Synchronicity and "Sinister Forces

By Peter Levenda

Those of you who are familiar with my work will know that I place a great deal of credence in the function of something Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and his friend, o!el"Pri#e"winning physicist $olfgang Pauli, referred to as %synchronicity%& ew 'rleans (istrict )ttorney Jim *arrison wrote a!out it in 'n The Trail of the )ssassins when he remarked that when coincidence piles on coincidence in a case, he knows he+s looking at the evidence of an intelligence operation& )nd may!e that+s what we have here today& Last weekend, at a conspiracy convention held in Santa Clara, California, one of the icons of the conspiracy community and a man usually considered a!ove reproach "" (aniel Sheehan "" reported his understanding that the ,ennedy assassination had !een committed !y low level mem!ers of the -. Committee and the crime covered up !y the rest of the /S *overnment& 0urther, he descri!ed that the secret society working !ehind the scenes in the /nited States 1and the world2 is&&& the Thule *esellschaft3 )s readers of my /nholy )lliance already know, that Bavarian organi#ation was responsi!le, in large part, for the occult and mystical ideas held !y the a#i Party and in particular !y 4einrich 4immler, 5udolf 4ess, and the SS& 1The only other place I know of where the idea has !een put forward that the Thule Society still e6ists and still conspires against freedom and li!erty has !een in the fantasy novels of 7arion 8immer Bradley&2 4e then went on to reveal the identity of the man known as (eep Throat& It was, he said, Bo! Bennett9 a favorite of many theorists& :et, astoundingly, over the same 7emorial (ay weekend it was alleged that a former 0BI deputy director, 7ark 0elt, a resident of Santa Clara where the conspiracy convention was then !eing held, actually was the infamous source known as %(eep Throat%& I use the term %alleged% deli!erately, !ecause even though it appears that $oodward and Bernstein will confirm this in writing in tomorrow+s $ashington Post, I have my dou!ts 1as do many others2& 'ne of these dou!ts, and perhaps the most serious of them all, rests on the inconsistent detail concerning the ;<";=> minute gap in the 'val 'ffice tapes& 0or those of you too young to remem!er, this was the e?uivalent of a %smoking gun%, for it demonstrated that President i6on had tampered with evidence that he was supposed to release to the $atergate Special Prosecutor& There have !een many ?uestions a!out what was erased during those ;<";=> minutes, and what deep secret that erasure protected& In fact, it was the ;<";=> minute tape gap that gave me the title for my !ook and for this we!site, since )le6ander 4aig famously said that the tape gap had !een caused !y %sinister forces%& It was this remark that got me wondering a!out the role of %sinister forces% at critical moments in our nation+s history& *eneral (ouglas 7ac)rthur, for instance, warned us a!out the danger to this planet coming from %sinister forces% from some other gala6y@ and 5o!ert Jackson pointed to the a#is in the dock at urem!erg and said that they represented %sinister forces%& Today, as we wallow once again in $atergate, we are reminded of the tape gap and of how $oodward+s deep !ackground Source, (eep Throat, had told him of its e6istence and of how it had !een caused deli!erately &&& months after 7ark 0elt had retired from the 0BI and presuma!ly had no way to know of something so secret and !uried so deeply within the $hite 4ouse& )s I watch the talking heads and ad hoc e6perts on national television crow a!out the revelation that

7ark 0elt is (eep Throat, I cannot help !ut wonder if the %sinister forces% are at work again, o!fuscating and hiding a deeper truth, dissem!ling "" or, as President *eorge $ Bush would say, %disassem!ling% "" in order to disguise a reality at once more !anal, and more awful as the soul of )merica is left to twist, slowly, in the wind&

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