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Comparison Chart – 911Tracker T3 and LoJack

Device Product Capabilities & Features 911Tracker T3 LoJack LoJack is a theft recovery system. The owner must determine their vehicle is stolen and file a stolen vehicle report so the LoJack location system can be activated. Only in cities with police departments that are equipped with LoJack radios No for standard LoJack. If optional LoJack Early Warning detects movement and no LoJack keyfob is present, owner receives message 15 to 60 minutes after movement.

Tracker is a theft prevention system. Tracker notifies the owner of a theft immediately so Is device a theft prevention system or owner can explain the theft to a theft recovery system? 911 located nearest the vehicle. This helps police stop the thief before they get to the chop shop. What is coverage in the U.S.? Nationwide cellular coverage

Does device notify owner of theft?

Yes – Tracker sends SMS text within a few seconds.

How are police notified of a theft?

Standard LoJack – Owner must discover missing vehicle and Owner calls Tracker and call police and file a stolen presses # for 3-party vehicle report. conference call with 911 that is If optional LoJack Early nearest the vehicle. Warning is operating, owner receives message and calls police. After police have stolen vehicle During 3-party call, police press report, they activate LoJack 3 to hear the Tracker speak device transmitter so police real-time location, speed, and vehicles with LoJack receivers direction. can receive. No police registration is needed. Yes. Owner must contact LoJack to provide vehicle VIN number so LoJack can submit to statewide law enforcement computer system.

How do police get vehicle location?

Do owners need to register with police?

Can I install the device?

Yes. Tracker cable has 4-wires No. LoJack requires that a that can be installed by the LoJack authorized dealer install owner or normal stereo / in the vehicle. security shop. existing vehicle alarm is detects movement but does not monitor vehicle alarm.

If vehicle existing security alarm is Yes. Tracker can notify owner if No. LoJack Early Warning only tripped, does device notify owner? triggered.
Yes. LoJack backup battery is not re-chargeable and LoJack requires that it must be changed every 2 years by LoJack approved shop.
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Does device require maintenance? charged from vehicle battery.

No. Tracker backup remains

Can device be moved from car to car? Does device need to be enabled/disabled?

Yes. Install a Cable Kit in each No. Device is coded to vehicle vehicle. Unplug the Tracker VIN number and cannot be from one vehicle and move to moved. another. No. Tracker automatically monitors vehicle ignition to control enable/disable. If owner calls police to file a stolen vehicle report, the police activate LoJack device. No. If optional LoJack Early Warning is installed, owner must provide keyfob with key to prevent false notification. No. If optional LoJack Early Warning is installed, device will only alert you if keyfob is not in the vehicle.

Yes. Tracker in Master mode Can device monitor valet parking? will notify owner if valet travels just a few blocks.

Does device alert you if thief uses a stolen key? Does device alert you if your vehicle is being towed?

Yes. Tracker in Master mode will notify owner if thief travels just a few blocks.

Yes. If optional LoJack Early Yes. You can place Tracker in Warning is installed, owner Move mode to temporarily stop must provide keyfob with key to notification. prevent false notification. Yes. Owner can send SMS text direction anytime. No. LoJack does not provide location to owner.

Can owner locate vehicle location? to get location, speed, and Does device notify you if the vehicle battery is getting low?

Yes. Tracker will notify owner if No. vehicle battery is getting low. If optional LoJack Early Warning is installed, the owner can add 4 additional contact numbers. Standard LoJack is $650. LoJack with Early Warning option is $950. Mandatory 2year LoJack maintenance and battery replacement is $70 to $100.

Does device alert your emergency Yes. The owner can add two contacts?
emergency contacts to be notified.

What does it cost?

Tracker device is under $300 and monthly service plan is under $10. No maintenance is required.


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