Scribd Launches Branded Document Reader for Media Companies
The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mediabistro Among First to Participate SAN FRANCISCO – October 7, 2009 – Scribd, the world's largest social publishing company, today launched a free branded version of the Scribd document reader for select media companies and blogs. Participating companies in the initial launch include The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, as well as leading blogs such as The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Mediabistro. The new branded Scribd reader, which includes a Scribd watermark, allows media outlets to embed source materials -- court filings, memos, reports -- in articles, increase people's time on site and extend their brands across the Internet. More than five million Scribd readers have been embedded across the web to date. "The concept of news and journalism is quickly evolving," said Trip Adler, CEO and co-founder of Scribd. "With this launch, Scribd is giving news organizations a way to present their source material as an important part of the story, both on and off their websites." The newly designed and lightweight embeddable document reader turns nearly all file types - including PDF, Word and PowerPoint -- into a Web document that can be shared on and any website that allows embeds. It can help news organizations:
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Easily embed documents in news stories and add transparency to the reporting process Increase people's time spent reading each story Increase brand recognition on and off their website through logos prominently displayed on the reader Retain attribution for original document uploads, regardless of where the document gets shared on the Internet Increase traffic through links back to the original story Increase viral distribution of the source material and brand across the web

Product features include in-browser search, zoom and fullscreen/custom resizing options, as well as the ability to easily share on Facebook, Twitter and blog platforms. The branded reader for media companies is available immediately. Organizations interested in applying for the branded reader should visit -more-

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