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A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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Want online profits? You SAY you do, but let's see.. ............................................ 5 ‘With one look.’ Video marketing is the key to stupendous online success. .......... 9 Here are the Ten Commandments for maximum (particularly home business) success. Thou shalt follow them if profits be thy goal. ........................................ 13 You can lead a horse to water, but…. ................................................................. 17 Do you know how to produce content that gets people worldwide to respond — FAST? Read this and you will! The Master reveals his secrets! ......................... 22 Hey, Internet marketing chump. Looks like you’ve been fooled again. You must like it!....................................................................................................................26 Resources ......................................................................................................... 260

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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Want online profits? You SAY you do, but let’s see. This is a must-read article for everyone who wants to make an honest buck online — from home — starting right now! No kidding!

Author’s program note. Boy, am I ever frosted, which is a good Illinois word for ticked off, miffed, mad, mad, mad. This is the problem. All day, every day (because we never close) people worldwide enter our Worldprofit Live Business Center and confirm (because we ask them) that they are present not to buy a new car, not to unclog the kitchen sink, not to book a pilgrimage to Graceland but to learn how to make an online income from home RIGHT NOW. The drill goes something like this: “Hello, MaryLou, I understand you want to make money working from home on the Internet. Is that so?” “Yessir, it is.” “Do you have the $99.95 it will take to get started?” You see, pure-as-the-driven-snow MaryLou is about to tell a lie… a whopper she doesn’t need to tell… which does her no good…. and which shrouds the process of business instead of fostering it. “No sir, I surely don’t.” At this moment MaryLou jumps up on a convenient table top, the better to be seen as she honky-tonks one of the most popular songs every written, a ballad for les miserables all over the world. The music is by Spencer Williams; lyrics by Roger Graham. It was first recorded in 1915 and was a hit at once, so much so that dozens of major recording artists finagled to have a go at it. The song is “I Ain’t Got Nobody”, and you can find it in any search engine. Go now and pick the rendition you like. Select the one that is most maudlin, pathetic, affecting. Then belt it out in “Boardwalk Empire” fashion; that version full of

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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lamentation; too many cold and lonely mornings after too many bumpy nights before, misery and woe; the one sultry chanteuse Patti Smith was born to make her own. “I ain’t got nobody/ Nobody cares for me/nobody, nobody cares for me.” “Perambulating around the margins of veracity.” MaryLou fibbed, lied, dissembled, bluffed, deceived, equivocated, exaggerated, fabricated, invented, embroidered, falsified, fictionalized, humbugged and, in case you missed the point, beat truth to death with every flutter of her severely over painted eyebrows. As Frank Sinatra would have said, “That’s why the lady is a tramp.” It’s also why she’ll never be an online marketing success. MaryLou had the $99.95 alright. What she didn’t have was any sense. You see, she needed to keep the doop open… her mind open… her eyes open… but instead she lied, which was a helluva way to start interacting with the good people who were there to help her… and the rest of the world. We’re going to need a flow chart here because once she lied, she was going to have to overcome that lie before she could join and profit. Because “profit” was what she wanted and what she put into such severe jeopardy when she told the lie that should have been strangled before utterance. “Well, MaryLou, that’s most unfortunate because we have everything you need to profit online. Indeed, you could start making money TODAY!” Hmm. MaryLou is now interested, because she’s been looking high and low and has found nothing but marauders and rapacious scamsters. But now, perhaps because there’s a real, live person on screen helping her, she begins to perceive that this place is different, humane, a place where colleagues could meet, exchange information, make friends and DO BUSINESS. Only she has lied to the monitor on the screen (remember, when she didn’t have to)… and now she has to overcome that disadvantage before any good things can be given and enjoyed. The lie that MaryLou deemed necessary only a moment or two before now is exposed for the insult it really is. “I don’t lie.” “MaryLou may lie, you say. But I never do.” Really? My exhaustive research going back not months or even years but decades comes to a very different conclusion. Fully 99% of prospects to the Live Business Center when asked if they have $99.95 say they don’t. 99%! Now you know and I know that’s a whopper. Yet it is the opening gambit used by virtually every single prospect; all people who claim they are entrepreneurs, want a home-based business, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen and make it profitable. Everything but tell the truth, the truth that is essential to understanding and doing business, for that is the first casualty here. The Internet: nirvana for liars.
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I am one of the few people you will ever meet who was actually one of the very first people to go online to do business. As such, I am something of a museum piece. For those of you johnny come latelies I’d like to take a second or two to tell you what the ‘net was like in those days of yore when men were men and the sheep were scared. First of all the ‘net was small. Second it was populated by zealots, geeks and ultra- nerds who were glad to be there and who was glad to shake your hand and get acquainted There was no face… no posturing… just a place where everyone was a pioneer, and they were glad to know you, thankee, ma’am, aw shucks. There was no side, no arrogant swaggering, and a whole lot fewer lies than today. It was a better place, populated by the best of people, people like the two eminent worthies George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, who became my friends and who then asked if I’d like to conquer the world with them. We shook hands and got down to business. It was 1993, the world was our oyster and if we’d encountered MaryLou in those days, she would have been down-home friendly, glad to see us, sit down and tell us all about it. There was friendliness, honor, integrity, and a bushel full of good humor and happy memories for life. Oh, yes, AND the MONEY… which was plentiful, so easy to make, I became a multi-millionaire in record time. Almost all of that is gone now, kind of like when you take down the Christmas tree and remove it from the living room, a few fragrant needles all over the floor, reminding you of the good times you had… and how you wished they remained forever. Nowadays things are different, needlessly frustrating, too many people both arrogant and rude. And to think we did this, are doing this to ourselves; that is the most painful part of all. What you must do to start making money from home TODAY, yes TODAY! 1) Resolve to stop lying online today; that you will give your real name,real email address, telephone number, etc. 2) Make it a point to visit worldprofit.com. Answer every question put to you by our live monitors. They are asked for a reason. 3) Watch the 17-minute video. It gives you the right and detailed information for profiting onliine. Do not skim or skip it and never say you watched it and understood it if you didn’t. 4) Listen to the stupendous offer made. It is currently worth well over $12,000 and contains EVERYTHING you need to make money online now. 5) Follow the steps in George Kosch’s awesome Home-Based Business Bootcamp. These steps work… but only if you implement them. If you won’t do that you are simply throwing away your good money.

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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6) Promote your online business daily. We show you how. If you promote daily, following our simple, specific and proven steps you MAKE MONEY, guaranteed. … And one more thing. The Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Whoever first penned this insight knew what he was talking about. Try it and see. You’ll be happier, healthier, wealthier in no time. Otherwise you’ll stay where you are, with nobody to care for you, and worst of all it’ll be your own fault, nobody else to blame. And if that ain’t cause for singing the blues, I don’t know what is, don’t know, darlin’, and never will… but then I have got somebody helping me, and this has made all the difference. Catch my drift?

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A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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‘With one look.’ Video marketing is the key to stupendous online success.

Author’s program note. This article will change your life, IF you read it carefully and are conscientious about implementing its very specific recommendations. That’s right, you are just minutes away from a sea change in your circumstances, giving you financial success beyond your imagination, a worldwide business capable of any amount of growth, universal recognition, and deference, delicious, delightful, designed to enrapture every single day. What’s not to like? How will this happen? Let’s start with some sage advice from a man you know, his songs the ones you whistle while you work, Lord Andrew Lloyd-Weber, (born 1948) a man who understands mass media as well as anyone on our spinning rock and has used them with exhilarating effect . The work I want to bring to your attention today is “Sunset Boulevard”, a narcissistic 1950 film about media, especially the films emanating from Hollywood in its Golden Age; their impact, their power and glory, their soaring qualities and unparalleled potential for delusion and pathos, pain and heartbreak. They are the true drugs of our age, and we have all enjoyed them, perhaps not wisely but oh so well, their characters in their thousands being more real to us than the very neighbors who live next door. His lordship took this iconic film with Gloria Swanson eerily role perfect as Norma Desmond, and transformed it into a musical production that draws us into a make- believe world more real than any reality, more captivating, more enthralling, more vital and alive, hence more thrilling and dangerous than our placid, dull, boring truth, which always loses out to the undoubted magic of the movies.

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This media magic has made thousands rich and favored; the people we admire, look up to, envy and covet, hoping we will succeed as they have; afraid that without timely, specific help and lots of it, we cannot. Now I intend to show you how you can join them, profiting without ever leaving your favorite chair and worn slippers. For this is the magic of online video marketing, and I am your faithful guide and director into its secrets and mysteries. But first, go to any search engine, there find Lloyd-Weber’s gem “With One Look”. I prefer Elaine Paige’s rendition. I heard her sing it in London after its 1993 debut… it sent chills down my spine then; it sends chills down my spine now, so many years later. Let us begin then… your fabulous, enhanced future awaits. Don’t miss it. Mass media begin. Mass media began in the 18th century with print publications like “The Times” of London. Nicknamed “The Thunderer” by Charles Dickens it instantly showed the combustible power that could result when messenger, message and a designated population connected and worked together. People took notice of this astonishing alchemy; people always do when money and all its attendant features – power, glory, peerages of the realm imperial and eternal renown — are at issue. The means have changed since media’s hoary inception but the objective never has, to move the world howsoever you want… while packing benefits away faster than the most efficient of industrious autumnal squirrels. The chief way things have evolved is that now, you, you!, can run a media empire larger than the one on which the sun never set, from the comfort of your home, at once so simple and potent, an apparatus that great personages like Caesar, Napoleon, and Abraham Lincoln would have moved heaven and earth to own, control, understand and use, along with every bright mover and shaker on Earth. Such people would have read this article with avidity, joy, and seething mind… for they understood that using these media would have given them the thrilling, rousing, stimulating, motivating means to move people everywhere to their desired end. This means you, for what was once available only to the elite (and not so very long ago) is now available to anyone, everyone so long as she is willing to follow the necessary steps to transcendent success. Are you? Meet your guide, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, man of media. The first thing you need is a faithful guide, someone who will advise you with a mixture of truth, integrity, good humor, and blunt directness, each element necessary, each significant, the whole altogether precious, rare and essential. My friend, I herewith present my credentials for your immediate review.

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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Born 2/16/1947, I hold 4 university degrees, including two from Harvard which is right across the street from where I am writing this frigid winter’s night. My media career commenced over 60 years ago when, aged 5, my first article appeared in the “Downer’s Grove (Ilinois) Reporter.” I needed help then to achieve the desired result; just as you need help now to achieve yours. My mother was my guide; her first-born son is yours. Since then I have mastered and used every form of media but one. I have never tapdanced on Broadway (still not too late). All the others are my oyster, including print publications ranging from the mass market names which are household words to the obscure, esoteric, path-finding, each a labor of love. I have appeared on film, on radio (local and international), on television (including every major network), I have created my own videos and been a feature in those created by others. I have been a commentator (as I am nowadays at worldprofit.com) on a wide-ranging gallery of subjects timely, pertinent, general and specific. I have written 18 books, thousands of articles including a series on the Boston Marathon killers which the good people at CNN informed me had reached over a billion people. I am glad, for the event sickened and disheartened me, and my observations were trenchant, factual, emotional, heart-rending; it was an honor to share them with my fellow voyagers on this third rock from the sun. Along the way, I have taught marketing, public relations, and communications at over 30 colleges and universities where it has been my privilege to help thousands of (usually) adult learners master essential truths and procedures that give them a leg up in life’s ongoing, relentless competition. Now I am ready to help YOU! And, yes, I intend to help you master online video marketing FREE, NOW! Here’s how. 1) Go to http://www.worldprofitassociates.com Become a free associate and listen to my 17-minute video. 2) Attend my daily program “Anything Goes”. It takes place at 1 pm Eastern at worldprofit.com. It is live and interactive. Don’t be surprised when I say “Hi!” Say “Hi!” back. 3) Get yourself a webcam and headset. Their cost runs from $15-30, and they are immediately available at any store selling computer accessories. 4) Then get ready for the best instruction on the ‘net. My esteemed and brilliant colleague George Kosch teaches you how to master prospect lead development. Remember, the money’s in the list, and you must promote daily to achieve maximum results. We show you how to do that, guiding you productively every step of the way. We call this “bootcamp”, and it’s guaranteed to help you develop the prospect lists which are absolutely necessary for online success.

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5) From George’s essential prospect list-development class, you will proceed to mine… and then the fun truly begins, for as soon as your webcam and headset are set up properly (make sure they are), I bring you up and ask you to smile for the camera… thus to commence your dazzling, your dizzying upward career benevolent “To my people in the dark/ still out there in the dark.” Without even knowing so, they have been waiting for you, your friendliness, your consideration, and the best offers you will make to them, thereby transforming, ameliorating, always bettering their lives. It all begins “with one look”, the look I shall help you craft and perfect… the look that signifies everything, delivers everything, improves everything for you and your suddenly expectant world… the world about to thrill to your appearance…. and rejoice. Don’t keep us all waiting even another minute…

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Here are the Ten Commandments for maximum (particularly home business) success. Thou shalt follow them if profits be thy goal.

Author’s program note. As I write this article, the stirring chords of Elmer Bernstein’s score for the 1956 classic “The Ten Commandments” are ringing in my ear, by turns sultry, bombastic, holy and hubristic, suitable for philistines everywhere, a supreme illustration of why we go to the movies in the first place and why we always will; “of course, I want butter on my popcorn!” Specifically I am listening to the part that accompanies the Hebrew slaves as they leave Egypt and with joyful muddle begin their historic trek to freedom. As visualized by director Cecil B. DeMille (who had the chuptzah to cast himself as the voice of God on Mt. Sinai), it is a moment of unsurpassed happiness, never mind that there’s a whopping anachronism every minute. A man who could rewrite the Bible could hardly be expected to toe the historic line. He wanted a Hollywood-style exodus… and what Mr. DeMille wanted, Mr. DeMille got. Thus, for this article, go to any search engine and find the music that helped make this clunker the seventh highest grossing film of all times. Well might Nefertari, Throne Princess of Egypt, (played by Anne Baxter as if dressed for a rendezvous with a pool boy in Bevery Hills) say “O, Moses, Moses” and then say it over and over again. The folks in the grand days certainly knew what they were doing… The real question is, do you? Let’s put you under the microscope and see. 1) Thou shalt not have money as thy prime objective. Of course you want to make money with your business, as much money as possible. That must never

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be forgotten or disputed. However, it’s how you set about getting this money that’s the key to the situation. Consider this… Years ago there was a program on t.v. which gave as its prize so many minutes in a toy shop. You could rush hither and yon grabbing everything within reach in an orgy of greed and high-octane avarice, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, quick you’ve only got 3 seconds left. This, I shouldn’t have to tell you is NOT how your business should be run; capturing customers, squeezing customers, maximum fleecing not only permitted but encouraged. Exhilarating this might be… even profitable this may be (for a time) but it isn’t business. It’s organized larceny. Business has a different objective than merely holding customers upside down and emptying their pockets by any and all means, speed being the objective, not service. For those in this category, “Service with a smile” is a snare capturing the unwary, the equivalent of the big bad wolf dressing up in grandma’s bloody duds, “All the better to eat you with, my dear” the corporate logo and policy. 2) Thou shalt tend your business so it supports you for the long-term, not just the short. The first home-based business I remember was my Uncle Ray’s farm cut with sweat and determination from the great windswept prairies of Illinois. There he defined for me, with few words but maximum dedication what one must do to make business work. What he did he made clear, he did for himself and wife, but far more importantly he did for his three children… and so, sustained by his plan, he did not merely work the land; he tended the land upon which his business was based; he cherished and honored the land. You must do the same. 3) Thou shalt give value to thy customer. We all have before us an enterprise that personifies, exemplifies and signifies how a customer must be treated; that is, if you want to gain the adherence and loyalty of that customer. That enterprise is WalMart. . (founded 1962), and it became in short-order the premier retailer of the Great Republic, thus the greatest business of the greatest country on Earth. How did they do it? In a single word, “value.” Not only did they make a fetish of delivering value, they turned that delivery into a live, mesmerizing event as they, with art and skill, slashed prices before your grateful eyes, their every move calculated to capture not just eye but time, heart and their next purchase and the one after that… Money, you see, follows value. Thus delivering customer value is the first, the last, the only thing. 4) Honor thy customer. We all “know” the importance of customers; at least we think we do. But this is a promise far too often honored in the breach, which is to say, hardly honored at all. Your policy should be encapsulated in these words: “Check with us first. Our value cannot be beat. See for yourself.” Then do an apples-to-apples strict comparison with how you support your customers by actively enabling them to retain more of their money. Don’t just think it… don’t just do it… always make sure

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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you have informed your customers about what you’ve done. In this age of e-mail, blogs, and video marketing, that should be a piece of cake. 5) Thou shalt try to buy your own product. As I write this article, it is just after Christmas. This year my holiday was marred by companies over promising and under delivering products and services. The Boston Globe, for one, proved again that no matter what great things are promised, the failure to deliver the basics makes a mockery of each and every grandiloquent assertion from the boardroom. Words, just words; each more suspect than the last. Thus, day after day, I called and yet again attempted to use a simple credit card to order home delivery (and across the street from Harvard University no less) of my daily newspaper. To no avail. Calls were made, calls were answered, more pledges were made, more disappointment (and some hot language) engendered. Nothing worked. Thus did John Henry, brand-new owner of this venerable rag, show me what my subscription was worth and so punched another hole in his sinking ship. Copywriters might ply their motivating trade… but it all came to naught in the subscription department. If he tried to order his own paper, he’d see for himself… I hope his experience parallels mine so he gets the whole picture of muddle and rooted inefficiency. 6) Thou shalt handle complaints with speed, thoroughness and zest. Want to know how ordinary people handle complaints? They don’t. They toss them into the circular file with the most cursory of readings; then to the land fill. You, however, you who aspire to greatness and greater profits, must do better. You must see that each complaint points the way to improvements of every kind. Thus, properly handled, each complaint leads to increased profits. Is that how you do things now? Consider the way you handled your last complaint. This may be painful, but no pain, no gain. Did you handle the complaint at once? Or did you put it in the “Raven” file, to be dealt with “Nevermore”? I think we both know, don’t we? Now hear this, the way you handle complaints determines not merely how fast and how certainly your business will grow, but whether you have a business at all. Act accordingly… and do it with a smile, even it that smile be more forced than sincerely meant. In this department as all others, practice makes perfect. 7) Know thy staff. Here again is a commandment clearly known but too seldom honored. Do you even know the names of the people who are straining every sinew to advance you? Or are these just numbers on a page? Try this. See how long it takes you to write the names of the staff members you are immediately responsible for. Do these names come easily, or must you must strain to remember? Staff members must be honored, not just dealt with as quickly and cursorily as possible. Know their names, their family details, their good points, and bad. This is not merely
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your job; it must be seen as your privilege. There is after all no greater honor than helping a fellow citizen of Spaceship Earth rise. Exercise this privilege at every opportunity. 8) Reward both customers and staff spontaneously, when they least expect it. After you become an adult, most of life’s surprises are unwelcome, involving as they so often do frantic intelligence about health and financial matters. Such surprises unsettle and upset, and are not at all what I have in mind. Instead, become the master of unanticipated surprises that brighten lives and help build lifelong relationships, for these relationships are absolutely essential for business and personal success and satisfaction. Thus, seek out customers and employees and give them unexpected presents ranging from a pair of movie passes, gift certificates to a fine retail store, or a week-end in Cancun. Your kindnesses will never be forgotten… and if that isn’t good business, I don’t know what is. 9) Thou shalt pay your suppliers at once. Whilst I was writing this article, I received an SOS call from one of my suppliers, a man whose organizational skills are (I’m chagrined to say) “challenged”. He needed to pay some crucial bills and would I mind wiring funds for work he had not even invoiced me? I was able, and so the bank wire went out that very day. His thanks were immediate, warm and effusive. Why do such a good deed? Because with it you have bought yourself a future favor for need yet unknown. Here is a variation on this theme. When I’m able, I often send funds “on account” to my various suppliers; that is for no invoice in particular but my account balance in general and not yet communicated to me. This never fails to astonish these suppliers, who, like you, live in the area of “slow pays” or, worst, “no pays.” Your name will be blessed accordingly. 10) Finally, today’s last Commandment: visit me at jeffreylantarticles.com. There you will find over a thousand articles of my authorship, a cornucopia of practical business details and timely profit-making information, so beneficial to you that you’ll never need to be commanded to use it but will embrace it with joy. After all, such information will deliver your personal exodus from wage slavery and give you the financial freedom you want. And we can all say “O Moses, Moses” to that!

A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com

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You can lead a horse to water, but….

Author’s program note. I am CEO of an extraordinary company called Worldprofit Inc. Since 1994 we have been in the business (and mighty successful, too, I might say) of setting up people worldwide in their own online business. The three partners, Sandi Hunter, president; George Kosch, resident wizard and chief technical officer, and me, in charge of copy, content and public relations are proud of what we’ve created… proud to the point of wondering why anyone wanting online success and guaranteed profits (if you follow the simple guidelines) wouldn’t want to join us and succeed accordingly. When this happens, I am chagrined, irked, disappointed, wondering what I did wrong, master marketer though I am, thus failing to engage with the customer who was actually willing to walk away from the prevailing offer to join, an offer always worth a king’s ransom more than the prospect was asked to invest. Invariably while I’m ruminating on the reason for this (to me) incomprehensible matter, one of our ever-present, 24-hour-a-day-live monitors, pipes up to say, “Dr. Lant, you can lead a horse to water…” And I say, as expected, “But you can’t make him drink.” There the matter ordinarily rests until the next obtuse, obstinate, clueless, hapless customer pops up and digs in, determined to be as difficult and uncooperative as possible. This “explanation” may have been good enough in the past… but is “good enough” no longer, for now I intend to confront the question of why that infernal mammal didn’t drink… and what I can do about it, to the eternal benefit of man… horse… and customer. “Happy Trails”. To put you in just the right mood for this pace-setting article, the right music is required, the kind of music homesick cowboys warble after a couple of shots late at night, as their
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best and most loyal friend takes both back to the barn and slumber amidst the hay. And so I give you one of the warmest and best remembered of such tunes, “Happy Trails”. Find it now in any search engine; it’ll bring back a torrent of happy memories when you were young and innocent, and your biggest problem was how to explain that D minus in math so Dad didn’t give you a licking with the wide belt always hanging on the basement wall. The song was written by Dale Evans Rogers and was the theme song for the 1940s and 1950s radio program and the 1950s television show starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Rogers. It was always sung over the credits of the program. It was released in 1952 as a 78 RPM and re-issued in 1957 as a 45 RPM record on RCA Victor/Bluebird and immediately became one of the signature songs of the Eisenhower era, when God blessed America. The most talented, cooperative horse ever. Always at the center of this special place with sunny weather and the best people on Earth was a horse, your horse, your best, most trustworthy, always loyal friend, who knew when to nuzzle and when to fly like the wind, always together ’til death do us part, remembered with love, remembered forever. For Roy Rogers — and for the Great Republic — that horse was Trigger (1932-1965), originally named Golden Cloud, the magnificent palomino for those of us who didn’t have a horse of our own. Trigger, at 15.3 hands (63 inches), was by any reckoning one fine animal, and he and Roy Rogers got on like a house afire after being acquired in 1938. Rogers taught him 150 trick cues, including how to walk up to 50 feet on his hind legs. In due course, with a string of movie credits, Trigger became the most famous horse in film entertainment, even having his own Dell comic book recounting his exploits. Rogers, for instance, made many personal appearances with Trigger in tow. More than once according to his autobiography “Happy Trails”, he escorted Trigger up 3-4 flights of stairs to visit with sick children. If only things had finished there… Butcher John L. Jones. When Trigger died in 1965, full of years and honors, perhaps the most famous horse since Incitatus, made consul of Rome by the emperor Caligula, Roy Rogers arranged for Everett Wilkensen of Bischoff’s Taxidermy in Los Angeles to preserve him for the ages, a glory to his kind. But butcher John L. Jones had other ideas. Thus was the flesh of the best loved horse of all sold and eaten in various southwestern restaurants against the strict provisions of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of 1954, thereby earning the despicable Jones five years in the pokey and universal contempt; frightening horses everywhere. Is it therefore any wonder that when mankind invites them to drink, they demur, decline, distrusting us, no matter how much they need the vital refreshment before them? A beginning, not an end.
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When people say “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”, they mean this to be the last word on the subject. But it most assuredly is not. The horse ain’t drinking. We need to know why and take immediate action to solve the problem… Here are my recommendations: 1) Be sure you’re talking to a horse. You say, what can he mean? I know a horse when I see one. But, dear inner-city and suburban reader, you don’t. Do you know what a mule is? It’s the result of cross breeding horses and donkeys and, with all due respect, you might easily make a mistake. Always be clear about who you’re talking to. 2) Particularly if you sell worldwide, understand that the sales process may well be different in one country from another. You need to be sensitive to the prospect’s situation and way of doing business. Always ask the horse for the pertinent facts. Never assume you know them. 3) Ask the horse if he’s thirsty. If may be that the horse had only recently drunk his fill whilst you were in the bar having one more for the road and oggling the eye candy. Do not presume that you know everything about that horse’s situation. Always ask and be prepared to act according to what you hear. You may well be surprised. 4) Be sure the horse knows how hard you’ve worked to get him water… and the benefits of drinking this essential elixir of life. To achieve this objective you must be willing to take the time and communicate. Horses are remarkable animals, quite capable of advanced communication. Take advantage of this by sitting down, relaxing and slowly but surely advising the horse just what you’ve got and why it’s so valuable for the animal (or the customer). 5) Sweeten the deal. Remember, horses are intelligent, far beyond the condition of most creatures. Thus, if they are turning up their noses at what is before them, it may well be because they have evaluated your offer (water) and found it distinctly wanting. In short, it may well be necessary to increase what you offer until seeming obstinacy becomes happy acceptance. (As a last resort, try offering a very dry martini with two big olives de rigueur.) 6) Give the gift that stimulates action. Have you ever eaten a carrot? No, I’m not kidding you. Do you like salt on them, like I do? Then you know salting carrots leads to needing a good drink. Horses love carrots; you add the salt. Thus by stimulating the need to drink… you will have a horse asking you not for just one drink…. but several more. I guarantee it. 7) Use a special treat to motivate. The biggest mistake is to assume that horse (and customers, too, for that matter) will be happy to take a measly offer far below what you’re capable of giving. Whinny frequently; up the ante. You can start with such an offer, if you like, on the principle that you can upgrade it as necessary… or you can study the horse and all his wants and initiate the enhanced offer yourself. Either

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way, you must be prepared. Always have better offers available so that you’re not surprised when you perceive the need for them. 8) Expatiate on all the benefits the horse gets for getting the necessary task out of the way. Paint the most alluring picture possible. Put helium in your voice and bounce in your words. Do not only state but enlarge upon the benefits. As part of your uplifting and motivational presentation make it clear how many other horses are getting ahead of this particular horse for failure to act and act promptly. 9) Call in the experts. If that ol’ horse STILL won’t drink, call in the professionals, namely a wizard called a horse whisperer. They are truly awesome, as proven by the fact that they get to be the subject of school documentaries and speeches at Toastmasters. As such I imagine they command quite substantial fees… but, depending on how much you are counting on the horse and his tasks, they are worth it. Just make sure they wear that cute cowboy hat and skin tight jeans favored by Kenny Chesney and other Country and Western stars. It makes the horses laugh and that is always a good thing. 10) “Getta horse”. If even Step 9 doesn’t produce an accommodating beast, you’re well and truly up against it. In this case, call the knackers and trade in that tiresome horse for a more dependable jalopy. And in case that breaks down (it happens in even the best families) and some wise acre screams “Getta horse”, you can scream back, “I had a horse. And I ate him for lunch today.” Mmm Mmm good!

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If you want to sell your book on ClickBank or another similar platform, all you need to do is take that same document and export it as a PDF file, zip it up and it’s ready to go! Click our secret image below for the most amazing Deal!

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Do you know how to produce content that gets people worldwide to respond — FAST? Read this and you will! The Master reveals his secrets!

Author’s program note. I’m going to do something quite different in this article; something unique, unprecedented, unheard of until now. I’m going to share — for the first time ever — my trade secrets about how I produce the best and most responsive content anywhere; the content that gets people like you to stop in your tracks, whatever you’re doing, no matter how important, read what you’ve written… and respond to it. Once you learn how to do it, you’ll use this invaluable skill over and over again… becoming more and more proficient each time, until you become a master too, a brand name, a recognized authority, someone people want to know about, pay attention to; quite simply the consummate master of your craft, constant deference, increasing rewards, recognition and admiration your part, and rightly so. Of course, we’ll need a little magic to make this happen; such magic is useful at any time. Now repeat after me… ” Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo/ Put ‘em together and what have you got/ bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”. These are of course the words of my colleague Fairy Godmother, from the 1950 Disney production. She was, you’ll recall, the kind-hearted, sympathetic darling who, in record time, organized everything necessary to rush a radiant Cinderella to the ball… and her prince.

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You’ll find the song in any search engine. Play it to yourself two or three times… sing it out loud. But don’t share it with anyone just yet. After all, they may be a certified scoffer, gruff, dismissive, unhelpful… and that will never do. Bibbidi-bobbidi- boo. “It’ll do magic believe it or not.” Believe… it’s the first and crucial step to achieve. Pick your subject. Creating content that gets maximum response starts with your subject, what you’re writing about. Here are some suggestions: It should be timely, of interest and importance to the kinds of people you want to respond (future customers!), and most of all be a subject you either know something about already or one you are prepared to research, to add depth, resonance and layers of meaning. The last article I wrote just yesterday (one of over 1000 I’ve penned in the last three years or so; all available at jeffreylantarticles.com) was on… marigolds. Does this seem to you to be an unlikely topic to knock out of the park? Dubious? Then think again! There are millions of people worldwide who grow marigolds, use health and beauty products derived from marigolds, and honor them in their obsequies and solemn rites of passage into eternity, particularly along the great river Ganges,1569 miles long, its muddy waters flecked by the bright brilliance of golden marigolds, beloved of the Virgin, the gift of countless pilgrims along the way. Outline your content. To write superior content, content that motivates response, you must create a superior outline. Here’s how to do that. Brainstorm just what you want in your content; then do a preliminary outline. Don’t worry too much now about whether the points you want to make are in the right order. Worry instead that you have written them down. Never, ever trust to imperfect memory. . Once you have all the points you wish to include, arrange them in the right order, the order that builds your case. To see what I mean, go to jeffreylantarticles.com and peruse several articles there. As you do, think on this. This teeming site, content capital of the world, now gets over 1,000,000 hits a month and should be a “must” destination for anyone who understands the importance of content and wishes to master its every nuance, profiting accordingly. That would be you, right? Bibbidi- Bobbidi-Boo. The joy and necessity of careful research. I am a trained researcher with a Ph.D. from Harvard University. It took me seven meticulous and arduous years to achieve. I had to identify, travel to, work in and rely upon the arcane resources of dozens of private and public document depositories in several countries. My life was a demanding and insistent process composed of passports, tickets, incomprehensible pre-Euro currencies, strange accommodations with lumpy mattresses (and too often voracious bedbugs). As for food… I can even now remember, and luridly recite if you like… the various collywobbles to which I gave way en route to being elevated into the peerage of learning.
A Collection Of Articles From JeffreyLantArticles.com Page 23

That was then; this is now. These days my continuous researches are vast, detailed, up-to-date, best of all the work of minutes, with nary a plane to (wait for) and catch… or odoriferous train, the malfunctioning toilet making its noisome problem known to all and always over shadowed by one frightening question, “Have you seen my typewriter and my notes!” “I thought you had them when we changed trains.” In our wired age research is easy, universal, distinguished by its celerity, thoroughness… and a researcher who now never looks like he slept in his clothes in the Iruna station, assaulted by fantastic mosquitoes and suspicious border guards, the jack booted minions of Generalissimo Franco, a man whose sole idea about intellectual endeavors of every kind (and the research on which they were based) was to crush, curb and curtail them. The Internet has changed all that forever… and I, for one, am profoundly glad. Now it’s time to write. My mother, bless her soul, had a million pet sayings, each one a little gem of pithy insight. As for writing, she’d say, for she was a scribbler, too, “Having written is better.” What she meant, of course, was that the business of writing was often hard, frustrating, exasperating, not infrequently infuriating, and always something demanding full heart, soul and brain. In short, writing is never a piece of cake you can do half asleep and hung over from the night before. Such writers, who take the demons of people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jack Kerouak as their inspiration and models, talk a good game about writing… but are more notable for their volubility on the subject than their productive output. You need another point of view, more practical, utilitarian, productive not to mention profitable. Write every day, every single day… without fail or “reason” why you didn’t. People who understand the power and potency of content are people who do the necessary every single day to create it. That would be — me… and is why in the past three years I have, remember, written and published over 1,000 articles, available for you and the world to see and use at jeffreylantarticles.com. How did these articles get written? Easy. Yes, I wrote on days when it was blistering hot. I wrote on days when my nimble fingers froze, sticking to my computer’s chilly keys. I wrote on days of national triumph… and on the many days of national confusion. In short, I wrote, no excuses, no special pleadings, no reasons why I couldn’t, shouldn’t and mustn’t. In short, I wrote on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays… on all the days. Thus with near military efficiency as I wrote words, so I wrote the superior content that got better and
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better still, the more I wrote… silky, smooth, sleek, the champaign of money-making language. Will you do as much? You certainly won’t with the poor habits you now evince in the high and important business of creating content that sells… for what you produce is directly related to the habits you have and yours are nothing to write home about. “What me worry?” Years ago “Mad Magazine” featured on its cover a lout named Alfred E. Newman. Everything about him was obnoxious, irritating, an affront to good parents everywhere and their goody goody rug rats. To these good people Alfred E. posed the question of the centuries, “What me worry?” It was impertinent, insolent, and wildly popular with other louts. (It also made the copy writer who coined this golden phrase a millionaire many times over.) However YOU are not a lout… and you do worry and rightly so. Fortunately you have not only a useful friend in me but you have a direct line now to Fairy Godmother, who’s no mean shakes in the content department, just ask those mice transformed into the most magnificent of coach horses. She has magic for you and to spare. I think I see her pointing her magic wand at…… you… Oh, yes, she is. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

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Hey, Internet marketing chump. Looks like you’ve been fooled again. You must like it!

Author’s program note. I can’t stand it another minute, Poopsie. I just cannot stand by and let you fail for even one more minute. Because today, like yesterday, and all the days before, you are going to fail; you are not going to make a single penny from that joke you call your online “business”. Instead by day’s end when you’ve racked up another day of chump change, you’ll be worse off… a day wasted, a precious day you could have used to get ahead, now in the cosmic trash can… clueless on how to get out and make the money you say you want. Look at yourself closely in the mirror right now… that’s one poor puppy staring back at you…. pale, wan, hapless, helpless, pathetic, disgusting. And this is the guy you expect to lead the victory parade? LOL! LOL! LOL! It’s time for your Internet marketing make-over… It’s time to own up to and grasp what you are doing (the stuff that doesn’t work) and what you must do (if you expect to have any chance of online success at all). Let’s get started with a cool tune that pretty well summarizes the mess you’re in, the mess you’ll stay in if you don’t follow sensible advice and make a radical change. “”Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It”) Go to any search engine now. Find the tune and set it on the highest decibels, for you’re about to fly. Put up your collar… find those ultra cool shades you sheepishly wore just once… wear them like the symbol of insolence and impertinence they were meant to be
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… now move that arthritic body… for babeeeeee, you are about to astonish the world; Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers — plus one extra guy looking remarkably like… me — are about to help you out of the sad situation you just can’t seem to shake . The song is “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It”). Recorded in (1971, it was what rock was all about… attitude… edge… in your face… don’t tread on me, maggot… stand back world and prepare to be astonished, I’ve got the ticket to ride. Now belt out the lyrics that pretty much summarize your entire Internet experience… “Looks like I’ve been fooled again/ Looks like I’m the fool again/ I don’t like it, I don’t like it.” Now hear this… you’re not just singing a tune… you’re announcing the advent of the new regime… the regime where you’re a successful online marketer, not just some luckless schlepper, kick-me sign always on your back side, the guy it’s oh-so-easy to ridicule, disdain, and dismiss. You can always feel sorry for these toads, but you can never, ever respect them. And that’s why you don’t just need to scream “I don’t like it”. You’ve got to do something to turn the fiasco you call Internet marketing around… and at once! Try these suggestions on for size. 1) STOP doing what you’re doing. It doesn’t work. Can’t work. And the silliest thing is that you ever thought it would work. The great thing about the ‘net is how easily you can test your ideas, thoughts and suppositions to see how well they work, indeed to see whether they work at all. For you see, something that doesn’t work today is not going to work tomorrow. Thus, experimentation is and must always be the order of the day, every day. If you won’t test, you won’t succeed. 2) Get trained. In my role as an Internet success counselor at Worldprofit Inc, have had occasion to train, work with, and nudge thousands of people worldwide over the last 20 years. Nudge? What that means is not just setting the objective and teaching folks how to achieve it… but to keep each student’s nose to the grindstone, keeping them focused, accepting absolutely no excuses, including absolutely no “special pleading” where the candidate offers “reasons” why she didn’t do what she was pledged to do: following each and every step, no ifs, ands, or buts. Your nudge is an essential part of your success team, and though I say it myself, I am the best nudge on Earth, the least easy to deceive and hide from, unrelenting, never losing sight of the goal, more determined to see you successful than absolutely anyone except your mother. You’d be exceptionally lucky to work with me, and that’s a fact. So, I ask you. Who’s helping you set goals, brainstorm means of reaching them, reviewing results to see what worked and what didn’t, and always ensuring
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you stay on track? Yeah, I thought so. You’re not doing it, no one is helping you do it. You’re not focused on results, no one is helping you get focused. Thus your results are non existent, just the way they have always been. What an embarrassment! Have you got any self-respect? 3) You have no list and are not doing the consistent, strenuous work it takes to grow one. This one’s a real killer. For the last over 40 years now I’ve been telling my students, beating it into their often amazingly resistant brains that “the list is the business, the business is the list.” How important is your list? Say there’s a fire in your office. What would you grab first to save? Inventory? No, inventory is easily replaceable. Your computer? No worry here. Easily replaceable again. (You do back up, don’t you?) That picture of your mother-inlaw; you know the one that confirms her near perfect resemblance to a rare genus of ancient lizard? (Please try to be serious.) The correct answer, of course, is your list. It is essential, irreplaceable, unique. It’s loss would be catastrophic, a body blow from which you might never recover. And that is why “the list is the business, the business is the list.” The $64,000 question just this: What did you do today to build your list and turn it into the huge money-making tool you require to make the big bucks you say you want and haven’t got a clue how to get. Selfdeception, self-deceit, self-delusion. This is what you’re specializing in and your threadbare results give ample testament about just how successful you’ve been… and will always be. That better make you happy, because that, lamb chop, is what you’re going to get. 4) How are your copywriting skills? Can you write the words that dance and thrill, the words that make people from Alabama to Beijing jump up and shout, causing even the deadest heart to beat faster, faster, faster still? You’d better be, because otherwise you’re in for a lifetime of significance expense, since top copywriters command top dollars… the dollars that come straight out of your pocket; so sad for you but absolutely necessary if you expect to have ad copy that pulls the more lucrative response. Of course knowing you, you’ll try to conjure the magic words yourself; anything to save a penny. But that, as you’ll quickly learn, just won’t cut it… words without the wizard’s legerdemain, without the magic, produce dismal results… and that just won’t do unless you like endless outflow and driblets of income, few and far between. This is your certain fate when you turn down demonstrated experts and attempt to do their crucial job yourself. Sucker. 5) Trying to build a money-making business off of “free”? Are you one of the hundreds of millions of would-be entrepreneurs online this very moment who is making — and every single day, too — the critical, fatal error of trying to make money off “free stuff” to be found online? If so, listen up. That is IMPOSSIBLE, can’t be done, and only wastes your time and energy. Did you hear me? The extent to which you want Internet
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success without reasonable investment is the extent to which you will fail, absolutely, positively, guaranteed. Now for the real craziness. Day after futile day would-be entrepreneurs and Internet marketers enter the Live Business Center at Worldprofit.com. They are told, clearly, honestly, politely, thoroughly what they need for success… and go right out to do the EXACT reverse, ensuring failure, DOA. The Internet has empowered these sad creatures, each a candidate for spam, rip-off, certain loss and every variety of bamboozlement. Why does this happen to so many so often with such miserable results? Because the typical ‘net entrepreneur is the very model of sloth, laziness, avarice. They want wealth without effort; magnificent results without knowing how to get them; falling victim over and over again to those who find victimizing these foolish people a piece of cake; integrity, honesty and old fashioned business standards and acumen the first to perish in such a pernicious environment; once gone, gone forever. Must it be this way? Certainly not. Failure as much as success is a choice. Now it’s time for you to make the right decision at last. Visit me in the Live Business Center at worldprofit.com where we work together in a giant worldwide team so that you have expert assistance 24/7/365 advising, counseling, guiding, reassuring, all accomplished in an environment of professionalism and good fellowship. This is the proven way to substantial financial wealth, a unique place online for people who have not hitherto seen such benefits, much less so fast or certain. It’s good, isn’t it, to “see you think so much of me”? What’s more, unlike Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, you’ll never be fooled again, and you’ll surely like that!

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