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Chapter 26 Questions

Point out the features that are Rococo on pages 140-145 of the text and say why they belong to that style. There is a lot of stucco and very ornate gilded structures and mirrors. There is a lot of shell work, flowers, and plants. There are also a lot of pastel roses, pale blues and lime colors featured in this style. Describe a fte galante. Is there any such entertainment in contemporary society? A fete galante literally translates to elegant entertainment, and while I dont believe there are troves of men hoarding to one island in search of their true love, there is a lot of elegant entertainment in modern society. There are many galas, awards and boards that host different outings that are most elegant and entertaining. How did the paintings of Greuze and Chardin differ from those of Watteau, Boucher, and Fragonard? Grueze and Chardin focused less on such romantic pieces and more on mundane things, their work consisted of still lifes and genre scenes. Watteau, Boucher and Fragonard focused more on pleasurable scenes and romance. What events inspired the neoclassical revival of the eighteenth century? The scientific study of classical ruins combined with the longstanding respect for antiquity combined, inspired the neoclassical revival of the eighteenth century. What events are represented in Davids Oath of the Horatii? Why did the painting become a symbol of the French revolutionary spirit? Oath of the Horatii illustrates a dramatic event, the three sons of horatius Proclus volunteered to meet the champions of the treacherous Curatii family in a win-or-die battle that will determine the future of Rome. Two of the brothers die leaving 1 survivor. This became a symbol of the French Revolution because of the defenders of liberty. In what ways is Ingres Apotheosis of Homer the quintessential statement of neoclassical ideals? It embodies the Neoclassical principles of clarity and symmetry. The way the iconic figure occupies the apex of the compositional pyramid, having the Iliad and the Odyssey and his feet brings a self-conscious rigor to his application of these two principles. What are the two principal meanings of the term classical style in music? Order and symmetry are the two principle meanings of the term classical style in music. What composers are associated with the refinement of the classical style in music? Franz Joseph Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven are associated with the refinement of classical style in music. What are the main groups of instruments in the classical symphony? Double basses, French horns, trombones, trumpets, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, flutes, timpani, cellos, first violins, clavier and second violins.