Computer Studies Department

COMSCI 3 – Presentation Skills

Pre.lim Examination

TEST I. MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE. Write “true” if the statement is true. Otherwise, write “false” if it is wrong and write the word or phrase to make the statement correct. 1. PowerPoint adapts to the way you work and customizes the toolbar and menu options. 2. If you don’t save a presentation to a disk or drive, closing it will permanently clear it from the computer. 3. Once you have chosen a view for a presentation, that view can’t be changed. 4. You can start a slide show from only the first slide. 5. To display the Print dialog box, click the Print button on the Standard toolbar. 6. You can move slides by using the Cut and Paste commands. 7. Usually, title and subtitle text in a slide are centered, and bulleted items are right justified. 8. If you have a slide giving a list of ordered steps, use a numbered list. 9. After you have selected a design template, you can’t change it. 10. You can use the clipboard to copy a slide from one presentation to another. 11. Drawing toolbar is normally displayed at the bottom of the PowerPoint screen. 12. .JPG is the file extension used for PowerPoint presentations. 13. Colors that fade from one color to another are called Gradient. 14. You can think of a template as a blueprint PowerPoint uses to create slides. 15. A thumbnail is a miniature slide that represents the selected template in the Preview area. TEST II. MULTIPLE CHOICE - Select the letter that corresponds to your answer. 1. Which of the following is the most common output for a PowerPoint presentation? a) Web presentation c) On-screen presentation b) 35mm slides d) overheads 2. Which view is good to use when deleting slides because you can see the effect of your action on the entire presentation? a) Slide Sorter View c) Notes Page View b) Slide Show d) Slide Layout View 3. Which of the following alignment options is not available on the Format menu? a) Justify c) Wrap Text b) Align Right d) Align Left 4. When you use the Bullets and Numbering dialog box to change the bullets’ appearance, which bullets are modified? a) Only the bullets you selected before displaying the dialog box. b) The bullets from the current point forward. c) All of the bullets in the presentation. d) The bullets on the current slide. 5. Which toolbar is used to add slide transitions? a) Slide Sorter toolbar c) Drawing toolbar b) Formatting toolbar d) Standard toolbar 6. Which of the following objects can you animate on a slide? a) clip art images c) drawn objects b) placeholders d) All of the above 7. If you want to apply a wood look to the background of the slides in your presentation, which tab should you click in the Fill Effects dialog box? a) Picture c) Texture b) Gradient d) Pattern

8. If you don’t have a color printer, what printing option will you use to print your PowerPoint presentation slides? a) grayscale b) grayshades c) black & white d) colored

9. If you accidentally delete a slide, you can reverse the deletion by clicking which button? a) Undelete c) redo b) Undo d) retrieve 10. When you are In Slide Sorter view, which mouse action can you use to move a slide to a different location? a) drop and position c) cut b) drag-and-drop d) delete TEST III. APPLICATION: Refer to the Figures below for all the questions from 1 to 10 under this test.












1. You are asked to make a Powerpoint presentation slide for the number of enrollment headcount of ACSAT for SY 2007-2008. Which slide layout icon would you use? 2. If you are to make a graphical Presentation of the enrollment headcount of La Salle University, which slide layout icon would you use? 3. Assuming you are told to insert a ClipArt image inside your PowerPoint presentation, which icon would you use? 4. You are to make a Table of Organization for the Student Council’s list of officers for the school year 2006-07, which slide layout application would you use? 5. You needed to insert your picture which is in your harddrive, which slide layout application are you going to use? 6. You like to increase the font of your texts inside the slide view area, which button should you use to simultaneously increment the font size? 7. You’re done with your Powerpoint Presentation and wanted to show it to your Instructor, which button will you use to display your work? 8. You wanted to insert a video clip in your presentation, which slide layout icon would you click from the mouse? 9. You chose the image layout in the slide design and wanted to add text input inside your slide, which button would you choose? 10. You wanted to add a one-line text from the WordArt gallery, which button would you choose? TEST IV - ESSAY. Answer briefly the questions below and write your answer in your answer sheet. (5 points each)

1. Why do you think good presentation skill is important to a college student or to an
employee? Mention at least five advantages or important points to support your view.

2. Summarize the important steps in making Mailmerge document with MS Word