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With a market capitalization of over US$ 10 billion, Cairn India is one of the largest independent oil, gas exploration and production companies in India. Adjudged by Platts as the fastest-growing energy company in the world for 2012, Cairn India is the perfect choice to charge-up your career. It operates 25 per cent of India's domestic crude oil production and holds the position of a market leader.

Through its affiliates, Cairn India has been operating for more than 15 years, playing an active role in developing India's oil and gas resources. To date, it has opened 3 frontier basins with over 40 discoveries, 26 in Rajasthan alone. The Mangala field in Rajasthan, discovered in January 2004, has been the largest onshore oil field in India in more than two decades. Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya fields-major discoveries in the Rajasthan block, have gross ultimate oil recovery of over 1 billion barrels. Cairn India has a portfolio of 9 blocks - one block in Rajasthan, which contains multiple assets, two on the west coast and four on the east coast of India, along with one each in Sri Lanka and South Africa. Oil and gas is currently being produced from Rajasthan, Ravva and Cambay. 1

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Experience the colourful shades of life filled with the richness of vibrancy and extravagance. Experience India, that is all set to amaze you with its diversity of traditions and cultures. The world's largest democratic republic with 28 states and 7 federally governed Union Territories welcomes you to explore life like you've never done before. The diversities of population, geography and climate will surely leave you in awe. While the hospitality will make you feel at home from the moment you step in.

India at a glance



The capital and the third largest city of India is a fusion of the ancient and the modern cultures. Delhi borders the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh on East and Haryana on West, North and South. The estimated population of Delhi is 20 million and is truly cosmopolitan by nature.

In Delhi, you have 8 months of summer and only 4 months of winter. In winter, daytime temperatures are warm (70-75 F) and night time temperatures drop to 35-45 F. In summer, temperatures are as high as 115 F. Monsoon will greet you at the end of June or early July with medium to heavy showers. The easiest way to get around the city is by taxi or auto-rickshaws that can be found anywhere. Taxis can be booked through quick cab services or at fixed rated local taxi stands. Although autorickshaws operate on the official rates mentioned on an approved chart, the meters are often out of order. You might be asked to pay surcharges on the metered rates. Therefore, it is highly recommended to negotiate the price before setting off. Public transport is one of the most inexpensive ways of transportation in Delhi, however, get prepared to brave the crowd if you decide to travel by one. 3


Just 20 kms from the capital city of Delhi is Gurgaon. Located along the new NH-8 Highway, it is the hub of economic happenings. Gurgaon's well-developed infrastructure and proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport has made it one of the preferred locations for high-tech and foreign collaboration industry. Service industries including telecommunications, finance, tourism and media are headquartered here along with construction, manufacturing and energy MNCs. Retail is a fast-growing sector, with international brands flocking to the city's many new glitzy shopping malls. The support groups are high profiled and open to all nationalities, helping you to participate in many national societies and groups.



KINGDOM OF DREAMS: Located in Sector-29, this is the first-of-its-kind entertainment, theatre and leisure destination in India. MG ROAD: The perfect cocktail of shopping malls and residential apartments, this is indeed ideally located to give you all the comforts of modern living. AMBIENCE MALL: The largest shopping mall in the country, offering 1 sq km of space on every floor is an experience by itself. SURAJKUND CRAFTS MELA: Get a taste of the rich heritage and cuisine of rural India. The craftsmen displaying their art forms are sure to take your breath away. GALLERIA: Located in DLF Phase-4, one of the most happening places in Gurgaon for entertainment, shopping, food and much more. A must visit place to feel the exuberance of city life. COCKTAILS & DREAMS, SPEAKEASY: Located in Sector-15, this is the place to let the conversations flow easily with some fine cocktails and great food. BRIX STREET BAR & ROCK CAF: Located in Sector-29, this place is perfect to unwind with some great music, food and drinks. STRIKER PUB & BREWERY: Located in Sector- 43, this is the right place to enjoy the evenings in the company of friends, cocktails and impressive ambience. CLUB RHINO: Located in DLF Phase- 5, come here to delight your palette with some awesome food and great ambience. IREDUS: Located in Sector-29, be here to tease your taste buds with some authentic and memorable North Indian cuisines.


NEEMRANA FORT: Located around 108 kms from Gurgaon, Neemrana is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The historical remains date back to the 14th century and will take you on a memorable trip to the glorious past. AGRA: A must-see destination for any traveler in India, Agra is located at a distance of 216 kms from Gurgaon. Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, it is here that history keeps calling you for more. BHARATPUR BIRD SANCTUARY: The driving distance between Bharatpur and Gurgaon is around 178 kms. This is where nature will enthrall you with the chirpy birds taking you to a place of their own. JAIPUR: Just 234 kms away from Gurgaon, is the Pink City of Jaipur that will amaze you with its rich historical and cultural footprints. A vibrant city, which was established in the year 1727, Jaipur has been acclaimed as the first planned city in India. Thus, offering you a fine blend of an ancient and modern cocktail at its best. 6

Get to know

Prefer travelling in a PrePaid Taxi Service as it is governed and managed by the Delhi Traffic Police. In pre-paid service, you pay the fare in advance, depending on the distance and luggage you have.

Some useful tips to make the most from your stay:

ATM networks of major banks can be found at every location, hence, it is recommended not to carry too much cash while on the move. Always keep your pocketbooks on your lap while dining and sitting at a public place. Always ask the identity of the person before opening the door. Luggage and other belongings should not be left unattended at airports, railway stations and bus terminals. Seek assistance from the Police Help Booth (May I Help You) counter at the airports and railway stations for any help.

Avoid following the advice of taxi or cab drivers regarding your stay and travel in the city. Always take assistance from May I Help You counter and other assistance cells of the government like Delhi Tourism, DTC, etc. In case of any assistance, visit the Delhi Police PCR Vans, which can be found at any corner of the city. Also, you can dial 100 from anywhere in order to register complaints. Most temples and mosques prohibit shoes inside the building, and sometimes signs are posted when this is the case. Some Hindu temples do not permit nonHindus to enter. In Gurudwaras, white/saffron head coverings for both men and women are required (and sometimes provided). Accept Prasad (or blessed food) at places of worship with your right hand. The food should either be eaten or given to someone else. Enter any religious place with the head slightly bowed.

Helping the


Shipment will be done only through the company empanelled vendors. The company has a corporate tie up with a relocation agency and the Expat Liaison Officer (ELO) shall offer you the required assistance.

We advise you against bringing large shipments (white goods) to India. Moreover, duty is payable upon electrical appliances, new furniture etc. brought into India. It is recommended that where possible, these items be left in the home location.

The Crain move

You are advised not to directly contact any relocation agency, as the terms and conditions maybe different to our company policy in which case the cost incurred on shipment of personal effects, will not be reimbursed. You are requested to declare the value of goods to be shipped to India, to the relocation vendor at the time of the survey, as the same would be required to initiate further processing. The entire process is administered by the ELO, and coordinated by the company approved relocation agency. Arrival of shipment You should be present ,in person, carrying your valid employment/business visa when your shipments of goods arrive. Please be informed that air freight normally takes 10 days from departure to arrive, while sea freight can take 6-8 weeks to arrive in India. The shipment of personal effects to India is coordinated by the ELO. ELO will inform you upon arrival of your goods in Gurgaon. You are required to be present in person at the clearance depot along with your passport.


Custom regulations You are responsible to ensure compliance with all customs regulations of India in respect of your shipment, and also for ensuring that all required shipping documentation (custom forms, valued inventories etc.) are correctly completed. Please be informed that items on contraband list (liquor, narcotics ,drugs, cigarettes, objectionable material, counterfeit, pirated goods, live birds, animals, arms & ammunition etc.) are strictly prohibited for import. The company shall bear liability of import duty and tax as assessed for household unrestricted goods up to a maximum value of INR 100,000. Excess shall be to your personal account. The entire movement including custom clearance is coordinated by the relocation agent. Storage in home country In addition to shipment of personal effects to India, the company shall reimburse for storage upto a maximum value of $ 300 per month of your household goods and personal effects (inclusive of any insurance) that may remain in your home country with a third party vendor for the entire duration of your employment contract. This would be reimbursed against receipts in your name or your spouse's name (if you are in accompanied status in India) as per prevailing exchange rate (if paid in any other currency).


Payment shall commence from a period not earlier than 1 month prior to the start date of the contract and shall continue for a maximum period of upto 1 month after the end of contract. The ELO shall provide the required assistance in this regard. Payment in excess shall be to your personal account. Expenses associated towards 'Storage in Home Location' have to be paid by the individuals directly to the Storage Company and reimbursement claimed through ESS. Insurance of personal effects in transit The company will bear insurance costs for the personal effects in transit. We will arrange 'door to door' insurance for the shipment of personal effects through the preferred shipment company, for which insurance premium is capped at INR 1 lakh, or upto 3% of value of goods (whichever is less). Additional costs towards insuring a higher value of personal effects will be borne by the expat. Once the shipment is delivered to India, the expatriate is required to take the ownership of the goods at the earliest. Please note that in case of any damage to insured goods, the insurance company will make an assessment and advice for repair/replacement of goods. You are required to provide declared value of goods to the vendor at the time of survey. Insurance of the personal effects, while in India is to your personal account. Please note that this insurance for transit of personal effects does not cover the checked baggage on flights. ELO will advise upon arrival of goods. You are required to clear the same at the earliest. 12

Assistance in

Temporary accommodation & support You and your accompanying family members will be entitled to company approved temporary accommodation at the Guest House or Serviced Apartment/Hotel, based on the marital status of the expatriate and the family size. The accommodation will be provided for a maximum period of 8 weeks from arrival in India or provision of permanent housing, whichever is earlier. Any further stay at the temporary accommodation, beyond 8 weeks is charged to your personal account. Cairn will support movement to the permanent accommodation by providing basic rented furniture where the shipment for personal goods has been delayed. Please note that during this period, the company will pay for accommodation, meals, laundry and internet. All expenses towards personal telephone calls, liquor, recreational services etc. are to your personal account. A car and driver shall be provided for you and your accompanying family from your day of arrival to India. The ELO will assist you with the coordination for temporary accommodation. 13

Housing and related facilities a. Provision of accommodation You are requested to select accommodation and shortlist at least 2 houses from the properties shown to you by the company authorized realtor only. Accommodation provided is based on your family size. The company policy prohibits accommodation at Farm Houses due to maintenance and security concerns. If your nature of work requires you to work on a rotational pattern, you will be provided a Guest House accommodation. Please note that hotel accommodation will not be provided for and if availed, will be to your personal account. b. Assistance in finding new house or apartment The company has approved realtors who will facilitate sourcing of suitable accommodation. The realtors shall be pre-briefed based on your entitlement and family size to provide you with the best possible accommodation options. The charge for the realtor agency is borne by the company and upon agreed fees. Expats are requested not to directly liaise with a vendor or with the landlords while selecting the property. Direct liaison will be deemed to be outside the purview of the terms of the company policy, in which case the company shall not enter into a lease agreement. Due to security and service related issues, the company will not provide independent house accommodation in Gurgaon. The ELO in the administration department shall liaise on your behalf with the company approved realtors.


c. Lease agreement and related services Please note that the lease agreement is taken in the company's name and the property is assigned to you. Generally, lease agreements will be for a period of 2-3 years. The company shall bear the expense towards the advance rental and security deposit for the accommodation. A copy of the rental agreement can be provided to you, and you are requested to familiarize yourself with the terms of the lease. The asset list as provided in the residence will be given by the ELO and shall be confirmed by you. At the end of the assignment or termination of the lease, the fixtures and fittings in the accommodation should be handed over in their original condition. Photographs are taken by the company to serve as a proof on the status of the items/conditions provided, prior to the start of the lease. At the time of handing over, joint inspection will be conducted along with administration team and any damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear will be to expatriate's personal cost. Commercial activity of whatsoever nature should not be carried from such leased premises and can result in cancellation of the lease. All formalities for the lease agreement and finalization will be managed by the ELO. d. Facilities audit In your interest, the administration department shall carry out a Facilities Audit which includes audit of security, electrical, plumbing, air and water quality check. The audit is carried out to ensure that when you move into your accommodation all facilities are safe and functional. 15

e. Alterations to property Please note that normally a freshly painted apartment/house shall be provided at the beginning of the lease period. Once the property is selected, and the lease has been signed, subsequent re-painting, re-polishing and change of hardware fittings shall be undertaken after a period of 2 years. Any requests to facilitate the same in between will be to the expatriate's personal account. Please note that structural changes to the property are strictly prohibited. f. Security provision Security provision is applicable for independent houses only. The company shall provide round the clock security cover for independent houses only. The normal security cover provided is, 1 guard for an 8 hour shift. All the guards are provided with Guard Houses in which they are to be seated and every visitor is required to enter their details at the time of entering the premises. All carry bags of the domestic help servants to the property are frisked by the security guard to avoid any thefts. g. Change of residence Once the agreement is signed and accommodation allotted, the company shall not entertain any change of residence. A change of residence shall be permitted only in circumstances where the owner does not wish to renew the agreement or change of residence is initiated by the company. In such case the relocation cost associated with the move shall be borne by the company. If this were to happen, then the company shall reimburse up to INR 75,000 (non-accountable) to meet related settlement expenses. If the move is at your request, then the entire cost associated with the move shall be to your personal account. The ELO will co-ordinate and show alternate accommodation. The amount of INR 75,000 must be claimed through ESS. 16

Socializing your


To provide an avenue for social and recreational access, you and your accompanying family members will be reimbursed up to a annual limit of INR 200,000 (inclusive of taxes) to cover club enrolment/associated costs. You are entitled to only 1 club membership. The allowance covers expenses for membership, annual/monthly renewal fee, security deposit and payment of additional club facilities. You are required to make direct payment for all expenses incurred towards entertainment, food and guest fee, if any. Upon cessation of services, you are requested to clear all dues with the club and handover the membership card to the administration department. The expatriate can choose a club of their interest. The payment for club enrolment is to be done by the expatriate, directly to the club and reimbursed through a claim in ESS. Membership to professional bodies You are eligible to take membership to one or more professional body or technical institution related to your discipline up to a maximum reimbursement limit of INR 15,000 per annum. The membership being taken should be an annual membership. In addition, the company has corporate memberships with the British Council Library, USIS (run by the American Consulate) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). If you want to borrow books/magazines from any of the libraries, please contact the Information Services Department. For your information, the company also subscribes to various technical/non-technical journals and online information services. The expatriate is required to pay for the membership and claim reimbursement supported with actual receipt through ESS. 17

Socializing your life


Financial assistance in support of a quality education for your children (up to the age of 21 years or A levels, whichever is earlier) shall be provided by the company in India. The admission is extended at the British School (Delhi) or American School (Delhi), both of which have an International curriculum. There are a good number of Indian international schools where you can enroll your children. Please note that University education is not funded by the company. In the event that the expatriate's child is studying in the home country, the cost equivalent of the 'American School, Delhi' would be borne by the company against proper supporting documents. Costs reimbursed by the company are as follows: Tuition & enrolment fee Deposit fee (if any), basic day school fees Laboratory & school text books as per curriculum Lunch fee, school society fee & PSO (PTM) charges Insurance fee for child/children Mid-term changes from one school to another are not allowed. The company shall also reimburse tuition fee at a private pre-school or kinder garden for children aged 1.5 years and above.


Schooling support

Expenses to expatriate's personal account are as follows: Laundry & school uniforms Recreational & extra-curricular activities; meals & field trips School conveyance charges Other miscellaneous fees not previously approved by the company The ELO shall facilitate the choice of schools and admission procedures. The payment of school fees is to be paid by the expat and reimbursed through the ESS. School fee in India (Delhi/Gurgaon) will be paid directly by Cairn.

International Schools offering the international Baccalaureate course are:Pathways World School An international baccalaureate school situated in Aravali, Gurgaon and NOIDA for students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12. The medium of instruction is English and the curriculum includes the Primary Years and Diploma Programmes of the International Baccalaureate organisation of Geneva and the International General Certificate for Secondary Education of the University of Cambridge, England. Excelsior American School Excelsior American School, a part of the esteemed chain of private schools in Houston, USA, has been founded to provide the community with a school that enhances and develops the intellectual, social, ethical and physical aspects of a child's life. Excelsior believes in providing the most beneficial learning environment possible. They accomplish this by taking the best aspect of modern and traditional methods of education. The school's mission is to educate its students in a nurturing environment to their highest level of achievement, to produce autonomous citizens with a lifelong respect for learning, democratic values, to teach students to be sensitive to others and to have respect for human diversity.




FORTIS HEALTHCARE : Sector 44, Opp. HUDA City Centre Metro Station, Gurgaon. A premium multi-specialty hospital, Fortis is one of the best healthcare providers in the country. Set on a spacious 11-acre campus with 1000 beds, Fortis is equipped with latest technology, renowned clinicians and trained staff. APOLLO HOSPITAL : Sector 14, Gurgaon. A reliable name in the medical world, Apollo is a unit from the Apollo Hospitals Group. It offers a world class team of specialists, consultants, researcher and diagnostics. MAX SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL: B Block, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon. One of the renowned healthcare institutions in India, Max offers brilliant facilities and services to its patients. It is a multi-specialty hospital with advanced technology to provide excellent medical, surgical and rehabilitative care. MEDANTA HOSPITAL: Sector 38, Gurgaon. Medanta - the Medicity, is one of the finest hospitals in the city, offering world class medical services. It specializes in clinical research, training and medical education to provide the best in healthcare. ARTEMIS HOSPITAL: Sector 51, Gurgaon. Offering one of the best cardiac care facilities in the country, Artemis is an established name in India. It offers a wonderful medical team and efficient nursing and care. Paras Hospitals : Sector 43, Gurgaon. A leading super specialty hospital in Gurgaon, Paras specializes in advanced medical treatments and is aimed at providing world-class quality treatment to all. 20


Here's a list of important numbers to keep you feeling safe, at all times: Police assistance : 100 Police control room : 0124-2316100 (Gurgaon) Women helpline : 1091 Children helpline : 1098 Traffic control room : 9213020404 Senior citizen's helpline : 0124-2221559 Public helpline : 999999953 Fire service : 101, 0124-2392201/2392101 Ambulance : 102 Accident & trauma service : 1099 Tourist city information service : 1280 Cairn contact nos. Expat Liaison Officer : 8800494561 Security Manager : 9958991312 Car Desk : 9910696748