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Persuasive speech Outline Angel Esteban Soria Chicaiza 11/25/13 1.

(According to the Worldwide Health Organization by the year 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese). Having a physical inactive life and a non-nutritive diet will cause you problems in the future. I had problems with my weight when I was younger. I realized that I had to change the type of food I was consuming and perform physical activities to reach my desired lifestyle. Maybe you think that drinking a can of soda or eating a slice of pizza is not prejudicial for you, but let me explain you some consequences that maybe you or the people around you may suffer from excess consumption of these foods. 2. Currently the diet of an average person in the US is filled with highly processed foods and fast foods loaded with calories and saturated fats. Also higher rates of sedentarism and physical inactivity make the problem worse. The statistics show that the 61 % of US popullation is overweight, and the 40 % of american adults do not use their leisure time to do any physical activity at all. . Short-term effects of Physical Inactivity and poor diets are skin problems, fatigue and immune system impairment. Long-term effects of this lifestyle will be contributor to overweight and obesity. That produces chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Now that we know some of the problems that a poor nutrition and an inactive life can produce lets look at the solutions that we can approach to prevent this. 3. Healthy food and exercise has a refreshing effect in our body, enhancing cognitive function, improve psychological and physical performance, providing more energy. Starting doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily will improve your performance and lower the risk of being overweight. In addition by doing exercise you can relax avoid excessive stress. There are different types of exercise so you can find the type that fits your needs. In my case I prefer swimming than running there are plenty of options. Having a good nutrition that includes fruits and vegetables, balanced with a correct amount of carbohydrates will help also to prevent heart diseases and nutrition disorders.

Here I have presented several options that you can choose to mantain a healthy lifestyle and prevent these health problems. Let see what will happen if we decide to apply this solution. If a healthy diet and physical activity were adopted by large amounts of people the 80% of premature heart diseases and diabetes type 2 cases, and the 40% of cancers in the entire world could be prevented. When you consider the benefits of good nutrition it is easier to eat healthy. Because we can do that to feel better not only physically also mentally. You can get more confidence because you have boost that extra energy gives to you by exercising regularly. So we should put attention to what we eat if we do not want to be part of the problem that is affect population currently.

Conclusion Eating junk food and sitting on the sofa all the time will have a bad impact in our life increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Luckily we can do something to avoid this, eating nutritive food and exercise will give us more energy, make us feel healthier, and allow us to be in optimal physical and psychological conditions. You can do a lot of things to start with a proper diet. You can sing up for free nutrition advises, and ask for healthy recipes at the student health center. Also University provides a salad bar as a healthy choice, so you can chose a healthy option instead of eating pizza of foot long subs. According to exercise you can try to walk to the University if you live near the University. Also you can go to the University Gym there you can ask for exercise routines and control your weight with qualified personal that will help you during this process. Thank you for your attention.

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