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Technlcal Service Models: '08 $cio BULLETIN
Moher 17,2007
Introductlon Somecustomers wherethe rearportionof the rockerpanel may experience cortdltlon a the (in moldings frontof the frontedgeof the rearwheelwell) mayhavea gap between provides r€pairmethod coneoting for moldlng and the body.This bulletrn the this condltlon.

Applicablc . 2008modelyear produced Change the ScionxB vehlcles tsEFORE Prcduction Vehiclcs Effective shownbelow. VIN

Productlon Changa lnformatlon



Scion xB

018967 JTLKEsoE#81

Roguhtsd IIATERIAL TOOLS& Tools & Adhesive Purpose Cleaner 3M* General Equipment 3M* Adheeion Promoter Tape 3M" AcrylicPlusAtlachment .Safety Walk"Rubber 9M" l'landHolter Equlvalenl or




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Wrrranty Information


DESCBIPTION nmE OFP H & R FookerPanel,Flemove Tape, Old 8D7040 CleanSurface, lrrstall NewTape,& Reinstall 0.8 7585#-12##H# Hocker Molding



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AppllcableWarranly*: Thls raprlr is covercd urtdertho lloyota Gompreheneiva Warranty, Th|s warrenty is in efloct for 30 months or 96,fiX1milc*, wlrlchevoroccurc firrt, from the v€hlcle'B inaervlce date. * Warranty applicalionllmlted corrcction a problem is of to based sp€citic upon customer's a compraint.




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PAGE 2+/:29 PANEL GAP- BO015'07 MOLDING BOCKER 17' October 2007



Information Hspair Heferto the Technical $ystem(TlS):
Proctdurg ^^r^--6 lr--..rr rr^L:^t^ E,a^;^E)aaara/Teia - Evl,aint Panel{Trim . 2008model Vehicle Erterior Exterior yearSclon E*--:- Manual, xB Repair ufutertor: Removalo' PanelMouldirtg: Rocker . 2008model yearScion Repair fideior - EilertorPanels/Trirn Vehicle Manual, xB PanelMoulding: lnstallation'. Rocker "Exterior:

panel molding. the 1. Hemove rooker
NOTE: Ee careful whcn removlng thl moldlng ro Prcvcnt damageto the molding or the body.

of all 2. Flemove remnants the tape double--sided that may be stuckto the backsidEof the rocker panelmoldlng. towels 3. Usingcleandry PaPer PurPose and 3M* General cleaner(P/N08984)or Adhesive cleanthe thoroughly equivalent, wherethe rockermolding tape was attached. double-eided
NOTE: r lt le very impoftant to oarafully read thB cleaning Inetructions on th6 contelner. . Fallura to road and tollow the ingtructlons maYresult in a "no stick" conditioil.

surface the of 4. Oncetheattachment ie 3M* and moldlng clean dry,apply (Adhesive Promoter) Primer (PiN4298UV), from available your local * automotive suppllgr. 3M
NOTF: Carefully follour thc appllcatlon Inetruotionsfor the prlmer since lmproper appllcatiotrof the prlmer may rcult in a "no stick" condltlonof thc doubleeided rape.

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17,2007 October

Hepeir 5. Bemovothe backlngpaperon the Procedure double-sided tape and apply it to the (Continuecl) rockerpanelmoldingin the same locationwherethe originaltape was installed. TapeDlmenslons; Thickness: mm (0.05 1*2 itt.) Width: mm(0.6In,) 12 L.ngth: 70 mm (2,76 in.) 6. Thoroughly body cleanthe vehicle wherethe douhl+eidedtape makescontact. 7. Reinstall rockermoldingto the the vehiclemakingsure to replacsall brokenclips,etc. to 8, Oncethe moldingis firmlyattached body,usea rubber lhe vehicle hand roller(3M* "$afetyWalK'[P/N 903] handrolleror equivalent) apply 1o pres$ure the moldlngfor to 10-15secpnd$. a approximately Use hackand forth rolllngmolionto apply forceto the surfaceof the rocker mofding(this removes any bubbles and aseures that the tape suffaceis makirrg contactwith the body). full Rollthemolding for approximately 5 seconds. 10-1
NOTE: . Fallure to Epply rolling pnggsure on rhe molding may rcsult in poor edhealanof the mofdlng. . After two hours, genfly fi pulling on the ruor cdge of the molding to eee lf the molding la etlll llrmly ettached to the body. r Do NOTepply hlgh putttngforce on the rltolding for at teast 24 houra after the rcpair has bccn completed.

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