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MIXED REPHRASING V (February 2014)

1. She started drinking too much alcohol two

21. My kitchen is being redecorated at the

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years ago. She has I dont have a computer so I cant type the essay on English grammar. If Despite having been vaccinated she caught the flu. Although she The teacher glued the pieces of the broken toy. The pieces It is possible that I finish work earlier than usual today. I This is the place. We last had coffee together here. This is I love German. Unfortunately, I cant speak it fluently. I wish As he hadnt behaved himself, his parents got angry with him. His parents Everybody must read the instructions first. The instructions He made an effort to speak in English. He tried I spent my holidays in France. ? This is the man. His job is very dangerous. This is The engineer has repaired my television. Ive She gave up going to French lessons. She stopped I regretted having hit the dog on the head. I wish Im not as good at English as you are. You The policeman knew where the thief was hidden. I regretted having hit the dog on the head. I wish The children stayed at home because it was raining. As Sharon hasnt eaten junk food since last May. Sharon stopped


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moment. I am I am not sure that she is his girlfriend. She Alberts drawing isnt as good as Gerards. Gerards drawing Why dont we play computer games? said Michael. Michael suggested They came to live in New York two years ago. They have Smoking is forbidden in hospitals. You Although the weather was horrible, we went skiing. In spite of I would like to have more free time these days. I wish I met that famous writer a year ago. Its been a year Wendy didnt study for her test. Therefore, she failed. If We wont buy that house because we dont have enough money. As That mans brother is my new English teacher. That is the man Steve advised me to tell Paul about it. Steve suggested I didnt make a note of it in my diary, so I forgot about it. If She lost the race in spite of running well. Although Its possible that her boyfriend is coming to the wedding. Her boyfriend Beth hasnt smoked since last December. Beth stopped My new neighbours have got a baby. Her name is Wendy. My Although Orson was over seventy, he continued to cycle to work every day. Despite I havent read a play by George Bernard Shaw for eight years. It is Perhaps it would be better to go out in the afternoon, Sharons mother said.

Sharons mother recommended

42. The fireman managed to rescue the child


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from the burning house. The fireman was The police dont oblige the suspects to say anything. The suspects My grandfather is eighty-two years old. .? She hasnt enjoyed herself so much for years. It is years I am going to the theatre tomorrow, and Im really looking forward to it. Im really looking Shes getting someone to mend the windows. - Shes having I thought it would be better than that. Its not She made a lot of mistakes because she didnt study hard for the exam. If she Her jokes are not as good as his. His jokes It is possible that well be together soon. We People speak English all over the world. English I am sorry I didnt tell him everything. I wish Fiona is smiling in the picture. She is my boss. Fiona Despite the fact that it was very hot, she was wearing her winter clothes. Although I was not invited and I am sorry about that. I would like to I am having my house painted now. My house Im sorry I havent got a car. I wish She needed a job, so she sent off an application form. She sent off an application form It takes me two hours to get there. ? The last time she wrote a poem was two years ago. She You must not smoke in here. Smoking If the tickets dont arrive, we wont be

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able to go. Unless Where are my keys? I wonder The mechanic is going to repair her car next week. She What a pity I didnt have time to see you last week. I wish This story will shock you. You Will you post this letter for me , please? Do you mind If you dont review your notes tonight, you wont do well tomorrow. Unless The next plane leaves at 9.45 p.m.. ? Although she was ill, she visited other countries. Despite Mary was sorry she ate so many cakes. Mary wished I forgot to phone Lisa on her birthday. I didnt remember Sheila is 1.55 m tall. Her brother is 1.70 m tall. Sheila Although it was cold, we went to the countryside. In spite of The hairdresser cut my hair yesterday morning. I This is the man. His dog bit my brother in the park. This is the man If your boyfriend doesnt arrive before eight, we will have to leave. - Unless The children couldnt go out to the playground because it was raining. As The last time we saw that movie was six months ago. We have The shop assistant didnt give us the ticket. We I saw Frank two months ago. I havent They are servicing my new car next week. Iam