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Above the terristrial world is the celestial world. It is made up of ether, a

separate element. Sometimes called the 5th element. The quintessential
means the 5th substance. Whoever invented ether was having fun with that
because its takes you out of the ‘world’.

the life cycle of the human being is the life cycle of all terrestrial beings in
some way. The laws are of perpetual motion. The planets move in perfect
circle, they move but they never deviate. In order to understand the celestial
world, you need a different kind of materials and laws.

the celestial world is a combination of matter with spiritual vitality. The

heavens are pure spirits and the planets are alive. They are not some
clonglomoration of gassy materials. They are living entities.

the visible heavens are the source of order and harmony in the terrestrial
world. The ultimate source is god, but the agents that carry gods intentare
the constellations of the stars and the planets.

Beyond the visible heavens. There are varios realms beyond the visible
realm. Beyond or the invisible heaven is god and the christians think he
gathers and will be the final stage for those that gain immortal life. The
comos was created, it has a beginning and it also has an end. God will
decided when to end everything.

the third chapter is short but important. It is about sin. When god created the
universe, the cosmos, it was perfectly ordered because god is perfect and
designed it to be perfect. Human beings were given free will and are capable
of aking choices. Human beings made a bad choice to alianate humans from
god and alienated them from the perfect order of nature. The biblical
account is told in that they lived in a paradise, when they disobaied god they
are driven out not a world of wondering. Because o their sin, there will be
problems working the soil, and hardships throughout life. Nature has been
separate from humans as well. It was deliberate actual by humans that
caused their alianation. Through free choice they can restore their relation to
god and nature’s perfection. It takes extraordinary effort and so far in human
history we have not done a very good job at it.
there was a time when the world was perfect. No suffering, etc. it is
explained as presactarian. Before original sin. From the time of the original
sin to the present, humanity has been alienated and through physical
exertion is able to gain some of the precious that god placed in the world.
Humanity is able to rediscover the proper relationship with god.

the terristrial world is made of a substance that is inert and cannot take form
by itself. The visible heavens are the ones that change the elements.

chapter 2, add law after providence. Hooker’s three laws on page


to say something is beyond natural is again to misunderstand this notion.

Nature is gods laws that govern the natural world. It is built into the very
structure of everything. If something breaks the laws of nature then it is
supernatural. God created everything and if anything happens is because
god made it happen. However, not everything is beneficial.

at the highest end, the top of the chain is god. Below god are the angels.
Below are the stars/planets, humans beings, sensitive parts of the terrestrial
world, things that are alive but not sentient such as elements, and then
rocks. Each is a category with a variety of things that are different. As you
move up the levels there are things that closer to the next level.

Since the fall there is a tendency for this to degenerate. To go to one side or
another. Not much of a balance to either side. Each is a link toward the next.
At the center is humanity. And humanity is a composite of all the other
categories. Humanity has the inanimate elements in the body but humanity
also has part of god. The story of creation, that man was created after god
took this material and breathed life into it. So this breadth, the animating
agency is a expressed as god having a piece of god in all of us. We still retain
ancient religion notions. When somebody dies, they expire the animating
How this things are linked and pay attention to vocabulary. The most brilliant
and most dedicated angel of god was Lucifer. He did not like being second to
god and rebelled against god. He had a few angels side with him and tried to
take over. God knew about it and through them out. Lucifer was transformed
from an angel to the great adversary, Satan. Satan is determined to hurt god
by corrupting humanity. When god creates the world everything is perfect.
The world supplies everything. But god gave human beings free will. God
wanted humanity’s love. And love has to be freely given. Humanity then
screw things up. Satan came into the garden and corrupted the weaker one,
the woman.
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14/02/2008 14:56:00

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