17, 2014

NR # 3380B

Solon seeks P10-M reward for informants of terrorism
A lawmaker has proposed the grant of not more than P10 million as a reward for any person who shares vital information leading to the prevention or resolution of grave crimes and those that threaten public order. Rep. Samuel Pagdilao Jr. Party!list" A#$!#%S& said the P10!million reward could still go higher provided it is authori'ed by the President and upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Justice. $his provision is embodied under (ouse )ill *+0, or the -#ommunity %nformant %ncentive Act". which seeks the creation of the #ommunity %nformant %ncentive Program for the purpose of paying rewards" incentives and other benefits to informants of certain crimes committed under the Revised Penal #ode and other special laws. Pagdilao" author of the bill" said the program is designed to encourage the public to assist law enforcement agencies by sharing vital information necessary for the prevention and resolution of crimes. -Although not always reported by the media" the use of information supplied by community members as informants is everywhere in our criminal /ustice system". Pagdilao said. At present" Pagdilao said there are only two laws that provide a reward system for information helpful to the solution of crimes and both are limited in scope. -0irst is Republic Act 1231 also known as the 4itness Protection and Security Program. which is applicable only to two kinds of prospective witnesses5those that witnessed or has knowledge of the commission of any crime and those that participated in the commission of the crime and desires to be a state witness". he said. Pagdilao said the second law" Presidential 6ecree P6& 1,1 or -Providing for Rewards and %ncentives to 7overnment 4itnesses and %nformants and other purposes. provides rewards and incentives to government witnesses and informants. -(owever" P6 1,*1 only covers crimes against 8ational Security or Public 9rder or organi'ed:syndicated crime. %t does not cover other crimes punishable by reclusion perpetua or higher or those classified under special laws as capitals offense or punishable by life imprisonment or higher.. Pagdilao e;plained. <nder the bill" the Secretary of Justice may pay or give benefits or other incentives to any person who furnishes information leading to the arrest or conviction of any person for the commission of an act of terrorism against the Republic of the Philippines as defined under Section * of RA 2*,= or the -(uman Security Act of =00,.. Also a reward awaits any person who shares information leading to the arrest or conviction of any person committing any of the unlawful acts enumerated in Section >" Article 11 of RA 211+ otherwise known as the -#omprehensive 6angerous 6rugs Act of =00=". among others. $he measure provides that the Secretary of Justice may pay a reward or give benefits under this Act in the form of money" education and livelihood assistance" or other incentives including immunity from criminal prosecution. *0& mvip

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