Statement of PSLF condemning Myanmar Government for Relentlessly Oppressing Ta-an (Palaung) Region and t e People !

it Military Operations February 10, 2014 St. No. 004/05/TaNaKa-14 1. We, the Palaung State Liberation Front/Ta-an National Liberation r!y "PSLF/TNL #, $trongly %on&e!n 'yan!ar go(ern!ent, le& by Pre$i&ent ) Thein Sein, an& 'yan!art Tat!a&a* "'yan!a r!y# +or en&le$$ly laun%hing !ilitary o,eration$ in Ta-an "Palaung# -egion, in *hi%h the 'yan!ar troo,$ %o!!it regularly gro$$ hu!an right$ (iolation$ an& %ri!e$ again$t hu!anity, %on$i$ting o+ beating u, o+ the lo%al inno%ent (illager$, u$ing the (illager$ +or +or%e& labor an& !ine %learing, looting o+ the ,eo,le.$ ,ro,ertie$, +iring hea(y *ea,on$ into (illage$ et%. 2. Within a $hort ,erio& o+ one !onth in thi$ year, there ha(e been /0 %la$he$ bet*een the Ta-an r!y an& 'yan!ar r!y troo,$, an& the 'yan!ar !ilitary %olu!n$ ha(e been in%rea$ingly inti!i&ating to*ar&$ the (illage$. 0n 1anuary 12, 2014, the 'yan!ar troo,$ arre$te& an& torture& 3o!ain (illager$ in Na!$an To*n$hi,, +or%ibly too4 ,o$$e$$ion$ o+ the (illager$ an& their !oney a!ounting to / !illion Kyat$. The troo,$ al$o terrori5e& the (illage$ o+ 'an!ai 'ane K*an, Shu!an, 6anlu! et%. (illage$ o+ Na!$an To*n$hi, by arre$t an& torture o+ the (illager$. 7urrently al$o, the 'yan!ar troo,$, *hene(er they %o!e to the (illage$, are interrogating the (illage a&!ini$trator$ an& 6u&&hi$t !on4$ by beating, an& $ei5ing (illager$ +or +or%e& labor an& gui&e. /. 8n the +ir$t *ee4 o+ February, the 4-'onthly 'eeting o+ 'yan!ar Tat!a&a* "6ur!a r!y# hel& at Nay,yi&a* "the ne* %a,ital o+ 6ur!a# a,,ro(e& %o!!an&er o+ the North-9a$t 7o!!an& :en. ung Soe.$ ,lan to in%rea$e !ilitary $trength an& laun%h !ore inten$i(e o++en$i(e$ in Ta-an -egion. 8n ,ra%ti%e al$o, the 'yan!ar troo,$ are on the in%rea$e an& getting !ore an& !ore a%ti(e &aily. They o,enly &e%lare that they ha(e %o!e to Palaung -egion to 4ill hu!an being$, in a%%or&an%e *ith the 4-'onthly 'eeting.$ &ire%ti(e. 4. We (ehe!ently %on&e!n 'yan!ar go(ern!ent an& 'yan!ar Tat!a&a*, *hi%h are gi(ing li, $er(i%e to nation*i&e %ea$e+ire an& internal ,ea%e, an& *hi%h, in ,ra%ti%e, are ,er,etrating geno%i&e again$t the Ka%hin, Ta-an et%. ethni% nationality ,eo,le$. t the $a!e ti!e, *e %aution the other ar!e& ethni% re$i$tan%e organi5ation$ to 4ee, u, the re(olutionary alertne$$. 5. Whate(er the inten$ity o+ re,re$$ion through !ilitary o++en$i(e$ by 'yan!ar go(ern!ent an& 'yan!ar r!y, *e *ill %arry on the ar!e& re(olutionary re$i$tan%e, until the ,oliti%al ai! lai& &o*n by the PSLF/TNL +or the Palaung ,eo,le, i$ a%hie(e&. 8n %on%lu$ion, *e earne$tly %all u,on e(ery Ta-an youth an& national, *here(er they are, to ,arti%i,ate in an& $u,,ort the re(olutionary re$i$tan%e *ar, in all ,o$$ible *ay$, that i$ being *age& to ,rote%t the entire Ta-an nationality.

Ta-ang State Must "e Recogni#ed$ %entral &'ecutive %ommittee Palaung State Li(eration Front (PSLF)T*L+)

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