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Thanks to the numbers from Dwarfs: Stone and Steel provided on this site as part of my greater research of the

elder races I calculated the population of Dwarfs in the years 1003 and 10! "rom S#S we learn that in year calculations! 10 there are $b%30& '&'$(b% battle capable dwarfs older than 1 years in )ara* +nkor! "rom there I derived my

$b%,-D in )ara* +nkor:$(b% 30& '&' .sing various methods and demographical knowedlege I possess I came to the conclusion that the percentage of male dwarfs is / 0 of dwarf male population! $b%Dwarf 1ales in )ara* +nkor:$(b% 3'1 2&3 "rom the same book we learn that & 0 of born are males resulting in that 1(3 of the population is female after other factors are counted in! $b%Dwarfs in )ara* +nkor:$(b% 4/ 443 "rom the information available to me I came to a conclusion that roughly 1 0 of all dwarfs are e5patriated! $b%Total number of Dwarfs:$(b% '4 33'

"rom S#S and from my own presumptions based on background I came to the number of battle capable dwarfs in the year 1003 and using similar methods as for the above calculated the total number of Dwarfs at that time! This first number is of ,-D that lived in the 1 ma6or 7olds and 1ines! $b%,-D in 1 ma6or holds and mines :$(b% 3 &3 000 Those were happier time when fewer dwarfs were getting in6ured and the percentage of those ,- was greater! $b%Dwarf 1ales in 1 ma6or holds and mines:$(b% 3 032 000 $b%Dwarfs in ma6or 1 holds and mines:$(b% 4 0 3 000 +fter long deliberation and reading through all dwarf related background in my possession I cam to a conclusion that roughly 00 of dwarfs lived in other lesser hold8 mines and over ground trading settlements! $b%Total number of Dwarfs:$(b% / 104 000

"or further information on other elder races and some more on dwarfs follow this link: +s I have promised some time ago that I will try and calculate the populations of all 9lder races so I have done! The method is not as accurate as the one for determining the number of elves in the current time but will provide an accurate enough cornerstone! +lso as I was told too much determinism in fantasy isn:t good I didn:t try going that precise! Still I believe this will suffice! +s the corner stone of my calculations I have taken ;opulation count of .lthuan < = I did earlier! "or the purpose of this and future calculations I have decided that the 9lves that live in colonies are also represented in that number detailing the population of .lthuan! I e5plain this by the fact that every elf living in the colonies would have an ancestral home on .lthuan so could be counted though not strictly living on .lthuan! The numbers of Dwarfs I derived from another calculation I did and that is show here < = In brackets is the percentage of the 9lves <;re>Sundering= or Dwarves<;re>?ar of the ,eard= at their height! I first worked with percentages only until I came to the numbers I knew and than worked backwards to determine population counts! $b%;re Sundering >3& 1$(b% +sur 9mpire < 100 0 =: 33 223 ' / .lthuan < &0 0 =: 1' &24 /'0 -olonies < 30 0 =: & 12& &2& 1alekith < 1 ! 0 =: 3 &1/ /'3 -aledor < /4! 0 =: 30 3&3 &2' $b%;ost Sundering >3&33$(b% @aggaroth < ! 0 =: 1 312 2' .lthuan < 4' 0 =: 11 03' '33 -olonies < 3/! 0 =: ' /3& 20& $b%;ost 1st -ivil ?ar >312&$(b% @aggaroth < 4! 0 =: 1 0&2 ''2 .lthuan < 4 0 =: 10 &2' '2' -olonies < 30 0 =: & 12& &2&

Death tool Druchii: 3 '32 123 +sur: 3 '32 123 $b%;re ?ar of the ,eard >122&$(b% @aggaroth < 4!& 0 =: 1 13& ' .lthuan < 4& 0 =: 11 3&' 42 -olonies < 31! 0 =: & & '/& )ara* +nkor < 100 0 =: / 104 000 $b%;ost ?ar of the ,eard main phase and ;re 3nd -ivil ?ar >1'01$(b% @aggaroth < !3 0 =: 1 34& '1/ .lthuan < 40 0 =: 2 2& 0'3 -olonies < 30 0 =: 4 &2/ 31 )ara* +nkor < &0 0 =: '&3 /00 $b%;ost Areat Becall and Time of ?oes >1 01 ( 1422$(b% @aggaroth < !3 0 =: 1 3&1 '11 .lthuan < 3 0 =: 13 &1' 12/ -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 )ara* +nkor < ''(33 0 =: 34/ '40 ( 3 '&4 433 Cld ?orld 9lves < 10 =: 340 000 <this number has remained largely unchanged apart from the fact that the 0 of Aray 9lves has fallen and ?ood 9lves has risen= ?ar of the ,eard Death Toll +sur: 4 43/ '43 Dawii: 3 & 3'0 $b%;re Scouring >2/'$(b% @aggaroth < !2 0 =: 1 41 '& .lthuan < 42!/ 0 =: 11 24/ 343 -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 $b%;ost Scouring >'23$(b% @aggaroth < 0 =: 1 122 '30 .lthuan < 3 0 =: 11 32' 13 -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 $b%9nd of the +ge of ;eace D1131$(b% @aggaroth < &!& 0 =: 1 /4& 434 .lthuan < 3&!& 0 =: 2 04 333 -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 $b%;ost 3rd -ivil ?ar D1 03$(b% @aggaroth < / 0 =: 1 212 413 .lthuan < 3 0 =: / 32& 430 -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 $b%;re the Areat ?ar against -haos D3301$(b% @aggaroth < 2!& 0 =: 3 33& 3// .lthuan < 31!' 0 =: & /1 '&2 -olonies < 0 =: 1 122 '30 $b%;ost the Areat ?ar against -haos D3303$(b% @aggaroth < 2 0 =: 3 1 2 332 .lthuan < 30 0 =: & 12& &2& -olonies < 3 0 =: &12 &&2 $b%;re

-ivil ?ar D3 30$(b%

@aggaroth < 2! 0 =: 3 3&2 303 .lthuan < 32!3 0 =: & 00 / '

-olonies < 3 0 =: &12 &&2 )ara* +nkor < '!& 0 =: 4/ 443 $b%;ost Storm of -haos D3 33$(b% @aggaroth < 2!1 0 =: 3 1/3 333 .lthuan < 3/!' 0 =: ' /'1 200 -olonies < 3 0 =: &12 &&2 )ara* +nkor < '! 0 =: 3' &'0 9lder Baces Druchii: 3 1/3 333 +sur: & /1 '/0 +srai: 300 000 +sthoi: 40 000 Dawii: '33 333

?ellcome to the third pro6ect in this series that continues to bring enlightment and reallity to this phantasy setting! This time I went to calculate the si*e of ma6or realms that have defined borders and give very basic <I donEt have the stamina to do it thoroughly any more= numbers of their populations! So without further delay!!! THE EMPIRE > 1 1 3 000 km3 .sing the population density of the 1 th century 7B9 produced a count of roughly 20 000 000 inhabitants! Fust to get a feel how large 9mpire is! -ombined areas covered by Aermany8 ;oland8 ,enelu58 Swi*erland8 +ustria8 -hech republic8 Slovenia8 Danmark8 Slovakia and 7ungary manage to be 6ust a few km3 larger! BRETONNIA > & 0 000 km3 .sing the population density of the 13th century "rance produced a count of roughly 9 000 000 inhabitants! KISLEV > 4/4 300 km3 .sing the population density of the 10th century )iev Bus produced a count of roughly 2 500 000 inhabitants! MARIENBURG > 114 300 km3 .sing the population density of the 1 th century ,enelu5 produced a count of roughly 1 000 000 inhabitants! ,enelu5 only fills 3( of the area covered by 1arienburg! ESTALIA > 44' 400 km3 .sing the population density of the 1 th century Spain produced a count of roughly 6 250 000 inhabitants! TILEA > 3// /00 km3 .sing the population density of the 1 th century Italy produced a count of roughly 5 750 000 inhabitants! BORDER PRINCES > 3'3 &00 km3 .sing the population density of the 13th century ?estern ,alkans produced a count of roughly 2 250 000 inhabitants! ARABY > 231 00 km3 .sing the population density of the 11th century 1agreb produced a count of roughly 7 500 000 inhabitants! Cnly areas covered by the kingdom<s= of +raby were included in oposition to the entire penisula!

NEHEKHARA > 4 11 &00 km3 Tens if not hundreds of millions of .ndead! This si*e of @ehekhara is based on what warhammer schollars have determined as @ehekhara before Settras reconGuest of southern ,adlands! This area is actualy only the @ehekhara HhearlandsH while the 9mpire was much larger! Fust a basic eye analasis shows that current @ehekhara is roughly 3( of the ancient empire and even this is roughly half of the .S+! The number of the .ndead could be well over a billion if all intered in the empire would be raised togather! ATHEL LOREN > 13/ &00 km3 Aeting the population of this place was much trickier but a population of 100 000 seams about right! The combined human populations of the civilised land of the Cld ?orld D +raby is around 55 000 000! ?hen one takes a broader look at the entire ?arhammer ?orld a number of 200 000 000 to 250 000 000 of 1en in total comes to mind! The populations of Crcs8 ,eastmen8 Ii*ardmen and Skaven are almost uncontable though one can be almost certain that with this many humans Skaven have numbers above billion! ?hen you look at the elder races <less that 10 million of all elves8 ' 0 000 dwarfs8 J number of chaos dwarves= you can now understand why everyone say they are doomed when the larges 7uman land in the C? has twice more inhabitants than all the elder races combined! +ctualy Tilea and 9stalia combined probably outnumber them! @ow should anyone say that &! million 79 is to many I will smack him with a trout! -heers!

This is how I interpret the story of 1alekith after rereading all the information I have on it during my research about the populations of the 9lder races! 1alekiths parents were the reason for his greatness and his later fall! The first reason that lead to the Sundering and what 1alekith would become go as far back as the reign of +enarion! It was he who founded the youngest of the elven kingdoms and with out doubt I can say from knowing +sur way of thinking they though these upstarts we lesser than them! It pained other +sur kingdoms even more as @agarythe became the pre>eminent elven kingdom! The raise of )haine as the dominant god didn:t help either as other elves looked upon folk of @agarythe as barbarians! It was with the death of +enarion that first seeds of a significant rift were sown! +t that time 1alekith was almost certainly too young to assume the role of the ;hoeni5 )ing but since role of kingship was something new to the elves they were unsure what to do8 for 1alekith was the son of the late king but did that make him automatically his heir they were not sure! "inally in his wisdom 1alekith proposed a vote in order to prevent possible fracturing of the elven empire! +s he was young he was not well versed in the intrigues of the court nor did they interest him! That resulted in him not being voted ne5t phoeni5 though he believed that he would! The council:s choice did take him aback but since it was he that suggested this type of selecting the ne5t ruler he was first to acknowledge ,el> Shanaar! 7is mother lady 1orathi greatly resented the choice of the council8 for she lost her political position in .lthuan8 as did many elves of @agarythe that felt cheated 8 they sacrificed their lives and this was how other elves returned the favour by dishonouring their prince! ,ut 1alekith calmed them by stating that the selection was a good! ,elieving that when he will be older his time too would come! So 1alekith took up the task of being the chief commander of .lthuans armies and the ambassador on the Dawii court along with ruling over his princedom! It was at this time that the differences between @agarythe and other realms began to show and many wanted to see power of this KbarbaricL kingdom curbed! The most prominent of these kingdoms was Tiranoc for it vied with @agarythe for the position of the greatest elven kingdom! The raise of the -ult of ;leasure within @agarythe damaged its position in internal politics that was already undermined by the church of )haine! "ollowing the death of Snorri ?hitebeard 1alekith embarks upon his voyages ever furthering the greatness of the elven empire! .pon one such voyage he stood before the +ltar of )haine and the dark blade took form of sceptre for him! ,elieving that to be a sign from the gods he decided to return home! ?hat he found there horrified him! The very thing he fought across the world made its lair in his kingdom with his mother at its head! ,eing an ever loyal +sur he denounced all the worshipers including his mother and handled them to the ;hoeni5 )ings 6urisdiction! This brought great dissent to the kingdom of @agarythe as people became rebellious and uncooperative for many had relatives that were members of the cult! The people of @agarythe were willing to rise up arms against other elves and others were willing to humble @agarythe by force! ?hispers spread that ;hoeni5 )ing was pondering over declaring war on the cult and that meant war on @agarythe! 1alekith saw that his kingdom and the entire elven race teetered on the brink of civil war so he decided to take matters in his own hands to save his people! During the persecutions of the cult and long investigations he learned of the nobles all around .lthuan that schemed against @agarythe in other words against him! Cnce more his lack of talent for the intrigues of the court would later come to plague him! 7e used the adepts of the church of )haine to plant evidence against those nobles accusing them for being members of the cult! ,ut as he concentrated ever more into removing nobles that plotted the downfall of @agarythe less time he spent hunting real cultist and they continued to spread! This forced the ;hoeni5 )ing to declare war on @agarythe! To 1alekith this seamed as utter madness8 hunting covens of cultists was no different to persecuting criminals but declaring was on an entire kingdom was a completely different thing! -onnecting the facts he came to a terrible conclusion! ;hoeni5 )ing was the servant of the Dark Aods and was trying to destroy @agarythe for their part in the Areat ?ar and the other elven princes followed blinded by their endless games of intrigue! ,ut 1alekith was wrong for it was not other princes that were blind but he for he couldn:t see in his love for his people that through them Dark Aods played him and the actions of other elven kingdoms only helped the situation! ,el>Shanaar called a -ouncil of ?ar at the Shrine of +suryan and 1alekith prepared to save the elven people 6ust like his father before him8 with the traitor ,el>Shanaar removed he would be )ing 6ust as )haine showed him! ,efore departing for the Shrine he sent orders for the people of @agarythe to arm themselves for there could be war8 for what he did not know was that many were members of the cult and when the armies of @agarythe went to war later it seamed that 1alekith as been in the league with the cult all along! ,elieving that once other princes would rally to his cause once they hear the KtruthL but it would not be so! Cther princes knew ;hoeni5 )ing well for they spent much time at the court and knew that 1alekiths accusations can:t be true and to them he appeared insane a traitor of the worst kind! Than the events become blurry ! It was either that ,el>Shanaar took poison fearing 1alekith and what other princes might think of him or 1alekith poisoned the )ing as the last ditched attempt to prevent war when he saw that other princes stood behind him! It is said that 1alekith coveted the throne for a long time and I do not doubt that but knowing +sur so has every other prince! ?hen the word spread throughout the shrine that the )ing was dead or killed nobles became nervous and when 1alekiths guard entered to ensure order it is very probably nobles attacked them the proud and arrogant prince a -aledor first among them! Cutnumbered many were slain before others surrendered and were arrested! @ow 1alekith was ready to save the world he took the feathered cloak and stepped into the flame without any protective charms believing that like his father before him he could endure the ordeal! ,ut unlike his father he was corrupted by the acts he had done and by his heritage for he was conceived at the time when +enarion was already corrupted by the ,lade of )haine and part of its corruption passed into him! 9ven if that was not enough he was corrupted by his mother as well for she bore the taint of Slaanesh upon her! +fter the broken body of 1alekith was taken back to @agarythe did 1orathi intensify the events even more by sending the assassins to kill the new )ing! During the period of healing done by his mother 1alekith changed and embraced what he had become! 7is pride would not allow him to back down! +bandoned by the gods save )haine and his kingdom invaded by Tiranoc8 9llyrion8 -harce and -othiGue allowed the cultist to support him for there was a war to be won and his list of allies was thin! 9nd of ;art 1