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There are many activities or events that we did or happened in our lives. And some events or activities are very interesting to be told to others, for examples some of my friends ever saw the ghost at their houses . According to them those are their experiences which can be very impressive or unforgetable , or it can be our experience that sometimes really interesting to remember and it makes us want to share to thers. To express past activities or past event both in written or spoken text , we need to know how to express in English context of communication which is called Recount . The purpose of recount is to tell past activities or past events , such as personal experience, history, biography or autobiography. And we would like to discuss further about the enre !f Recount".

The genre of Recount is a type of text that is used to inform or to tell about the past events or past activities. Recount Text is written in #ast $imple. %t can be written from the first or the third person&s point of view. 'irst person means if the events happened to the person who writes the recount , it is called personal recount. And the third person is as the writer who tells other persons& experiences. The writer becomes an observer who tells the story. (e use connectives or se)uence markers to tell the recount clearly in chronological orders. To arrange recount text we have to know also some generic structure or rhetorical structure which consist of * +. !rientation %n this step we decide or arrange the topic or event that will be told or informed to the readers. !n this step, we try to attract or to lead the readers to the topic or event that we are going to inform or to tell, so the readers will focus to the topic. ,. Record of Events !n this step, we tell the past activities or events in detail and chronological order. %t must be completed with the clear setting - time and place ..

/. Re0orientation. The last step in arranging the recount text, we have to conclude the important things that we have told previously, so the readers will understand more or can notice clearly about the events that happened in chronological order.

The following examples of Recount Text are given in order to explain more about the genre of recount, * Examples I

Vacation to London

Vacation to London Mr. Ric ard!s "amil# $as on %acation. T e# are Mr. and Mrs. Ric ard $it t$o sons. T e# $ent to London. T e# sa$ t eir tra%el a&ent and 'oo(ed t eir tic(ets. T e# $ent to t e )ritis Em'ass# to &et %isas to enter )ritain. T e# ad 'oo(ed "o*rteen da#s to*r. T is incl*des tra%el and accommodation. T e# also incl*ded to*rs aro*nd London. T e# 'oarded a lar&e )oein& "li& t. T e "li& t $as nearl# "o*rteen o*rs. On

t e plane t e ca'in cre$s $ere %er# "riendl#. T e# &a%e t em ne$s paper and ma&a+ine to read. T e# &a%e t em "ood and drin(. T ere $as a "ilm "or t eir entertainment. T e# ad a %er# pleasant "li& t. T e# slept part o" t e $a#. On arri%al at ,eat ro$ -irport. t e# ad to &o to C*stoms and Immi&ration.

T e o""icers $ere pleasant. T e# c ec(ed t e doc*ment care"*ll# '*t t eir manners $ere %er# polite. Mr. Ric ard and is "amil# collected t eir 'a&s and $ent to London /elcome Des(. T e# arran&ed t e trans"er to a "o*r0star otel. T e room otel. T e otel $as a $ell0(no$n ad its o$n ad per"ect %ie$ o" t e par(. T e room

'at room and toilet. Instead o" (e#s "or t e room. t e# inserted a (e#0card to open t e

door. On t e t ird "loor. t ere $as a resta*rant ser%in& -sian and E*ropean "ood. T e# ad %ariet# o" "ood. T e t$o $ee( in London $ent '# "ast. -t t e end o" t e 120da#. t e# $ere 3*ite tired '*t t e# "elt %er# app#.

T e Explanation 1y reading the above example of recount text above that was taken from internet - google ., we can explain as follows *

T e Orientation * The ob2ective of recount text above is The writer tells the readers about someone& exprerience - 3r. Richard&s family . who has vacation to 4ondon. The writer tell about the activites of 3r. Richard&s family on their vacation from the first departure until the they came back from 4ondon. The writer also tells about the impression of 3r. Richard&s family realated to their vacation to 4ondon.

Record o" E%ents * The writer didn&t tell the detailed activities happened - when was the exchated time.. 1ut the use of #ast simple has explained clearly that the events already happended. And the use of se)uence markers also explain that the writer has told the events in chronological order.

Reorientation 4 The writer finally made conclusion by telling the impression of 3r. Richard&s 'amily who was very happy to go to 4ondon for +5 days, eventhough they were all tired.

Examples II

Princess Diana Biography ( 1961 1997 )

#rincess 6iana

!ne of the woman % admire most is 6iana 'rances $pencer" or mostly known as 4ady 6iana. $he was a beautiful and smart princess of English kingdom. $he was born in +78+. 6iana ot married with #rince 9harles in +7:+, when she was at the young age of twenty0one and became a member of 1ritain&s Royal 'amily. #rincess 6iana has two sons, #rince (illiam and #rince ;arry. $he loved her sons very much, that was her reason to endure both from the pressure of living in 1ritain&s Royal 'amily. #rincess 6iana had a very good impression with her vitality charm and she liked doing some charity works by touching the lives of sick people and homeless people, such as in Africa or even %ndonesia. $he came to them with her warmth and humanity. #eople thinks that #rincess 6iana&s life was tragic when she was finally killed by the car accident in 'rance in +77+. #ublic were in deep compasion. $he has passed away and burried in 4ondon.....1ut her kindness touches and inspires people to remind her forever.

T e Explanation 4 'rom the second example of recount text above, we would like to discuss more about recount text and compare the first and the second recounts. T e orientation * Telling about someone&s bioghraphy is one of the example from recount text. !n the example above, the writer is as the third one who tells about 6iana&s 1ioghraphy that has very impressive life story as a princess of English <ingdom. The writer tells about the history of her life or the events that happened in her life with detailed time.

Record o" e%ents * The biography of #rincess 6iana is told in detailed, it started from her time of birth until the time when she passed away by completing the important event that happened in her life. The writer also tells about the other informations that can comlete and make her biography more interesting, such as = the pressure of living in 1ritain&s Royal family.

Reorientation 4 'innaly the writer made conclusion by the telling the feeling of people related to the tragedy which caused 4ady 6iana died and also the impression of people about 4ady 6iana.

(e can compare the first and second recount text above, as follows * 15. The first recount tells about someone&s experinces while the second recount tells above have different and were told by the third about someone&s biography, eventhough both the recounts ob2ectives, but both of the texts tell about past events persons as the writers who told their

observation about 3r. Richard&s family 1iography of #rincess 6iana.

vacation and about The

65. The first recount has unstated time signals and the se)uence marker such, but all events were arranged in chronologicaly order in past understand the story has did already the recount text is told simple. $o, the readers

happened clearly. 1ut the second example of with detailed time signals, so the readres can remember when important happened.

75. 1oth the first and second examples have reorientation or conclusion that explain about the writers&observation related to the story they told.

'rom the discussion above, we can take conclusion as follows * 15. The ob2ective of Recount text is used to tell about the activities or events that already happened in the past.

65. The examples of recount text are * 0 $tory of writer&s experiences - personal recount . 0 $tory about someone&s experiences that was told by the writer as a third person based on her > his observation. 0 Telling about someone&s 1iography. 0 Telling about ;istory. 0 6iary

75. Recount text must be arranged in correct generic or rethorical structure that consist of * !rientation Record of events Reorientation (e use past simple or sometimes present perfect tense to arrange recount text. (e use connectors and se)uence markers to arrange recount text to be in chronologically order. 1ut sometimes, recount text used unstated se)uence markers as long as the events or activities are clearly explained in chronologically order.


As teachers especially $3A teachers, we have to understand how to teach recount text for both reading and writing skills in English teaching, the following suggestions can be used to teach recount text in integrated English Teaching - Reading, writing and language components= grammar for past simple . *

?se recount text and ask students to read loudly and silently and check their comprehension by asking some )uestions realted to the text such as * 0 (hat is the topic about.@ 0 (hen did it happen.@ 0 (here did it happen.@ 0 (ho are the participants@.....etc.

4ead the students to undrstand about orientation, record of event and reorientation by discussing the content of each paragraph, then explain completely using the students&responses.

Ask students to identify each sentences that are used past simple to express the event or activities that already happened in the recount text given. Then explain the form and the use of past simple by adopting two or three sentences from each paragraph.

Ask students to identify the connector or se)uence markers are maybe used in the text given, then explain the use of them.

After the students undertand the steps in arranging recount text, they can try to arrange recount text by giving * 0 #ictures which can be given on slides, then ask them to arrange in correct Then ask them to pictures. 0 The examples of 6iary that tells about the important or special events that ask students to make alraedy happened last week or several days ago. Then their own diary. order based on the time time signals given on the pictures. arrange in as short composition based on the order of

0 The topics about telling their experinces, it can be sad, happy or unforgetable experiences. (e can start ask the students to make the outline, draft , then we can check or revise their writing, so finally students can rewrite their recounts based on our revision.

6isobedient students Today the principal stooped three boys in the yard. ;e called them over because there were copying each other&s homework and were absent from class during lessons. The principal called them over, but they ran off behind the school wall. The principal immediately returned to his office and telephomed the parents of one child, whom the principal knew. ;e contacted the boy&s father at work and he became angry when he haeard of trouble the boy was in. The principal did not know the other two boys, but he immediately went to see the boys& teacher. The teacher informed the principal that these boys regularly played truant and someone had seen them in the cinema during school hours the previous week. The teacher gave the principal the names and the phone numbers of the disobedient boys.

EA#4ABAT%!B 'rom the above example of recount text