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A. Match each word with its definition. 1. ___ with nothing written on it 2. ___ to pay back money which you have borrowed 3. ___ a metal often used to make coins 4. ___ a form of payment used instead of cash 5. ___ the smallest amount . ___ correct! without any errors ". ___ to take away #. ___ a machine which can use and give information very %. ___ of great value 1&. ___ to become smaller' to make smaller 11. ___ to need to repay money that you have borrowed 12. ___ to take money out of a bank p. check account 13. ___ the largest amount Match each word with its opposite. 1. ____ accurate a. without value 2. ____ decrease b. borrow 3. ____ maximum c. down payment 4. ____ precious d. minimum 5. ____ repay e. increase . ____ subtract f. put in ". ____ withdraw g. with errors a. accurate b. blank c. computer d. credit e. decrease f. down payment g. maximum h. minimum i. owe $. precious k. rate l. repay rapidly m. silver n. subtract o. withdraw


h. check i. add


Complete the text with the suitable words bellow. (he )nited *tates is truly the land of the credit card. +merican use credit cards to buy almost everything. (he use of credit cards has many important advantages. ,irst! the use of cash is minimi-ed! which means a decrease in robberies. .n addition! people can carry their credit cards and use them instead of making withdrawals of cash from their accounts. /eople can also place orders for purchases by phone and pay by giving their credit card number. (his is easier and faster than paying by check.


0owever! the use of credit cards also has disadvantages for many +mericans. .f a credit card owner does not pay all of the money that he owes at the end of the month! he is really borrowing the money! but the rate of interest he must pay on this borrowed money! until he repays all of it! is very high111often about twenty percent. 2ecause no down payment is re3uired for credit card purchases 4no payment is re3uired until one month after the purchase! when the bill arrives5! many +mericans have trouble limiting their purchases. 6hen the bills finally arrive! they see that they do not have enough money. (he result is high interest payments.


Answer these questions based on the completed text above. 1. 7ive three advantages of using credit cards. a. _______________________________________________ b. _______________________________________________ c. _______________________________________________ 2. 6hy should a person try to pay all of his credit card bill each month8 __________________________________________________ 6hy do some people have trouble limiting their credit card purchase8 __________________________________________________