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Pe ls Calllng ?


valley CenLer SevenLh-day AdvenLlsL Church

WrlLLen 8y: asLor !ohn 1. Anderson

uellvered Cn !uly 21, 2012

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Cur sLudy Loday comes from an lncldenL LhaL occurred shorLly before Lhe cruclflxlon of !esus, as
Pe made Pls lasL Lrlp from Calllee and !udea on Pls way Loward !erusalem, where Pe would be
Lrled, convlcLed and execuLed. Maklng Lhelr way from Lhe norLh, many Lravelers would approach
!erusalem by golng Lhrough Lhe !ordan valley, followlng Lhe rlver of llfe" as lL coursed lLs way
souLh, wlndlng Loward lLs cemeLery, Lhe uead Sea.

erhaps !esus, as Pe walked Lhe !ordan valley, LhoughL abouL Pls bapLlsm Lhere some Lhree years
prevlous, aL Lhe beglnnlng of Pls mlnlsLry. 1haL bapLlsm of course slgnlfled Pls deaLh, burlal and
resurrecLlon, evenLs whlch now loomed close and large. 8uL LhaL ls why Pe had come lnLo Lhe
world, Lo dle for Lhe slns of manklnd. Pe musL follow Lhrough wlLh Lhls dlvlne purpose. 1he lasL
years had been fllled wlLh deeds of klndness and mercy, and Pls mlnlsLry was noL over yeL.

1he road from Lhe !ordan 8lver Lo !erusalem was a sLeep one, one [eopardlzed by Lhe assaulL of
robbers and Lhleves. lL was on Lhls road LhaL one was aLLacked and lefL for dead, lgnored by Lhe
rellglous leaders and rescued by a SamarlLan man. !esus had used LhaL sLory Lo lllusLraLe whaL lL
means Lo love your nelghbor." now Pe would be golng up LhaL same road, Lo be aLLacked and
lgnored by Lhe rellglous leaders and lefL for dead."

As Lhe road lefL Lhe !ordan valley and cllmbed upward, lL passed Lhrough Lhe Lown of !erlcho,
where Lhe lncldenL happened whlch we wlll sLudy Loday. We're ln Lhls sLory, ln one way or
anoLher. LeL's read whaL happened. 1hls accounL ls publlshed by Lhree of Lhe Cospel wrlLers, we'll
look aL Lhe sLory as lL ls reporLed by Mark.

1hen Lhey came Lo !erlcho. And as Pe wenL ouL of !erlcho wlLh Pls dlsclples and a greaL
mulLlLude, bllnd 8arLlmaeus, Lhe son of 1lmaeus, saL by Lhe road begglng. And when he heard LhaL
lL was !esus of nazareLh, he began Lo cry ouL and say, '!esus, Son of uavld, have mercy on me!'
1hen many warned hlm Lo be quleL, buL he crled ouL all Lhe more, Son of uavld, have mercy on
me!'" Mark 10:46-48.

1he Lown of !erlcho had a long and evenLful hlsLory. CenLurles before, lL had been a well-forLlfled
clLy and cenLer of pagan worshlp. lLs awesome walls were formldable, and lL represenLed, aL leasL
ln Lhe mlnds of Lhe lsraellLes, a slgnlflcanL challenge as Lhey were abouL Lo enLer Lhe romlsed
Land, afLer 40 years of wanderlng ln Lhe wllderness. Moses, Lhelr leader for 4 decades had [usL
passed away, and now !oshua was Lhe chosen leader. Pe had senL sples ln Lo scouL Lhe land, buL
word had leaked ouL of Lhelr presence and Lhey were puL ln harm's way.

ln Lhe Lown of !erlcho was a woman, whose repuLaLlon was noL Lhe besL, who had proLecLed Lhe
Lwo sples, and for her generoslLy she was promlsed LhaL she and all Lhose ln her house would be
spared from Lhe desLrucLlon Lo come. AfLer !oshua led Lhe lsraellLes ln Lhelr march around Lhe
clLy, once per day and Lhen 7 Llmes on Lhe sevenLh day, wlLh LrumpeLs blarlng and Lhe crowd
shouLlng, Lhe mlghLy walls of !erlcho fell kllllng all, excepL Lhose ln Lhe house of 8ahab.

LxpllclL lnsLrucLlons had been glven Lhem LhaL Lhe spolls of Lhls clLy were noL for personal use,
Lhey, as Lhe frulLfrulLs" of Lhe Canaan conquesL, were Lo be dedlcaLed Lo Lhe Lord. neverLheless,
Aachan vlolaLed Lhe commandmenL, Lo hls desLrucLlon. !oshua sLaLed LhaL Lhe clLy was noL Lo be
rebullL, a command whlch abouL 8 cenLurles laLer was also vlolaLed, Lo Lhe desLrucLlon of some
famlly members of Pell, Lhe man who dared desecraLe Lhe lnsLrucLlon of Lhe Lord Lhrough !oshua.

!erlcho was Lherefore rebullL and became Lhe wlnLer haven of Lhe wealLhy, llke Zaccheus and
oLhers. lL's balmy weaLher aLLracLed many and lL acqulred Lhe name Lhe clLy of palms." lL was
vlrLually Lhe alm Sprlngs" of Lhelr day. Perod hlmself had an opulenL resldence Lhere. 8esldes
Lhe wealLhy, of course Lhere were oLhers who llved Lhere, even of Lhe lowesL of classes. Cf such
was 8arLlmaeus.

8arLlmaeus was bllnd, and had Lo survlve from Lhe generoslLy of oLhers. uay by day he would
poslLlon hlmself where people would be comlng by Lo hear hls plea, Alms for Lhe bllnd, alms for
Lhe bllnd." Cur socleLy has come Lo Lhe polnL now LhaL nearly everywhere you go Lhere are
unforLunaLe ones who seek your generoslLy aL many lnLersecLlons and sLorefronLs.

Suddenly 8arLlmaeus hears a commoLlon and elLher lnqulres or overhears Lhe reason for Lhe
busLle. !esus of nazareLh, Lhe 1eacher and Pealer ls passlng Lhrough. WlLh Plm were Pls dlsclples
plus a greaL mulLlLude." Some of Lhese were curloslLy seekers, some hoplng Lo see a mlracle or
recelve a beneflL. Some were [usL Lhere because Lhey had heard of Lhls Man and wanLed Lo see for
Lhemselves who Pe was and whaL Pe looked llke. A greaL crowd [osLled Lhelr way Lhrough Lhe
narrow passages of !erlcho.

8arLlmaeus has also heard of !esus. Pe's heard of Lhe waLer, whlch !esus Lurned Lo [ulce, Lhe
lepers Pe's cleansed, Lhe lame Pe's cured and Lhe bllnd Pe's healed. lalLh ln Lhls Man as belng Lhe
Messlah of prophecy had rlsen ln hls hearL, and now !esus ls passlng Lhrough Pls Lown, Pe's
passlng rlghL ln fronL of hlm! Pe musL geL Pls aLLenLlon, Pe musL flnd a way Lo ask Plm for help!

ln desperaLlon, Lhrowlng aslde any fear of recrlmlnaLlon or embarrassmenL he calls ouL, !esus,
Son of uavld, have mercy on me." 1hls cry for help was an expresslon of falLh LhaL exceeded many
of Lhe people whose eyes had personally wlLnessed Lhe works of Lhe MasLer. ln a sense, Lhe
vlslon" of 8arLlmaeus was clearer Lhan many of hls slghLed counLrymen. 8emember, lL was when
Samson losL hls eyes LhaL he began Lo see clearer. lL was when Saul of 1arsus was bllnded on Lhe
road Lo uamascus LhaL Lhe Poly SplrlL wove LogeLher Lhe ScrlpLures ln a way LhaL Pe was able Lo
recognlze !esus as Lhe Messlah of prophecy. And so Lhls poor bllnd man 8arLlmaeus exhlblLed
keener lnslghL Lhan many around hlm, Lhough ln a llLeral sense hls eyes had falled hlm long ago.

1he LlLle Son of uavld" was one whlch had been for a long Llme applled Lo Lhe Lrue Messlah. 8y
hls usage of Lhls LlLle, 8arLlmaeus was acknowledglng Lhe klngshlp of !esus. Pe was declarlng LhaL
he belleved Plm Lo be Lhe Messlah of ScrlpLure. CulLe a leap for someone who llved back Lhen,
someone who had never personally wlLnessed any of Lhe mlracles of !esus! ?eL 8arLlmaeus had
come Lo Lhls polnL of falLh ln hls experlence, and he was noL abouL Lo leL Lhls once ln a llfeLlme
chance" of meeLlng Lhe ChrlsL go by. !esus, Son of uavld, have mercy on me!" he shouLed aL Lhe
Lop of hls volce. Pe belleved ln Who !esus was, and he belleved LhaL Pe was someone Who could
help hlm.

!usL days from Lhls polnL, anoLher unllkely converL would express essenLlally Lhe same Lhlng. A
robber holsLed up on a cross Lo dle would come Lo recognlze Who !esus was and LhaL Pe could
help hlm. 1haL Lhlef's prayer, 8emember me when you come lnLo ?our klngdom," was an
expresslon LhaL ouL-shown Lhe falLhless generaLlon whlch led !esus Lo ColgoLha.

8uL Lo Lhe crles and pleas of 8arLlmaeus, he only recelved Lhe dlscouraglng responses of Lhe
crowd as Lhey Lrled Lo quleL Lhls beggar. Why would Lhe MasLer wanL Lo sLop and help hlm? 8uL
8arLlmaeus would noL be quleLed! Pow Lrue Lo llfe Lhls sLory ls! CfLen lL ls LhaL when someone
calls ouL Lo !esus LhaL oLhers Lry Lo geL ln Lhe way brlng dlscouragemenL! 1he Poly SplrlL, ln Pls
mlraculous capaclLy of speaklng Lo human mlnds, leads people Lo a knowledge of Who !esus ls
and LhaL Pe ls Lhe Cne, Lhe only Cne, Who can meeL Lhelr need.

ln Lhelr own way, Lhey're beglnnlng Lo reach ouL Lo Lhls !esus, Lhls Cne Who can brlng meanlng
and asslsLance Lo Lhelr plLlful llves. AL once Lhe enemy lnsplres oLhers Lo hedge up Lhe way and
suggesL LhaL Lhey are mlsgulded ln Lhelr pursulL of knowlng !esus. Pave you seen Lhls happen?
Pave you experlenced lL yourself? !usL when one beglns Lo Lurn Lo Lhe Lord Lo flnd heallng of
splrlLual bllndness and dlsease of soul, Lhe enemy ls Lhere lmmedlaLely Lo Lry Lo dlssuade and

WhaL we need Lo see ln Lhls sLory ls LhaL 8arLlmaeus would noL be dlssuaded or dlscouraged from
hls endeavor Lo flnd !esus. 1haL's lmporLanL! WhaL lf 8arLlmaeus had llsLened Lo Lhe crowd and
sald someLhlng Lo hlmself llke, Well, l guess Lhey're rlghL. Why should l expecL LhaL Cod would
llsLen Lo a poor beggar llke me? l mlghL as well keep my concerns Lo myself and noL reach ouL Lo
Cod Lo flnd help." WhaL lf 8arLlmaeus had reacLed LhaL way? lL's llkely LhaL Lhe sLory would have
been dlfferenL, ln facL, we'd probably have never heard of Lhe name 8arLlmaeus. lL's lmporLanL Lo
keep on reachlng ouL Lo Cod. uon'L be dlscouraged lf lL seems aL flrsL LhaL Cod lsn'L llsLenlng.
uon'L be dlscouraged lf Lhere are Lhose who say, ?ou're becomlng a rellglous fanaLlc." Pelp from
!esus for our needs ls more valuable Lhan Lhe rldlcule or dlscouragemenL of frlends or famlly! ln
Lhls sLory, 8arLlmaeus was well rewarded for hls perseverance.

AL flrsL, Lhe prayer of 8arLlmaeus was of a general characLer. Pave mercy on me." 1haL's noL a
bad prayer! lL was Lhe same prayer LhaL had been offered by anoLher person, noL held hlgh ln
repuLaLlon, Lhe publlcan who prayed ln Lhe Lemple LhaL day. Pls prayer was, Cod be merclful Lo
me a slnner." !esus sald LhaL he wenL home [usLlfled," or rlghL wlLh Cod. Pave mercy on me" ls
noL a bad prayer. 8uL !esus lnvlLes us Lo be speclflc abouL our needs. LeL's conLlnue readlng whaL
happened ln Lhls sLory.

1hen many warned hlm Lo be quleL, buL he crled ouL all Lhe more, 'Son of uavld, have mercy on
me!' So !esus sLood sLlll and commanded hlm Lo be called. 1hen Lhey called Lhe bllnd man, saylng
Lo hlm, '8e of good cheer. 8lse, Pe ls calllng you.'" Mark 10:48, 49.

ause for [usL a momenL on LhaL shorL phrase, !esus sLood sLlll." uL yourself back Lhere ln your
lmaglnaLlon and revlew Lhe scene. !esus ls on Pls way Lo compleLe Pls dlvlne mlsslon of becomlng
Lhe Sacrlflce for Lhe slns of Lhe world, an evenL whlch had been planned and deslgned before Lhe
world began. Lvery sLep Pe Look ln Pls earLhly [ourney was a sLep Loward Calvary. Luke reporLs
LhaL as Pe neared Lhe end of Pls [ourney, Pls sLeps qulckened. Luke 19:28. Could Lhere be a more
lmporLanL appolnLmenL ever scheduled? 1he Lord ls abouL Lo become Lhe Lamb of Cod."

?eL ln Lhls cruclal Llme, whlle on Pls way up Lhe road Lo !erusalem, Lo Lhe plLlful cry of a poor and
bllnd beggar, Lhe Son of Cod sLood sLlll." 1he greaL caravan came Lo a sLop. !esus paused ln Pls
[ourney long enough Lo brlng [oy and heallng Lo Lhls person Lo whom mosL of Lhe crowd would noL
have even glven a casual glance. 8uL he was lmporLanL enough Lo brlng Lhls Lravellng parLy Lo a
halL ln lLs momenLous [ourney! WhaL a message ln Lhose words, !esus sLood sLlll."

And Lhls was noL Lhe only Llme we would see Lhls graclous characLer LralL revealed ln our dear
Savlor. Cn a brlghL Sunday mornlng, noL Loo long afLer Lhls, when Pe came forLh from Lhe Lomb ln
Lrlumph, Mary Magdalene came Lo Lhe grave Lo compleLe her Lask of embalmlng Pls body, a [ob
whlch had been cuL shorL by Lhe approach of Lhe SabbaLh Lhe lrlday evenlng before. now she had
reLurned, only Lo flnd Lhe large sLone LhaL had been ln fronL of Lhe grave rolled aslde and Lhe
grave empLy. She dld noL know whaL Lo make of lL. 1he dlsclples !ohn and eLer also wlLnessed
Lhe empLy Lomb and wenL away agaln Lo Lhelr own homes." !ohn 20:10.

8uL Mary llngered near Lhe grave, weeplng. 1wo angels addressed her, lnqulrlng as Lo her Lears.
1hen she Lurned and saw !esus, Lhough aL flrsL she dld noL recognlze Plm. Pe also asks, Why are
you weeplng?" 1hlnklng LhaL Pe was Lhe gardener, she says Lo Plm, Slr, lf ?ou have carrled Plm
away, Lell me where ?ou had lald Plm, and l wlll Lake Plm away." 1hen ln Pls famlllar volce !esus
sald Lo her, Mary." now she knew Who Pe was! lL was !esus! Pe was allve. lmmedlaLely she fell
aL Pls feeL ln worshlp.

lcLure Lhls scene for a momenL. 1he Son of Cod had compleLed Pls mlsslon of becomlng Lhe
greaL aLonlng Sacrlflce for slns. Pe has come forLh from Lhe Lomb vlcLorlous of sln and deaLh. Pe ls
abouL Lo be welcomed lnLo Lhe heavenly courLs as Lhe Conqueror LhaL Pe ls. 1he angellc escorL
has llned Lhe sLreeLs. 1he LrumpeLs are pollshed and ralsed, ready Lo slgnal Lhe grand parade. 8uL
Lhey wlll have Lo walL for [usL a momenL more, because !esus has noL yeL arrlved. Pe has paused
for a mlnuLe Lo share a word of encouragemenL wlLh one whom, llke 8arLlmaeus, mosL would
dlsmlss wlLhouL much LhoughL. 1haL's whaL !esus ls llke! uo you Lhlnk LhaL Pe wlll llsLen Lo your
need? uo you Lhlnk LhaL Pe wlll hear your prayer? Can we faLlgue Plm wlLh our slncere, hearLfelL
prayers? no!

l wlll llfL up my eyes Lo Lhe hllls-from whence comes my help? My help comes from Lhe LC8u,
Who made heaven and earLh. Pe wlll noL allow your fooL Lo be moved, Pe Who keeps you wlll noL
slumber. 8ehold, Pe Who keeps lsrael shall nelLher slumber nor sleep." salm 121:104.

Why do you say, C !acob, and speak, C lsrael, 'My way ls hldden from Lhe LC8u, and my [usL
clalm ls passed over by my Cod.'? Pave you noL known? Pave you noL heard? 1he everlasLlng Cod,
Lhe LC8u, Lhe CreaLor of Lhe ends of Lhe earLh, nelLher falnLs nor ls weary. 1here ls no searchlng
of Pls undersLandlng. Pe glves power Lo Lhe weak, and Lo Lhose who have no mlghL Pe lncreases
sLrengLh." lsalah 40:27-29.

no, lf your prayer ls slncere you can'L Llre ouL Cod. Pls ear ls always open Lo hear Lhe crles of Pls
chlldren. lL may be LhaL you feel LhaL you're among Lhe ouLcasL, Lhe downLrodden, Lhose whose
names don'L sparkle ln Lhe llmellghL. 8e assured LhaL !esus wlll always hear your prayer. When
Abraham Llncoln was presldenL of Lhe unlLed SLaLes, lL broughL greaL exasperaLlon Lo Lhe
members of hls cablneL LhaL no maLLer how lmporLanL Lhe sub[ecL maLLer of Lhe meeLlng mlghL be
ln whlch Lhey were engaged, lf Llncoln's son 1homas, nlcknamed 1ad" came lnLo Lhe room wlLh
hls chlldlsh requesL, Llncoln would always seL aslde Lhe buslness for whlch Lhe meeLlng was called
and llsLen Lo llLLle 1ad's need. Cne day ln 1863, durlng Lhe helghL of Lhe Amerlcan Clvll war, young
1ad bursL lnLo Lhe room ln whlch Llncoln was conducLlng a crlLlcal meeLlng wlLh hls leaders. 1ad
was convulsed ln Lears.

lL seems LhaL someone had senL a llve Lurkey Lo Lhe WhlLe Pouse, desLlned Lo become Lhe
cenLerplece of Lhe ChrlsLmas dlnner. When Lender-hearLed 1ad heard of Lhe poor blrd's desLlny,
he was overcome wlLh grlef and dashed lnLo hls faLher's presence wlLh hls urgenL plea. 1he
lmporLanL meeLlng came Lo a Lemporary halL whlle Llncoln paLlenLly llsLened Lo hls son's requesL,
Lhen granLed Lhe Lurkey a presldenLlal reprleve, much Lo Lhe rellef of hls son 1ad.

ln a slmllar way, !esus ls ready Lo llsLen and aLLend Lo our needs aL any Llme. We are Pls
chlldren," and Pls ear bends low Lo hear Lhe crles and complalnLs of Lhose whom Pe loves. LeL
Lhose words, !esus sLood sLlll" lmprlnL Lhelr message of love and encouragemenL on your mlnd.

So !esus sLood sLlll and commanded hlm Lo be called. 1hen Lhey called Lhe bllnd man, saylng Lo
hlm, '8e of good cheer. 8lse. Pe ls calllng you.'" lL was good news LhaL !esus called Lhls man
8arLlmaeus. 1he word Cospel" means Cood news." lL was Lhe besL news. lL was Lhe beglnnlng
of a new llfe for 8arLlmaeus, and Lhe conLlnulng of hls llfe of falLh. lorever he would Lreasure Lhe
momenL LhaL !esus called hlm. Plm! 8arLlmaeus, Lhe bllnd beggar! Pe called hlm! lorever he
would Lreasure Lhe memory of LhaL klnd volce. lorever he would Lreasure LhaL facL LhaL Lhe flrsL
Lhlng he saw wlLh hls new eyes was Lhe klndesL face on earLh, Lhe welcomlng smlle of Lhe CreaLor
Cod ln Lhe person of !esus. WhaL a memory!

Llkewlse, !esus ls calllng you Loday. Pe ls calllng you personally, and Pls call brlngs good news! A
new way of looklng aL llfe! A new purpose and meanlng ln llfe! uo you hear Pls call Loday? When
8arLlmaeus heard LhaL call, lL says, And Lhrowlng aslde hls garmenL, he rose and came Lo !esus."
Mark 10:30. 1hls doesn'L mean LhaL he was lefL naked and wlLhouL cloLhes ln Lhe llLeral sense. 1hls
was no doubL hls ouLer garmenL or cloak. 8uL lL ls slgnlflcanL ln LhaL lL represenLs hls wllllngness Lo
Loss aslde anyLhlng LhaL would hlnder hlm ln hls comlng Lo !esus. noLhlng else maLLered now. Pe
musL come Lo Lhe MasLer! noLhlng was Loo preclous, Loo valuable Lo sLand ln Lhe way of meeLlng

8y Lhrowlng aslde hls garmenL," he was ln agreemenL wlLh whaL aul would laLer wrlLe as he
gave hls own LesLlmony, WhaL Lhlngs were galn Lo me, Lhese l have counLed loss for ChrlsL. 8uL
lndeed l also counL all Lhlngs loss for Lhe excellence of Lhe knowledge of ChrlsL !esus my Lord, for
whom l have suffered Lhe loss of all Lhlngs, and counL Lhem as rubblsh, LhaL l may galn ChrlsL and
be found ln Plm, noL havlng my own rlghLeousness, whlch ls from Lhe law, buL LhaL whlch ls
Lhrough falLh ln ChrlsL, Lhe rlghLeousness whlch ls from Cod by falLh." hlllpplans 3:7-9. WhaLever
lL ls LhaL ls holdlng us back from a closer walk wlLh !esus, we should be wllllng Lo Lhrow lL aslde
and come Lo Lhe Savlor, [usL as 8arLlmaeus dld. WhaL shall lL proflL a man lf he should galn Lhe
whole world and lose hls own soul?" ls Lhe quesLlon we should ask ourselves. ls Lhere someLhlng
ln your llfe LhaL should be Lhrown aslde" so LhaL you can come closer Lo !esus?

!esus Lhen asked hlm, WhaL do you wanL Me Lo do for you?" lL wasn'L LhaL !esus dldn'L know, lL
wasn'L LhaL Pe couldn'L see whaL Lhe poor man's pllghL was. 8uL Pe lnvlLed hlm, as Pe lnvlLes us,
Lo be speclflc ln Lhe requesLs LhaL we make. 1ell Plm exacLly whaL's boLherlng you. 1ell Plm
preclsely whaL lL ls LhaL you need vlcLory over. A speclflc requesL for greaLer splrlLual lnslghL ls
always approprlaLe. !esus wanLs us Lo be wlnners ln Lhe baLLle agalnsL Lhe devll, and Pe sLands
ready Lo answer Lhose requesLs LhaL wlll enable us Lo baLLle Lhe forces of evll.

When Lhe man sald, 8abbonl (Lhe same form of address glven by Mary a few days laLer on
8esurrecLlon Sunday), LhaL l may recelve my slghL," !esus responded Co your way, your falLh has
made you well." AnoLher way of LranslaLlng LhaL lasL phrase ls, ?our falLh has saved you." lL ls a
common expresslon LhaL !esus used on many occaslons when Pe rewarded honesL falLh wlLh a
mlraculous heallng.

LeL's see: we know LhaL 8arLlmaeus was bllnd and LhaL he was poor (oLherwlse he wouldn'L be
begglng). lL wouldn'L be much of a sLreLch Lo lnclude wreLched" and mlserable" Lo hls plLlful
condlLlon. ?ou could say Lhen, LhaL 8arLlmaeus was, wreLched, mlserable, poor, and bllnd,"
characLerlsLlcs LhaL are very slmllar Lo Lhe way !esus descrlbed Lhe lasL day church, Laodlcea. Cne
dlfference mlghL be LhaL 8arLlmaeus was qulLe consclous of hls condlLlon. Pe needed no
remlnders Lo Lell hlm he was all of Lhose Lhlngs, and when Lhe opporLunlLy came Lo obLaln help
from ChrlsL, he was more Lhan wllllng Lo requesL and recelve LhaL ald.

Where are we ln Lhls sLory? Are we ln Lhe crowd," followlng ChrlsL, buL noL really knowlng Plm
for Who Pe ls, dlscouraglng oLhers from comlng closer Lo Plm? Are we 8arLlmaeus, knowlng LhaL
we desperaLely need help from !esus? knowlng LhaL no one else can heal us of our splrlLual

WalL! !esus ls passlng by rlghL now! Pe ls calllng you!