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Endorsement Form in Support of

State Assembly Bill 8045

to Secure Wages Earned Against Theft
NYS Assembly Bill 8045, introduced by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, will strengthen current laws to increase the likelihood that worker will be able to secure payment of unpaid wages for work already performed from their employers. The bill amends four sections of the laws to establish a wage lien that all workers can use to put a hold on employers property such as a house or car until their owed wages are paid; allows workers to attach or hold an employer's property (such as a bank account or house) prior to the resolution of a case that claims unpaid wages; and make it easier for workers to hold the largest shareholders personally liable for wage theft. The undersigned organization supports A 8045 as it will greatly improve workers ability to secure stolen wages and curtail the rampant wage theft in New York State.

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Email completed form to: Or mail to: SWEAT Coalition c/o NMASS P.O. Box 130293 New York, NY 10013-0995 For more information, please call: (718) 600-0793