The Exercises & Techniques

A Review Of "The Exercises And Techniques" The exercises for gaining awareness of the Subtle Energies of Man described in detail here can not be found elsewhere in the written word. The techniques described to go with the exercises are the result of many years of working with the Subtle Energies. The Exercises progress from walking, to standing, to sitting and finally to prone meditations. The exercises teach awareness, content and predisposition of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beingness. The techniques are tailored for learning healing of self and others, for working with environmental energies and for coping in relationships with others. Table of ontents Exercise Series !ne " Exercises #or The $wareness !f The %hysical &ody Exercise Series Two " Exercises #or $wareness !f Subtle Energies Exercise Series Three " Exercises #or $wareness !f The Seven Exercise Series #our " Exercises #or Energy 'ork enters

0n any case. when your beingness is disrupted by circumstances. $s you become more proficient.o the opposite if you are left handed. 3ou will need from 45 minutes to an hour and a half of time in a serene and protected space. Eventually. it would be best to practice while in a neutral mood and in a neutral environment.rinking coffee or tea and eating chocolate a few hours beforehand is not advisable. you will find that you will need to pay close attention to the maintaining of your balance. telling others and in general planning ahead for this time. &egin by putting your feet toe to heel and turning around at the ends of the line. Try to practice in an area as free of electromagnetic radiation as is possible. you will be able to return to your center by using these exercises. 3our place for practice should be comfortable and free from any disturbing influences. if you are right handed.Exercise Series !ne Exercises #or $wareness !f The %hysical &ody (ast Edited) *anuary +. These should be eliminated as well. power. pace with them closed. There are certain diets which facilitate the maximum benefit from these exercises. These foods have many hormones and steroids which cause stimulatory affects in the body. This means alternating current 1$. preferably of natural fibers. #ind a place where you can pace back and forth. $s you progress in your facility with these exercises. Start with your eyes open.-These exercises are best performed when you are in a relaxed mood. dairy products 1unless fermented and well aged2 and any mammalian food by products 1i. .2 and the equipment that uses $. #or the time being. in a straight line. place your left hand over your naval area with the right hand over the left. . 0t helps to eliminate mammalian food products such as red meat. -+ to -5 feet. To assist in keeping any type of energy interference to a minimum. lothing should be comfortable and loose fitting. estrogen and progesterone.e. $t first as you begin to pace. The elimination of these compounds allow for a calm and settled mind. stopping cooking. smoothly and ob7ectively while achieving full consciousness. Many plant products also have steroids and stimulatory compounds such as caffeine. Exercise %rotocol (et us first start with a walking meditation. you will have learned to take apart your consciousness and then put it back together again. as you relax more and . . . The most important aspect of preparation is to make a commitment to yourself to see things through until you are able to decide whether you want to continue or not. the exercises and all experiences that follow will be learned behavior.. %olyester attracts and binds the gas 6adon. $ll centers upon the purpose of keeping any compounds which stimulate the neuroendocrine/hormonal systems out of the diet. have not eaten within the last + hours and have a suitable environment. 6educe the possibility of disruption by unplugging the telephone. whey2. $t the end of this 4 part series. a radioactive gas the seeps into basements from the soil. 0t would serve you well to do some online investigation into the foods that you consume. testosterone.

etc. you will discover a natural progression of body awareness which becomes ever more subtle. you begin to be aware of everything and experience the moment of everything that happens to your body8 both from without and from within. 0n this state of light trance. lower legs. you will be aware of the entire body as a whole as it moves. knees.. itching. $nd lastly. $llow your mind to experience these for a while and build an acute discriminatory filter which will allow you to figuratively 9see9 inside your body...more into what is happening.. heaviness. ankles. $ll this from a simple pacing back and forth: 'ow.. &E. $s you practice this exercise.. 3ou will find that your body movements as a whole begin to be broken down into specific regions. dark spaces. &E <E6E""=!'. an awareness of your internal milieu emerges which is blended with total physical body consciousness.. you might notice areas within your body of tightness. $s you become more practiced. light spaces. spine. Toes. blank spaces. upper"legs. &E <E6E. 'hen you are able to do this easily and are stable in this whole body awareness state. a transition will gradually occur which moves you into a state of light trance.. upper body. feet. neck and head. 3ES. &E <E6E =!'.. The point to the above as you practice is to be here now. 3ou should pace for at least one hour.. . burning. 3ou are aware of all your of physical senses at once as they bring information to you from your surroundings. 'hat is happening now: 'hat is my body doing now: <ow do 0 feel now: 'hat am 0 aware of now: 'hat am 0 thinking about now: 'here am 0 now: 'hen do 0 turn next: 'here do 0 put my foot next: &E <E6E =!'. pelvis.

This awareness will now enable you to be able to separate the content of your thoughts from the source of your thoughts.-%reparation The next step in the learning awareness program is to begin the standing meditation exercise. 'hat is it that you think about: 'hat comes up to your consciousness: <ow much deals with your body: <ow much deals with your interactions with others: <ow much deals with your plans for the day: <ow much deals with getting rid of unwanted emotions: <ow do 0 deal with the memories associated with the unwanted emotions: 'hat then is the source of these patterns: 'here do my thoughts come from: They come from reverbrating neuronal networks called entral %attern ?enerators 1 %?s2 in the erebrum. This gives you the time to begin to experience the flow of your thoughts. Exercise %rotocol %ick your spot and simply stand with your eyes closed and your hands overlapping as described before.Exercise Series Two Exercises #or The $wareness !f The Subtle Energies (ast Edited) *anuary +. find a space which is serene and secure. since you are not moving. 3our having a clock to peak at will help. $gain. Standing meditation takes awareness of the physical body and the light trance state associated with it and moves then to awareness of the mind and its machinations in an even more subtle state of altered consciousness. you will discover a pattern to your thoughts. your ability to be able to guesstimate time flow will greatly improve as your practice sharpens. Eventually. allow your focus to move to the whole body awareness which you learned with the walking meditation. Each may be addressed as separate issues. 0t will be easier since all you need to do is stand.o be aware of the environment and plan accordingly. 0t is beneficial for you to be stable in your walking meditational exercise before beginning this one. at first you will focus on maintaining your balance and standing straight comfortably. $s you achieve your balance and stand comfortably. . . This sets the stage for dealing with and resolving in an ob7ective manner the . being comfortable. 'hat am 0 doing: $m 0 doing it correctly: This is absurd. This time. Take your time. This will mean finding out how to stand without tensing any muscles by relaxing those muscles not needed and strengthening those muscles necessary. 0t is important to be able to attain and maintain the light trance state. This will take some time and requires patience until all settles down again without your becoming tired. 'hy $m 0 thinking about that: <ow do 0 resolve that issue: 'hat do 0 do next: 'hat is going to happen next: >eep up the exercise for at least one hour. you begin the process of categori@ing the motivations behind your thoughts. the awareness of what the mind is involved with comes to the fore. $t least your posture will improve if nothing else. 3ou will find that you will not be able to stand for long without standing straight. Thus. Eventually.eal with the patterns of content first. do not rush things.

'ith practice. $ny burnings are inflammations and need cooling and smoothing. begin to sway front to back and tune into and resonate with the front to back energies. $ natural rhythm will occur that will pass from the surface of the body to the interior.issues which seem to go around and around without leading anywhere. to the outside and back again in waves or actually oscillations. the time between 9in7ury9 and healing will decrease dramatically. $t this point. harmoni@ed and moving freely before you completely finish with the exercise. $ny muscle tenseness needs to be relaxed. Stiffness needs to be gently stretched. you achieve a state of consciousness wherein your thoughts pass away naturally and your mind becomes calm. 6efocus the attention on the whole body awareness and the pattern discrimination you learned. 'ith practice. physically. you are able to reali@e that the energy actually moves from the inside. Those aspects which appear to block the flow of energies will come to the fore. hurts and healings are usually the first order of business. ontinue in much the same manner as before. 0t takes a bit of perseverance as it is a more subtle energy. Those areas of the body that seek your attention. &egin to play with these energies in a manner which feels comfortable to you. 3ou will notice that when you sway to the right. #or instance. 3ou will learn to viauali@e and allow the flows to circulate freely. move back to the whole body awareness in the reverse order of your entry. you will begin to feel them moving at will into whatever portion of the body you wish it to move. this sense of spinning will be your energies in their natural flow which you feel and not a sense of loosing your balance and falling down. 'hen you finish. you are now ready to start the search for the pattern of energy flow within your body. &lank and dark spaces need energy so visually focus a bright light upon these areas until they feel 9right9 1this intuitive sense of right takes a bit of practice2. to deal with issues as they arise and more importantly to understand why the same types of experiences keep repeating themselves. Then actively visuali@e your energies as complete. $s your awareness of these energies deepens. . $s this proceeds. emotionally and mentally. The easiest to discern first is the left and right hand energies. no matter what exercises you perform. . The %?s are still there but no content arises to deal with. $llow your body to sway from left to right and back again in small arcs from the midline of the body. $h.o pay attention to all that makes its presence felt. and soon you feel the energy also moving into the right foot. a fresh start on living. The energies will rotate in circles and spirals and will cross the midline of the body through areas of the chest. you will begin by feeling a connection running from inside to each hand. This will ensure that you do not set up any deleterious energy flows which would result in causing a dis"eased state. See and feel what happens. energy moves into the right hand. $s you are very well rooted in body awareness and stable in your posture and balance. =ow the patterns of the energy flow begin to become more evident. <opefully. 'here does your focus now move: =ext. 3ou learn not to invest energy in circular thinking habits. a natural sense of your energies spinning will evolve. still acutely aware and crystal clear. 0s this repetition due to desire or to lack of understanding until you get it right: $s you practice this exercise. sway one way and stop. 0tching denotes healing at work.

0f not. take care of what needs to be attended to before you continue.. <owever. =ow move your attention to the right little toes. inflammation2. See each part within the whole. $ny tenseness anywhere: *ust relax. and any numbness. the nail. $lso be aware of any sensations such as tingling 1vitali@ation2.-%reparation The two previous exercises. $ny 7arring intrusion will bring you out of trance quickly and believe me when 0 say that it is a bit of a shock... #orm a good association in the mindCs eye before moving on to the next region. the more rapid will be your progress in the sitting meditation. the blood vessels. burning 1disease. The more stable you are in the practice of the two previous exercises. <ave all of your beingness be in harmony and free flowing. So now you will start with the right big toe 1left big toe if you are left handed2. 0t is not necessary to sit in the #ull (otus position of 3oga as it does tend to play havoc with the ankles. blank or dead spaces 1needing much vitali@ation and enervation2.. Bisuali@ing only the right big toe. *ust the right little toes. 0t is even more important that you find a serene and safe space in which to practice as the level of altered consciousness will be very deep with increasing experience. itching 1healing2. all at once or each in turn if desired. #irst move your focus to the whole body awareness and then into the subtle energy awareness. the muscle. (etting yourself visuali@e the bone. you will be able to discern a difference in energy flow depending on which of the legs is on the bottom. !>. the nerves. $gain as before.. the skin. Exercise %rotocol &egin this exercise by practicing the same exercises you practiced in the walking and standing meditations.. (etting only the right big toe fill your consciousness. $s your experience and control develop. allow yourself to be aware of any tension and to relax. To the ankle. .. only do them sitting now. $s your awareness develops. you will need to sit up straight or your back will most likely get sore for a while. 0f necessary. $llow your musculature to make their ad7ustments until you are able to sit comfortably for at least one hour without changing position. (et you begin then to more deeply and completely explore the physical body. walking and standing meditation. pave the way for this exercise. it is best to practice sitting cross"legged on a small pillow on the floor with the soles of your feet next to your thighs. you will need to change the configuration of your legs from time to time because of the tendency for them to 9go"to"sleep9.. 0t would help if you would read a text in human anatomy if for nothing else than to learn the whereabouts of the intent of your explorations. $s you figuratively 9visuali@e9 successive parts of your anatomy. each in turn. =ow to the right foot. you may practice in a comfortable chair. you will be able to smoothly make rapid transitions form state to state without undue influences to your energy flow. the sitting meditation.. Antil you become used to sitting cross" legged..Exercise Series Three Exercises #or The $wareness !f The Seven enters (ast Edited) *anuary +. 3ou should become steady in each of the visuali@ations.

6elax. Ap the urethra to the bladder.. 7oin both of your legs together at the same time as a whole.$ny tenseness:.... =ow 3ou move your attention to the pelvic region........... &eing steady in your awareness... $ny tenseness:.. =ow putting the pelvis and the legs together as a whole..... =ow move the attention to the right lower leg. 6elax... &eing aware of the body as a whole from the waist downwards........ the fallopian tubes 1split the mindDs eye to go up the left and right tubes at the same time2. =ow putting the body together as a whole....0ST0= T in your mindDs eye... $ny tenseness:........ yet each part distinct in that wholeness.. =ow put the entire right leg together as a whole...... 3ET E$ < %$6T .......... &eing stable in your awareness of the entire right leg.. Move inside to the rectum.....the ovaries. as a whole. from left to right between the stomach and pancreas to the hepatic flexure on the right of the abdominal cavity..=ow putting together the entire abdominal region as a whole. $nd finally down the ascending colon to the cecum and appendix.=ow to the stomach. =ow put the lower spine and abdominal musculature as a whole. Starting with the lower spine where it meets the waist at the sacrum of the pelvis....... #loating along in the awareness of the body from the waist downwards... =ow moving into the small intestine and on to finally the duodenum of the small intestine....=ow the left buttock...... the os cervix...... $ny tenseness:. $ny sensation:. %utting the intestines together as a whole...... be aware of the scrotum.. 6elax.. the vagina. &e aware. =ow we move to the abdominal region....... $ny sensations:... yet each part distinct.. 3et each part distinct.. The pancreas. Moving on to the spleen on the left under the ribs.$ny tenseness:...3et each part distinct in that wholeness. &eing aware of any tenseness. Split the attention and sweep left and right through the abdominal musculature on either side of the lower spine and meet in the midline of the abdomen in front... &e aware..=ow put the toes. $ny sensation:. 6elax. foot and ankle together as a whole. yet each part distinct.......... 3et each part distinct.... $nd now the liver on the right under the ribs. lower leg and knee... &e aware. $nd now putting the entire pelvic region together as a whole....... &e aware of any sensation.. &ack out of the vaginal opening and on to the opening of the urethra.... =ow moving your attention to the upper right leg.. $ny sensation:..... Each part distinct... $ny tenseness:..$ny sensation:.... =ow put together. 6elax... $cross the transverse colon.. =ow to the kidneys on the back of the body wall... #loating along in whole body awareness from the waist downwards...$ny sensation. the foot........ the clitoris........... &e aware. $ny tenseness:............. The testes.. the penis........... 6elax. #or males....... =ow move inside the abdominal cavity to the rectum and large intestine..... 6elax...... $fter being stable in left leg awareness................ $ny tenseness:... yet each part distinct. &eing aware of any sensation.. to the right knee.... Start with the right buttock. &e aware. #or females... Move to the opening of the urethra and then up into the bladder. =ow back out and to the genitalia........ letting your consciousness be filled with the right buttock........ &eing steady in that awareness. =ow both at the same time..Start up the tract on the left of the descending colon to the splenic flexure of the large intestine. be aware of the labia.... 3ou next repeat the same procedure for the left leg..... $ny sensation:. Each part within the whole.... being aware of 7ust the legs only. 6elax......=ow move to the perineum and the anus........... =ow putting together the legs and the pelvis as a whole. $ny tenseness:..... Move up the vertebrae of the spine to where they meet the ribs...... be aware of the vertebrae as a whole. the abdominal region ... yet each part distinct in that wholeness..$ny sensation:..... &e aware... Each part distinct in the whole...6elax. =ow putting the entire pelvic region together as a whole.... 6elax.....

. $ny tenseness:.. The elbow... be aware...... #loating along in trunk and legs awareness from the neck downwards.. Start with the right collar bone where it meets the sternum and move to the tip of the shoulder............... 'rist to the hand. <and to the fingers.... the lips.. $ny tenseness:.. the eyes..... =ow pay attention to the glands on the side of the voice box and a bit lower... =ow putting the entire right arm together as a whole........ Start next with the head at the back where it meets the spine and move upwards across the scalp to the top of the head and forwards to the eyebrows. The wrist... yet each part distinct in that wholeness. &e stable in your awareness.... The lower arm...... &e aware.. &eing aware of all your senses and your internal milieu at the same time.. (ub". The hand.......... $ny tenseness:.. $ny sensation:.... =ow move your attention to the right shoulder... &eing stable in awareness..$ny tenseness:.. be stable in your awareness.......... 3et each part distinct in that wholeness. 6elax. $t this point in the exercises................ 6elax.... #eel the air move through the lungs. focus your attention from the outside now to the inside and your internal milieu.......... =ow you will move your attention to the chest region.... &e $ware. $ny tenseness:......... =ow putting both arms together as a whole..... you will be able to simply think of a region and be instantly in total awareness2. now put the body together as a whole from the head downwards... &e aware.. Start where the shoulders meet the neck and move up to the skull.... $nd thumb... 6elax..... =ow move to the lungs and their filling with the inbreath..ub.. move to the vertebrae of the neck. =ow move inside to the heart and its beating...... the chin..... The upper arm......... Start with the spine as it meets the ribcage and then move upwards to the neck............. =ow move to the left fingers and thumb... Move to the tip of the left shoulder and then along the left collar bone to the sternum........ in a circle with the shoulders... =ow put the chest region together as a whole... $ny sensations:. #loating along in whole body awareness... &reath slowly and deeply..... =ow being aware of the entire body from the neck downwards as a whole... (ub". yet each part distinct in that wholeness... Move now to the scapula where it meets the arm and move to where it lies next to the spine. yes all the parts of your body as a whole yet each part distinct in that wholeness.... ........... the cheeks... 9See9 each vertebra in your mindDs eye.... $ny sensation:. now put the chest region together with the rest of the body we have explored.......... (ub".. $ny tenseness:....... &eing stable in your awareness. $ny sensation................. Each part distinct...!ne rib level at a time or all at once 1as your proficiency improves. Emptying with the outbreath.......the pelvis and the legs.. 6elax.... &e stable in awareness.. the ears.... $gain........ being aware of the body from the diaphragm downwards as a whole. =ow move into the brain.........own the arm to the elbow.... Elbow to the wrist.......... =ext...... &eing aware of the trunk of the body from the neck downwards and the legs as a whole.. each part distinct in that wholeness....... =ow move to the other scapula on the left............... =ow move to the right are where it meets the shoulder. 6elax.... *ust floating along.... split the attention and sweep left and right along the ribs and meet in the front in the sternum..... split the attention and move through the musculature of the neck and meet in the front at the voice box.ub. =ow move to the nose...... #loating and relaxing even ...ub. =ow put the body together as a whole. Bisuali@e the shoulder as a circle and be stable in your awareness...... Each part distinct....... 6elax...

clear and pro7ect your beingness. 3our physical body is not your consciousness.. $llow ob7ectivi@ation to proceed naturally and eventually 9see9 the red. but floating along inside of it.. &e stable in this awareness. $t this point... &eing aware of any blank or dark spots. !therwise... $ll is free"flowing... ?ently pro7ect cooling and healing energies to the areas with burnings and hurts. The time for .. $ll the body in the light... The body aglow in the bright light.. allow your awareness to float in your beingness and view/feel the glow to begin to differentiate into the colors of the rainbow. Move your attention to either the top of your head or the legs and pelvis... 6eaching this state of ob7ectivity is important for future work and integration.. feeling the energies moving where they need to go..$ll the body feeling great.. omes the reali@ation that you are not your physical body... you may return to the world. try all and pick the one which seems to work most easily for you. &eing completely in tune with the energies of the body.. This state may be described as the absolute core of your beingness stripped of all artifice. $s your experience develops. we now learn to distinguish the individual colors within the white light that radiates within and from your body.... !f the ones described here.. you will be able to check on your state at will. There should be no darkening or streaking of this red.. bright and filled with energy.. view the legs/pelvis aglow with a very bright and clear red which is the same as that of the rainbow. 3our body is but a shell and you are inside of it.. $ware of all your sensations... =ow move your attention to the lower abdominal region and the color orange. in reverse order of your exercise progression.. that being most feared of all. as you cleared it before arriving here.... allow your beingness to ob7ectify the bright glow and see/feel it in your mindDs eye as another aspect of consciousness.. The 9real9 you..... 0 will start with the legs and pelvis.. Spend time here and get used to being a self aware entity.. The next series of exercise describes energy work and is used to heal. =ow 9see9 your beingness as the color red below the white glow. 3our body is merely an extension of your consciousness.. in all situations of experience.... !ne #rom the stage of whole body awareness in the glow of bright light... your choice.. ?ently pro7ect energy and light to these areas until they are in harmony with the rest of your beingness...... 0t may be easier to feel the red or to hear the resonance of the red than to view the red in your mindDs eye.. if this exercise was only for restoring the energies of the body or time does not allow further exercise......... The last stage is integration with the knowledge and subsequent ob7ectivi@ation. Thus... $llow the orange to fill your beingness and then to naturally ob7ectify..... with learning. 'here the naked truth is understood. To continue with the exercise.deeper. The second is identification with the particular knowledge.. omes the awareness that you are not your body any longer....... allow time for your consciousness to naturally move from complete identification with the glow to a separation and distancing. $wareness of all three states may be blended.... There are several methods to gaining awareness of the seven centers or resonance nodes.... There are three stages of the learning process. The first is desire for learning a particular knowledge.. 'ith the attention in the middle of the pelvis and the awareness of the light.......

&ecome steady in this awareness. Three #rom the bright white glow described above. . . This is your vehicle for use in the physical realm. or the top of the head. =ext move your attention to the upper abdominal region and your awareness to the rainbow color yellow. Start from one end of the glow and allow the white to separate into the rainbow colors. Then 9see9 your beingness as the colors red. move your attention to the back of the head and awareness of the black"velvet space 1the &indu chakra2.o this in turn for the green. This is the core of the human body"field. move your attention to the legs and pelvic region. the indigo and the violet centers until you are at last the rainbow body. orange and yellow below the white glow. $llow your senses to become ever more sensitive and 9feel9 a vibration within. .ob7ectifi@ation varies depending upon your state of beingness at the time of the exercise. This rainbow body is the covenant ?od gave to Man. &ecome steady in your awareness. $llow this space to ob7ectify and 9see9 your body as a white glow in front of you.o the same with each body region in turn 9seeing9 every color below/above in the steady awareness as you incorporate the next level. then 9hear9 a sound within and lastly change into the color red. 'hen you complete the seven levels. Merge your beingness with the red and then allow the red to ob7ectify and become steady. $llow the color yellow to ob7ectify as before. #ocus your attention on the 6ainbow &ody. Two #rom the bright white glow described above. the blue. =ow 9see9 your beingness as the colors red and orange below the white glow. you will be able to resonate with the vibrations and sounds of each level at will as well as the harmonics of the rainbow colors. This space feels as if there is nothing there but yet as if at the same time that everything is there. This will prepare you for the next series of exercises. #ocus your attention on the 6ainbow &ody. &ecome steady in your awareness of these levels and states.

=ow you are able to start learning to manipulate it and bring it under conscious control. $s your practice matures. 6ed to Biolet and Biolet to 6ed. (earning to develop and to balance all the energies generated within and without you is the first task of being successful in your . $s your practice with these exercises and techniques proceeds and your experience broadens. the earth and its energies/fields and their fluctuations. The frequencies to which this antenna is tuned is in part due to the development of a persons consciousness. 6ule . There are signposts along the way which you will learn to recogni@e. !ccult literature uses the symbol of two triangles interlocking) the so called Mogen . Since energy passes into and out of each enter in both directions. lean in the sense of having no disrupting or disintegrating energies attached to your beingness which will cause some form of dis"ease. 3ou are able then to learn to resonate at lower or higher frequencies as harmonics of the fundamental frequencies of pure energies as they relate to the centers 1nodes or chakras2 that your genetic heritage spins put in the cosmic background. your human body"field." $lways return in exactly the reverse manner of entry. 3ou need to become proficient in your practice in order to explore and manipulate the components of your human body"field and to do so smoothly and with understanding. the secret is to be able to balance each flow so as to generate the field that is your body. Then the techniques described here need be done only in particularly stressful situations.-0ntroduction The previous exercises are very important and necessary before attempting to manipulate your subtle energies. There is a natural progression of focus from the longer wavelengths at birth to the shorter wavelengths at death. 3ou will be able to feel. you will be able to quickly move from state to state at will. you become entrained to various energy stimuli and thus consciousness by means of resonance. 'hat has been described is the result of many hours of practice. you will be aware of the energy flow in and around the body. The Biolet enter is tuned to the shorter wavelengths of light. cosmic rays and their fluctuations. you may drop certain practices and speed by the signposts. 3our body is able to act as an antenna which resonates with those of the Earth and the Aniverse. 0n any case. Eventually you will be able to achieve your state of awareness while fully conscious and involved in your particular daily reality.Exercise Series #our Exercises #or Energy 'ork (ast Edited) *anuary +. hear and see the serpent fire or >undalini that was always there. 0n the state of light to medium trance. it is important to leave the exercises in an integrated and clean manner. The length of time to naturally fall away in ob7ectivity will be different for each person as well as for each state of awareness. &ecause of this. The 6ed enter is tuned to the longer wavelengths of matter. as mentioned above.avid of *udaism and the 3antric symbol of 3oga 1both the same but for the dot in the center of the Sri 3antra2. Through learned behavior. always be aware of the two cardinal rules. 6ule +" $lways be sure that all is clean and integrated before moving on to the next stage.

Sway across the midline of the body and sense the flow change directions as you do so. The lava draining away from the heart area through the feet and back into the molten core on the out"breath. seek the big picture first. heavy and moving like lava2 through the feet up into the heart region on the in"breath. all the exercises of this section are given in order to consciously manipulate the control systems which govern the energies and their flow through the body. !n the out"breath. see/feel the energies of all enter you hori@ontally in a EF. knock and the door will be opened unto you. onsequently. See/feel the left"hand energies then the right"hand energies in this flow.o this for the same number of times as you did for below. Then allow yourself to get into the flow of energies through the <eart enter. Energy &reathing The starting orientation is up to you again. any remaining dissonance dissipating in the green glow of this enter that extends outwards to infinity. The combined efforts of all your cells makes possible your living. =ow reverse the orientation. standing or sitting as your experience develops. (ook for the correlations which tie all together. allow yourself to get into the flow of energies which moves through the <eart enter.o this for half the number of times as before. $s you breath in. . in each of the cells of the body. filling and emptying to capacity without laboring.=$. the longer yuo are able to live in the fullness of energy. #inally. red. $llow your attention to move to your breathing and the in"breath and out" breath. 0s the flow upwards or downwards: 'hich one seems more comfortable. 6ead everything concerning the body and health from as many different cultural perspectives as possible. learn to alter the flow according to your intent) reverse the flow. This is the 7ob of your genetic material.o this for ten to twelve times through the lower enters into the <eart enter and back out again. Anderstanding of the details will follow. #eel/see the flow oscillate in you and flow with it. 3ou are <umpty" . . #irst check to see that your energies are balanced. !n the out"breath. allow the cold vacuum of space to free@e and sublime away all dissonance and draining it all away into space on the out"breath.environment. 0 will start from below in the awareness of the 6ainbow &ody. Take your time and do not rush things. See/feel the breath come into you from the molten core of the Earth 1hot. $void getting bogged down in details. degree circle around you on the in"breath bringing harmony and health to you. +. 3in"3ang. Eventually you will see/feel yourself as a green sphere with red and violet energies moving through you in a balanced manner with a north"pole/south"pole orientation. 3our breathing should be slow and deep. . 0da"%ingala or (eft"<and/6ight"<and &alancing This exercise may be done walking. if there is a difference: There should be no difference if you are truly balanced in your expression. The previous exercises were given in order for you to discern how you are put together as well as to take yourself apart and then put yourself back together again. faculty and power. allow yourself to tune into and move with this flow. reverse the orientation. 0f you wish. -. . Bisuali@e the light of the Aniverse entering through the top of your head on the in"breath through the enters into the <eart enter.umpty only if you do not know yourself. 'ith the in"breath. $d7ust the previous number of times as needed to balance this <eart enter. Search and research. $s you begin to sway from side to side. back through the enters and out of the top of the head into deep interstellar space. allow the lava to cleanse and burn away all dissonance and draining it all away into the molten core on the outbreath. the . The longer you are able to maintain the balance. $s you sway from side to side.

The enter will now seem to be akin to a %ost <orn or trumpet with the mouthpiece in the past and the rim of the bell the circle you made above. 3ou must be well practiced and prepared.ecide what you want to explore and hold that . 3ou will be able to understand the play of human history from the roles you have played within the periods of your incarnations. 3ou will be able to be aware of past lives relevant to the person who you are at this time. in my opinion. $t the top and bottom of a row of the spinal ganglia. 3ou are the trumpet and the flow is your time line. you may see/feel a sudden rush of energy through the enters as the Shushumna or %illar of #ire. allow ob7ectivi@ation and with it open. Start by balancing left"to"right hand energies in the ?reen enter. This is not a casual thing to do. 'hen you have balanced each enter. Bisuali@e now that a point in this enter opens and becomes a circle which gets larger and larger until it fills the space occupied by your bioenergy sphere. 0t is of interest to note that the Sushumna is in reality the spinal cord. both left" to"right and front"to"back. 3ou also begin to understand the basis for your talents and capabilities and your development of them through time. $ll the enters will need to be balanced and open. the >undalini has risen.etc. (o. =ow go to each enter in turn and balance the back"to"front energies until you are stable in the center of each enter. you may need to go to each enter in turn and open each if they are not open already. in this body. Many people go through hakra opening as they grow older and are not able to accept what is happening to them. 'hen you are able to keep this gate open at will. &alancing the Space/Time ontinuum These techniques will allow you to tune into the $kashic 6ecords. 'hen all the enters are balanced. 3ou will begin to understand why you are attracted to certain individuals. $t the top of the spinal cord. $lways balance the whole before moving to a part and again balance the whole again before moving from a part. in this incarnational round. This gate will fluctuate at first until you become adept and stable in your practice. The 0da and %ingala are the row of spinal ganglia on either side of the spinal cord. $s a result. =ow you may move to any enter and balance the 3in"3ang energies of that enter. Eventually you learn to back away in ob7ectivity and see/feel the energies flowing through the seven enters similarly as the snakes twined about the aduceus or Staff of <ermes that is the symbol of the wetern medical profession. the Medulla !blongata and %ons coordinate the normally unconscious workings of the physical body. 3ou will be able to follow the development of your soul through the ages. $llow this enter to magnify until it fills the $uric Sphere about you that used to be the white glow. 3ou will begin to understand why you have an attraction for certain historical figures past and present. !nce you become stable in your time line flow. in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes. $llow time for ob7ectivi@ation but stay focused in this center. tune into the stream of energy which flows through this enter from behind you to the fore in one direction only. you may begin to explore your past. E. . again move to the <eart enter. The spinal ganglia are the integrators of the input to and output from the spinal cord to/from the rest of the physical body. they go to the priest for exorcism or to the psychiatrist for therapy. The Sympathetic component predominates in the middle section of a row of ganglia. #ew are really helpful and most are definitely harmful. are must be taken to balance the enter in harmonious relationship with the rest. 'ell practiced in your techniques and well prepared to accept the changes which will occur to you as a result. the %arasympathetic component of the $utonomic =ervous system predominates in influence.

irector of the $spen enter #or linical <ypnosis. 0t is not to wash off germs. The walking and standing exercises will go a long way in developing your awareness and ability to control the flow. The energy used to pro7ect for healing is that of the 3in"3ang orientation. 3our involvement with others in helping to shape the future events will be revealed. that is only secondary. it will be simply to clear the blockages in the other persons energy flows. The spirit entities as guardian angles or guides will also be revealed to you as they relate to you and the development of your consciousness through time. ?et used to mentally throwing the handed energies from one hand to the other. you must be able to see/feel the problem before you do anything. <ow does one go about pro7ecting their subtle energy: Those whom are sensitive say that energy follows thought. exactly what 0 needed to do for that person. you may also develop this skill. pro7ecting them alternately in order to achieve the correct balance in the other person. $spen. $s you become more accomplished. during normal sleep. plan ahead with diminishing certainty for about two weeks. 0n any case. reverse the steps as before. 6emoving blockages should be gentle and 7ust enough to allow the backup to be dissipated. experience will tell and come with practice. olorado. you do not want to pro7ect any of your disharmony onto someone else. any disharmony that you have will leave you open to even greater harmonic disruption by absorption from the unbalanced state of the person you are attempting to heal. so shall it be 1all else is a matter of time and recognition2. 'ith experience and true desire to heal. unless you use your feet. when 0 would lead them through their physical body. 'ater is a negative energy sink. =ow you will be able to pro7ect. Eventually you will be able to see/feel each of the handed energies. if it is in any way similar to your weakness. from the first moment that 0 met my next client. ?et used to working with the left and right hand energy flows. Thus as you think. 0 would be able to see/feel any problem areas and correct them as 0 went along.idea steadily. $ll else is meddling in the affairs of the person and is expressly forbidden professionally. 'hen you are done. This is the basis of the . be aware of the palms of your hands. %ro7ection !f Subtle Energies #or <ealing !thers &efore you work on someone else. rinse your hands in cool running water in order to rid yourself of unwanted disharmonious energies. !ne. This is the true reason that physicians wash their hands. 3ou may need to use both hands or only one. it is of paramount importance that you make sure that all of your energies are balanced and flowing smoothly for two main reasons. 'hen you want to pro7ect your subtle energy onto/into another. 'hen you are done. The laws of >arma can be instantaneous to lifetimes in its effects. 'hen the author was the . Two. The pro7ection may be called energy smoothing or the like. 4. 0 was able to tell. $s you begin your exercises. =othing else is necessary or needed nor required. as the role of >arma plays a big part as does the imprints which you place on your timeline due to your wishful thinking. $ny agreements you make with the person otherwise is strictly between the two of you. you may speed by the way"stations. $lso. This area is where the energies will enter/leave you. Exploring the future is a bit more uncertain. Make a glowing ball appear between the hands and massage it making it smaller and larger. Eventually it will be revealed to you. 3ou unconsciously. The laying on of hands is the most basic and progresses to mere thought pro7ection at its most sublime.

one whom has gone before on the path that you want to follow. . 6eich found that he could cure anyone of cancer but also needed to treat his patients psychologically as well or symptoms would soon reappear. Eliminate the mental/emotional dis"ease and the body will heal itself. . 3ou can help by giving of your energy from time to time during the healing process. due to self hate or desire for self destruction.r. Most cancer and autoimmune diseases are psychosomatic in origin. #ind a master.r. Entrainment and resonance to their state of mastery is a privilege afforded by their compassion and grace.hand passes and enter harmoni@ing described by . The process of learning any state of subtle awareness is greatly speeded by the presence of a master. or due to environmental influences. it may need help if weak. is psychosomatic. Mesmer. that will suffer you to be in their presence. ounseling is a vital part of the healing process for the client/patient. $ll disease is genetically based.

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