MyanmarArmy Battalions 902/506 Military Column Attack Ta-an (Palaung) Battalion 256 January 3, 2014 A clash took place

on January 2, 2014 at 1640 hours, between troops from Myanmar army Battalions 502 and 506 and TNLA Battalion 256, at a place between Manlon and Pan A-lauk villages of Manlon Village Tract, in Nam San Township of Ta-an Region. The clash lasted about 30 minutes. The number of casualties on Myanmar government side is still not known. There was no casualty on the TNLA (Ta-an National Liberation Army) side. On January 2, 2014, at 1445 hours, about 100 troops from Myanmar government army LIBs 502/506 started firing with heavy and light weapons towards places of Pan A-lauk village, where they thought the PPSLF/TNLA troops were located. However, the Ta-an troops did not return fire. Later, when Myanmar army troop column marched down towards the position of Ta-an troops, it ran into directional (Claymore) mines and a fire fight broke out with TNLA troops of the guerrilla camps. After the fire fight, Myanmar troops withdrew as a result of sustaining casualty. After the clash, Myanmar troops seized about 40 men from Manlon and Pane-lon villages and used them as shields against mines and moved to another location. On January 3, 2014, at 0900 hours, these Myanmar troops fired 6 rounds of heavy weapons from Manlon monastery towards Pan A-lauk village. News & Information Department PSLF/TNLA