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NURUL ATIKAH BT MUHAMAD ZUBAIRI 3 PISMP TESL 3 Classroom management is an important element of pre-service teacher training and in-service

teacher behaviour (Emmer & Stough, 2001) and is comprised of three central components: maximized allocation of time for instruction, arrangement of instructional activities to maximize academic engagement and achievement, and proactive behaviour management practices (Sugai & Horner, 2002). Practices were grouped into five categories. They are physical arrangement of classroom, structure of classroom environment, instructional management, procedures designed to increase appropriate behaviour, and procedures designed to decrease inappropriate behaviour. I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kepas in Kelantan. That is my home town. I observed the classroom and behaviour practiced at that school. In my observation, the classroom space is quite bigger. Then, teacher can move around and get close to every student. The teacher can be everywhere in the classroom. It makes the teacher easy to observe and evaluate the students. Students also feel comfortable with their seating arrangement. They can move easily in classroom can discuss with their friends. Next, the teacher actually makes the classroom look like a learning place. There is a lot of information around the classroom so that the students can remember all the important keys in learning. I believe that is actually a good way in motivating and encourage the students to love reading and learning. This is one of the ways to make the students learn and remember in classroom rather than them just talking and make noise if there is a free time. Teacher also set daily routines in classroom for all the students. They have their own task to do every week. This will make sure the cleanliness of the classroom and help them in handling the responsibility. They will learn to hold a responsibility. However, the representative teacher must observe and make sure that they follow the routines that have been given to them. I have seen that the students didnt follow the classroom routines. Most of the classrooms are not clean and tidy. Teacher should set some rules in classroom so that the students will follow the rules. This is actually to make sure that the students follow the routines and do their task. The students must realize that it is their duty to make the classroom in a good condition to learn. Teacher also can offer some rewards for the students who behave and performed well in classroom. Then, it will encourage the students to be excellent as to prove to the teacher that he or she also can do better just like others. I also realize that the teacher actually did provide a space for study and discussion at the back of the classroom. However, the place didnt been taken well and its looked like didnt been use by the students. I suggest that the teacher to improve the centre of reading and discussion. Teacher can provide a lot of interesting books for enjoyment and information in that centre. Then, the students can visit the place to read whatever materials that they

NURUL ATIKAH BT MUHAMAD ZUBAIRI 3 PISMP TESL 3 want. The centre is too empty and didnt have anything to attract the students. Teacher must be creative so that the students will make use their free time properly. This will ensure the students so that they will not waste their time. Other than that, teacher also can provide exercise books so that the students can do it if they have free time. This will improve their learning. Instead of that, the teacher actually has divided the board into some partitions. It is a good way in managing a classroom. However, just like I mentioned earlier the teacher must tidy the board and make it looks like colourful and interesting. Most of the board didnt been taken and manage well. So, teacher should make sure the board in a good condition and I think the teacher can change the information on the board regularly. Then, the students will not feel bored. Some of the classroom did make some rules that the students must follow. However I believe that the teacher didnt strict in making the students obey to the rules. The students still make noise if there is no teacher in classroom. They also wasting time and disturbing others. Other than that, they also play inappropriate game. They didnt listen to the rules that have been stated in classroom. It is the teachers responsibilities to make sure that all the students follow the rules that they have been pasted in the board. As Canter and Canter (1916) stress, "If you feel the child can't behave, or you can't influence him to behave, there is little or nothing you can, or will, do to change his behaviour" (p. 51). However, when students and teachers see misbehaviour as a choice, such choices can be controlled. Assertive teachers require students to choose appropriate behaviours or face the consequences for not doing so. In a nutshell, Canter and Canter (1916.1992) emphasize he wants, needs, and rights of the teacher. Canter and Canter stress that teachers have the right to establish classroom structure, rules, procedures and routines that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behaviour. Then, determine and request appropriate behaviour from students, so that the teacher's needs can be met while encouraging the positive social and educational development of the child. The teacher also can ask for assistance and support from parents and the school administration to make sure that the students will be excellent students in all aspects. Lastly, teach students to consistently follow rules and directions throughout the school day and school year. It is actually the teachers responsibilities to develop the students to be success in their life and at the same time became a good person. However, the school administration and the parents must give fully support to the teachers to fulfil their task well.