From K S Josey Samson 11320 Entrada Place, Los Altos Hills, CA 94024, Tel: 650-917-1787 Ebay

ID : antiqueking53 To Zarano Jewelry of Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Location: 9463 GREGORY WAY, BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212 Phone: 800-898-6828 Ebay ID : bevhillsauctions Sub: Testing Details of Emerald & Diamond Necklace, Ebay item # 250199258028
Dear Michael, As per our conversation earlier today and per your response and request through ebay, I am providing the details of the test I conducted and the tools I used for the test. TOOLS USED ARE: 1) PRESIDIUM GEM TESTER 2) PRESIDIUM MOISSANITE TESTER II

Testing Tools

Testing Procedure: 1) Presidium Gem Tester is used to categorize the gemstones including Diamonds.
This tester separates All Diamonds including Simulants from all other Gemstones.

Chrysoprase ( not as Emeralds as described in the listing ) and ALL other white stones tested are put under
Green Stones are identified as diamond category ( Tool Needle moved to the Green Region on the tester)

Test involves simply contacting the top of the Gem with the probe tip and gently pressing until the tip retracted inside.

Chrysoprase and Emerald Line. Tool needle indicating Chrysoprase. When tested diamonds needle moved to the green area.

2)To identify the simulated diamonds PRESIDIUM MOISSANITE
TESTER II was used . All diamonds tested randomly are Simulants. Please see the picture of the tester below, lighting up RED FOR SIMULANTS . and also Beeping . Most of the white stones with the table top are tested. Test involves simply contacting the the top of the diamond table in vertical position

3) To make sure Moissanite tester is working properly, I tested other real diamonds , Zirconium, and Glass. It worked properly as intended.

I also tested other purchases I made from Bevhillsauctions and

proved they are all as described in the auction listing except this item and another Ring item#250194174758. Pink Sapphire on the ring was tested as Amethyst by the Presidium Gem Tester. All the small diamonds on ring tested as simulants. I do not wish to return this ring because my wife has been using it since we got it and she likes it and the price is small and feel okay to keep it. We also like the Necklace for its brilliance, but do not want to keep it since our tests proved the Gemstones and the Diamonds are not Natural as we thought and paid a very

high price thinking they are genuine and natural and worth as an investment; but proved otherwise.

I also tested item#250194175915- $306,000.00 5.60ctw

And proved all the Tanzanites and Diamonds are Natural and is very beautiful and breathtaking as described. I congratulate you to make such a beautiful jewelry. I request you to review my test results and issue me a RMA number for item # 250199258028 so that I can return it for full refund. Sincerely

Dated January 16, 2007 Note: This letter is electronically signed and carries the signature of the author and hard copy is not necessary to take any action on it by the receiver or the sender and is legally binding. However as a courtesy to your request a copy of this letter is mailed to you as First Class Mail to the address shown on the top of this letter.

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