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Grow your business with our business. Providing complete technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses is how were engineering a better world.

Panasonic is constantly enhancing product specications and accessories. Specications subject to change without notice. 2012 Panasonic Corporation of North America. All rights reserved. Brochure_SMBSolutions_06/12




As an industry leader in ofce and communication equipment, Panasonic provides businesses with the tools they need to run more smoothly and efciently. The 47th largest company in the world, we dedicate billions of dollars to research and development, working directly with our end users to understand everyday problems they encounter in their eld and then engineer solutions to solve their toughest problems. Panasonic products are durable and our solutions innovative, making ideal long-term investments for any sized business. Whats more, our production is eco-friendly with lead-free, ISO 14001 Certied factories.


Panasonics excellent reputation and customer service makes us a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. Our exceptional quality has made us the market leader in small business phone systems (with less than 100 extensions), and earned us multiple awards for our innovative document management products. Our products deliver outstanding performance independently because they are easy to use and compatible with myriad software and hardware. But when grouped along with peripherals as a complete solution, the synergy among Panasonic products, whether you are linking a Toughbook computer to a projector or a surveillance camera to a telephone LCD, creates synergy within your business and allows people to collaborate, generate ideas and share information like never before.

Business Telephone Solutions Panasonic business telephone systems are engineered to

connect your employees with ease while saving you money on phone bills.
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Premise PBX and hosted options Choice of wired endpoints analog, digital, IP, SIP In-building wireless options with DECT 6.0

Benets n Portability Never miss a call by linking your desk phone to your DECT portable phone, with rugged options for extreme conditions and drops.

Cost cutting The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology saves money by allowing a traditional landline phone to operate through an IP network. Simple software Phones use contact list computer software, allowing you to add contacts from other ofces, sync with Microsoft Outlook, and drag-and-drop up to 32 people into a teleconferencing session. Customizable and expandable We have systems that scale from home ofce solutions to as large as you need themover 1,000 endpoints with our largest PBX system. Intuitive designs Our award-winning UT-670 SIP phone has a 7 built-in color touch-screen display, allowing you to easily access applications and connect to as many as 16 surveillance cameras, right from your desk.


Electronic Whiteboards Panaboards Panasonic electronic whiteboards - are ideal for

meetings and brainstorming, allowing you to transfer written notes quickly among different types of media. The included software makes it simple to save, retrieve, and disseminate notes, saving them to familiar le types like PDF and BMP. A built-in or attachable printer improves efciency by eliminating the need for note taking. Connect your Panaboard with a Panasonic MFP for high quality copies or use the Panaboard as a portable screen for your Panasonic projector.

Security Solutions Protect your business and its reputation with Panasonics industry-leading
surveillance cameras. With a comprehensive line of intelligent analog, hybrid, and IP-based video surveillance solutions, Panasonic offers indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance systems for virtually any applicationmonitoring progress at construction sites, maintaining secure access at warehouses, keeping a close watch over public places, and much more. By linking your IP cameras to your Panasonic Toughbook computer or phone system, you can monitor your business, your home or your premises when you are elsewhere. Plus, our cameras have simple installation and operationyou can mount cameras to walls or ceilings and install the software yourself.

HD Video Conferencing Panasonic offers room video conferencing with HD quality at an

affordable price point. Benefit from travel and time savings without sacrificing the in-person quality conduct meetings and interviews with Panasonic HD Visual Communications. Communicate and present ideas effectively with 360 sound and exceptional video quality, computer screen display, and split-screen capabilities. Add optional security and customize your system with microphones and additional cameras based on your companys needs.

Digital Signage Displays Digital signage is the way of the futurereduce long-term costs and get the look of a traditional sign with the versatility of a computer. Panasonic displays feature SD card and WiFi capabilities so you can display the images you want and change them at a moments notice. Whats more, our rugged outdoor models allow you to attract passersby with animated graphics and brilliant images. Digital Signage Projectors Panasonic has several projectors capable of delivering digital
signage solutions that allow 111-, 200- and 300-inch or even larger oversized images to come to life with dynamic vibrancy. Depending on the model, Panasonic large venue and installation projectors deliver up to 16,000 lumens of brightnessmaking them ideal for digital signage applications aimed at audiences in the hundreds or even thousands. Many Panasonic projectors are equipped with multi-lamp optical systems, allowing 24/7 operation for uninterrupted advertisement or message exposure.

Scanners Panasonic high-speed color scanners help you stay organized by allowing you to convert


your paperwork to digital documents quickly and easily. Scan multiple documents of different sizes at once with Multi-document feeding or Long Paper Mode. Our ToughFeed mechanism helps protect your hardware by detecting staples, and ultrasonic double-feed detection ensures that documents are fed one at a time. The compact KV-S1065C is ideal for a small business, working as efciently as larger models while tting on a reception desk or ofce desk. Panasonic scanners are available in front-feed and atbed versions.


Multi-function Printers Panasonics Multi-function Printers (MFPs) save space without sacricing
on quality, making them the central hub for processing paperwork in the ofce. A favorite of PC Magazine and BERTLs Best, they offer a host of innovative features for every function of the device (printer, fax, scan, copy).

Fax Machines Panafax fax machines ensure speed, clarity, and accuracy. They transmit faxes
through an Internet connection, which saves money and speeds up the transmission time for faxed documents by roughly 93%. The UF-5500 and UF-4500 are excellent options for small businesses and offer key features found on larger models including junk fax lters, email report capabilities, and large capacity for memory, all within a compact footprint. Password protection secures the receipt of condential documents and missed fax prevention automatically stores faxes to the machines internal memory if paper or ink has run out.

Toughbook Mobile PCs Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime, and to perform in the harshest environments. The quality, durability and reliability of Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers translate into significant financial advantages. In situations that would damage conventional computers, rugged Toughbook computers keep performing. As a result, users eliminate costly repairs or replacements, and avoid wasting time to recover lost work. The bottom-line results are compelling: lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) over the computers useful life.



Panasonic will grow with you and custom-tailor solutions to your needs, whether you are constantly making conference calls or looking to switch over to paperless documentation. We understand that there is no cookie-cutter product suite that ts all businesses, so our solutions are scalable based on the size and needs of your business. We offer attractive nancing options to provide you with purchasing options that make economic sense and can be installed quickly for minimum business disruption, or gradually over time, as your business needs evolve. And you can be sure that our technology will not become obsoletewe are a forward-looking company that keeps future technological advances and backward compatibility in mind when we engineer our products.


Design and Build-out
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Field Maintenance and Support

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System architecture and design Purchasing, logistics and warehousing of all equipment Hardware/software compatibility testing Remote device control integration for system management and remote diagnostics System installation and integration Including integration of digital signage content management system to accept electronic notications, equipment issues, creation of tracking notications and resolution Customer acceptance testing Customer training and launch

Dispatch service integrated with call center Remote management of any device with an IP address inside your facility or worldwide On-site technical troubleshootingproblem assessment, repair/replace for all equipment Swap service for all equipment Preventive maintenance servicerecurring service to maintain peak performance Asset management tracking Extended warranties Custom service level agreements

Financing Options
Panasonic works with Marlin Leasing to offer exible and innovative nance products to make your Panasonic acquisition more affordable. Customizable nance plans are available that meets your business needs.

Ongoing Services
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Talk to Panasonic About Your Business Plans and Goals.

Building fully integrated, high-performance networks that meet your objectives requires high-level planning and flawless execution. Panasonicand its partners through its worldwide resources, acquisition and testing capabilitiesis able to offer a higher degree of full compatibility and performance. By bundling the best-matched, performance-certied components, we can offer cost advantages and economies of scale, in addition to guarantees you wont nd anywhere else. We invite you to nd out more why Panasonic can best meet and exceed your solution requirements.

Digital signage content creation and management Administrative rights for accessing content and displays by network, region, location and screen External data integration Maintenance and support (remote and eld)

Remote Maintenance and Support


Network Operations and Data Center 24/7/365 support via toll-free technical hotline Remote network monitoring and management Host application and store content Dedicated technicians for remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, rebooting and repair Trouble ticket generation and tracking through all aspects until resolution

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