EMPIRE STATE FELLOW, NS Designed to attract talented individuals with leadership capability and a desire to make a significant contribution

to enhancing New York State government operations, engagement in the work of state government lies at the heart of the Empire State Fellows program. The Governor appoints each Empire State Fellow to work on the most pressing policy issues facing the State and to advance the Administration’s strategic objectives and programmatic initiatives as outlined within the annual State of the State Message and Executive Budget. Empire State Fellows work primarily within the Executive Chamber assigned to key policy and Cabinet-level positions and may, as projects require, rotate into agencies working directly with a Commissioner, Executive Deputy Commissioner or other high-level policy-maker offering Fellows an unparalleled experience collaborating with senior officials and participating in the policy-making process. Whether focused on the review and analysis of existing policy, recommending necessary adjustments to bring it into alignment with current priorities, or the development of new strategies to address emerging priorities, the primary focus of the Fellow’s work informs and supports the development and articulation of State Policy. Accordingly, Empire State Fellows are exposed to, and work directly on, highly sensitive, confidential matters requiring a significant level of personal and professional discretion. Their work product is directly reviewed by the highest level policymakers within the Executive Chamber up to and including the Governor of the State of New York. Empire State Fellow project assignments stretch across a broad spectrum of Executive Chamber policy and programmatic initiatives and include, but are not limited to: Health Systems Management & Retail Clinics Health Insurance Programs, particularly the Criminal Justice Health Home Pilot Membership on the NYS Health Exchange Outreach Team Homestead Project for people with disabilities Diagnostic Treatment Centers regulatory guidelines project with DOH Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Food Policy Project in collaboration with NYC Pilot project to streamline the child support process in New York State Agency disaster response systems development Fair hearing officer activity NY Performs CORe Initiative Specific duties will include but not limited to: Analyzing a number of environmental policy initiatives including, but not limited to: Green infrastructure storm water control initiative; asset management/wastewater treatment initiatives to incentivize the creation of sustainable rate structures; supporting the Transportation and Climate Initiative (a coalition of Northeast states) to deal with emissions from the transportation sector


Analyzing and developing statewide economic development policy with specific emphasis on: Industrial Redevelopment Policy Initiative in Upstate New York; spearheading the development and implementation of the Taste of New York Initiative; and facilitating the expansion of out-of-state businesses into New York State through partnerships with the New York State Regional Economic Development Councils; proposal and concept development for the New York State Tourism Summit; and developing the Empire State Index Developing policies and guidelines and serving as a project manager for the implementation of various storm recovery programs including: CDBG disaster recovery programs; working with developers on InteliGrants case management software; Homeownership repair & rebuilding; Empire State Relief Fund; Community Reconstruction Zones; Interagency call center consolidation; and developing a RFP for a new technology system for rent administration Enhancing statewide MWBE program administration through policy review and analysis and development of operational guidelines that more effectively oversee internal agency operations, and directly influence individual agency implementation by serving as an agency’s MWBE Program Unit Manager Spearheading OPWDD’s “Front Door Initiative” leading curriculum development for Training for Individuals and Families, conducting budget analysis, and developing program policy Assisting in the development of Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) Opportunity Agendas, managing REDC Opportunity Agenda implementation, and providing ongoing program and policy evaluation Advancing the NYPerforms Initiative – an enterprise Executive Chamber initiative to enhance agency operational performance through the use of key performance indicators and posting of agency performance data on a centralized web-based portal for public review. Fellows will work with the Director of State Operations, Executive Deputy Director of State Operations, and Deputy Secretaries on the program’s design and work directly with Commissioners and Executive Deputy Commissioners and their executive teams on the design, implementation, reporting, and analysis of their performance data. Enhancing state operations by developing policies and guidelines related to Lean Processes, Customer/Stakeholder Relationship Management, and Internal Controls.

While taking part in the work of government, Empire Fellows have the opportunity to participate in educational and professional development programs that help them to serve as effective and ethical government leaders. The educational component of the Empire State Fellows Program begins with a one-week course annually in September. Educational coursework continues on a semi-monthly basis. Meanwhile, professional development activities, including a presentation series and mentoring by Cabinet members and other government leaders, enhances Empire Fellows’ collaboration with policy-makers At the end of the Fellowship, a performance review process will identify Fellows that will be given the opportunity to continue to serve as leaders in New York State government after completing the program.


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