farmer Emad, who since 2005 has been documenting his villages resistance to advancing Israeli settlements, using the five cameras of the title. Each camera tells part of the story, beginning with Emad recording Israeli bulldozers ripping olive trees from the ground, and building up towards fiercer and fiercer conflicts. The film features some hard hitting footage, as Emad remains determined to continue documenting, despite pleas from his wife and an ever increasing risk of violence.
Awards: IDFA Audience Award & Special Jury Award | Sundance World Cinema Directing Award | Tempo Best Documentary Award | One World Best Director Award | Eurodok Prize | Marcorelle Award - Cinma du Rel | Planet Doc Millenium Award | Sheffield Audience Award | Golden Apricot - Yerevan IFF | Best Feature Documentary - Jerusalem IFF | Best Documentary - Durban FF | Best Picture - The Traverse City Film Festival | IFI Stranger Than Fiction Audience Award | Merit Award - Taiwan IFF Festivals: Busan | London Open City | Sheffield | DOXA | Hot Docs | Film Middle East | New Directors New Films | Movies That Matters | One World | Zagrebdox | Ambulante | DocPoint

Society | Politics

by Paola Castillo & Tiziana Panizza | Errante Producciones - Colectivo La Tribu - ITVS | 67 - 52 Chile - USA | 2012 | HD Iselsa and Cathy were chosen along with 150 families, to be part of a social experiment: to be inserted in a middle class neighborhood in Valparaiso. As community leaders and friends they have worked together in the project and to be integrated in a neighborhood that rejected them because they are considered potential delinquents. 74m2 observes the struggle to obtain their homes, the integration to the neighborhood and the challenge to overcome their deep inherited disagreements through this process. If they don't, the neighborhood they have fought for over seven years will be put at risk.

Festivals: FICVALDIVIA - Valdivia International Film Festival


by Jean-Cosme Delaloye | JCDE Productions | 95 - 55 | USA | 2012 | HD

To survive in the trash of the Chureca, Central Americas largest dump located in Nicaragua, three

young women will have to determine whether their mothers are their best allies or unexpected foes. Dominga, 25 year-old glue addict, has terminal Aids. Eleven year-old Fabiola is caught in a struggle between loyalty to her mother, and a group of evangelical Christians fighting for her to join a youth center far from the dump. At 19, Maryuri has ongoing health problems and is at risk of losing the second child she is expecting in the Chureca. A Mi Lado follows their quest for a better life.
Awards: Best Documentary - Icaro Film Festival Festivals: Havana Film Festival New York | MiradasDoc | Biarritz Amrique Latine | Filmar | Trinidad & Tobago | Costa Rica Festival Internacional

Society | Environment


by Kalyanee Mam | Migrant Films | 83 | Cambodia | 2013

Three young Cambodians struggle to overcome the crushing effects of deforestation, overfishing, and debt in this devastating and beautiful story of an ancient culture ravaged by globalization.
Awards: World Documentary Grand Jury Prize - Sundance | Best Documentary Feature - Atlanta Film Festival | Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award - Full Frame | Grand Jury Prize - Yale Environmental FF | Golden Gate Award - San Francisco IFF | Best Director & Best Cinematography - Los Angeles Asian Pacific FF | Conscience Award - Docville Film Festival Best- Documentary - Seoul Green FF Festivals: DokFest Mnich | Guth Gafa | Bristol Big Green Week | Sydney FF | Jerusalem FF | Transatlantyk | Biografilm | Beeld vor Beld Bogota | Lemesos | Vancouver IFF

Society | Environment


by Kamar Ahmad Simon | Beginning Production | 90 - 52 | Bangladesh | 2012 | HD

In hundred years, Bangladesh will probably have been swallowed by rising sea levels. In 2009, cyclone

Aila hit the countrys coastline. The floods drove about a million people from their homes, including 100 families from Sutarkhali. When their village was flooded, the people fled to an old dyke nearby where they have endured for the past two years. They are growing impatient for the government to build the promised dyke to reclaim their lost land.
Awards: Grand Jury Prize - Cinma du Rel Festivals: Dok Leipzig | IDFA Panorama | DokFest Mnich | Globale Filmfestival | Abu Dhabi Environment FF | Millenium FF | Festival de Lasalle | Patmos | Prishtina

Society | Environment


by Marie Losier | Marie Losier | 72 | USA | 2011

An intimate, affecting portrait of the life and work of ground-breaking performance artist and music

pioneer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and his other half and collaborator, Lady Jaye, centered around the daring sexual transformations the pair underwent for their Pandrogyne project.

Awards: Teddy Award - Berlinale | Caligari Award - Berlinale | Audience Award - BAFICI | Grand Prize - Indielisboa 2011 Festivals: Tempo | Helsinki | Sydney Underground | Sanfic | FIDMarseille | Paris Cinema | Karlovy Vary | Melbourne | Silverdocs | Edinburgh | Sheffield | Docaviv | Image Forum | Jeonju | Hot Docs | Tribeca | SXSW | Cinma du Rel | Punto da Vista

Arts | Music | Love


by Paul Moreira | Premires Lignes | 90 - 52 | France | 2013 | HD

In the 21st century, tobacco will continue to kill 8 million people each year. And yet the dangers of
smoking have been well known for many years. Tobacco companies have used every trick in the book to sell their deadly product; blatant or illegal, furtive or camouflaged advertising, corruption, ignoring or omitting scientific or medical data, mass manipulation, political influence The tobacco industry will do what it takes to remain profitable; the very survival of the industry is at stake.

Society | Health

by Paik Yeonah | Production Gongbang | 79 - 52 | South Korea | 2012 | HD

In Korea, the term unwed mother is associated with irresponsibility and infidelity. Despite social

prejudice and financial hardship, nowadays more Korean women choose to raise their children in fatherless homes rather than aborting their babies or giving them up for adoption. Following four main characters, three mothers and one child, Bittersweet Joke challenges the conventional idea of family in Korean society. The characters hopes for a fairy tale ending complete with father figure and future romantic relationship are dealt with through irony. Using mothers private jokes and keen observations of their daily lives, the film examines the gap between their notions of family and traditional Korean values.

Festivals: EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EIDF) | Jeonju Film Festival


by Jakeb Anhvu | Jakeb Anhvu | 82 - 52 | Australia | 2012 | HD

In a modest three-story home located in the beachside town of Nha Trang in central Vietnam, reside

four young expectant mothers. These runaways are given shelter, but in return, they must care for the centres 18 orphaned children. The homes owner, Tong Phuoc Phuc, has been praised by the countrys Prime Minister for his work as an anti-abortionist and a saviour to fallen women and their unwanted children. But there is a darker side to the homes media-savvy front. Referred to as a business by the mothers and their local community, donations continue to pour in, despite evidence of child abuse and profiteering.
Festivals: IDFA First Appearance Competition | Thessaloniki | Planet Doc Film Festival | Adelaide IFF


by Najeeb Mirza | Buzkashi Productions Inc. - EyeSteelFilm | 82 - 52 | Canada | 2012 | HD

In Tajikistans majestic Pamir mountains, horse riders battle in a centuries-old sport that pits individual

riders against one another. Azam, a successful shepherd and Buzkashi champion, is experiencing drastic change. At home, his son prefers to study medicine than take over his fathers flock. On the field, Azam plays for honour and integrity but his main rival threatens to change the game forever by using his seemingly infinite wealth to employ teammates in organized mafia-style alliances. From the chaotic, brutal action of the game to the serenity of the quiet hillsides, we follow a man shaped by tradition, now forced to face the modern world that surrounds him.

Festivals: Hot Docs | Belfast | Mizan Muslim World Film Festival | Margaret Mead | Hot Spring | EIDF

Society | Sports

by Malika Zouhali-Worrall & Katherine Fairfax Wright | Lindy Hop | 87 - 58 | USA | 2012 | HD

In Uganda, a new bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. David Kato - Ugandas

first openly gay man - and his fellow activists work against the clock to defeat the legislation while combatting vicious persecution in their daily lives. But no one is prepared for the brutal murder that shakes their movement to its core and sends shockwaves around the world.
Awards: Special Mention - Antenna | Best Human Rights Award - Dokufest | Best Documentary Film - Frameline | Special Mention - Sheffield | Best Feature Length Documentary - Hot Docs | Teddy Award Best Documentary | Cinema Fairbindet Prize | 2d place Berlinale Audience Award | Honorable Mention Siegessauel Readers Choice Award | Audience Award - Freiburg | Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award Festivals: Thessaloniki | CPH:DOX | Take One Action | Vancouver | Reykjavik | DMZ | Trinidad & Tobago | Oslo LGBT | TRI Continental Human Rights | Melbourne | Durban | Dokusfest | Jerusalem | Encounters | Sheffield| Beldocs | Torino LGBT | East end | True False | Human Rights Watch | Silverdocs | Los Angeles

Society | Sexuality

by Dominic Allan | Firewalk Films | 86 - 52 | UK | 2011 | HD

Hard-knock lives arguably dont come any worse than painter Jean Marc Calvets, a can-you-top-this

succession of horrors from rape to racketeering to rampant drug addiction. After a paranoia-fueled three-month crack bender, Calvet discovered his artistic gift and turned his life around. Dominic Allans engrossing docas searing as one of his subjects phantasmagoric canvasesfollows this spirited art-world luminary as he revisits old haunts and searches for the son he abandoned for a life of crime.

Awards: Best Documentary DocNoir | Special Mention - ICARO Film Festival of Central America | Special Jury Mention Documentary - Durban Film Festival Festivals: AFI Latino FF | Seattle Latino FF | Rialto | Champ-Contrechamp | Docville | Dublin | Miami | Dingle | Doc Soup | Guadalajara | Thessaloniki | Big Sky | Habana | DOC NYC | Bratislava | Sao Paulo | 2Morrow | Cambridge | Locarno | Montreal World Film Festival | Edinburgh | Sheffield

Arts | Society

by Ho-Yeon Won | Minch & Films | 80| South Korea | 2012 | HD

Captain Kang had his life changed when he lost his legs almost 20 years ago. What makes this documentary

so wonderful are the people. Captain Kang and his small fishing crew enjoy teasing each other but with age catching up with them they begin to consider their futures with more trepidation as the work of fishing begins to wear on their bodies. This is truly a story about regrets, drawing strength from family and lamenting a sons lost dreams.

Festivals: Busan International Film Festival | Karlovy Vary Film Festival | Durban Film Festival



by Sourav Sarangi | Son & Lumire | 88 - 52 | India | 2012 | HD

Rubel would prefer to go to school in India, but familial and financial circumstances compel him to

smuggle goods to Bangladesh. Everyday he crosses the river that forms an international border between India and Bangladesh; the same river that destroyed his home. Now he lives on Char, an island formed within the river and controlled by the border patrol.
Awards: Silver Lotus Award - Best Anthropological / Ethnographic Film | Golden Kapok - GZDoc | Best Film Award - Chop Shots Documentary Film Festival | Special Mention - Dubai Intl Film Festival | Best Documentary - Tiburon Intl Film Festival | Best Documentary Nominee - SIMA 2013 | Special Jury Mention - DokFest Mnich Festivals: Busan | Berlinale Forum | Thessaloniki | Tiburon | Sydney | Millenium | Krakow | Cinemambiante | Moscow | Yamagata | Astra

Society | Environment

by Yung Chang | EyeSteelFilm - Yuan Fan Media | 89 - 52 | Canada - China | 2012 | HD

In central China, a Master coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing

champions. Through hard work and discipline, these boys and girls come of age, trained in the art of boxing and the game of life. They are filled with Olympic dreams, hoping to become Chinas next amateur heroes. But the pull of professionalism also weighs upon their shoulders. The top student boxers face dramatic choices as they graduate - should they fight for the collective good as amateurs or for their own personal gain as professionals? Its a metaphor for the choices that everyone faces now, in the New China.

Awards: Best Documentary - Dallas Asian Film Festival | Best Documentary - Milano Film Festival | Special Mention - Buster Festivals: Documentary Edge | Glagow | ZagrebDox | IDFA | Stockholm | Brisbane | Zrich | CNEX | Reykjavik | EIDF | Lemesos | London Open City | Sheffield | Belfast | Planet Doc | Hot Docs | Its All True | Sundance World Documentary Competition

Society | Sports

by Nick Brandestini | Nick Brandestini | 88 - 60 | Switzerland | 2011 | HD

Darwin is a film about an isolated community at the end of a weathered road in Death Valley, California.

Propelled from society by tragic turns, the people of Darwin (population 35) must now find ways to coexist in a place without a government, a church, jobs, or children. The near-ghost towns survival depends on a fragile, gravity-fed waterline that descends from the mountains where top secret weapons are being tested. One accidental drop of a bomb, they half-joke, could wipe out their entire town.

Awards: Best Documentary - Zurich FF | Festival Favorite Award - Sonoma | Big Sky Award Artistic Vision - Big Sky FF Best Documentary - Austin FF Festivals: RIDM | Bergen | Austin | Hot Springs | BFI London | Zurich | Maine | Little Rock | DOXA | Santa Barbara



by Penny Vozniak| House of Gary | 85 - 52 | Australia | 2012 | HD

Jennifer Lynch is well known for making bold, if not ill-fated, choices in her filmmaking career. But

nothing could prepare her for the unmapped territory of Bollywood-Hollywood movie making, where chaos is the process and filmmaking doubles as a crash course in acceptance and self-realization. In 2008, Lynch travels to India to direct Hisss, a tale about the snake Goddess Nagin. Surrounded by a wonderful team of un-trained but willing Indian crew, her twelve-year-old daughter, and a cast of Bollywood stars, Lynch does her best to stay sane and guide the production through a minefield of disasters with uncensored candor.

Festivals: Stockholm | Raindance | Hot Docs | Fantasia Film Festival | EIDF | Telluride Film Festival | Split Film Festival | SITGES


by Qi Zhao | Qi Films | 90 - 55 | China | 2012 | HD

The Sichuan earthquake took 90,000 lives and left 5 million people homeless. Beichuan, once a beautiful

valley town, was entirely leveled and nearly every family lost a loved one. But the Chinese construction miracle rebuilt a new city in just three years and what began as a journey to overcome loss becomes entangled with dreams of an upgraded life. As the survivors emerge from Chinas worst natural disaster in decades, they speak for todays Chinese generation thrust into the nations relentless pursuit of progress and violently uprooted from their past.
Festivals: Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | DocsBarcelona | Documenta Madrid | DOXA | Belfast | Cleveland | Thessaloniki | Boulder | Sundance World Documentary Competition | IDFA First Appearance Competition

Society | Environment


by Shirly Berkovitz | 52 | Israel | 2013

The unbelievable story of 22 year old Or, who secretly finances his sex change operation in Thailand by

lying to his conservative parents and then returns home as a woman to face her new life, her family and the cost of living her dream. Will she make her mother and father accept her back? Will she learn to take responsibility for her actions? The Good Son explores how far we are forced to go in compromising our morals, our loved ones and everything familiar to us in order to become whole with ourselves. Society | Sexuality

by Angad Singh Bhalla | Storyline Entertainment | 82 - 55 | Canada | 2012 | HD

Herman Wallace, a former Black Panther member, has spent 40 years imprisoned in solitary confinement in

a six-by-nine-foot cell for a crime many believe he never committed. In 2001, when young artist and activist Jackie Sumell asked him to collaborate on an art project by imagining his ideal house, it was the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and a journey into the racialized brutality of the American justice system.
Awards: Best Documentary - Harlem International Film Festival Festivals: Hot Docs | Full Frame | True/False | Mid Atlantic Black | Best of Hot Docs Vancouver | Open Roof | MOSAID South Asian | Prescott | San Francisco Intl South Asian Film Festival | New Orleans | RIDM | Camden Intl | Hamptons | United Nations Association Film Festival | Festival de Lasalle | New Horizon

Arts | Society


by Stephen T. Maing | Mud Horse Pictures, LLC | 81 - 58 | USA | 2012 | HD

High Tech, Low Life follows the journey of two of Chinas first citizen reporters as they travel the country - chronicling underreported news and social issues stories. Armed with laptops, cell phones, and digital cameras they develop skills as independent one-man news stations while learning to navigate Chinas evolving censorship regulations and avoiding the risk of political persecution.
Awards: Best Documentary Special Jury Prize - IFF Boston | Best Documentary, Golden Rock Award - Little Rock FF | Best Cinematography Award - Woods Hole FF | Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary - EIDF | Emerging International Filmmaker Award - Open City Docs Festivals: Hot Docs | Tribeca | Sheffield Doc/Fest | Sydney | CPH:DOX | Stockholm | Rio de Janeiro International | True/False | CNEX Documentary Festival | Milwaukee | St. Louis | WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film IFF | Warsaw | Naples | FIFDH | Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival | One World IFF | Movies That Matter | Docaviv

Society | Politics


by Therese Shechter| Trixie Films | 66 | USA | 2013

How To Lose Your Virginity is an eye-opening journey to uncover why virginity still holds such importance
in our otherwise hypersexualized American society. Engages a cast of abstinence ideologues, hymen repair specialists, sex educators, porn producers and teenage girls, the film uncovers the unexplored and damagingimpact idealized, fetishized and commoditized virginity has on young women.

Society | Sexuality

by Michiel van Erp | De Familie | 86 - 55 | The Netherlands | 2011 | HD

I Am A Woman Now portrays five aged transsexual women who all were treated by the same miracle

doctor, Georges Burou. As long as these patients paid, there were no pre-conditions, no questions asked at his clinic in Casablanca. Do these pioneers feel like total women and did it give them the fulfillment in life they expected? I am a woman now is a film about the pursuit of an almost unattainable dream, about the gap between its realization and the hard reality that sometimes follows.
Awards: Honorable Mention for Outstanding Documentary - Frameline Festivals: OutFest | OutEast| Inside Out | Planet Doc | Divergenti | Seattle Transgender Film Festival | Sommerblut | Seould HRFF | Docaviv | Torino LGBT | One World | Thessaloniki | IDFA Dutch Competition

Society | Sexuality


by Paul Moreira | Premires Lignes | 54 | France | 2012 | HD

The Arab revolutions swept away the old regimes and were led by young modern people, invested with a

global culture, internet, huge frustration, and a need for freedom and emancipation. Women played a major role in the revolutions. Some even became icons. Women are becoming the front line in a clash between secularism and traditionalism. Frenzy and sexual violence; taboos and prohibitions; constant stimulation on internet and TV... How will the Islamists handle this explosive cocktail?

Society | Politics


by Lixin Fan | EyeSteelFilm | 87 - 52 | Canada | 2009 | HD
the poor for GDP growth, the country runs the risk of making millions of families separated and their children uneducated. These issues could all pose serious backlash against the countrys ambitious goal. Last Train Home examines not only individuals fate among this chaotic social evolution but also the countrys loss and gain in a race to be the worlds next super power.
Awards: Best Documentary Emmy Award | Cinema Eye Nominee | IDFA Best Feature Length Documentary | Gold Award - ANASY | Golden Gate Award - San Francisco | In the Spirit of Freedom Award - Jerusalem Festivals: Sundance | True/ False | Hong Kong | One World | SXSW | Thessaloniki | Bafici | Belfast | Full Frame | Singapore | Krakow | Planete Doc | Sydney | Sarajevo

Chinas booming economy is largely based on exploiting the vast population of cheap labor. Sacrificing

Society | Economy

by Nurit Kedar & Yaron Shani | 96 | Israel | 2013 | HD

An Arab man marries a Jewish woman. They give birth to a girl and a boy and live in quiet harmony among

the Arab-Jewish community. Nobody realizes that behind dozens of mysterious terror attacks which trembles Israel in the late 60s stands no other than the Arab father. When he is caught, his Jewish wife and kids become a family of an Arab terrorist. The mother decides to flee the country with her kids and settle in the heart of the Jewish Ultraorthodox community in Montreal, Canada. No-one suspects the real identity of the boy and the girl who study shoulder to shoulder with other religious Jewish kids. When they grow up, the two will take opposite roads. She will become an ultra-orthodox Jew, and he will fall in love and marry his Muslim cousin.
Awards: Best Documentary - Jerusalem Film Festival

Society | Politics

by Maite Alberdi | Errante Producciones | 64 - 54 | Chile | 2011 | HD

Mauricio, the lifeguard believes that the best worker is the one that never goes in the water because a good professional applies preventive measures to stop people from drowning. He loves order and is undoubtedly the most responsible lifeguard on the beach. This leads him to hate Jean Pierre, the lifeguard on the neighboring tower, whos lazy and disorganized. Despite the constant arguments, his colleague doesnt change his behavior, because to him, the only thing that matters is the act of going into the water to make a rescue.
Festivals: AMdocs | Cinema Tropical | Bilbao | LAlternativa | Leipzig | Taiwan | New Zealand | New Horizons | Galway | Edinburgh | BAFICI | DOXA | Full Frame | African, Asian and Latin America Film Festival | CineLatino | Utrecht Latin American Film Festival | Guadalajara | IDFA First Appearance Competition


LONE TWIN From ancient mythology to modern pop culture, twins have always fascinated us. But what happens when two becomes one? Anna Van der Wee lost her twin brother in a tragic accident at age 20. Ever since she has wondered: "Am I still a twin?" Driven by this haunting question, she embarks on a journey to understand the impact of this loss on her inner life and most intimate relationships. Travelling around the world, Anna explores the meaning and mystery of twinship through encounters with an array of dynamic duos. Lone Twin reveals what twins can teach us about humanity and the search for the "perfect soulmate".
by Anna Van der Wee | Wild Heart Productions - Storyline Entertainment | 71 - 57 | Belgium - Canada | 2011 | HD

Festivals: IDFA Panorama | Ghent | Victoria IFF



by Maria Ramstrm & Malin Korkeasalo | WG Films | 70 | Sweden | 2011

They say behind every great man is a great woman. Carolyn Cassady was behind two. Wife of beatnik

icon Neal Cassady and lover-muse of Jack Kerouac, Carolyn saw her life story and the memory of the men she loved hijacked by mythmakers. Love Always, Carolyn is the intimate, graceful portrait of a patient matriarch who could never escape the constant wake of her husbands epic misadventures.
Festivals: Biografilm | Planet Doc | Its All True | Thessaloniki | FIFA | Chicago | Nordisk Panorama | Hot Docs | Tribeca

Arts & Culture

by Manu Coeman | AT-Production | 63 - 52 | Belgium | 2011 | HD

The world of meat as it has never been seen before. Humans eat far too much meat than animals can provide. Animals lowered to the rank of machines, pollution, exhaustion of natural resources, global warming : the earth is already paying the higher price. Consequences for the human body are also manifold, from obesity to cancers, and also resistance to antibiotics. LoveMEATender raises life to the very heart of our plates in order to renew our image of meat.
Awards: Magritte - Best Documentary Festivals: Salt Spring | Green FF Argentina | Melbourne Environmental Film Festival | Durban | Biografilm | Green FF Seoul| DOXA | Izmir | Food Film Festival | FIFE | Ambulante | IDFA Green Screen Competition

Society | Health


by Wiktoria Szymanska | Luna W - Les Films du Balibari | 65 - 52 | Poland - France | 2013 | HD

Michael Meschke is one of the worlds top puppeteers. As a child, he and his family escaped from Nazi

Germany to Sweden. From there, he set off around the world, traveling with his puppet ensemble for over six decades. Over time he amassed a collection of 3,000 marionettes that must now vacate unsuitable basement storage in a Stockholm museum. Each has its own story and unmistakable personality. Wiktoria Szymaska eschews standard biopic methods, focusing instead on Michael Meschkes uncanny ability to imbue his puppets for a few minutes with living emotion and inimitable expression.

Festivals: Hot Docs | Karlovy Vary | New Horizon

Arts & Culture


by Alexandra Codina | CineMia | 68 - 52 | USA | 2009 An HBO Documentary Films Monica & David explores the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome and the family who strives to support their needs. Monica and David embody child-like spirits with adult desires; they are aware of their need for assistance, but also capable beyond traditional expectations. Behind the couples blissful love are two mothers who struggled against an intolerant world, and with this wedding, realize a dream. Now this remarkable family must embrace their fears and address Monica and Davids future.

Awards: Best Feature Documentary - Tribeca Festivals: Gteborg | Taiwan | Reykjavik | SANFIC | Parn | Galway Film Fleadh | Silverdocs | Hot Docs | Doxa | IDFA


by XU Huijing | CNEX Foundation Limited | 68 | China | 2013 | HD

In the Chinese village Ma, almost all of its women of child-bearing age are either sterilised or made to wear

a birth control ring after having their first child. The one-child policy put into place 30 years ago has meant a series of legal repercussions, including penalties for extra children and what can only be described as birth control policing. Xu Huijing returns to his village to tailgate the government officials whose current job is playing cat-and-mouse with a woman who refuses to go through the sterilisation surgery. As Rong Rong is forced into hiding, we get a glimpse of the bureaucracy and statistics that strip away womens rights to bear children.

Awards: Special Jury Award - Sheffield Doc/Fest Festivals: Jeonju International Film Festival | Chinese Documentary Festival | Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival


by Susan Morgan Cooper | American Dream Pictures | 85 - 55 | USA | 2011 | HD Narrated by Jacqueline Bisset
After living in America for years, Jian Ping finally finds the courage to write about her traumatic childhood during Maos Cultural Revolution in China. A time when millions had their lives destroyed and their reputations ruined. Jians father, a high ranking government official, was one of those people. Sadly, Jians American raised daughter Lisa has little interest in her Chinese roots or her mothers memoirs. But during the 2008 Beijing olympics, Lisa travels with her mother to China. It is on that journey that Lisa finally reads Mulberry Child and finds that her mothers past haunts her own future.

Awards: Special Jury Award - Port Townsend FF | Jury Award - Nashville FF | Best editing - Madrid FF Festivals: Santa Rosa | Palm Spring | Heartland | Charleston | Newport Beach | Sedona | Thessaloniki

Society | Politics

by David Tucker | Showreal Productions | 55 | Australia | 2011 | HD

Ted, a 46-year old salesman from Wales, visits Thailand on business. After revelling in the carnal
pleasures of Bangkok, he falls in love with Tip, a bar girl. They marry and start a new life in her poor, rural home. Ted soon finds he isnt alone. In northeast Thailand marriage to foreign men has become an industry. Things soon sour for Ted. His money has disappeared much faster than he expected. No one seems to want him around the farm anymore. Ted returns home destitute, having learned what his Thai wife already knew: without money you lose everything.

Awards: Best Mid-Length Documentary - Hot Docs | Best Australian Feature Documentary - Antenna Festivals: Hot Docs | IDFA Mid-Length Competition


NOWHERE TO CALL HOME - A Tibetan in Beijing

by Jocelyn Ford | Stories That Matter - Tripod Media | 76 - 52 | USA - China | 2013

Nowhere to Call Home gives an unprecedented intimate look at the life of a rural Tibetan woman, as well as the gritty reality of ethnic prejudice in the rising global power China. Widowed farmer Zanta defies her tyrannical father-in-law and refuses to marry his other son, imprisoned for robbery. When Zantas in-laws deny her seven-year-old schooling, she flees to Beijing. Destitute and feeling embattled by discrimination, she tries to give her son to a customer, an American journalist. On a visit to Zantas village, the unwitting foreigner must decide whether to intervene in the dispute with Zantas knifewielding father-in-law, for the sake of the child. THE OATH
by Laura Poitras | Praxis Film | 96 | USA | 2010 | HD


An extraordinary inside view of militant Islamism. A quietly disturbing, often complex portrait of an Al Qaeda insider and a Guantanamo Bay detainee, The Oath offers a chilling preview of emerging Middle East battleground Yemen and poignantly questions American policies over the past decade in the Middle East. The Oath tells the story of Abu Jandal, Osama bin Ladens former bodyguard, and Salim Hamdan, a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay Prison and the first man to face the controversial military tribunals.
Awards: Sundance - Excellence in Cinematography Award | Full Frame - Special Jury Award | Edinburgh - Grand Jury Award Feature Documentary | Hot Docs - Special Jury Award | True/False - True Vision Award | Sarasota - Jury Award Best Documentary | IFF Boston - Jury Award Best Documentary



Oscar Nominee

by Kief Davidson | Urban Landscape | 40 - 52 | USA | 2013 | HD An HBO Documentary Film Eight Rwandan children leave their families behind to embark on a life or death journey seeking highrisk heart surgery in Sudan. Open Heart reveals the intertwined endeavors of Dr. Emmanuel, Rwandas lone government cardiologist as he fights to save the lives of his young patients, and Italian Dr. Gino Strada, the Salam Centers head surgeon who must convince President Omar Al-Bashir to keep Africas only link to life-saving cardiac surgery free of charge for the millions who need it.
Awards: IDA Award Nominee | Boulder Best Short Documentary

Society | Health

by Seung-Jun Yi | CreativEAST | 87 - 52 | South Korea - Japan | 2011 | HD

Sight and sound are the senses we rely on, but in telling the story of a man who has been deaf and blind from childhood, Planet of Snail is an intimate and deeply moving portrait of love and compassion that reaffirms the power of the senses. Deeply connected to his subjects, director Seung-Jun Yi shows them in everyday moments so closely observed they become almost magical.
Awards: Best International Feature Documentary - Antenna | Silverdocs Sterling Award for Best World Feature | Best International Film Docaviv | Best Feature Documentary - Documenta Madrid | Best Documentary - Its All True | IDFA Best Feature Documentary Festivals: Reykjavik | Vilnius | Message to Man | Durban | New Zealand | Galway | Sheffield | DokFest Mnchen | Edoc | Human Rights Arts and Film Festival | Planet Doc | Docaviv | Hot Docs | Tribeca | Its All True | Tempo | Vera | One World | Thessaloniki | Glasgow | ZagrebDox | DocPoint | Jeonju


by Fahad Mustafa & Deepti Kakkar | Globalistan Films | 80 - 52 | India | 2013 | HD

Would you risk your life to flip a switch? In Kanpur, India, putting oneself in harms way to deliver

electrical power is all too common. Powerless sheds light on the opposing corners of this political ring, from an electrical Robin Hood tapping wires for neighbors to the myopic utility company whose failure to understand economics forces it deeper into financial disarray. This vibrant expos gives a whole new meaning to the words power struggle.

Festivals: Berlinale Forum | Tribeca | Freiburg | Docville | San Francisco Green FF | Stuttgart Indian FF | Motovun | London Open City Doc | Melbourne | Take One Action

Society | Economy


by Mimi Chakarova | Violeu Productions | 73 - 52 | USA | 2011 | HD
human trafficking and experiences of trafficked Eastern European women forced into prostitution abroad. Filming under cover with extraordinary access, Chakarova travels from impoverished rural areas in post-Communist Eastern Europe to Turkey, Greece, and Dubai. This dangerous investigative journey brings Chakarova face to face with trafficked women willing to trust her and appear on film undisguised.

An unprecedented and compelling inquiry, The Price of Sex sheds light on the underground criminal network of

Awards: The Los Angeles Movie Award For Best Narration & Award For Excellence | Daniel Pearl Award Festivals: Take One Action | Milano | One World | Thessaloniki | Free Zone | This Human World | Ad:Hoc | Denver | Input | Hamptons| Vancouver Hawai | Silverdocs | New York HRFF | Sarasota

Society | Sexuality


by Hao Wu | Tripod Media | China - USA | 80 - 56 | 2013 | HD

The Road To Fame gives a rare, intimate look at the coming-of-age of some of Chinas most promising

yet confused youth. It chronicles the staging of the musical Fame by the graduating class of Chinas top drama academy, in Chinas first official collaboration with Broadway. It follows five students of divergent personalities and family backgrounds as they compete for roles, struggle with the expectations of teachers and parents, and prepare to graduate into Chinas reality of huge wealth gap and rampant corruption. Often confused by the conflicting cultural values shaping China today, the students must confront their anxieties about an uncertain future and negotiate their own paths to fame.

Festivals: Sheffield | CNEX | DMZ | Haiwai International Film Festival

Society | Youth

by Ari Matikainen | Kinocompany Oy | 75 - 52 | Finland | 2012 | HD

Russia is going through troubled times. The Russian dissident and writer Viktor Yerofeev tells us about this super-power he shows a people who need to make a decision: either to give in, or start to fight for their rights. Since Soviet times, Yerofeev has fearlessly criticized the people in power. Russian Libertine brings the changes that shake the Russian society in front of our eyes, and make them easier to understand. Victors colorful story from a privileged child of a Soviet diplomat to a dissident who destroyed his own family is full of surprises and interest.

Festivals: Planet Doc | Message to Man | Kaunas IFF | Festival des liberts | Ad:Hoc Inconvenient Films | FIFDH Genve | Movies That Matter



by Catherine Scott | Paradigm Pictures | 70 - 54 | Australia | 2011 | HD

Scarlet Road follows the extraordinary work of Australian sex worker, Rachel Wotton. Impassioned

about freedom of sexual expression and the rights of sex workers, she specializes in a long over-looked clientele - people with disability. She helped set up an advocacy group, runs workshops for carers and sex workers, and is studying for a masters degree in her spare time. The indefatigable blonde also provides a specialised service to her clients, two of whom, John and Mark, permit the cameras in to record their most intimate moments.
Awards: FIFO - Audience Award Festivals: Bergen | Sheffield | DOXA | Hot Docs | Sarasota | San Sebastian HRFF | One World | Thessaloniki | SXSW | Sydney | Troms | Documentary Edge

Society | Sexuality


by Chris Kenneally | Company Films LLC | 98 - 52 | USA | 2012 | HD

For almost one hundred years there was only one way to make a movie with film. But over the last two

decades a digital process has emerged to challenge photochemical filmmaking. Keanu Reeves interviews directors, cinematographers, film students, producers, technologies, editors, and exhibitors, as Side by Side examines all aspects of filmmaking. At this moment when digital and photochemical filmmaking coexist, Side by Side explores what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring.

Festivals: Berlinale Special | Tribeca | Cyprus Film Days | Hong-Kong | Sydney | Midnight | Munich | Transilvania | Galway | Jerusalem | New Zealand | Cinemalaya | Milano | Vancouver | Strasbourg | Busan | Tokyo | Helsinki | Melbourne | Bergen | CPH:DOX | Bremen | Belgrade | ZagrebDox


by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade | Maha Productions | 8 x 45 | France | 2004

The Staircase is like the most suspenseful of page-turners, adding layers of complexity until one is entirely

hooked by its ambiguities and twists and turns. This real-life thriller follows the trial of Michael Peterson, who was arraigned for the murder of his wife. Did Kathleen Peterson fall down the stairs, or was it cold-blooded murder? As the mystery unravels, de Lestrades cameras are granted unusual access to Petersons lawyers, home, and immediate family, resulting in a gripping, inside look at a case so shocking, it is sure to leave you gasping for breath.
Awards: IDA Best Documentary Award | Columbia duPont Award | Peabody Award


THE STAIRCASE 2 - The Last Chance

by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade | Whats Up Films | 120 | France | 2012 | HD

Millions of people watched The Staircase, and no one has forgotten the shock Michael Petersons verdict

caused, sentencing him to die behind bars. Ten years after Kathleen Petersons death, an unprecedented scandal implicates both the forensics laboratory of the police department of North Carolina, and Duane Deaver, its chief. Deavers unrelenting testimony had sealed Petersons fate. Accused of having continuously lied in numerous investigations in order to win his cases, Deaver is summoned to court to justify his testimony in the Peterson trial. The stakes are easy to understand: if David Rudolph can prove Deaver perjured himself, Michael Peterson can be freed and would have the right to a retrial.

Festivals: IDFA Feature-Length Competition | Thessaloniki | Documentamadrid | Planet Doc Film Festival | Moscow | EIDF


by Steven Dhoedt | Visualantics - Minch&Films | 85 - 55 | Belgium - South Korea | 2013 | HD

In Seoul, hundreds of young boys compete to be the best at one single video game: Starcraft. As top

players earn hundreds of thousands of euros, being a professional gamer isnt only a wise career move, it is also the path to respect and credibility in the highly competitive society of South Korea. The stars of the Starcraft league are national celebrities, participating on all levels of popular culture.But what happens when play becomes work? For some it will be a struggle to stay on top of their game, for others it might be the turning point of their lives.

Festivals: Docville | CNEX

Society | Youth


by Mark S. Hall | Sakana Film Productions - Cactus Three | 75 - 60 | USA | 2011 | HD

Sushi began as simple street food in Tokyo but has developed into a worldwide phenomenon. From restaurants in New York and Warsaw to grocery stores and football games, sushi is on the menu. Can this growth continue without consequence? Sushi: The Global Catch is a call to action that cannot be ignored.

Awards: Audience Award - SF Green FF | Special Jury Award Documentary Film 2011 Seattle International Film Festival Festivals: Reykjavik | Melbourne Environmental FF | Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental | Argentina Biografilm | Planet Doc | Green FF Seoul | Food Film Festival | IDFA Green Screen Competition | Vancouver

Society | Health

by Lisa Fruchtman & Rob Fruchtman | Liro Films | 89 - 52 | USA | 2012 | HD

Ingoma Nshya is Rwandas first and only all womens drumming troupe. Made up of women from both sides

of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the troupe offers a place of support, healing and reconciliation. When the group decides to partner with two young American entrepreneurs to open Rwandas first ever ice cream shop, these remarkable women embark on a journey of independence, peace and possibility. Sweet Dreams interweaves intimate, sometimes heart-wrenching stories, with joyous and powerful music to present a moving portrait of a country in transition.

Awards: HBO Producer Award - Savannah Film Festival | Audience Award - IFEMA Festivals: Mill Valley | Margaret Mead | Silverdocs | DocNYC | IDFA Panorama | Thessaloniki | DOXA

Society | Music


by Lorena Giachino | Errante Producciones | 76 - 52 | Chile | 2013 | HD

The comedian Timoteo is the leader of a gay cross-dresser circus that has toured through Chile for forty
years. Today his advanced age and health are reason for concern regarding the continuity of the show. The cast is worried the Circus will end, and with it, the family theyve had for years. Small episodes and daily conflicts shape the comedians life while he debates between denial of a possible ending and the concrete need to project his circus.

Society | LGBT

by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi | Little Monster Films | 83 | USA | 2013 | HD
1 million Sufi Muslims to the holy city of Touba, Senegal. This observational film takes us inside the Mouride Brotherhood: one of Africas most elusive organizations. Pilgrims travel from all over the world to pay homage to the life and teachings of Cheikh Amadou Bamba. His non-violent resistance to French colonial persecution in the late 19th century inspired a national movement: freedom of religious expression through pacifism. These are lessons the world can learn.
Awards: Special Jury Prize - SXSW

Touba reveals a face of Islam essential to these divisive times. It chronicles the Grand Magaal pilgrimage of

Society | Politics

TURNING featuring Antony & the Johnsons

by Charles Atlas & Antony | Bullitt Film & Lucy Sexton Film | 82 - 58 | Denmark - USA | 2012

Turning takes the viewer into the world of Antony and the Johnsons as they tour their astonishing live
concert/performance work, Turning. At its center are a series of intimate interviews with the women who performed this extraordinary show with Antony. Their stories combine with Antonys mesmerizingly emotional songs to create a powerful journey of struggle and hope.

Awards: Audience Award - Noise Pop Festival Festivals: Milano | Filmfest Hamburg | POP Montral | CPH:DOX | New Horizons | Tempo | Thessaloniki | !f Istanbul |

Music | Sexuality


by Michael Singh | Michael Singh Productions | 95 - 56 | USA | 2012 Narrated by M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell

Valentinos Ghost exposes the way in which the U.S. Governments foreign policy agenda in the Middle East drives the U.S. medias portrayals of Arabs and Muslims. In 1920s Hollywood, the Arab was a hero, as played by the iconic Rudolph Valentino. By the 1970s, Arabs and Muslims were depicted solely as embodiments of evil, not only in Hollywood films, but in childrens cartoons, in the news media, on TV, and even on radio. What happened to the hero image? What social and political and religious forces shifted that image to a socially acceptable negative sterotype?
Festivals: La Biennale di Venezia | Hot Springs | DocUtah | Doha Tribeca | IDFA | Its All True | Planet Doc Film Festival | Transatlantyk | DMZ

Cinema | Politics


by Xun Yu | EyeSteelFilm | 112 - 85 | China - Canada | 2011 | HD

The Vanishing Spring Light follows Grandma Jiang in her final days. The matriarch of an ordinary Chinese

family, she has suffered a stroke after an accidental fall. As her health deteriorates, conflicts within the family begin to emerge. While Grandma Jiang is consumed by her illness, the family struggles to avoid collapse. The Vanishing Spring Light is a film about a familys love and loss, obligation and attachment, guilt, transformation and destiny.
Awards: Honorable Mention - Documenta Madrid | Joris Ivens Award - Cinma du Rel | IDFA First Appearance Award | Best New Talent - RIDM Festivals: DocPoint | Lemesos | Silverdocs | London Open City | Documenta Madrid | Planet Doc | Fidadoc | True / False | IDFA


VOL SPCIAL [Special Flight]

by Fernand Melgar | Climage | 100 - 52 | Switzerland | 2011 | HD

Awaiting definite deportation from the Swiss territory, men are jailed at the administrative detention centre

Frambois. As their request for asylum has failed, they are ordered to leave, after having spent several years in Switzerland, worked, paid taxes, and started a family. Although incarceration may be as long as 24 months, the deportation is announced without warning and its implementation is imminent. Those who refuse to leave are handcuffed, tied up and forcibly put on a plane. In this extreme situation, despair has a name: special flight.

Awards: Prix Europa 2012 - Best multicultural TV programme| Prix Italia 2012 - Best Documentary Current Affairs| Best Documentary - Full Frame | Best Documentary - One World | Prix de Soleure | Special Jury Award - Festival des Liberts | Locarno Ecumenical Jury Award | Special World Feature Jury Mention Silverdocs | Grand Prix Horizonte - Fnf Seen Film Festival Festivals: DokFest Mnich | Izmir | San Sebastian HRFF | London HRFF | One World | Movies that Matter | Human Rights Human Wrongs | RIDM | Popoli | Doclisboa | Leipzig | Locarno | Tempo

Society | Politics

by Chaimin Ahn | Min Production - Creative Group917 | 52 | South Korea | 2013 | HD

Family values and their bond have considerably weakened in modern society. However, there is one thing which has never changed; a mothers unconditional love. When was the last time you had dinner with your mother at a table, facing her? She wants that. Mothers want that. Even in your most careless of times, you believe mom would understand your situation. You intuitively comprehend your mother will always devotedly love you. However, there is something that you rarely think about; mom wont be around forever. In this documentary, the mother Giseon Kwon (95) and her son Junkyo Lee (70) are not different from the norm.

Festivals: EIDF

Society | Love


by Rebecca Cammisa | Mr. Mudd | 82 | USA | 2009 | HD An HBO Documentary Films

As the United States continues to build a wall between itself and Mexico, Which Way Home shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers with enormous courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the United States.
Awards: Oscar Nominee 2010 | Audience Award - Seoul International Youth Film Festival Festivals: Films from the South | Favourite FF | LAFF | San Sebastian HRFF | Watch Docs | Taiwan | CNEX | Reykjavik | Seoul | Kiev | Docaviv | Documenta Madrid | Open Doek | Thessaloniki | IDFA | Hot Docs | Tribeca

Society | Youth


by Yony Leyser| Yonilizer Productions - BulletProof Film - PBS | 87 - 54 | USA | 2010

Burroughs was one of the first writers to cross the boundaries of queer and drug culture in the 1950s. His

novel Naked Lunch is one of the most recognized literary works of the 20th Century. He has influenced generations of artists. However, his friends were left wondering, did William ever find happiness? This intimate documentary breaks the surface of the troubled and brilliant world of one of the greatest authors of all time. It features never-before-seen archival footage, as well as exclusive interviews with John Waters, Patti Smith, Genesis P-Orridge, Peter Weller, Sonic Youth, Gus Van Sant, and many more.
Festivals: Vilnius Documentary Film Festival | Festivaletteratura | Fade In | Glasgow | Dublin | IfIstanbul | Gteborg | Slamdance | Leeds | Chicago | Viennale | London Film Festival | Sao Paulo | Sheffield | Seattle | Sarasota

Arts & Culture

by C. Scott Willis | C Scott Films LLC | 82 - 60 | USA | 2010 | HD

The Woodmans are a family of well-known artists bonded in their belief of art-making as the highest

Awards: Emmy Award - Outstanding Arts and Culture Programming | Tribeca - Best NY Documentary Festivals: Unseen | Gender Bender | Docaviv | Planet Doc | Docville | World Cinema Showcase NZ | Gteborg | Florence | Houston Rome | Philadelphia | Vancouver | Aspen | Silverdocs | Tribeca

form of expression, but for their daughter Francesca -- one of the late 20th centurys most recognized and influential photographer -- fame came only after a tragedy that would forever scar the family. The Woodmans traces the story of a family broken and then healed by their art.

Arts & Culture

by Marie Mandy | The Factory - Fontana | 91 | France - Belgium | 2010 | HD

The director learns she has breast cancer. Her journey through the medical world achieves unprecedented intimacy with the disease.
Seeking healing both interior and physical, her camera weaves a dialogue between conventional and alternative medicines. She explores every dimension of this disease that affects one woman in nine.

by Christophe Hermans | Frakas Productions | 51 | Belgium | 2011

Arnaud is a 20 year old young man. Following the death of his mother three years ago, he has dropped out of his studies and taken refuge in food to fill the void. He now weighs 177 kilos and lives with his father, with whom he quarrels constantly. Arnaud has reached the point where he has decided to undergo a stomach reduction operation.... AGNUS DEI: LAMB OF GOD
by Alejandra Sanchez | La Femme Endormie - Pepa Films - Fopro Cine | 84 - 52 | France-Mexico | 2010 | HD

As an 11-year-old altar boy, Jess, now 26, was abused by a priest. After years of silence, he decides not only to bring criminal charges THE AL-MAHDI SCOUTS
by Bruno Ulmer | Ladybirds Films | 80 | France | 2011 | 16mm

against his aggressor, but to confront him in the flesh. This is the story of Jess journey, a mandatory hiatus on the road to forgiveness, born of a deep-seated need to come to terms with the past.

The Al-Mahdi scouts are Shiite Muslims from southern Lebanon. They were created in the wake of Hezbollah. The films examination
of three young scouts raises many questions for us. Are they just like other scouts ? What do they tell us of their vision Lebanon, and its reality ?


by Tomas Kudrna| Armada Films | 90 - 57 | Czech Republic | 2010 | HD

The Canadian company, Cameco, is operating the Kumtor gold mine in the Kyrgyz Republic. All that Glitters shows the unique imprint BABELSBERG - FROM EAST TO WEST
by Bernard Louargant | Gnration Vido - Ada & Zylla Film | 56 | France | 2009

the Communist past has had on the local mine workers and their way to adjust to the capitalistic system. It also explores the effort of the Canadian company to adjust to the communist mentality of Kyrgyz people.

Temple of expressionist German cinema, mythical spot haunted by the ghosts of Fritz Lang and Marlene Dietrich, and now at the
forefront of new filming techniques, the Babelsberg studios had a promising future. A century after their creation, the Babelsberg studios continue to thrive.


by Kelly Duane de la Vega & Katie Galloway | Loteria Films | 89 | USA | 2011 | HD

A dramatic tale of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, Better This World follows the radicalization of these boyhood friends from Texas
under the tutelage of revolutionary activist Brandon Darby. Better This World goes to the heart of the war on terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America.


by Carles Bosch | Cromosoma | 90 - 58 | Spain | 2010 | HD

In 2007, Pasqual Maragall was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Once past the initial blow, he and his family embarked on a crusade against the disease. Two years of following an exceptional patient, one who is hoping scientists find a cure before the number of 26 million sufferers of this disease is multiplied by ten. A tough film, but an optimistic one all the same. BOYAMBA|BELGIQUE OR WHY A KING SHOULD NOT LOSE HIS SWORD
by Dries Engels & Bart Van Peel | Serendipity Films | 60 | Belgium | 2010 | HD

On June 30, 1960, Congo became independent from Belgium. On June 29, 1960, Robert Lebeck shot the picture of his life. A young black unexpectedly steals the sabre of King Baudouin, and seals herewith the independence. Later, the photographer went looking for this man, but he had vanished. In 2009 and 2010, a small Belgium crew went to Congo and finally, found the thief!

by Nic Dunlop - Annie Sundberg - Ricki Stern | leBrocquy Fraser Productions-Break Thru Films | 70 - 54 | Ireland - USA | 2010 | HD An HBO Documentary Films Burma Soldier provides a glimpse of a brutal dictatorship seen through the eyes of a former soldier, Myo Myint, offering a rare perspective from inside the heart and mind of a man who lays bare an understanding of a cruel regime and the political and psychological power of the junta over his country.

by Harris Fishman | Cactus Three - Submarine | 75 | USA | 2008 | HD | An HBO Documentary Films

Ron Holiday, Joy Holiday and Chuck Lizza, aka the Cat Dancers, were one of the worlds first exotic-tiger entertainment acts. For years,
the trio shared a happy, if unorthodox, life as performers and lovers - until a pair of odd deaths brought their story to a tragic end.


by Lutz Konermann & Rob Appleby | Hugofilm | 79 - 52 | Switzerland | 2010 | HD

Downtown Mumbai, in sight of the skyscrapers, lies Dharavi, Asias biggest slum. In this no-mans-land Mukesh Mehta sees his chance DREAMLAND
by Thorfinnur Gudnason & Andri Snr Magnason | Ground Control | 89 - 55 | Iceland | 2009 | HD

of a lifetime. He wants to turn Mumbai into the international Metropolis of the 21st century and rebuilt Dharavi. Many people are opposed to Mehtas vision. They are convinced to lose their way of life and fear that step into modernity.

How much unspoiled nature should we preserve and what do we sacrifice for clean, renewable energy? Dreamland gradually turns
into a disturbing picture of corporate power taking over nature and small communities. Its the dark side of green energy.


by Niccol Bruna & Andrea Prandstraller | Graffitidoc - Iota Productions | 85 - 52 | Italy - Belgium 2011 | HD

With the increasing use of asbestos in China, Russia and other countries, 70% of the world population is now exposed to this
carcinogenic material. Starting from the first court hearings in Turin involving the multinational Eternit, the film takes us to India and Brazil on an exploration into a multi-million dollar business managed by a lobby that holds sway over the policies of many countries.


by Nadav Harel | Noprocess Films | 60 | Israel | 2010 | HD

The prospect of manipulating our minds with machines has for decades been considered a cybernetic fantasy belonging to the realm EMPIRE OF DUST
by Bram Van Paesschen | Savage Film | 77 - 52 | Belgium | 2011 | HD

of literature and cinema. But nowadays the accelerating advancements of brain science are materializing into a genuine cure for people suffering from mental illness and brain disorders.

Close to the Congolese city of Kolwezi a Chinese company wants to realize a giant street renovation project. But what happens when
the truck driver does not show up, the truck is not filled properly with gravel and nothing else is going according to the Chinese plan? Eddy, a Congolese fluid in Mandarin is needed to mediate between the local workers and the Chinese construction manager Loa Yang.

by Farheen Umar | Pasha Film | 50 | USA | 2011

Three year old Farah arrives from Palestine to California for treatment of injuries from an attack on Gaza. Farah stays with her host mom Amal Jubran, for nine months. Amal cares for the girl through three surgeries. Farah transforms from a withdrawn child into a happy girl. However, as time approaches for Farahs return to her home in Palestine, both Amal and Farah face a difficult reality. FORTUNATE SON
by Tony Asimakopoulos| EyeSteelFilm | 78 - 55 | Canada | 2011

Fortunate Son is an autobiographical documentary by the son of Greek immigrants living in Canada. Motivated by a search for happiness

with his fiancee, filmmaker Tony Asimakopoulos turns his gaze on his complicated, painful relationship with his aging parents and the patterns of dysfunction they share. A film about faith, despair, renewal, and the different kinds of love in a family.

by Hvard Bustnes | Faction Film | 58 | Norway | 2010 | HD

Health care institutions mimic industry production to become more efficient. The goal is to get more health for the money spent,
based on the presumption that private corporations are more efficient and less wasteful than public institutions. Do we have to be in a competitive state in order to work efficiently, or does professional pride really exist?


by Stefano Knuchel | Venus and Beyond - Cong - Alfredo Knuchel | 91 - 52 | Switzerland | 2009

When Hugo Pratt passed away in 1995, he was holding an Ethiopian cross in his left hand. In order to understand his enduring love of the black continent, Hugo Pratts companion, Jean Claude Guilbert, searches for traces of him in the Horn of Africa. IRON CROWS
by Bong-Nam Park | Frontline News Service| 90 - 59 | South Korea | 2009 | HD

Everyday some 20,000 people in Chittagong, a small port city of Bangladesh risk their lives for 2 dollars. They dismantle retired old ships from all over the world. An average of 20 workers dies in Chittagong every year. Despite the harsh working environment full of contaminants and toxic gases, the ships are gifts from God. ISRAEL LTD
by Mor Loushy | One Man Show - Plan B | 52 | Israel | 2009

The Israel Experience is the biggest Zionist project in over a decade. In order to create new allies for the State of Israel, Israel
Experience provides young Jews from around the world guided tours of the Holy Land. The film accompanies a group of young Americans on their intensive journey across a strong and righteous Israel.


by Gal Mtroz | Tipimages Productions | 52 - 43 | Switzerland | 2010

In a remote valley in the Pakistan-Afghan border, the last 3000 pagan Kalash live surrounded by the Muslim community and the Afghan KAPITALISM - OUR SECRET RECIPE
by Alexandru Solomon | Hi Film - Seppia | 76 - 55 | Romania - France | 2009 | HD

refugees. At the announcement of the winter solstice, they pray, sing and dance for the rebirth of the seasons and their culture. Among them, a young woman must choose between converting to Islam, joining the modern world or enable her tradition to continue.

Imagine Ceausescu came back 20 years after he was overthrown and executed in Romania. The idea might seem absurd or bizarre
- and it is. But so is the post-communist reality the former communist dictator would encounter. The people who built capitalism in Romania are his nearest and dearest and are actually the ones doing business with Western Europe today...

by Koen Suidgeest | El Rayo Films - Cobra - Daggewood | 88 - 58 | Spain - Belgium - USA | 2010 | HD

A young girls negative sense of self-worth might prevent her from saving herself, but once she has chosen to become a mother, she LAST SUPPER FOR MALTHUS: THE PERMANENT FOOD CRISIS
by Klaus Pas | Turbulence Films | 52 | Switzerland | 2009

will resolve to leave the streets for the love of her child. Karlas Arrival follows 19-year old mother Sujeylin Aguilar and baby Karla, who live as part of a group of kids in a small park in Managua (Nicaragua), as they struggle through the first year of the childs life.

With 1 billion of the worlds population going to bed hungry at night, Last Supper for Malthus sheds light on our permanent food crisis. This balanced documentary focuses on our evolving diets, climate change and the use of food for fuel, but also considers the effects of the worst global economic crisis, before proposing a range of feasible solutions to solve world hunger. LOST DOWN MEMORY LANE
by Klara Van Es | Associate Directors - Memphis Film & Television | 90 - 55 | Belgium - Netherlands | 2010 | HD

This is the first documentary about living with Alzheimers, as seen through the eyes of the people who suffer from it. The 8 characters
live together in an apartment called Iduna, under constant supervision and care. They are in the first phase of the disease: flurries of lucidity, forgetfulness and falling into oblivion alternate constantly.


by Robert de Young | Lowlands Media | 77 - 55 | Australia | 2011

Mad as Hell is the first documentary to map the significance and legacy of Australian actor Peter Finchs life and career as seen through
the eyes of his daughters, fellow actors, producers and his manager. With: Anita Harrison, Tamara Tchinarova Finch, Samantha Finch, Diana Braley-Finch, Barry Norman, Trader Faulkner, Vincent Ball, Peter Thompson, Bill Hunter, Virginia McKenna, Glenda Jackson, Howard Gottfried.


by Carl Colby | Act 4 Entertainment - Cactus Three | 104 - 54 | USA | 2011 | HD

A sons riveting look at a father whose life seemed straight out of a spy thriller, the film uncovers the secret world of a legendary CIA
spymaster. Told by William Colbys son Carl, the story is at once a probing history of the CIA, a personal memoir of a family living in clandestine shadows, and an inquiry into the hard costs of a nations most cloaked actions.

by Seong-Gyou Lee | Trump Media - SigongTech - CreativEAST | 81 - 52 | South Korea | 2010 | HD

In Calcutta, 20 thousand feet are running tangled up, all barefoot. They are rickshaw pullers. Among them is Shallim. Hes run endless MY BEAUTIFUL DACIA
by Julio Soto & Stefan Constantinescu | Thinklab Media - Hi Film | 80 - 54 | Spain - Romania | 2009 | HD

miles to save up money to buy an auto rickshaw, that will realize his dream: a house for his family. However, Shallims wife is found to be seriously ill. His son catches a swine flu. Hospital charges are mounting and Shalims dream is on the verge of collapsing.

An extravagant and humoristic odyssey from Communism to Capitalism, seen from the perspective of one of Romanias most MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY
by Laura Poitras | Praxis Films | 90 | USA | 2006

charismatic symbols, the Dacia automobile. The film follows several Romanians - from rich to poor, from old to young - whose lives are interconnected by this humble car, thus showing the present transformation of Romanian society from past to present.

Dr. Riyadh is an Iraqi medical doctor, father of six and Sunni political candidate. An outspoken critic of the occupation, he is equally passionate about the need to establish democracy in Iraq. Yet all around him, Dr. Riyadh sees only chaos, as his waiting room fills each day with patients suffering the physical and mental effects of ever-increasing violence. MY REINCARNATION
by Jennifer Fox | Zohe Films | 82 - 58 | USA | 2010 | HD

When your father is a high Tibetan master and youre the reincarnation of a famous spiritual teacher, its hard to escape the family business. Italian-born Yeshi struggles against Dad, destiny and the divine in this epic drama by award-winning filmmaker, Jennifer Fox. NO LOOK PASS
by Melissa Johnson | High Hips Productions | 87 - 52 | USA | 2011 | HD

No Look Pass is the coming-of-age American Dream story of Emily Etay Tay, a first generation Burmese immigrant from Chinatown, Los Angeles, who breaks all of the rules of tradition. After living a double life at Harvard University, she strives to play professional basketball in Germany while coming out as a lesbian. NUMB
by Phil Lawrence | Little Dog Big Bite Films - Frozen Feet Films | 78 - 52 | USA | 2011

What happens when you stop taking antidepressants? A successful suburban dad who is tired of feeling numb decides to quit taking antidepressants and documents the drastic effects on his physical and psychological well-being. Numb also reveals startling new information the pharmaceutical industry doesnt want you to know. PHNOM PENH LULLABY
by Pawel Kloc | Parallax | 98 - 60 | Poland | 2011 | HD

An intimate portrayal of the dysfunctional, sometimes disturbing, relationship between an alcoholic woman and her Israeli partner
living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She wants to get married and go to Israel, but he wants a new life, love and acceptance. Living on the margins, earning money by telling tourists fortunes, this fraught couple is also raising two young daughters.

by Daniel Sivan | One Man Show | 50 | Israel | 2011

Growing-up in Israel means going to the army. Once you turn 18 you are a soldier or a deserter. The film follows four best friends SCIENTOLOGY. THE TRUTH ABOUT A LIE
by Jean-Charles Deniau | Novaprod Owl - Dissidents-Woods TV | 97 | France | 2010

from high-school and during the entire army service. During three years of service, the boys are transformed into soldiers; It is the story of children in Israel, maturing in an insane reality.

Objective and nuanced, this documentary aims to show why individuals are consciously or unconsciously drawn into the Church of Scientology. It asks why they stay, sometimes for long periods of time and sometimes despite doubts as to the Churchs true nature, which is often revealed as devouring, indoctrinating and even totalitarian. SEA OF BUTTERFLY
by Park Bae-il | Ozifilm | 89 - 60 | South Korea | 2011 | HD

Jae-nyeon and Woo-yeong are two lovers suffering from brain lesions. After 7 years of dating, they finally decide to get married. As the day of
this seemingly beautiful and happy occasion comes near, the veil of fantasy is lifted to reveal the hard reality behind it. No one can deny the romance of their love, but our worry for those two, and the burden they have to carry, are nothing short of horror to all of us.


by Rachel Libert & Tony Hardmon | Tied to the Tracks Films | 76 - 60 | USA | 2011 | HD

Marine corps master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger was a devoted marine for nearly twenty-five years. When Jerrys nine-year old daughter Janey
died of a rare type of leukemia, his world collapsed. As a grief-stricken father, he struggled for years to make sense of what happened. His search for answers led to the shocking discovery of a Marine Corps cover-up of one of the largest water contamination incidents in U.S. history.


by Nino Kirtadz | Zadig Productions | 99 - 58 | France | 2010 | HD

The film is a political fable that depicts the frail equilibrium of the world and questions the values of international politics. It takes us THE SUBTEXT OF ANGER (Mind, Emotion, Body, Psyche, Spirit)
by Vandana Kohli | Vandana Kohli | 60 | India | 2011

through a critical year in the life of Georgias young democracy- from the presidential election of January 2008 to the chaos of the war with Russia and the sobering aftermath .

The Subject Of Anger explores the emotion, expression, root causes, mind-body-brain synapses and patterns that anger grips us with.
It speaks with world renowned neuroscientists, professors of Psychology, Economics, Sociology and other experts to analyze the cause and impact of anger, essentially intertwined in these hurried times of strife and disquiet.


by Tenzing Sonam & Ritu Sarin | White Crane Films | 79 - 52 | UK - India | 2009 | HD

In 2008, the biggest uprising since China took control, spreads across Tibet. Meanwhile, exile Tibetans in India, march on their homeland. THIS IS MY PICTURE WHEN I WAS DEAD
by Mahmoud al Massad | KeyDocs - iSee Film | 74 - 52 | The Netherlands | 2010 | HD

There is a huge groundswell of international sympathy for the Tibetan cause. Can the Dalai Lamas strategy of nonviolence and compromise finally make a breakthrough in his efforts to resolve the Tibet issue and silence the growing voices of dissent among his own people?

When Bashir Meraish was four-years-old two men in motorcycles rode next to the car he and his father, a top lieutenant of Palestine Liberation Organization, were in and shot into it 13 times presumably killing them both. 25 years later director Mahmoud al Massad examines Meraishs miraculous life that was thought to have ended on the night of the assassination and the dream that did die. TOXIC PLAYGROUND
by Willliam Johansson & Lars Edman | Laka Film | 70 - 58 | Sweden | 2009

When Bashir Meraish was four-years-old two men in motorcycles rode next to the car he and his father, a top lieutenant of Palestine Liberation Organization, were in and shot into it 13 times presumably killing them both. 25 years later director Mahmoud al Massad examines Meraishs miraculous life that was thought to have ended on the night of the assassination and the dream that did die.

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