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Lesson Plan

LEVEL/LESSON &'TE()'L TE(&)N'L O23ECT)VES TE'C7)N8 ')9S 'SS<&PT)ON : ET 4 (English for teenagers) / Lesson 10 Can yo tell !e the "ay to#####$% : Te*t+oo, -- ./ 0 .1 : St 4ents "ill +e a+le to as, for an4 gi5e 4ire6tions : Car4s: &a-: ;or,sheet: Po"erPoint: Vi4eo : St 4ents ,no" -re-ositions of -la6e an4 6o!!on lo6ations in a to"n


ENABLING OBJECTIVES SWBAT recognizes the topic b !"tching " #i$eo "n$ $isc%ssing "bo%t the content !hich is re&"te$ to preposition' "n$ e(pression o) "s*ing "n$ gi#ing $irection +'tta6h!ent 1 = >)

-ROCE./RES AN. TEC0NI1/ES T "s*s Ss to !"tch " #i$eo "n$ "s*s 2%estions re&"te$ to the ter,s o) preposition "n$ e(pression o) "s*ing "n$ gi#ing $irection T !rites $o!n the preposition on the bo"r$ T "s*s Ss to $o "cti#it 3 T $isc%ss the "ns!ers "n$ !rite ,ore !or$s o) prepositions on the bo"r$ T p%ts Ss in p"irs4 T "s*s Ss to )in$ the b%i&$ing "n$ !rite $o!n the n",e o) the b%i&$ing b &istening to the $irection )ro, their p"rtner T $isc%sses the "ns!er !ith the st%$ents T "s*s Ss to &isten to the recor$ing "n$ co,p&ete the b&"n*s T $isc%sses the "ns!er "n$ !rite $o!n the e(pression on the bo"r$ T "s*s Ss to pr"ctice the $i"&og%e !ith their p"rtner

INTERACTION -ATTERN T6S T 7 0i c&"ss' h"#e o% e#er been &ost be)ore8 Wh"t $o o% $o !hen o% "re &ost844right "s*ing )or $irection4 No! !"tch this #i$eo' te&& ,e !here the "re going "n$ ho! the get to the p&"ce8 Ss7 es ,iss T6S T7 O*' no! &et5s )in$ o%t ,ore "bo%t other preposition b $oing "cti#it 3 in o%r st%$ent boo*4 Ss7 O* S6S T7 No!' o% !or* in p"irs' I !"nt o% to gi#e $irection o) " p&"ce e"ch other to o%r p"rtner b"se$ on the in)or,"tion in o%r sheet "n$ ")ter th"t !rite $o!n the p&"ce n",e on o%r sheet4 SS7 "&right ,"5", T6S T7 O*' open o%r st%$ent boo* p"ge 9:' "cti#it ;4 We "re going to &isten to " $i"&og%e' p&e"se co,p&ete the b&"n*s b"se$ on the e(pressions o% he"r )ro, the $i"&og%e44444 T7 O*' &et5s $isc%ss the "ns!er44444 T7 No!' o% pr"ctice the $i"&og%e !ith o%r p"rtner Ss7 Yes' M"5", T6S T7 A&right' no! o% *no! the $irection to C"ssie5s ho%se444Loo* "t the ,"p in "cti#it :' c"n o% )in$ !here C"ssie5s ho%se is8 SS7 Yes T7 Goo$' no! te&& ,e the e(pression to "s* )or $irection444 Ss7 C"n o% te&& ,e the !" too4444

./RATION <=5

SWBAT re#ie! so,e prepositions "n$ &e"rn other prepositions (2oo, 1)

SWBAT $e,onstr"te their co,prehension o) preposition b $oing in)or,"tion g"p "cti#it ('tta6h!ent /)

SWBAT &e"rn so,e ter,s re&"te$ to "s*ing )or "n$ gi#ing $irection (2oo, >)

SWBAT %n$erst"n$ the $irections in the pre#io%s $i"&og%e (2oo, /)

T "s*s Ss to re"$ the $irection in the pre#io%s $i"&og%e "n$ ,"r* C"ssie5s ho%se on the ,"p


ENABLING OBJECTIVES SWBAT conc&%$e to$" 5s &esson ob>ecti#e or"&& SWBAT &e"rn the e(pression )ro, the te"cher5s e(p&"n"tion %sing inter"cti#e -o!er -oint ('tta6h!ent 4)

-ROCE./RES AN. TEC0NI1/ES T "s*s SS !h"t the "re going to &e"rn T e(p&"ins the t"rget e(pression %sing po!er point T "s*s Ss to )in$ " p&"ce "n$ gi#e $irection %sing -o!er-oint

INTERACTION -ATTERN T6S T7 A)ter o% $o the "cti#ities' c"n o% g%ess !h"t !e "re going to &e"rn to$" 8 Ss7 As*ing "n$ gi#ing $irection T7Right' so b the en$ o) the &esson I !"nt o% to be "b&e to "s* "n$ gi#e $irection Ss7 Yes Miss T7No!' p&e"se &oo* "t to the s&i$e' !e !i&& &e"rn ,ore "bo%t the e(pression to "s* "n$ gi#e $irection T6S T7 A)ter &e"rning the e(pression' &et5s go b"c* to o%r st%$ent boo* p"ge 9< "cti#it <4

./RATION ;=5


SWBAT %n$erst"n$s !ritten $irections (2oo, 4)

T "s*s Ss to $o "cti#it < T $isc%sses the "ns!er !ith the st%$ents