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A Confession a Day Draws Us Closer to God Formerly - Keeps The Devil Away

In this book, you will find 3 e!plosive s"riptures waitin# to "ome alive in your life$ There are also dynami" faith-buildin# de"larations to #o alon# with ea"h s"ripture $$$ a different sub%e"t for every month $$$ a different s"ripture for every day$ &ritten by Fran"es 'unter$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+*,*33,-)A-Daily-De"laration-.rin#s-/s-0loser-to-1odFree-2n-line

Angel Book
&e are livin# in a supernatural day $$$ A time when an#eli" a"tivity surrounds us daily$ 1od3s messen#ers are operatin# in our lives$ 4ever in the history of the world has there been keener interest in the work and "hara"ter of 1od3s an#els$ Dis"over the purpose of an#els, their methods of operation, and how they impa"t our lives$ In this fas"inatin# study, The An#el .ook, we read about 0harles and Fran"es5 6ersonal 7n"ounters with 1od3s 8essen#ers$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9+39*:*,)The-An#el-.ook

Angels On Assignment
&ritten by 0harles and Fran"es 'unter ; As told by 6astor <oland .u"k ; This was the most e!"itin# book by the 'unters and has be"ome a "lassi"$ =oshua 8ills said, >I love this book$> http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9++:?-?*)An#els-on-Assi#nment

Are You Tired?

Are you physi"ally tired@ 'ave you been e!perien"in# an ener#y la#@ Are you dra##in# yourself around mu"h more than you used to do@ Do you have diffi"ulty rememberin# thin#s you should know@ Do you have spells when readin# eh .ible isn3t as e!"itin# as it used to be@ If your answer is >Aes> to any of these Buestions you need to read this bookC http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?DD3** *)Are-Aou-Tired-Free-on-Eine

Born Again! What Do You


0harles 'unter answers the Buestion &hat does it mean, be born a#ain@

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+3??3 D,).orn-A#ain-&hat-do-Aou-8ean-Free

Come Ali!e
'ow to 8ake the &ord 0ome AliveC 'ow to 8ake =esus 0ome Alive in your life$ Aou will be able to see the dust from the sandals of 6eter, 6aul, =ames and =ohn as they literally walk a"ross the pa#es of your .ible$ This book "an revolutioniFe you entire 0hristian &alk and the reality of a Eivin# =esus "an be yours http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+?-:-?D,)0ome-Alive-Free-on-Eine

Com"el Them to Come

There is an in"rease of all that 1od is doin# be"ause one day very soon it will be the last day$ 4ever have we e!perien"ed #reater passion for lost souls than we feel today$ 7verywhere we #o, everyone we talk with e!presses the same heart-"ry that we have heard in ourselves G 12 A7, 12 A7, 12 A7 into all the world and prea"h the #ospel to every "reature before it is too late http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9:-9? ++)0ompel-Them-to-0ome

Don#t Be Afraid Of $ear

The plane apparently #ot "au#ht in the tall end of a tornado$ It tilted at su"h an an#le I wondered if we were #oin# to "rash ri#ht into the #round on the left win# of the plane$ For a moment there was real fear in my heart$ Aou should have seen the rest of the planeC There was pani"C Huit"ases "ame flyin# throu#h the air$ 8y purse went up, hit the "eilin# of the plane and boun"ed ba"k on my head$ 7verythin# that wasn5t tied down was sailin# around the interior of the planeC Fear #ripped both 0harles and me$ $ $for a moment$ &hat did we do@ &e immediately be#an to pray in the HpiritC http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9:-9D*? )Don-t-.e-Afraid-of-Fear

Don#t %imit God

If you need faith for healin# in your body, this book will #ive it to you $$$ Don3t Eimit 1odC If you need faith to keep your healin#, this book will #ive it to you, be"ause it tells you how $$$ Don3t Eimit 1odC If you need faith for prayin# for the si"k, this book will #ive it to you $$$ Don3t Eimit 1odC Aou3ll take the lid off everythin# on"e you read D243T EI8IT 12DC http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-? : D-?*)Don-t-Eimit-1od-Free-on-Eine

$easting on &ros"erity
1od has so mu"h to say about prosperity that both the 2ld Testament and the 4ew Testament are full of instru"tions on how to re"eive finan"ial blessin#s$ &hen 0hristians really develop the ri#ht thinkin#, there is #oin# to be a transfer of wealth in the body of 0hrist whi"h will kno"k Hatan overC It takes money to do what 1od wants done$ &hen you apply 1od3s prin"iples, you are #oin# to #et ri#ht in the middle of 1od3s will for prosperityC http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+?+DD?? )Feastin#-on-6rosperity-Free-2n-line



0harles 'unter was a su""essful business man, husband, and a"tive "hur"h worker when 1od said, >Follow 8eC> 'e shares the intimate details of this new walk with the Eord, and the prin"iples that made their ministry so su""essful$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?,3* 3?D)Follow-8e-Free-on-Eine

Get 'eady( Get 'eady( Get 'eady

To .e 2vertaken and 2ver"ome by the .lessin#s of 1odC 2ne of the promises of 1od is that 'e will fulfill the hun#er and thirst that you have for 'im and 'is ri#hteousness$ That is e!a"tly what 1od is #oin# to do for you throu#h this book$ Aou are #oin# to #row in faith$ Aou are #oin# to #row in you knowled#e of the nature of 1od, and Aou are #oin# to #row in #ratitude and praise to 'Im for all of 'is blessin#s$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+? 33D+D)1et-<eady-1et-<eady-1et-<eady-Free-on-Ene


an( Go

Fran"es >took off> from the moment of her salvation and witnessed to every person she "ould findC 'er instant witnessin# "han#ed, but never slowed down, and she tau#ht believers around the world how to witness for =esus$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?,+ 3-+?)1o-8an-1o-Free-on-Eine

God )s $a*ulous
$ran+es first *ook! 1od told Fran"es 'unter to write the story of how she "ame to the Eord$ Hhe tried - and tried$ .ut nothin# "ame$ Finally she #ave up and prayed - and prayed$ And then 1od #ave her this book and it was written in three hours$ 1od is Fabulous #ives us an inside look into who Fran"es 'unter was and how she arrived at the pla"e where 1od used her so mi#hty$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9+ 9 3-?)1od-Is-Fabulous

God#s Big ,)fIf is su"h a small word$ &e use it all the time, but Fran"es 'unter put to#ether a study of when 1od says >if> to us$


God#s Conditions $or &ros"erity

&hat is <eal 6rosperity@ 0harles answers this Buestion from a study of H"riptures, and interestin# e!perien"es in his own life$ If the prosperity 1od has promised us, has not "ome there must be a reason$ This book is desi#ned to "hallen#e all of us to a new, "omplete walk with the Eord$


.and*ook $or .ealing

AmaFementC That is the rea"tion of many who have e!perien"ed the power of 1od while prayin# healin# for the si"k$ 0harles and Fran"es 'unter have dis"overed many of the keys to healin# found in the .ible and throu#h the innovations of medi"al s"ien"e$ Aou will find that 1od "an use you to brin# healin# and help to family, friends, anyone you "ome in "onta"t with$ 4o lon#er will you have to stand by, helpless, when people you "are about are hurtin#$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9: *3,* )'andbook-for-'ealin#

0harles and Fran"es #ive throu#h des"riptions of healin# te"hniBues that 1od has used throu#h their ministry of healin#$ =ust as turnin# on the ele"tri" power will illuminate your home, swit"hin# on the power of 1od, the author3s belied, will brin# li#ht and healin# to the world today$ 'ealin# is un"ompli"ated when we use 1od3s power in the name of =esus$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-? +9 +- )'ealin#-.ook-Free-on-Eine

.ealing is for You

Fran"es 'unter traveled the world brin#in# healin# to the multitudes$ This book is an en"oura#in# word for ea"h of us$ 'ealin# is for us$ These truths are timeless$


.is &ower Through You

This book will build your faith$ It will "hallen#e you to do #reater thin#s in the name of =esus$ 0harles and Fran"es 'unter have "ompiled many of the stories of mira"les they have witnessed$ .ut most of these mira"les happened throu#h the hands of newly trained believers$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-? 3399 -)'is-6ower-Throu#h-Aou-Free-on-Eine

.ot %ine To .ea!en / new title )t#s 0o 0im"le

Fran"es 'unter is the type of 0hristian who if asked to pray for rain would #et out her umbrella$ 'er endless enthusiasm and immovable faith kept her ready for immediate a"tion for the sake of =esus 0hrist$


.ow Do You Treat

y 0on 1esus?

Fran"es was ridin# on an airplane when 1od spoke these words to her, and be#an to #ive her the "hapters of this e!"itin# book$ It is an >easy read> filled with e!"itin# stories from their lives$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9:- 9:


.ow To De!elo" Your $aith Fran"es believed in bein# pra"ti"alC This book deals with faith$ 'ow you "an be#in, ri#ht now, to walk into a new dimension of faith in your life$


.ow To .eal The 0i+k

/sed by thousands around the world as they minister healin# to the si"k, or as they need to pray for themselves$ This is a pra"ti"al I'ow ToJ book$ Aou "an view the video that #o with this book by #oin# to( http())www$#illministries$"om)about)what-ministries-say)"harles-and-fran"es-hunter

.ook( http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9: *3? +)'ow-to-'eal-The-Hi"k-Free-on-Eine

.ow To

ake Your

arriage 23+iting

=esus was the #reatest publi" relations person ever to live on earth$ 'is prin"iples and laws are #iven to us for our benefit$ &hen we apply these prin"iples in any area of our lives, they work to brin# about abundant livin# - in our marria#es$ work pla"es, s"hools, or "hur"hes$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+-D3-*- )'ow-to-8ake-Aour-8arria#e-7!"itin#-Free-2nline

.ow To 'e+ei!e And

aintain A .ealing

I&hy do some people #et healed and others do not@J I&hy is it that some people who #et "ompletely healed lose their healin#@J 6robably one fa"t more than anythin# else has allowed me to be blessed and re"eive healin# after healin# and maintain them$ The fa"t is this G whenever si"kness hits, I K42& I4 8A '7A<T IT IH 24EA A T7862<A<A T'I41, and I always know that I know that I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that I &IEE <702K7<C http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+?* DD*D)'ow-to-<e"eive-and-8aintain-a-'ealin#-Freeon-Eine

.ow To 'e+ei!e And

inister Ba"tism With .oly 0"irit

0harles and Fran"es lead thousands into the .aptism of the 'oly Hpirit$ Aou "an re"eive the power =esus talked about when 'e said, IAfter that you shall re"eived power to be my witnesses$J

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*:? D39D,)'ow-to-<e"eive-.aptism-of-the-'oly-HpiritFree-on-Eine .ow To Walk in 4i+tory The book will inspire you with the faith to do all the thin#s 1od has planned for you while bein# the wonderful new "reation that you are in 0hrist$


) Don#t $ollow 0igns And Wonders5They $ollow

<un with 0harles and Fran"es 'unter and thousands of trained healin# teams throu#h an astoundin# series of si#ns, wonder and mira"les$ Truly, this is the hour of the believer, when they are doin# the works =esus said they would doC


)f You 'eally %o!e


&hat makes the differen"e@ &hy do some find all the answers and some fail, even thou#h they are apparently earnestly seekin# to walk in in vi"tory@ If Aou <eally Eove 8e is a book that will "hallen#e you to walk in the #lory of 1odC

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?,*3?+? )If-Aou-<eally-Eove-8e-Free-on-Eine



0harles and Fran"es #athered to#ether stories of seemly impossible mira"les$ As you read testimonies of what 1od has done for others, your faith will e!plode for your own mira"le$ This is an awesome study of mira"les, all written with the purpose of brin#in# us to a new realm of belief$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+*? D,9D)Impossible-8ira"les-Free-2n-line

%et This

ind Be )n

Thinkin# the Thou#hts of =esus - &hat does it mean to have the mind of 0hrist@ Fran"es 'unter brin#s us a wonderful revelation of the transformin# power that is ours as we learn to think the thou#hts of =esus$ As we share in 'is thou#hts, we be"ome ener#iFed and empowered in every area of our lives$



ade 2asy

A systemati" plan to help you memoriFe 1od3s &ord$


ira+les /

ira+les /


0harles and Fran"es 'unter lived a whirlwind life after their marria#e in *+9?$ &hether it was "old or hot, the 'appy 'unters were always happy and they were always followed by si#ns, wonders and mira"les$ This book will inspire you to >#o and do EikewiseC> 'ow wonderful it is that they took the time to write of so many mira"les they were witnesses to$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*:*?3:D:+)8ira"les-8ira"les-8ira"les &7T7%7A7 8&raise The %ord( Anyway!9 :ew Title / 0im"le as A7B7C7 The une!pe"ted that happens almost every day in our lives "an "ause embarrassment, dis"omfort, even #rief$ .ut Fran"es 'unter knows that 1od is always there and so is love$ >6TEA> was her password$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+D9 3?* )6TEA-6raise-The-Eord-Anyway-Free-2n-line

0hout The Word 0to" The Thief

'e was stealin# my "arC At the top of my lun#s I s"reamed, I1et out of my "arC &hat do you think you5re doin#@J The thief didn5t blink an eyeC 4either did IC I %ust s"reamed a#ain, IDid you hear me@ I said #et out of my "arCJ Eater as I related this story to a poli"e "hief, he said, IA""ordin# to statisti"s, you should have been dead in thirteen se"ondsCJ Eet Fran"es tell you what a"tually happenedC http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9:-9,D33)Hhout-the-&ord-Htop-the-Thief

0trength $or Today

The stories and s"riptures in this book will all be familiar to you, but I have lifted them out as "hoi"e morsels to satisfy your hun#ry heart$ As I went throu#h the .ible sele"tin# these favorite stories, they spoke to my heart in an unusual and different way than ever before and I hope they will to you, too$ &henever your problem balloons out of proportion and your way #ets too hard, sele"t a story, meditate on it and see if your answer isn5t revealed to you

htt";<<www7s+ri*d7+om<do+<=>?@A?A>=<0trengthB$orBToday 0u"ernatural .ori6ons

The horiFon - The Eine of Infinity whi"h separates the seen and the unseen -- the known from the unknown -- the natural from the supernatural$ Aou will be "hallen#ed throu#h the pa#es of Hupernatural 'oriFons to step into the supernatural realm in your 0hristian walk$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9+D:D-,9)Hupernatural-'oriFons

Wat+h Out! The De!il Wants Your


Fran"es was so aware of the amount of "ontrol Hatan has over the minds of 0hristians -of the amount of "onfusion he has put on people$ 6eople often do not know who their enemy is$ This is a >down-to-earth> book that will make you aware of who Hatan is, what his methods are, and how to be vi"torious over himC

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?3+:9 3*)The-Devil-&ants-Aour-8ind-Free-on-line

There Are Two Cinds Of5

A lun"heon "an "han#e your lifeC It "an "han#e your thinkin#C &e were in a restaurant when a #entleman "ame in and sat down at our table$ I still don5t know who he is, or where he "ame from .ut he said, IFran"es, I know how mu"h you5ve always loved winnin# people to =esus and I want to tell you a new way J

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*9:-9 ++D)There-Are-Two-Kinds-of

Two 0ides Of A Coin

&as the .aptism with the 'oly Hpirit real@ &as it for them@ They had so mu"h to lose$$$ They were established in their "hur"h$ Fran"es had speakin# en#a#ements s"heduled for the ne!t year$ .ut still, there was that hun#er for more and a "ompellin# desire to follow =esus all the way$ Two Hides of the 0oin is the story of their transition into what was then the 0harismati" 8ovement$ Ho mu"h to lose - Ho mu"h to #ain$ They share with us their step of faith and the amaFin# results$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+*+,3::9)Two-Hides-of-the-0oin-Free-2n-line

Why 0hould ,)- 0"eak )n Tongues

Take a step ba"k in time, and %oin with the 'unters and their friends as they share how they "ame into the .aptism of the 'oly Hpirit$ 7n"oura#in# - upliftin#$

http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")-?9?:- 99)&hy-Hhould-I-Hpeak-in-Ton#ues-Free-on-Eine

You Can Do )t Too!

If 0harles and Fran"es "an do it, Aou 0an Do It TooC The 'unters loved to "hallen#e believers to step out of the pews and walk in the power of 1od$ They en"oura#ed ordinary 0hristians to do the a"ts that =esus said they would do$ In this book they share how you "an move into doin# supernatural healin# throu#h the name of =esus$ http())www$s"ribd$"om)do")*+? ?,-*D)Aou-0an-Do-It-Too-Free-on-Eine