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For Five Consecutive Years St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards


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Albay bags 2014 Palarong Bicol title

VIRAC, CATANDUANES - Albay delegation emerged as the overall champion in the recently concluded Palarong Bicol held in Catanduanes on February 2-7. Scoring 597 points and beating 12 other delegations, Albay Vulcans reclaimed the championship after yielding to Camarines Sur last year. Tailing Albay are Camarines Sur (1st runner up); Naga City (2nd runner up); Camarines Norte (3rd runner up); Legazpi City (4th runner up); Catanduanes (5th runner up); and Sorsogon Province (6th runner up). Albay dominated various events both in elementary and secondary level namely athletics, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, arnis, baseball, boxing sepak takraw and basketball. Albay was also the champion during the 2011 and 2012 Palarong Bicol. Meanwhile, Department of Education Catanduanes Division Office-In-Charge Jose L. Doncillo congratulated Albay as well as other delegations during the closing ceremony on Friday.
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Naga to launch 'Naga River Day'


DOLE Bicol to hire 1,375 workers

LEGAZPI CITY- Thousands of Bicolanos are expected to have a job for at least 6-months this year after DOLE-Bicol announced recently that it has allotted some P56M fund for its Government Internship Program (GIP) and Emergency Work Program (TUPAD). Yes, starting February we will be hiring workers from all over the region. Everybody will have a a chance to have a decent job this 2014 DOLE-Bicol regional director Nathaniel V. Lacambra assured. The GIP program will give

NAGA CITY--City Mayor John Bongat, in an aggressive move to encourage more stakeholders to give their unequivocal sup- MALINIG NA SALOG, MALINIG NA NAGA of the planned wharf station near the Tabuco Bridge right beside the Naga City port to the Naga Perspective People's Mall. River Revitalization Project will be launching the Wish Upon my The Bureau of Internal ing Compensation (only), Revenue issued Revenue No. 1701 for Self-Employed River on the first Regulations No. 02-2014 Individuals, Estates and ever Naga River which prescribes new In- Trusts, and Form No. 1702come Tax Forms for filing RT for Corporations, PartnerDay celebration starting with taxable year ships and Other Non-Individcome March 8 2013. ual Taxpayers subject only to here. CPA-Lawyer Antonio P. the REGULAR Income Tax
To highlight the said celebration which is also dubbed Aldaw kan Salog
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Dir. LACAMBRA a 6-month job stint to beneficiaries meanwhile, TUPAD program beneficiaries will have a months work. With such, DOLE-Bicol is projecting to hire some 1,375 workers for GIP up to 6,189 workers for TUPAD. The GIP is under the Kabataan program which aims to give a 6-months full time-work, with a 75% salary of the existing minimum wage rate to the beneficiary. Under the recently released Wage Order No. RBV-16 which posts for a P260/day pay for establishments with 10 or more workers and will be the basis for the computation of the 75% salary specified under the GIP program,
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BIR requires new ITR forms for 2013


Acyatan explained that the new ITR Forms include No. 1700 - for Individuals Earn-

Rate. BIR Form No. 1702-EX shall be used Only by Cor-

porations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayers which are EXEMPT under the Tax Code, and those exempted by other special laws (with NO other taxable income). ITR Form No. 1702-MX is for Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individuals
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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

By MONITA A. OROPESA MT II Teacher In-Charge Lubigan Sr. Elementary School Sipocot South District


FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014

I am Proud, I am A Teacher
(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). NEW FORM: Look out! The BIR has issued a new revenue regulation (RR 2-2014) revising the forms being used for filing income tax returns. The RR prescribes specified ITR forms for the different categories of income taxpayers, including those that are taxexempt. Individuals as well as estates and trusts must use another form distinct from those for juridical entities like corporations and partnerships (and cooperatives). The new rule changing the ITR form was issued rather belatedly as it covers ITRs for calendar year ending December 31, 2013. Early filers who used the old forms are required to submit amended ITRs, this time using the new forms. Deadline for calendar year tax-filers is on April 15, 2014. Our auditing firm advised our clients to file their ITRs earlier than the deadline. In line with this objective, we are conducting (ASAP) tax-updating seminars in Naga City and Lucena City. GROWTH RATE: Foreign economic experts foresee continuing growth (GDP and GNP) for Phl but they issue warnings on potential major setback come 2016 with the possible shift in our political leadership. Unlike in the western world where economic policies are maintained despite changes in the countries parties in power - shifts in Phl administrations are almost always characterized by changes in economic OFW dollar beneficiaries more in terms of pesos, but our imports will be costlier including fuel oil. Travels abroad will need more outlays in terms of airfare and costs of accommodations (and shopping funds) which are dollar-based. Our traditional summer vacationers should give priority to domestic destinations to save on foreign currency. Thailand and Hong Kong (or even China) must be last in the list! BUY FILIPINO: Even the sting of a small ant can hurt a giant bully! Now that the Philippines and her people are continually being insulted by mainland China and its small but proud administrative region of Hong Kong we should learn how to fight back not only for self-respect but more so for our survival. One of the things we can do best is to stop patronizing cheap, low-quality Chinese products that dominate our marketplace. Buying locally-manufactured goods helps provide jobs for our qualified people. The Phl brain drain occurred because our local industries are unable to utilize the varied expertise of our technicians and teachers. If our economic sectors will progress our OFWs who have been enslaving themselves just to earn (sometimes measly) foreign exchange can be urged to go home and contribute to our economic wellbeing. This way we can also shedoff our embarrassing tag as nation of slaves! WISDOM: Its good to learn of our weakness as it drives us to lean more on Gods strength.

I never dreamed to become a teacher although my mother is a teacher in the secondary school here in our place that time. But, what I picture my future is to be a bank teller, wearing coat and high heeled shoes. Never in my wildest dream that I will be a teacher too, someday. I took up BSBA in one of the prestigious university here in our province and graduated. However, I got married early and for quite sometime stayed in the house attending to my two kids. My mother-in-law who was an elementary teacher then encouraged me to took up methods in teaching for me to be able to land a job and of course help my husband to provide the financial needs of our family. At first, I am quite hesitant because honestly, I dont like the idea, but for the sake of my family, I enrolled and took up methods. But as I continue learning, I am finding it challenging and little by little, I began to love teaching especially during the time of my off-campus days, both in private and public school. When I took up the PBET examination, I was able to pass and was ranked first here in our district, in my hometown. That was 1994 when I entered this profession and this is my 20th year. I can now say that I am fulfilled and never regretted my decision of becoming a teacher. I started as Teacher 1 and eventually was promoted as Master Teacher 1 after 10 years and immediately after 2 years as Master Teacher II. But my career did not end there, I am still yearning for more and decided to take up the Examination for Principalship and was given the opportunity to pass.I was given a school immediately and presently the Teacher In-Charge of that school. I am proud that I was able to hurdle the challenges and obstacles as a teacher and now as a School Head. Being a School Head is not an easy task, everything must be attended to. Your relationship with the community must be established with good rapport, in order to provide an atmosphere of camaraderie among the parents in your community. Also your mutual relationship with your teachers must also be considered. In this profession, we must be an avenue of change a change that will uphold good results and differences. Teaching indeed is a noble profession and I am proud that I become one.

policies and regulations. The forecast for 6.5%-7.5% continuing economic growth gives credit to the Aquino administration. Recognition is being given by foreign observers to positive reforms in our crackdown vs. corruption, new legislations to control population growth, public-private finance initiatives that improved our infrastructures, and the recent peace agreement formalized with Islamic insurgent groups. Fears hinge on the potential ascendancy at Malacanang by a weak, incompetent and corrupt leader! FX RESERVES: The Phl gross international reserves have gone down to US$79B (lower by US$4B vs. the January level). But the BSP is not worried as it declared our GIR is more than sufficient to cover the foreign payments required for our debts abroad, and periodic imports. The PhP-US$ exchange rate now hovers around Phl 45:US$1. Many of our dollar depositors are keeping their FX funds intact. The current exchange rate gives

February 9-15, 2014 By Bro. JOEY PIANO

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; FOR GOD IS LOVE. - (1John

Head, Advertising Associates 0920-533-7766


AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe reportedly urged the Aquino administration to apply the policy of reciprocity on Hongkong after it imposed sanctions on Manila by suspending the visa free arrangement for visiting Philippine diplomats and officials. He said, We should not allow this kind of bullying by Hongkong. We should apply reciprocity. We should not allow Hongkong to treat us like a slave nation as when they taunted our football players when they played in Hongkong. I very well agree to the application of the policy of reciprocity in our foreign service relations. It is in accord with international practice. The visa free arrangement was agreed upon by the Philippines and Hongkong. If Hongkong will not honor it anymore, we should do the same. Batocabes suggestion is just right. If we do not apply this, it will appear as if it is alright for the Philippines to be treated this way and that the Philippines is shameless to accept this kind of treatment. We should even stop buying products from Hongkong and China. The government of Hongkong was not like this to the Philippines before. It started to be unfriendly to us only when the eight Hongkong tourists died during a failed rescue operation in Manila. Hongkong demanded an official apology from President Benigno Noynoy Aquino, but the President refuses to do so. He constantly refuses to do so saying it is against Philippine culture to apologize for mistakes of others.Then, why did the government of President Aquino apologize to Taiwanese over the shooting and killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by

the Philippine Coast Guard? Many people are wondering including myself doesnt President Aqunio make an official apology to Hongkong as the Father of the Nation? Isnt it that Filipinos always say sorry, pasensya na po kayo for whatever a relative or friend had done? After all, the rescue operation was also done to rescue the tourists. By making an official apology, President Aquino will not be humbled. It would be an act of statesmanship and will promote peace and harmony. His mother, the late President Corazon C. Aquino, publicly said sorry to former President Joseph Estrada for joining the EDSA II against him during a public occasion. Her stature was not diminished and she was admired for it. It minimized divisiveness in the country. Former President Joseph Estrada and now Mayor of the City of Manila said he is very willing to apologize for Hongkong for the sake of our two hundred thousand OFWs working there. P-Noy should also think of our OFWs. *****

As President Aquino reportedly approved the abolition of three nonperforming government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) two of which are alleged to have been involved in P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam, a partylist congressman urged the Chief Executive to include the National Livelihood Development Center in the list of offices for Abrogation saying it is a redundant agency but it has also served as a conduit for more than P1 billion in the pork barrel mess. Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares made the call after Aquino approved the abolition of the Philippine Forest Corp (PFC), ZNAC Rubber Estate and National Agri-Business Corp. (Nabcor). Based on reports, quoting whistle blower, Ben Hur Luy, the NLDC was used as conduit for around P1 billion worth of pork barrel of five senators and eight representatives that ended in seven fake non-government organizations allegedly controlled by Janet Lim Napoles in 2008-2012. Colmenares stress that last year, the President defended the bonuses of the SSS board along with other GOCCs, but does he know that he is also defending the supposed conduits for pork barrel scam? I hope the President will not play favorites and politics in abolishing government-owned or controlled corporations and will consider performance and accomplishments that serve the people.


FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014


Better to be safe than sorry. Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) smashed the Philippines in November 2013, taking 6200 lives and causing almost P600 Billion in economic damage. Tacloban, the largest city in the Eastern Visayas, was virtually obliterated. With the growing unpredictability of climate change effects, who knows which city will be hit next? No one knows where the next big typhoon will hit, so all cities should prepare ahead, recommends World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) Vice-chair and CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan. Sure, relocating roads and communities to high ground, constructing seawalls, coastal barriers and establishing evacuation safe-zones will cost millions. But will you really put a price-tag on Filipino lives? Minimizing Climate Risks Sitting along the Pacific typhoon belt, the Philippines is considered the third most vulnerable country to climate change. With impacts rang-

ing from typhoons, floods, droughts to forced migration, climate change is a reality that millions of Filipinos have had to face and as Typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng and Yolanda have demonstrated reality does bite. To help Pinoy cities prepare for climate impacts, WWF and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation today

launched the latest version of Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Impacts, a multi-year study which examines economic and climate trends to predict and prepare for likely future scenarios. Baseline data findings are synergized with local stakeholder inputs to craft each citys adaptation strategy, explains BPI Foundation

Executive Director and SVP Florendo Maranan. Climate exposure, socioeconomic sensitivities, and adaptive capacities are melded to generate scores which show each citys climate vulnerability. A chronic recommendation is to climate-proof local infrastructure moving coastal roads and communities to high ground, improving community

drainage systems and investing in natural solutions like mangrove forests to parry inbound storms. Launched in 2011, the studys first phase covered the cities of Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Iloilo. Its second phase assessed Cagayan de Oro, Dagupan, Laoag and Zamboanga. For 2013, the cities of Angeles, Batangas, Naga and Tacloban were evaluated. Four more cities will be assessed for 2014. Safeguarding Lifelines for

Business, Trade The northern gatekeeper of the Bicol region and a wellregarded centre for religious pilgrimage, Naga City defined Bicols path to spirituality through its Peafrancia Festival. Due in part to the exceptional leadership of the late Jesse Robredo and its current administrators, the city has evolved into a centre of higher education, tourism and trade. Buoyed by a well-known water sports complex, tourist arrivals soared by a whopping 1731% from 2004 to 2012. Though Naga is accessible by rail, road and by air stronger storms have forced most travelers to resort to roads. Bad weather often delays flights. Even the famed Bicol Express was suspended when Typhoon Ofel literally and figuratively derailed southern Luzon train operations in 2012. The citys connectivity needs improvement. Naga is highly vulnerable to flooding as it is flanked by the cloud-covered Mount Isarog, plus the Bicol river basin. To keep the city humming, effective drainage systems and alternative road and
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Eduardo Lomerio (in jacket), chief of DA Operations Division and Corn Program regional coordinator hands over the key to the 4Wheel Drive tractor to Juanito Royo (in pink shirt), president of KASARO cooperative based in Tigaon. The turn over held at PHPTC (grains center) was witnessed by members of KASARO (left side) and municipal agriculturists of Cam. Sur (right side).

TIGAON, CAMARINES SUR --- The Department of Agriculture in Bicol turned over a P2.4 million 4-Wheel Drive tractor to a cooperative of corn farmers in Partido Area. Financed by the Agri-Pinoy Corn Program, the tractor was acquired by the KASARO coop upon their request and through the endorsement of former Cong. Noli Fuentebella. A counterparting scheme was adopted where the DA provided 85% of the total cost of the machinery which is P2,040,000.00 while the coop shouldered 15% of total cost amounting to P360,000.00. The KASARO coop is an emerging coop in Tigaon financing 680 hectares of corn farms in Tigaon, Ocampo and other areas in Cam. Sur. It has

280 members engaged mainly in corn production and hog fattening. Their office is strategically located beside the Grains Center where they deliver their produce. OIC municipal agriculturist Lea Beltran of Tigaon said they are one of the organizations benefitting from the grains center facilities since its establishment in March 2013. Juanito Royo, the coop chairman, said that since the coop is still in its infant stage, it has not yet acquired a steady income. With the acquisition of the 4WD tractor, they expect to generate huge income which will be distributed to the members as dividends. The turn over ceremony was held during the first mobile meeting of the Municipal Agriculturists of towns be-

longing to the Cam. Sur Provincial Corn Cluster, held at the Post Harvest Processing and Trading Center (PHPTC) (Grain Center) in Caraycayon, Tigaon on January 28. Former Mun. Agriculturist and now Mun. Councilor and agriculture committee chair Jose Fomalejo who represented Mayor Arnulf Bryan Fuentebella said that the 5 hectare area where the Grains Center is located will soon become the agribusiness center of Tigaon with the construction of the DA-DAR-DENR convergence project - circumferential road traversing the corn areas. Also to rise in same site is the P20 M farm-to-market road scheduled for implementation by DA this year; and a rice processing center. Tigaon is a first class municipality of

Cam. Sur with 3,042 hectares effective area devoted to corn production. Meanwhile, Eduardo Lomerio, chief of the Operations Division of DA and Corn Program regional coordinator, said that for 2013 the corn industry in Bicol attained an increase of 11.96% in production performance as compared with the 2012 production. Out of the 258,115 MT regional production for 2013, Camarines Sur contributed 40%. The regions average yield in corn is 2.36 MT/ ha. Camarines Sur recorded an average yield of 3.70MT/ ha. Lomerio also underscored the major issues faced by the 38 corn farm clusters in the region which include: low productivity caused by low utilization of high quality seeds and fertilizer; most farmers still use traditional varieties, low adoption of cost reducing technologies --- IPM/biological control of pests and use of Bio-N, organic fertilizer; and high postharvest losses (12.75%). To address these problems the DA ties up with NFA in the white corn procurement plan where the DA will provide free OPV corn seeds to farmers to cover 1,000 hectares for the April and May planting, while the NFA will buy all the farmers produce to process them into corn grits which will be mixed with rice. Lomerio also added that PCIC has allocated P900,000 for the crops insurance of corn farmers in Bicol and urged farmers to avail of this intervention. -Lovella P. Guarin DA RAFID5

By ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY NAGA CITY --- Close to ten thousand youth leaders, members of youth organizations, and other stakeholders made their way at the Jesse M. Robredo (JMR) Coliseum over the weekend for the Francis Padua-Papica Foundation, Inc. (FPPPF) annual leadership convention. Now on its 11th year, this years annual leadership conference dubbed Youth 2014 Frontliners for Change endeavors to challenge the youth and put them on the forefront in confronting issues head on. This intends to give the younger generation a great power to affect positive change and imprint their marks in terms of leadership. Atty. Francis Papica, FPPF, Inc. CEO and founder believes that amidst the challenges that every Filipino have experienced, particularly in areas ravaged and destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, the Bohol earthquake that damaged our heritage and in the face of the current political controversies and economic crisis, the youth will still be at the forefront, standing straight and ready to face these challenges. The confab featured various resource speakers who have their own assigned topic to tackle. Among the invited conference talking heads were singer/ songwriter/activist Jim Paredes who
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Cavers of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Division of the DENR and locales are set to enter the cavern Betong Cave in Libmanan, Camarines Sur. The caving activity is part of the assessment program being done annually by DENR Bicol to ascertain the precise management approach in safeguarding the same. Betong Cave can be found at Barangay Sigamot in the town of Libmanan.


The University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) management lauded the organizers of the recently concluded 14th Association of Bicol Business Students (ABBS) Regional Congress after spearheading a successful three-day business confab held from February 6 to 8 held at the UNEP grounds. The event was spearheaded by the College of Business Education- Association of Bicol Business Students (CBED-ABBS) UNEP Chapter. It aims to bring to the fore the latest trends in business through their invited resource speakers who are adept in their respective corporate endeavors. Anchored on this years theme, Bicol Business Students Quality and Excellence towards ASEAN 2015 Educational Challenges, the students were exposed to various talks which focused on the importance of entrepreneurship and discussions centered on molding business students into successful businesspersons. The three-day affair also focused on the discussions on the latest trends on business administration curriculum, including business processes and outsourcing, among others. Invited partakers were business students who came from various colleges and universities all over the Bicol region. The invitation

FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014

In the Eyes of a Child

By DONNABEL BAUYON-LUALHATI Teacher 1 Lohong Elementary School Ragay District When I was a child, the most beautiful person equal to my mother in my eyes would be my class adviser in every particular grade level I was in. Without fairness to my mother, I put her second to my teacher in my invisible list of Righteous and Intelligent People. Mother would not ever know about it because I kept it as a secret which I thought I would bring to my grave, until I write this article, now that I am a teacher and no longer the child who looked up to her teacher with the highest respect and regard. At age 23 with a three- year teaching experience, I am glad that I am still a dreamer, the very child I was years ago, the tender spirit who would spend days mesmerized by the lessons taught by my teachers. I may not have come out yet from the idealisms I learned from the academe that there were times I would sit quietly in a corner of my classroom thinking about disappointments and pains for not helping my pupils learn what they should have for a day. I couldnt help but blame myself being tortured by the teacher factor syndrome in every success and in every failure of a lesson over all the rest of the possible factors that were mentioned in my college subjects and in the teacher trainings that I attended. To my dismay, I am rattled! In moments like this, I would always come back to the old times when I was a child looking up with the highest regard and respect for my teachers in order to reminisce what it was in them that made me like and love them. Sad to say, I could not tell, not until this very moment I am writing this. Sincerity, honesty and truthfulness were my teachers common character traits that brought them on top of my List of Righteous and Intelligent People. They may not really be that righteous and intelligent, yet they were sincere in dealing with us, their pupils. They were also honest in giving us praises, reprimands and grades. Most of all, they were thruthful in telling us how we performed for a particular period. For us to learn, to improve in our classes, and to do away from things and activities that could pull us down, my teachers had their unique way of doing and expressing...and I love them so! Tomorrow will be the first time I will stand in front of my pupils that I will be very sure of myself on how to do about making them learn the lessons that I will teach them. I will just have to look at the eyes of each and everyone of them so that I will be inspired in everything that I will do with and for them.

was particularly sent to those taking up businessrelated courses. Professors who are handling businessrelated subjects were also invited to partake in the said occasion. Among the list of resource speakers and guests was Dr. Dennis R. Rebueno, Supervisor of Business Education programs, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office V. UNEP President Atty. Remelsa Alfelor-Moraleda was also there to personally witness the event. With her were UNEP Executive Vice President and VP for Finance Deli Alfelor-Tibi, Regional ABBS Moderator / Adviser and CBED Dean Elmer H. Lolin, and ABBS-

UNEP President Catherine V. Barayoga. The activity was a combination of lectures and discussions, entertainment, academic contests, pageants, sports events, Laro ng Lahi competition and celebration of life and victorious moments. The world renowned UNEP Chamber singers also entertained the participants through the rendition of the traditional songs that made their way to the top during the 2006 4th Choir competition in Xiamen, China. The event wrapped up with the musical and dance contest awarding and fellowship and commerce nite at Lemars Hotel.


Kababaihan Gabay sa Pagtahak sa Tuwid na Daan

By MARILOU B. MORADA Teacher II, DepEd Iriga City (Unang Gantimpala Inihandang Talumpati, Womens Month Celebration)

DAET, Camarines Norte All of the 310 public schools in this province have participated in the nationwide early registration of the Department of Education (DepEd) held January 25 here. DepEd Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Norma Samantela said of the 310 public schools, 252 are elementary and 58 are secondary and the numbers of

early registrants are for consolidation at their planning division. She said that a motorcade was held in every town to encourage parents to register their children for the coming school year 2014-2015. She said that this was in compliance with the department order that early registration in all public and elementary schools to gather information to base preparations that will address potential gaps/problems that may

arise prior to the regular enrolment. Samantela said that DepEd wants to prevent logistical problems when the new school year starts in June and they are expected to know how many students/ pupils they will have ahead of time so that they can better prepare classrooms and seats and learning materials. She said that early registration has targeted all fiveyear olds to ensure their enrollment in kindergarten

and all six-year olds to ensure that they are enrolled in Grade 1 come June. Others were out-ofschool children (OSC) and out-of-school youth (OSY) from the disadvantage groups, including street children ages 5 to 18 in order to prove with their preferred education delivery system which could either be formal the alternative delivery mode (ADM) or through the alternative learning system (ALS).

Ina ko, akoy huwag hayaang mabitawan, higpitan and hawak at yakap upang akoy manatili sa iyong kanlungan huwag hahayaang marahuyo sa kapahamakan, kapariwaraan at kamatayan alang-alang sa mutya ng Inang Bayan. Ang buhay ay hindi ibinibigay upang itago at impukin hundi upang gugulin sa pakikabaka at pakikidigma at makilala ang lakas. Sa lahat ng ito, ako ay nakahandang tumanggap ng dagok at sampal ng kapalaran. . Habang nakapikit ang aking mga mata, naririnig ang ikinukubling sinag ng katarungan mula sa aking inang minamahal nang akoy nasa sinapupunan pa.. Mabilis na lumalaganap sa aking isipan ang kasamaan at kabutihan ng sanlibutan. Sa aking murang litid, ang kunat ng ipil at mulawin, ang mga naririnig mula sa aking nililiyag ang pag-usbong ng ibat-ibang uri ng karahasan, kasamaan at mga karumaldumal na gawain. May madaling mahirati sa kapangyarihan at madaling mabuwal sa anumang labanan, lalong-lalo na kapag may mga dayuhang sumasaklaw sa ating diwa, damdamin at kaluluwa na nag-uudyok na makagawa ng masama at magdulot ng kapighatian at kapariwaraan lalong lalo na sa mga kabataan. Mga ilang mapag-imbot na nanunungkulan sa ating bayan ay patuloy na nananalasa sa kahinaan ng mahihirap na mga mamamayan. Paano ko tatahakin ang isang landas na sa bawat hakbang ay sinasabuyan ng putik, tinatapunan ng tinik at apoy na papaso sa aking mga paa? Bakit ganito karami ang mga hadlang? Nagliliyab ang aking mahinahong dibdib. Nasa kaibuturan ng aking isip na hindi tayo dapat pumayag sa mga kasakiman ng ibang tao at bansa. Dahil ditto nilalagot ko ang tanikala sa sinasabing kahinaan ng mga kababaihan upang magkaroon ng lakas at kapangyarihan at masugpo ang mga balakid sa kaunlaran at kapayapaan ng sangkatauhan. Bilang Eba sa luma at bagong panahon ay higit kong patitibayin ang tatag ng aking sariliwalang uhaw, walang gutom. Bubungkalin ko ang anumang sagabal, itatanghal ko ang walang kasing dalisay na hangarin upang maisulong ang mga adhikain sa bughaw na punong-puno ng pag-asa. Ikikintal ko sa diwa ang katapangan, kalinisan. Madapa man ay muling babangon upang matubos ang likong landas ng paglaya. Kaya kapwa ko mga Eba, tayo na, magkaisa, kapit-bisig, hawak-kamay bilang gabay sa pagtahak sa tuwid na landas para sa kaunlaran, katatagan at kapayapaan ng ating Inang Bayan.


FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014


200 mil ayuda ni Sen. Cayetano sa Cooperativa, 100 mil itinao kan mag-amang Villafuerte
Aabuton sa 200 mil de pesos na cash an itinagama si Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano kan ini magbisita sa Naga City Peoples Mall. An grant an itinagama sa Naga City Peoples Mall Cooperative kan si Cayetano magbisita sa Mercado asin bilang pag komple sa panuga kan senador durante kan kampanya na matagama nin PTK acronym kan Presyo, Trabaho, Kita para sa mga saradit na mga negosyante an PTK laban sa 5-6 o loan shark. An 200 mil de pesos iyo man an initial na fundo na itinagama kan senador asin ini an madudugangan pa. Sa okasyon yaon an presencia ni Mayor John Bongat, Kgd Ray-an Cydrick Rentoy, Babet Lavadia na iyo man an chairman kan committee on market affairs sa Sangguniang Panlungsod, presidente kan cooperatiba na si Evelyn Hemady, Claro Alfonso kan NAMASFED asin iba pang bisita. Yaon man an presencia kan mag amang Villafuerte sinda dating goberndor Lray Villafuerte asin Gobernador Migz Villafuerte. Digdi man ipinag anunciar kan mag ama na sinda an matagama man nin aabuton sa 100 mil pesos. 50 mil pesos gikan ki former governor Lray asin 50 mil pesos gikan man ki Gov. Migz Villafuerte kaya labi labi man an kaogmahan kan mga miembro kan cooperatiba huli man sa total na 300 mil pesos na ayuda. Sa mensaheng binutasan ni Sen Cayetano sinabi kaini na durante kan kampanya saiya an dating ofisyal kan Cam Sur an nagseserving saro sa mga adviser niya. Sinabi kaini na kun sa Metro Manila magtagama nin 1 milyon project an senador mayo nin haros nakaka appreciate kaini alagad bakong arog sa countryside o sa mga provincia na tinatawan nin importansya an ginigibong karahayan kan mga ofisyales kan gobyerno arog kan senador. Sinabi pa ni Cayetano na an kantidad na itinagama niya an partial pa sana asin ini madadagdagan pa sa masunod na pagbisita niya sa masunod na bulan , may posibilidad na sa bulan kan Abril o Mayo ngonian na taon. Alagad nagtao nin mga kundisyon si Cayetano antes man na dagdagan niya an fundo.. Kun maipahiling an record na naipautang an kwarta sa mga miyembro asin marhay an pagbayad ninda dadagdagan pa kan senador . 3ng mga kundisyones man an itinao ni primirong kundisyon kun gurano kadali an pag-utang asin pagbayad sa 5-6 o loan shark kaipuhan na arog man kayan an manera kan pagbayad kan loan sa coop. dapat na aro aldaw an paniningil kan coop sa mga nag utang na miyembro. Pinaglinaw ni Cayetano na an kantidad na itinagama niya an bakong hali sa gobyerno huli ta mayo naman nin pork barrel kaya ini an gikan sa mga probadong sector o negosyante na ka amigo kan senador. Boot sabihon dapat na magtubo an
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dakol ma mga problema an naipaabot sa saiya . kairiba na digdi iyo an halangkaw na presyo, kawaran nin trabaho asin sadit na kita o sweldo kaya inapod niya ining PTK. Obheto kan pagbisita ni Cayetano iyo an tabangan an saradit na mga negosyante sa paagi kan pagtagama nin capital. Ini dagdag puhunan para sa mga miyembro kan kooperatiba asin ini iyo man an kasimbagan tanganing dai naman mag asa pa sa pautang na 5-6 para sa mga negosyante na nagdudulot nin kadifisilan. Sa intrevista kan Bicol

Reporter ki Cayetano sinabi kaini na bako sanang an syudad nin Naga an pinagtagamahan niya nin ayuda kundi aabuton man an iba pang lugar sa Rehiyon Bicol. An pagkamoot ni Cayetano an napatunyan sa pagboro bwelta niya sa Bicol asin sinabi niya na nakakanood naman siyang magtaram nin Bicol dialect huli ta an saiyang esposa na si Lani Cayetano an tubong Tiwi Albay na ngonian incumbent mayor kan Taguig. Special mention ni Cayetano si dating gobernador Lray Villafuerte . Sigun sa

Simple sana alagad maogma an ginibong taonan na celebrasyon kan Tinagba Festival kan syudad kan Iriga. Sarong thanksgiving activity bilang pasasalamat kan mga paraoma asin mga namamanwaan sa syudad huli man kan magayon na gusi o ani kan saindang agrikultura sa bilog na taon. Huli kaini pinasalamatan man ni Mayor Ronald Felix Ganggang Alfelor , Former Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen mga konsehales kan syudad asin mga department head an mga nakisumaro sa celebrasyon. An mga actividades an kinatampukan kan Medical. Dental asin Surgical Mission, siyam na aldaw na Novena sa Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Blood Letting, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Testing, BANCHETTO sa Tinagba 2014 sarong food and agri fair, Regional Press Conference kan mga estudyante.

5th Mt Asog Mountain Bike Challenge Ride na pinanginutan man ni Mayor Alfelor, Tinagba Festival X Battle Series , Pinaka Contest, ini an pagpa contest kan mga pinaka dakulang gusi nin prutas, gulay asin iba pa. Siring man yaon an pinaka highlight. An Tinagba Festival 2014. Pinunan kan sarong Tinagba Mass, Tinagba Festival Run,

Tinagba Festival Games and Fun o Laro ng Lahi, Blessing kan Bullcart, Floats asin Tagba, Lion Dancers, Tinagba Parade and Streetdance , Short Program and Competition Proper, Fantillusion Parade (Fantasy and Illusion) ,Awarding Ceremony asin an Fireworks Display. An mga gusi o Tagba na natipon asin ipinarada sa mga

tinampo kan syudad kan Iriga an ipinag alay sa pamitisan kan Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto bilang pasasalamat asin pagkatapos kaini an mga producto o tagba arog kan mga gulay, prutas, bagas asin iba pang gusi an ipiag donar man sa man-iba ibang institusyon asin orpahange arog kan hospital, prisuhan asin ba pang institusyon.

Mahilig ka bang magkape? Iyo!, Eh mag-kanta? Syempre!, Boot sabihon, maghilig ka mag-kape asin mag-kanta, o baga man, magkanta asin mag-kape? Iyung gayo! (Do you love drinking coffee? Oh yes, do you like singing? Of course!, you mean, you love drinking coffee and singing as well? Got it right!) excerpts from the audio plugging roaming around the area and aired in some radio stations where jimm's coffee mix had a advertisement . From Tabaco City to Legazpi City to Daraga all in Albay, and from Naga City to Goa to Iriga City in Cam.Sur, Jimm's Coffee Mix team hits Bicolandia thru its buena mano promo last January Magkape at Kumanta in selected outlets. Prizes, freebies, and an exciting videoke dare plus free coffee taste comprised the whole event. People from different barangays and nearby towns (in area were the event was conducted) joined and enjoyed while savoring the taste of the healthiest coffee Jimm's Coffee Mix . According to Mr. Joever Azucena National Marketing Director of GPI in a radio interview with the program Kalusugan Mo,Sagot Ko, Dito sa Bicol region ni launch ang isa sa pinaka successful na kape nang jimms, yung Jimm's 5 in 1, kung saan napaka init ng pagtanggap ng mga Bicolano way back how many years ago, so itong project na ito ay handog natin sa mga Bicolano na patuloy na tumatangkilik at sumusuporta sa ating produkto, marami pa kaming inihandang projects ngayong 2014 na siguradong mag-eenjoy ang mga Bicolano, patikim palang po ito, ibig sabihin, may mga mas malaki pang susunod. The said activity was just a part of commemorating 20 years of Goldshine Pharmaceuticals Inc. makers of Jimm's Coffee mixes. The company (GPI) holds its commitment to provide quality, affordable and world class products from health coffee, herbal food supplements, cosmetics and more. Sa Jimms, sa bawat higop,kalusugay sagot!, JIMM'S COFFEE, KAKAIBA SA LAHAT! (GPI/MRO/ BICOL)

realization of a disaster-resilient community. We want to create public awareness in preserving the historic Naga River, and to encourage better stewardship of the environment in general. The event will also provide an opportunity for Naguenos and Bicolanos to honor and commemorate the important role of the storied Naga River and inspire people especially the young to pursue the path of bringing back its beauty and life, Bongat said. In line with the upcoming big event for the Naga River, Bongat presented before the members of the local media during a brief press conference this morning, a rundown of activities that will cap the day-long activity on March 8. To start off the activity is a scheduled Regatta sa Salog, after which a ceremonial boat ride will immediately follow. The river route would be from the Magsaysay wharf to the Naga City Peoples Mall (NCPM) wharf. There will also be a groundbreaking ceremony for Naga River Revetment projects. The fund to be used for this will be coming from the efforts of 3rd District Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo. The project is located along the river banks. Archbishop Rolando Octavus Tria Tirona, OCD, DD, together with ABS CBN Executive Gina Lopez will join Bongat, First Lady Farah Bongat and members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod headed by City Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion in the blessing and ribbon-cutting of the wharf at the Naga City Peoples Hall. Stakeholders will also witness the unveiling of the Danlugan Pillars, blessing of the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia and ribboncutting of the Calle del Rio, which will cover the Tabuco bridge until Panganiban. A resolution will be passed to officially name the said street as Calle del Rio. After a short programme in the afternoon at Danlugan ni Ina, the opening of the Night market will follow along the General Luna extension. This will be followed by Banquete y Concierto at the Calle del Rio which will be spearheaded by the Naga City Bar Owners Association. The city also prepared pre-event activities which include Childrens Workshop on February 17 where participants will be asked to write their wishes on a tarpaulin. A slogan and poster making contest is also slated on February 27. The said materials will be placed and displayed in the 2 wharfs along the Naga River. a GIP worker will receive a P195/day pay or about P4,241.25/month salary or a total of P25,447.50 for the 6-months work duration. Applications for GIP will be open soon. Anybody who graduated either from college, high schools or TechVoc school or anybody who doesnt have a job can apply, RD Lacambra explained. The TUPAD Work Program however, is focused in giving jobs to displaced workers hit by calamities. It forms part of DOLE-Bicols emergency employment program with specific program of work such as dredging, canal de-clogging and any other work needed for community restoration and rehabilitation. TUPAD workers will

FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014

receive a full minimum wage for its one month duration of about P5,655 per worker plus P1,000.00 worth of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). The idea of TUPAD is to give residents of communities affected by calamities an immediate source of income after suffering the devastation. If the work program for TUPAD is canal de-clogging then the workers will be given boots, hand gloves and other necessary PPEs. They will also be enrolled in the GSIS same as with the GIP workers, RD Lacambra added. To implement said programs, DOLE-Bicol has allotted some P3.5M budget per district thus having a total of P56M budget allocation for the region. The P56M budget will be used to pay for the salaries and wages of the workers. If the entire budget will be divided for the salaries of GIP, a total of 1,375 beneficiaries may be hired. However, if the entire budget will be divided for the salaries of TUPAD, a total of 6,189 workers may be hired. However, since the TUPAD program only works as an emergency employment scheme after a calamity, DOLE-Bicol will then focus its operation on the GIP. For the graduates last year and the graduating class this year, what are you waiting for? Its time to make your resumes and biodata and get ready to apply, RD Lacambra ended.

kan Buhay or simply the Naga River Day, Bongat issued Proclamation 2014-002 proclaiming the 8th day of March and every second Saturday of March for the succeeding years or every year thereafter as Naga River Day. This effort will be a multi-faceted approach where we will enjoin our partner agencies from both the government and private sector to support our endeavor. We now termed this as Integrated Naga River Revitalization Project or iNRRP to emphasize that the project cut across every important facets of development, Bongat stated. Bongat added that under the said project, the city government will focus on four (4) important aspects as they envision a revitalized Naga River: the preservation of our heritage, caring for the environment, development of Naga City River as tourist attraction and towards the


talked about the Youth and the Social Change; beauty queen and Miss Universe 2010 runner up Venus Raj who tackled Youth and Medias influence and couple Vince and Patricia Hizon who discussed Youth and religion. Added attraction to the said confab were the members of the Ryan Cayabyab Singers and the Philpop 2013 winners who gave a sample and rendition of their award winning pieces during the Press conference held Friday, January 31 at the Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City. Papica received a round of warm and welcoming applause after giving his keynote address before the jampacked crowd at the JMR coliseum on Saturday. One of those who were invited to grace the said occasion was 3rd District Congresswoman Atty. Leni Robredo who lauded Papica for his various philanthropic and humanitarian acts. Papica, amidst his hectic schedule as a practicing lawyer in Los, Angeles, California, still find time to spearhead such a huge activity just to get his message across the youth that they are the hope of the Fatherland. I always want to come back where I came from. This is my way of giving back and sharing all the blessings that is continuously pouring in my path. I want to encourage the youth to be a catalyst of change and make them believe in themselves, Papica told members of the local press during the conference. The event also marked the 17th Anniversary of the FPPF, Inc., whose intent is to give scholarship to poor but deserving students. Currently, there are more than 800 FPPF scholarship grants all over the country. At the end of the confab, 87 new scholars carried with them the hope of finishing college and earning a degree after signing up as new FPPF, Inc. new scholars. The activity is also in partnership with the local government of Naga City, under the headship of Mayor John Bongat, Department of Education, private organizations and stakeholders in support of the public-privatepartnership being pushed by the Aquino government to raise the economic and social status of every Filipino community.

Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan CCE-0078-2013 R.A. 10172 In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No.2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of Administrative Order No.1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that NORLY CHUA SALCEDO has filed with this Office, a Petition for Correction of Entry in Sex from FEMALE to MALE in the certificate of live birth of Norly Chua Salcedo at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are Nicanor Torral Salcedo and Lea Nuesca Chua. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than February 15, 2014. (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar



puhunan. Sinabi man ni Claro Alfonso presidente kan NAMASFED, na pinagorolayan naman ninda kan board of directors kan cooperatiba kan mga paratienda Mercado kun papano an manera kan saindang pag pautang,gurano an dapat na ipautang asin kun siisay an dapat na pautangon.. Lininaw ni Alfonso na an makaka avail kan sinambit na pautang iyo an mga miyenbro asin dapat na mayo nin moroso sa saindang dues o babayaran sa cooperatiba bilang miyembro.. Mientrastanto ipinahayag man ni Ms. Evelyn Hemady presidente kan cooperatiba na siya an may personal na experyensya sa pag utang nin 5-6 sa Bombay asin difisil na marhay huli sa primero sana marhay an pagbayad alagad madidifisilan sa [agbayad huli man sa halangkaw na porcentahe kan interest na hinahagad,.. ini pinag oyunan man ni Mr Claro Alfonso. Mientrastanto, sinabi man ninda dating gobernador Lray asin Gov Migz Villafuerte na nagtagama sinda nin dagdag na 100 mil pesos huli ta nagtutubod sinda na dapat na magtalubo an small medium enterprise o sadit na negosyo kan mga negosyante, haloy naman nindang ipinag iimpliemntar ini sa Cam . Sur. Inomaw man ni Villafuerte an liderato mi Mayor John Bongat huli man sa espwersos kaini na pagayunon an Mercado publiko kan Naga na ngonian inapod ng Naga City Peoples Mall.

BIKOL REPORTER Published: February 2 and 9, 2014

Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City

NAME OF DECEASED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. MARCELINA M. ROBREDO NORBERTO R. FERNANDEZ TERESA A. SIBULO VINCENT EDWARD B. BICHARA ALFREDO A. ALCANTARA CESAR M. CATOLICO JOSE S. OCO MAURO B. INFELIZ DOROTEO L. SAN ADRES DATE OF INTERMENT January 4, 2014 January 10, 2014 January 12, 2014 January 12, 2014 January 12, 2014 January 13, 2014 January 12, 2014 January 15, 2014 January 17, 2014 January 16, 2014 January 16, 2014 January 20, 2014


FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014

rail routes should be created, while ensuring that the national highway that connects it with other regions experiences zero downtime. With a score of 6.10, Naga emerged as the second most vulnerable of the four assessed cities for 2013, right after Tacloban. The least vulnerable with a score of 5.56, Angeles City is situated inland, far from the sea. Initially a small barrio, Angeles became a restand-recreation center when the Americans converted Fort Stotsenberg into Clark Air Base. After the American pullout in 1991, Angeles reinvented itself as an airline hub and Freeport zone. Like Batangas, it is connected to Manila and nearby provinces via two roads the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). The westerly orientation of Batangas City shields it from the Pacific Oceans storms. A thriving trade hub, it is buoyed by Batangas Port, which connects the province with a host of regions and businesses. Two vital arteries connect Batangas to Manila the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway. Batangas logged a vulnerability rating of 5.65. Rail systems, seaports and airports will be viable only if they provide safe and consistent movement of passengers and cargo. To maximize viability and minimize vulnerability, stakeholders must keep these lifelines in tip-top shape. In a climate-defined future, redundancy is everything, says Tan. Tacloban: The Real Cost of Climate Change Facing Cancabato Bay in the San Juanico Strait, Tacloban City sits along the northeastern coastline of Leyte Province, facing the Pacific Ocean. WWF, BPI, and Tacloban stakeholders assessed the citys climate adaptation plans in September 2013 and

gave it a vulnerability rating of 6.74 the highest of the four 2013 cities. One projected scenario was that a Pacific Oceanspurred super typhoon would visit Tacloban in 2021. Sadly, that typhoon came too soon. Tacloban now has an excellent opportunity not just to rebuild but to rebuild better, says Maranan. Let not the lessons of Tacloban be lost as we strive to build more resilient communities that are more prepared for future disasters. Aside from moving critical service centres like hospitals and evacuation safe-zones to high ground, vulnerable Philippines cities should invest in early warning systems. In 1999 about 10,000 people were slain by a massive


with Mixed Income Subject to Multiple Income Tax Rates or Subject to Special/ Preferential Rate). There are other refinements in the new required forms. Centavo amounts in the ITR must be rounded off to the nearest peso (plus or minus). Rules on Optional Standard Deductions have been amended. Now, itemized deductions are mandated for taxpayers who are exempt under the Tax Code and other special laws, and also those with no other taxable income. The same rule on itemized deduction is also required for those with income subject to special/preferential tax rates and those with income subject to income tax rate under Section 27 (A) and 28 (A)(1) of the Tax Code, and those with income subject to special/preferential rates. Juridical entities whose taxable (income) base are Gross Revenues or Receipts (e.g. non-resident foreign international carriers) are NOT entitled to the itemized deductions NOR to the optional standard deductions (OSD) under Sec. 34 (L) of the Tax Cade, as amended. Similarly, individual taxpayers who are EXEMPT under the Tax Code and other special laws, with no other taxable income like Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) and those with income subject to special/ preferential rates, and those with income subject to income tax rate under Sec. 24 of the Tax Code are required to adopt the itemized deduction as they are NOT allowed to avail of the OSD. ACYATAN & CO., CPAs reminded that taxpayers who have filed their Year 2013 income tax returns using manual or electronic 2013 ITR (old form) MUST RE-FILE using the new ITR forms.

cyclone in East India. Just a month before Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, another powerful cyclone smashed the Indian state of Odisha. India learned well from its 1999 catastrophe though, as a million Odishans were evacuated to shelters ahead of time. Only 21 people were lost. Theres a lesson to be learned from India that human lives and businesses can be protected if we prepare ahead. Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Impacts is freely available on the web. We strongly urge city planners to think ahead and use our study. Can your city really afford to be unprepared when the next Yolanda hits? asks Tan.

According to him, all the athletes of the Palarong Bicol 2014 are champions. He also expressed gratitude to all those who supported this years events including the DepEd officials and personnel, the media, the officials of the various delegations and as well as the athletes and coaches. Athletes who qualified for the 2014 Palarong Pambansa will represent Bicol Region.


the community needing immediate action. A DENR V ad hoc team responded to the needs of typhoon Haiyan last year and was the first to report to DENR top management the damages in its Region 8 offices prompting the release of emergency funds for Eastern Visayas. As a follow through, another team was sent to Region 8 to assist in its clearing operations. These expeditions resulted to the formation of DENR Leatherbacks. DENR Leatherbacks owes its name to the species that nested in Legazpi City in July 2013. The Biodiversity Management Bureau formerly Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Services regarded it as the first recorded nesting of leatherback in Philippine history.


TV & Radio Host

"Growing Day with Mon"

The first Developmental TV and Radio program in Bicol. Every Saturday, 10:30am -11:30am, PBN TV 5 (Chanel 10 or 15) and 97.5 OK FM. You can get in touch with him at
"Success is something that you attract by becoming an attractive person." -Jim Rohn MON STO. DOMINGO Director & Chief Engagement Officer Vision Management


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE SPEED PAWNSHOP, JR. Bichara Complex, San Antonio Poblacion, Calabanga, Camarines Sur, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga City, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga City, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWNJEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall corner J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on MARCH 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until FEBRUARY 28, 2014 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: FEBRUARY 9 and 16, 2014


FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014



For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

FEBRUARY 9-15, 2014



Leatherback Riders (show handing a flyer), a team from DENR Bicol will soon hit the countryside as the DENR infocaravan rolls out this month. They are expected to also serve as quick response team to disaster-stricken areas and roving monitors in various DENR projects.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region V launched an information caravan on January 30, 2014 in Balatan, Camarines Sur. Members of DENR Leatherbacks, a motorcycle riders team comprised of 19 employees trained in environment laws, engages in a series of information caravan, the purpose of which is to conduct information dissemination activities in selected municipalities

across the Region. DENR Regional Executive Director Gilbert Gonzales leads the Leatherbacks that he also envisions to be a quick response team to disasters as well as monitor the agencys projects. We will touch base with communities that are hardly reached by any government information to relay information and help them become more literate in environment laws, Director Gonzales explains. The Caravan also serves as a venue for discussing pressing issues in
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