Thoughts on Karma and Good Vibrations

Date Last Edited: September 2001 Karma is usually thought of as a concept meaning that the quality of one's actions in this lifetime determines one's destiny in the ne t lifetime! "b#iously$ one needs to ascribe to the notion of transmigration of the soul or reincarnation! %hat & 'ould li(e to address$ ho'e#er$ is a concept more immediately e perienced by e#eryone 'hom is sentient! & ha#e pondered upon the beha#ior 'hich & ha#e recei#ed from others 'hich seemed to be totally inappropriate to the internal state of my beingness! & ha#e commented upon this fact to others and in#ariably get the reply: )%hat goes around comes around)$ )*ou must ha#e been putting out bad #ibes)$ )*ou must ha#e unconsciously done something to upset them)$ )*our body language challenged them)$ etc! & ha#e accepted the fact that & am not perfect! +o'e#er$ & do (no' 'hen & am emoting negati#e energies 'hether physical$ emotional or mental, %hen & am clear inside$ at peace 'ith myself and all that is around me$ 'hy does someone 'hom & ha#e ne#er met or seen gi#e me a ration of garbage- &s it that & am simply there- & thin( it has to do 'ith something called$ ).ood /ibes)! %hen you are laughing$ e#eryone laughs 'ith you e cept those 'hom are hurting$ they usually get upset 'ith you! 0eople tal( about the )1hemistry) bet'een themsel#es and their enemies or significant other! %hat is the basis of these #ibes- %hat are the #ibes being felt- 2y 'hat means do people feel these #ibes- %hat generates these #ibes in people- 3his is all in the realm of the occult since & (no' of no means of measuring people's #ibes as yet! 3he 'ord occult simply means hidden and has no 4udgmental connotation! & guess this is 'here & lay it all out for you$ as far as my understanding at this time any'ay! 5ll matter has attendant energies6fields associated 'ith it 'hich is measurable! 3he components of your body is made up of matter and thus has the sum total of these energies6fields as a composite! Li#ing systems ha#e in addition to these energies6fields$ other energies 'hich are not no'

3his raises yet another t'ist to the perceptions of sensiti#e persons! 3hose 'hom are able to tune into the memories and (armic record of a person is able to percei#e the relati#e )goodness) and )badness) of a person and feel uncomfortable in their presence if sufficient badness has accumulated! &n general$ those 'hom are left brain hemisphere oriented seem to deal 'ith life as a series of tas(s to perform as the need arises$ see(ing satisfaction of those needs through demands in others! Li(e'ise$ those 'hom are right brain hemisphere oriented seem to deal 'ith life as a series of demands by others to satisfy or loo(ing for those 'hom 'ould demand of them to satisfy mutual needs! 0eople usually e perience enough of life to disco#er ho' they li(e others to satisfy their needs or con#ersely 'hat they 'ill do to satisfy their o'n needs as 'ell as those of the person doing the demanding! 3hus$ &f & am in a particular en#ironment and someone endea#ors to elicit a particular response from me and & do .ood #ibes means that sufficient harmony is reached 'ith the )good) person by the person doing the reading! 3hus$ it appears that the basis of disli(e bet'een persons does not necessarily ha#e to do 'ith the beha#ior of those persons! "b#iously$ spend time 'ith those 'ith 'hom you resonate in harmony.characteri7able by our machines! 3he source of these energies6fields are originated in the hereditary material of each of us 'hich appears to produce a morphogenic field 'ithin 'hich our body6matter structures itself! 3he de#elopment of the adult from the single egg and sperm union proceeds along proscribed de#elopmental path'ays to produce a dynamic system capable of interaction 'ith all in its en#ironment! 5ll includes other persons and li#ing things! 3he o#erall energy6field pattern of the dynamic flo' of energies and their attendant fields of one persons body is 'hat is felt by other li#ing entities! 3his pattern then is the basis of the #ibes 'hich are felt! 0ersons ha#e #arying abilities to feel the pattern of others! 2ad #ibes means that the o#erall pattern of the )bad) person does not resonate in harmony 'ith those doing the reading! .

3he pushing of the demanding person is the basis of assault on 'hat e#er le#el you may describe! 1onsensual interpersonal interaction is the goal$ and thus the aspect of co8dependency arises! & am not bad simply because & do not gi#e someone 'hat they demand of me$ this is oppression! 3hese concepts needs to be taught to children #ery early in life! &t needs to be taught in a manner 'hich does not set up a pattern of manipulation on either part! 1hildren need discipline until their mental faculties are sufficiently able to comprehend understanding 'hy parents 'ant things done in the manner 'hich they demand! 0eople find and li#e 'ith those 'hom 'ill blend optimally 'ith their o'n needs and ability to acquiesce according to their o'n energy6field patterns! 5strology appears to be a system of analysis 'hich has been empirically de#eloped through many centuries of obser#ation and conceptuali7ation 'hich is remar(ably able in its ability to describe the influences 'hich people 'ill bring to their relationships! 3hese influences describe the #ibes and beha#ior of the parties in the relationship as it matures and stabili7es! .uch (armic influence is re#ealed in .not respond in the appropriate manner of the demanding person$ & am )bad) according to that person and they get upset 'ith me! &t has nothing at all to do 'ith my state of beingness$ 4ust my apparent lac( of appropriate beha#ior on their part! &f & do not gi#e my consent to gi#e you 'hat you as( of me$ 'hy should you get angry at6'ith me0ersons emitting negati#e #ibes come into contact 'ith those emitting positi#e #ibes! 3he negati#ely charged person desires to balance their energy so as to feel )good)! 3hey learn to )steal) this positi#e energy in #ery subtle 'ays! 5 self8a'are person$ 'ithout resisting$ simply does not gi#e a'ay any positi#e energy to )fill) the neagti#e persons #oid! 3he negati#e person has a mostly unconscious (no'ledge of your unconscious9or perhaps conscious: refusal to let go of your positi#e energy! 3hus they negati#ely discharge in your direction in order to push you into engaging them and allo'ing them to drain you! & say$ find someone else 'hom 'ill gi#e you 'hat you 'ant.

personal <atal 1harts also! 2eingness is a dual8edged s'ord 'hich rends the fabric of e istence! "ne edge is the e pression of the 0hysical 5ura! 3he other edge is the e pression of the personality! 2oth edges are determined by genetic heritage and modified 'ithin the conte t of learned beha#ior as far as inherent plasticity 'ill allo'! 3hus$ your interactions 'ith other persons are based upon both your 0hysical 5ura and your 0ersonality! =nderstanding this fact allo's one to comprehend 'hy others interact$ react and treat you in the manner in 'hich they do so! &f others react and treat you in a manner to your 4udgment to be ascertained as negati#e$ it may be the result of either your physical aura$ your personality or both! 3hus$ in dealing 'ith others$ it is of paramount importance to learn the difference bet'een circumstantial disharmony and deliberate abuse and maltreatment! &t is un'ise to react to circumstantial dis8 harmony bet'een your physical aura$ personality or both and that of another person 'ith pro4ected abuse$ #iolence or other maltreatment! Such beha#ior is counter8 producti#e$ socially unacceptable and the basis of negati#e (armic influence! 3he de#elopment of tolerance$ compassion and understanding that not all persons are created ali(e is the basis of creati#e interaction and social harmony! 3he 0hysical 5ura may be characteri7ed as the summation of all the aspects of your physical body 'hich is pro4ected into space$ i!e!$ the o#erall pattern of energies and their attendant fields 'hich occupy space and subtend the physical matter of your body! *ou cannot ha#e a physical body 'ithout the energies and fields and #ice #ersa! 3hus the resonance and dissonance 'ith other's energies and fields as they interact 'ith yours is the basis for 'hy you prefer to be in the company of certain indi#iduals and shun that of others! 3he circumstances of this effect is not based upon 'hat (ind of person they are but solely upon the genetic heritage e pressed in the physical ma(eup of their body! 5ll persons differ in the types of energies and field combinations and the strengths of these elements! 3his is partly the basis for 'hat is termed non8conscious body language! 3his is also the basis for recognition of )psychic) elements$ by sensiti#e indi#iduals$ 'ithin each of .

ood /ibrations) 'e feel in the company of those 'hom 'e li(e and cherish are the basis for continued .us! 3his recognition of )psychic) elements 'ithin each of us in#ol#es also aspects of the personality! 3he personality of each person is radiated in much the same 'ay as the physical aura but on different frequencies or 'a#elengths! =nless one learns to dampen these frequencies$ they are easily )read) by sensiti#e indi#iduals! 3he personality is in part determined by genetic heritage but also in part by learned beha#ior 'ithin the plasticity afforded by your genetic heritage! 3hus$ both nature and nurture play a role in the de#elopment of any person's personality$ .uch of 'hat 'e learn as appropriate beha#ior is gotten from family members$ especially the parents! Later$ more distant (in and peer indi#iduals assist in rounding out our repertoire of beha#ioral e pressions! =nfortunately$ today tele#ision has usurped the role 'hich both family and religious groups played in the de#elopment of the personality in past times! 5 persons traits of personality are of themsel#es neutral in most cases! Some are deliberate in their effect upon others! 3hus$ 'e need to e ercise tolerance and get to (no' a person before passing 4udgment upon them! 2eing o#erly sensiti#e to certain traits (eeps the ability to constructi#ely interact at a minimum! 2eing )thic(8s(inned) helps one to (eep personal stress to a minimum! &f someone seems rude or abusi#e in some manner$ it does no good to get upset! Keep your cool and determine 'hy the other person is acting in this manner to'ards you! 0erhaps something in your unconscious beha#ior has upset the other person! Deliberate abuse is something else again! %hen such e#ents occur to me$ & al'ays ma(e an effort to apologi7e for 'hate#er has caused the upset so as to get an idea as to my inappropriate beha#iors! "ne has to be able to allo' the ego to )rest easy) 'hile learning to be more producti#e and constructi#e in the interaction 'ith others! %hat beha#iors one may ha#e learned in the past to protect and to assist you may no' be inappropriate and need to be modified! &n summary$ the ).

4oy in sharing! 3he )2ad /ibes) 'e feel in the company of those 'hom ma(e us feel uncomfortable$ threatened or inadequate are the basis for learning to e pand our repertoire of beha#ioral e pressions by the continued gro'th and de#elopment of our personality! 3he challenge is to be able to allo' oneself to gro' in the presence of disharmonious situations! 3he personal sense of accomplishment one feels 'hen such situations are successfully 'or(ed through is one of gro'ing tolerance and understanding of both oneself and of others! 0lease let me (no' of your thoughts concerning this topic of discussion! .

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