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Why repugnant?
What remedy?
By Ven. Dr. I. U. Ibeme

Why is homosexual
inclination detestable to
Gospel Faith and
homosexual lifestyle
Because God created and blessed
male and female but condemned
homosexuality as sinful, unnatural,
and anti-natural in the Scriptures.

What do advocates of
homosexual license mean by
their term being
They mean that homosexual
orientation is not a behavioural
choice but a natural gender or
identity and therefore could not be
judged or changed!

Does this argument hold

out with the Scripture?
Nay, because whether any sin
or sinful inclination is acquired
or natural, Scriptures still
demand sin is damnable and
must be repented of.

What reason did God give

for condemning
homosexual lifestyle?
That homosexual passion and
practice are:
against and contrary to nature,
against the survival of humanity,
unnatural in relations, and
inordinate and vile in affection.

What does the Gospel

offer for homosexual and
other sinful lusts?
Pardon if they repent and Grace to
desist if they believe; or damnation if
they insist to continue.
Christs power saves from (and
equips against) homosexuality
(1Cor 6:9-11)

What help is there for

homosexuals who repent?
Spiritual Counselling for Wisdom,
Spiritual Mortification by the
power of Grace, and
Spiritual Deliverance for Help.

What sexual options are

approved by God for all
Premarital Chastity,
Sacrificial Celibacy, and
Lifelong Exclusive Monogamy
NOT Homogamy.