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DOC NO:QA02-WP1301 REV DT: 22-10NO:2 2007

SCOPE: This procedure is applicable for testing of centrifugal pumps of Mather and Platt Pumps Ltd., Pune. The test procedures, in general, conform to relevant national / international standard specifications. REFERENCE: IS 1!" # 1 "$% &ode for acceptance tests for centrifugal mi'ed flo( ) a'ial pumps # class *&+ PROCEDURE:



!.1 PERFORMANCE TESTS: T(o t,pes of tests are carried out. a. HYDRAULIC PERFORMANCE: The h,draulic characteristics of the pump are established b, measuring the discharge, total head, efficienc,- po(er absorbed (hich constitute the operating parameters. .ased on test results, curves of total head, efficienc,, po(er absorbed (ill be plotted against capacit,. /Sample test sheets 01223 4P1! 1nne'31 performance and 5PS6 test (hen applicable, 012234P1! 1nne'3II List of applicable standard for flo( measurement7. MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE: The mechanical performance of the pump is established, b, running the pump at dut, condition for a period of one hour ) pump bearing temperature, vibrations ) noise levels are observed at the end of test. The vibration ) noise level (ill be measured on our test bed and it (ill be onl, for the reference purpose ) (ill not be the criteria for acceptance / re8ection of the pump.


!.2 MEASUREMENT OF PARAMETERS: a. FLOW MEASUREMENT: The flo( measurement is carried out either b, orifice plate or magnetic flo( meter, depending upon flo( rate to be measured. 9e:uired straight lengths of pipes are provided as recommended for this application. The flo( rate can be varied b, means of valves fitted on discharge side of pumps. i. FLOW MEASUREMENT BY ORIFICE PLATES: ;or measurement of pump discharge thin s:uare edged orifice plate of suitable geometr, (ill be utili<ed. These have been installed in accordance (ith the re3commendations of relevant national / international standards. The applicable standards indicated in the 1nne'ure II. The pressure drop across the orifice plate (ill be measured b, means of differential mercur, manometer. 1ll the calculations pertaining to the computation of flo( rate (ill be based on the guidelines given b, the applicable standard.

ii. FLOW MEASUREMENT BY FLOWMETERS: ;or measurement of pump discharge, magnetic induction t,pe flo( meters have been installed in the pipelines. These installations conform to the recommendations of IS= Technical 9eport as indicated in the 1nne'ure II. The flo( rates up to !2,222 m!/hr can be measured (ith the help of these installations b. HEAD MEASUREMENT : ;or measurement of head on deliver, side, a calibrated bourdon t,pe pressure gauge (ill be used. In case of lo( head pumps mercur, manometer (ill be used. In case of hori<ontal pumps, the positive suction head (ill be measured b, a calibrated .orden t,pe pressure gauge and negative suction head (ill be measured b, mercur, manometers.


SPEED MEASUREMENT: The actual running speed of the pump (ill be measured (ith the help of a digital non3contact t,pe tachometer. ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENT: i. INPUT POWER MEASUREMENT: ;or measurement of po(er, t(o3(attmeter method (ill be adopted. 1 calibrated (attmeter suitabl, connected through a change over s(itch in connection (ith suitable &T+s and PT+s (ill be used.


ii. VOLTAGE AND CURRENT MEASUREMENT: The suppl, voltage and current (ill be measured through &T+s and PT+s b, means of calibrated voltmeter and ammeters. !.! COMPUTATION OF TEST RESULTS: The various readings, observed as above, (ill be recorded in standard pump test sheet and based on these, calculations shall be carried out as sho(n belo(. 1s speed of motor at the time of testing varies (ith load, pump performance is converted to rated motor speed using affinit, la(s. 1 cop, of standard pump test sheet is also enclosed here(ith, as an 1nne'ure I. a. SYMBOLS: 0 # ;lo( through pump 3 M>/hr T?6 # Total discharge head 3 m4& 6s # Suction head 3 m4& 6d # ?ischarge head 3 m4& # @auge level difference 3 m4& ?d # ?ischarge pipe I? # m 1d # 1rea of discharge pipe 3 mA Bd # Belocit, through discharge pipe 3 m/sec ?s # Suction pipe I? 3 m

1s # 1rea of Suction pipe 3 mA Bs # Belocit, through suction pipe # m/sec 6 # ?ifference in columns of 6g manometer # mm 41 # 4attmeter reading 42 # 4attmeter reading B # Boltage 3 B I # &urrent 3 amps C4 # Po(er absorbed m # Dfficienc, of motor p # Dfficienc, of pump C # =rifice constant Pout # Pump output in E4 Pin # Pump input in E4 b. CALCULATIONS: 9efer test sheet

1. i. 0m F C.Gc 6 F 9eading for displa, 3 ;or orifice plate 3 for magnetic flo( meter

ii. Belocities Bs F 0/1s Bd F 0/1d T?6m F 6d H 6s I /BdA/2g 3 BsA/2g7 I iii. iv. v. vi. .. P out F T?6 0 / !J".2 Motor input F /41I427 4attmeter constant Motor output F Motor input m F Pump input /Pin7 Pump efficienc, F p F Pout/ Pin.

&onversion to rated speed as per affinit, la(s. C2 F 9ated speed / Measured speed 0 F 0m C2 T?6 F T?6m C2A P F Pin C2> INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATION: I' %"()e'% O*e"+,, A!!("+!-


De !"#$%#&'


Dlectromagnetic ;lo( meter ) or =rifice

Kncertaint, limits as per IS% 2 L2 /P19T317 for =rifice plate ) IS=% T9 J$1" for Dlectromagnetic flo( meter


.ourdon t,pe Pr. @auge

H 2.LM of full scale reading


4att meter

H o.LM of full scale value

Speed N.

Tacho meter

H 1 rpm




Permissible limit, M

9ate of flo(


Pump total head


Pump efficienc, L. a. b.


DOCUMENTATION: Performance test sheet. Instrument calibration # 9ecords can be verified at the time of Performance testing. 4herever provided 8ob motor routine test certificate can be verified at the time of Performance testing.


J. RECORDS OF REVISION: 9DB 9DBISI=5 ?DT1ILS =; 9DBISI=5 P9DP19D? .O 1PP9=BD? .O 5=. ?1TD 6=? /017 6=? /TDST L1.7 2 2132J3222! 5e( issue (ith ne( procedure as per 1 123213222N IS= 221%2222 ?ocument 5o changed from 2 223123222" 012234P!! to 012231!321 1nne'ure3I replaced (ith ne( test sheets ) curves