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The Evolution of the Delaware Wing-T Belly Series

Any Wing-Ter worth his salt loves the Fullback Belly play. Along with the Buck Sweep the Fullback Belly is what any Wing-T coaches have hung their hat on for any years. The Fullback Belly or the !"#!$ %B &'ross-block( in the Delaware Wing-T ter inology has a)e any fullbacks one thousan) yar) rushers over its history. *n this article+ * a going to take a look at the history an) evolution of the Fullback Belly play. Accor)ing to legen)ary ,eorgia Tech 'oach Bobby Do))-s book title)+ Bobby Dodd on Football, publishe) in ./01+ the 2T2 For ation was 2re-intro)uce)2 to football in the ./03s. Football tea s across the nation+ 2began to use the -T- for ation with great success.2 The 2T2 for ation place) three running backs behin) the 4uarterback in a straight line across the for ation. The first series of plays that 'oach Do)) talks about is the /3 Series. Accor)ing to the book+ the 90-series of plays is a quick hitting series that is designed for straight blocking and that is effective against almost any defense. ery good deception can be obtained by incorporating the !belly fake! into the off-tackle and end-run plays. The 2belly-fake2 is the ri)e of the ball by the 4uarterback in the running back-s belly while at the last o ent pulling the ball away fro the runner an) either keeping the ball hi self or lateraling to an a)5acent runner. Accor)ing to the book+ the /3 series consiste) of three plays in the series+ /6+ /7+ /!Belly. *t is easy to see the origins of the early Wing-T Belly play co e out of the foun)ation of the 2T2 for ation.

Bobby Dodd's Belly/90 Series

The early Wing-T was a hybri) of the ol) Single Wing for ation an) 2T2 for ation. *n the su er of ./03+ 8niversity of 9aine coaches Dave :elson+ 9ike ;u)e+ an) <arol) Wester an hashe) out the new offense. The following year a young assistant coach by the na e of <arol) 2Tubby2 =ay on) was a))e) to the staff. The Wing-T was later perfecte) at the 8niveristy of Delaware by :elson an) =ay on) an) 8niversity of *owa by Forest Evashevski. The late ./03s brought a new series to the 2Winge)-T2 offenses- of Delaware an) *owa.

Accor)ing to 2The 9o)ern Winge) T >laybook+2 written by :elson an) Evashevski in ./7.+ the forty series was intro)uce)+ 2to allow a blocker to reach the backers who were in position protecte) fro the line an assigne) to block the in the lea) post an) trap plays.2 The 13 series &later re-assigne) to the !3 series( or Belly Series has been a staple of the Wing-T ever since. The original Belly Series enco passe) of a si? plays+ 1/#1. Belly+ which we woul) to)ay woul) closely rese ble !/#!. Belly @ption+ 1/#1.+ which as a blocking sche e very si ilar to the Belly Sweep play being run to)ay+ an) 11#17 'ounter+ which is si ilar to 'arneige 9ellon 8niversity-s Aoker >lay. Another play was 1$#1" 'ross Block+ which any to)ay woul) refer to as the tra)itional Wing-T Belly play. The final plays in the series were 1$#1" >ower an) 1$#1" >ower to <alfback. The playbook also i)entifies a))itional blocking a)5ust ents such as the Wha an) Double >ower.
&Author-s :oteB All )iagra s are )rawn up e?actly like they are illustrate) in 2The 9o)ern Winge) T >laybook.2(

149 Belly


144 Counter

147 Cross Block

147 Power

147 Power to Left H lfb ck

The series also inclu)e) two play action passes in the series+ the 1"#1$ 'ross Block >ass with e?ten)e) 9otion an) 1"#1$ Wha >ass.

Lt 94! "B P ss #$%tended &otion' (un or P ss for )B

S*lit 147 +, - P ss

Cery little change) fro the Belly Series throughout the ./73s. *n the ./$3s+ the 0.#0/ Belly @ption+ 0.#0/ Deep >ass were a))e). ;ater on+ with the )evelop ent of the split si? )efense the !6#!! Down an) !.#!/ Down @ption were a))e) to the @ffense along with a few wrinkles such as !"#!$ EB F7#1.

"Diagrams of each #ill be added in the future, B$chaumloffel% The Belly Series re aine) for the ost part unchange) throughout the !3s an) into the /3s. *n the i) to late /3s+ Delaware began to incorporate 6.#6/ Spee) Sweep &Aet Sweep( into their offense. The Spee) Sweep put the halfback in flat otion across the for ation with the 4uarterback han)ing off to the otion an running full spee) to the flank. This playe) a))e) an a))itional co ponent to the offense. During the sa e ti e Delaware starte) to e?peri ent with Gone blocking the !"#!$ Belly. Delaware coul) now run the Belly play without the nee) for the <B to lea) up on the linebacker at the point of attack. This beca e a very effective play when arrie) with the Spee) Sweep fake where the Belly coul) now be run to an) away fro otion. The Hone Belly has been use) 4uite effectively on the collegiate level+ while so e high school tea s fin) success with the Hone Belly ost continue to use the tra)itional 'ross Block as the staple blocking sche e of the Belly.

When 'oach =ay on) retire) fro coaching in 6336 after "3I years an) "33 victories+ the 633. season arke) the en) of 8niversity of Delaware-s use of the Wing-T. The en) of the Wing-T in Delaware was far fro the en) of the offense. *n fact+ this article woul) be inco plete if it faile) to ention the nu erous other coaches an) universities that have influence) an) contribute) to this great offense an) Belly series over the years. ;egen)ary coach E))ie =obinson fro ,ra bling 8niversity )o inate) the SWA' for any years to beco ing one of the winningest college coaches of all ti e using the WingT. <erschel 9oore long ti e coach of 'u berlan) 8niversity continues to this )ay to be one of the ost influential Wing-T coaches in the :ation. *n fact uch of the new 2<ybri) Wing-T2 concepts can be trace) )irectly to 'oach 9oore. 8niversities such as 'arneige9ellon in >ittsburg an) for er 'oach 'huck Dluasing have beco e sources of i)eas an) innovative thinking that have a))e) growth to the offense. There are still any great WingT coaches left teaching an) sharing i)eas an) infor ation. The Wing-T an) Wing-T Belly series will continue to grow an) )evelop for years to co e.