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Scientists have yearned to understand the intellect and mechanisms behind the secret of creation and maintenance of energy and gravity and motion as has been achieved in the Universe. Utilizing new insights, new methods and technology, a vast amount of energy and gravitational force as in the universal order can be generated within the core of man-made reactors. This is our aim. The technology to be developed is a totally integrated inclusive system for creating energy and gravity in the center of the system. Using the basic methods of the universal interactions man will be able to construct and utilize new systems to fly in space, free of man-made fuels and shackles of gravity. The energy production of these systems is similar to that of the natural universal system, where the system uses geomagnetic forces and principals to create energy, magnetic fields and then gravity. So it becomes possible to achieve the concept of lift without use of fuel by use of creation of antigravity, and in the space, with ability to be in possession of gravity through direct creation of it within the center of a system. Such system technology will incorporate the theories of geomagnetic atmosphere conditions as the protection, and defend itself from any environmental and outside physical intervention. ur hope is that the intellects in these papers and the systems that can be achieved through its knowledge can bring and will become a toll for the pleasure of man and not of his inhalations.

! "ew #orizon
Through this understanding a new horizon is opened into the future for the creation and control of gravity. !t present the reactor technology is being fully developed for over hundred applications. These are $ust the tip of the iceberg of new opportunities generated by this new technology. Through the new development and design of this reactor many new discoveries are achieved in the past months, as well as there are many to be discovered. The size of these reactors could be from as small as a rechargeable battery, to a few meters for large scale energies or for space applications. The world of science and industry has been searching for ever for an efficient system for the production of motion. The reality is that the whole system to deliver this at negligible cost has been around man for all the time. %an only had to look within his own planet to find the answer.

&arth, 'lanets and Stars

The &arth, like all planets and stars possesses a centrally heated core. The creation and maintenance of this heat and the motion produced, is not of the levels of stars, and is not reached by methods which man has chosen for its technological progress up to this moment in time. These properties are the result of a relative balance between the matters involved.

!lso in this simple cola bottle plasma reactor we create a closed environment with it(s proper general internal balance, but with locally - in the li)uid - a number of unbalances. It is important however is to keep in mind that all these large spacial ob$ects are made by combinations of fundamental elements on atomic and molecular level, and that between these elements various processes of building and decay happen continuously. ! planet possesses and maintains heat, gravity and magnetic forces through one integrated system, and most planets in solar systems have one common element as the source of their energy. In the center of planets the temperature ac)uired is in the range of thousands of degrees rather than millions as in stars. *ut regardless, magnetism and gravity can be achieved at all temperatures. It is a longstanding intellectual misconception in science to state that high temperature and high pressure are needed to reach basic interactions between the elements of the periodic table. In our prototype reactors based on this new understanding, we create today, even in static reactor prototypes, basic processes +like the production of atomic hydrogen, at room temperature and at atmospheric conditions. -e have proven that, the strength of the magnetic field and gravity of planets is more dependent on the composition of the material(s) and the speed of motion in the center core of the planet, rather than being dependant on the size, or heat or any other factors in the structure of the planet or star. To have a comprehensive gravitational system, universal laws of physics have to be followed to the letter in the design of any workable system or reactor, if there is to be the creation of heat, magnetic force fields and gravity. Indeed. 'lanets do not have wings, but/ they fly for million of years in their systems. 'lanets do not have engine rooms or $et engines fi0ed to them, but, they create energy and are in motions in several dimensions at the same time. 'lanets do not have e0haust pipes, but/ they burn fuel and create heat, some internally and some e0ternally like stars. 'lanets do not have defense rooms, but/ they protect their inhabitants with a magnetic shield called atmosphere. 'lanets do not have valves and gates in their cores, but/ they bring the material they need for them to maintain their e0istence together through natural laws. 'lanets do not have the need to hold on to their matter and creatures by attaching them or keeping them underground, but/ they create gravitational forces, weak enough for them to be free, at the same time strong enough that they can hold on to them.

'lanets and stars, using the natural laws of physics and materials, do all of these, all at once and together, without separate machinery and control rooms and fuels. They do this as one fully integrated system.

Thus for the first time in the world of technology and intellect, in and by the design and testing of this new system, fundamental principals are set out to show how all these above effects could be very simply attained, all at the same time, and in a natural universal manner in one system.