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AP Success: You Joshing me? Frederick Stichnoth, fred.stichnoth@yahoo.

com February 12, 2013 MCPS released a re ort on Class of 2013 !raduates takin! "d#anced Placement tests, earnin! a assin! score of 3 $or hi!her%, and attainin! colle!e&readiness $"P 3 or 'nternational (accalaureate e)am *%. +"P Success, is the banner s in of the MCPS -ebsite. Same schools, different data. .hree&/uarters colle!e&unready is catastro he, not success. .he banner is !reat cor orate P0, but ainfully offensi#e for the disre!arded half belo- the MCPS median1al-ays the same schools2 Bottoms up to median 3ith ercenta!e of !raduates attainin! benchmark "ttainment .est 36 Colle!e&ready45raduates rank takers45raduates earners45raduate MCPS mean 7 88 91 93 29 S rin!brook ** S rin!brook 22 S rin!brook 2: 2* 3atkins Mill *: ;ennedy 29 ;ennedy 2< 23 ;ennedy *: 3atkins Mill 28 3heaton 30 22 =instein 90 Seneca >alley 28 Seneca >alley 3* 21 5aithersbur! 91 3heaton 30 ?orth-ood 39 20 Paint (ranch 92 ?orth-ood 39 5aithersbur! 38 1< Clarksbur!@ 93 5aithersbur! 38 Paint (ranch 38 1: Seneca >alley 99 Paint (ranch 38 (lake 3: 1A (lake 98 =instein 3: 3atkins Mill 3< 18 ?orth-ood 98 (lake 3: =instein *0 19 Ma!ruder@ 98 Clarksbur!@ *1 Clarksbur!@ *1 1* (lair 9: Ma!ruder@ *8 Ma!ruder@ *8 13 3heaton 9< (lair 91 (lair 91 =ach of the three lists includes the same 13 schools2 all 3 ?ortheast Consortium schools, all 9 Bo-ncounty Consortium schools, 5aithersbur!, Seneca >alley, 3atkins Mill, Clarksbur! and Ma!ruder. .he first 11 schools $+CDC schools,% -ill be the focus of the forthcomin! Cffice of De!islati#e C#ersi!ht re ort. Test ta!ing decline. For MCPS as a -hole, the 88 ercent of 2013 !raduates takin! "P e)ams -as less than the ercenta!e of 2012 !raduates. .he 2013 fall off a lied to each of the four main racial4ethnic !rou s $e)ce t blacks% and to both F"0MS and non&F"0MS students. For the 11 CDC schools2 2013 declines for e#ery !rou , and for e#ery school e)ce t (lair. For MCPS, the ercenta!e of black !raduates takin! tests -as only half the ercenta!e of -hite !raduatesE the 2013 !a -as -ider than the 2012 !a .


Passing decline. Considerin! the a!!re!ate of 29 hi!h schools, the ercenta!e of !raduates scorin! "P 3 or hi!her decreased in 2013 relati#e to 2012 for e#ery racial4ethnic !rou and for students -ho are not F"0MS students. $.he ercenta!e increased for F"0MS students.% .he ercenta!e of black students scorin! 3 or hi!her is a third the ercenta!e of -hite students $-ith the !a -orse in 2013 than 2012%E the ercenta!e of F"0MS students is *0 ercent of the ercenta!e of non&F"0MS students. Considerin! the ei!ht ?=C and BCC schools only, the ercenta!e of !raduates scorin! "P 3 or hi!her decreased in 2013 relati#e to 2012 for e#ery school e)ce t (lair, for e#ery racial4ethnic !rou , and for F"0MS and non&F"0MS students. "ollege readiness decline. MCPS considers that earnin! either an "P 3 or an '( * marks attainment of colle!e&readiness. (y this measure, MCPSH 2013 !raduates as a -hole -ere less colle!e&ready in 2013 than they -ere the year before. So -ere !raduates in each ?=C and BCC school, e)ce t (lair, and in the three other CDC schools, e)ce t 3atkins Mill. .he 11 CDC schools !ot -orseE the 1* other, -ealthier, schools !ot better. Political action. .he bureaucrats, -ith (oard in to-, ha#e been com lacent -ith east county decline, and the conse/uent di#ision of our county into rich and oor, for many years. .hey do not ha#e this under control. .hey sur#i#e secure and unruffled throu!h machine electoral olitics and the clubby understandin! of community olitical, business and hilanthro ic leaders. .hey no- arade to "nna olis to demand IA90 million for shiny ne- buildin!s, and reen to de#our I2.2 billion of County ta) re#enues, I91 million more than MC=. Cur State De!islators and County Council cannot claim that they donHt ha#e le#era!e, or that itHs not their roblem. ?o-, this election season, is the test of community leadershi J the time for real oliticians to call the bureaucrats and subser#ient (oard to account and to demand chan!e.

MCPS February 10, 201* "P4'( Partici ation and Performance re ort2 htt 244---.mont!omeryschoolsmd.or!4info4 df4"P'(Memo2013. df