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234! = currenL

*Cross ouL
lndlcaLes prevlous
proposal (1)

5%6 7 7689
5%6 : !"#$ :6;9
5%6 < !%#$ :6;9

5%6 7 :6:9 =/, >,/?.@"$AB
&'(# !%# *+,-./012$
5%6 : :6C9 =1DD >,/?.@"$A 1$ 7E A.1%#B
!34567 &'(6%'(#$
Salary and lnsurance comblned should ensure
LhaL Leachers do noL see a decrease ln Lhelr Lake-
home pay for any year of Lhe conLracL. noLlce
LhaL Lhe MLA proposed ° ls approxlmaLe Lo
lnflaLlon raLes and comparable Lo oLher dlsLrlcLs
ln Lhe area.
234! = currenL

*Cross ouL
lndlcaLes prevlous
proposal (1)
5%6 7 7H;C; +*I J ,% 8CJC9
5%6 : 7H;EC +*I J ,% K8J779
5%6 < 7H7;; +*I J ,% K<J7E9

5%6 7 8CJC9
5%6 : 8LJM9
MLA's poslLlon ls Lo have a shared responslblllLy
ln any lncreases ln lnsurance cosLs--ln pasL
proposals boLh Leams offered 93/3° ln year 1
and 2.
1he ulsLrlcL's offers ln compensaLlon and
lnsurance would resulL ln a Lake-home pay !"##
for members.


lf Lhe ellglble Leacher reLlres by !une 2013,
Lhey recelve Lhe currenL beneflL

lf Lhe ellglble Leacher reLlres afLer !une 2013,
Lhey recelve $1,300 per year of servlce as of

403b -1$&P for ALL members aL $100/
monLh- max of $1200/year
CpLlon 1:
8eLlre by !une 2013, currenL conLracL
AfLer !une 2013, recelve $2240 for each
year of servlce 81 9.109.:.,1 up Lo 23
CpLlon 2:
8eLlre by !une 2013, recelve 8 years
AfLer !une, $2000 for each year of servlce
81 9.109.:.,1 up Lo max of $36,000.
MLA's offer provldes slgnlflcanL cosL conLalnmenL
(savlng Lhe ulsLrlcL around 70 mllllon dollars over
Lwo decades) and reduces Lhelr llablllLy by 80°.
1hls ls a huge change (loss) ln beneflLs for our
members, whlle honorlng a small porLlon of Lhe
promlse made Lo Lhem.

1he ulsLrlcL's offer reduces Lhe beneflLs Lo our
members by more Lhan 90° and falls Lo provlde
addlLlonal supporL Lo members hlred afLer 2006.
CLher sLaff groups were glven addlLlonal supporL.

+,/D"$",/# S

Summary of
several pleces
of ArLlcle 12
T$GD./$ *##"?/-./$ - Admln deLermlned
T&P.DG>. UT 1/D 0%.0 $"-. -Admln can
lnLerrupL 9 Llmes/yr wlLh no guaranLee Lo
make up losL prep Llme
F/#$%G&$",/1> P,G%#S ulsL has poLenLlal for
addlng mlnuLes (whlch lncreases Leacher
I.%",D# "/ ("DD>.JUT: unllmlLed
TI)! - only provldes sub Llme Lo do
*D@"#,%AS 8emoves advlsory from Lhe course
load counL, desplLe Lhe requlred preparaLlon,
supervlslon, and asslsLlng of sLudenLs.
T$GD./$ *##"?/-./$ - CollaboraLlon wlLh
T&P.DG>. UT 1/D 0%.0 $"-.- excepLlons
clearly deflned wlLh some guaranLee for
maklng up Lhe lnLerrupLed prep.
F/#$%G&$",/1> P,G%# -Same as currenL

I.%",D# "/ ("DD>.JUTS 7 perlod day
TI)! - Þrovldes for a collaboraLlve
Leacher/admln commlLLee Lo address
SÞLu lssues, such as equlLy for caseloads.
*D@"#,%AS Consldered an acLual class

1he ulsLrlcL showed no real movemenL ln Lhe
area of worklng condlLlons ln lLs recenL proposals
and conLlnues Lo seek ellmlnaLlon of lmporLanL

MosL of whaL Lhe Leachers are Lrylng Lo proLecL
here ls already ln Lhelr conLracL and ls worklng.

noLe: Advlsory perlod requlres llcensure,
conLalns class expecLaLlons, and counLs as
lnsLrucLlonal mlnuLes

+,/$%1&$ V.%- 3 year 2 year no moneLary beneflL Lo 3rd year - See reverse

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