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Alpha Company OPERATIONS ORDER – Week 8 (18OCT09-24OCT09)

1. Fall Training Calendar
2. FM 21-20
3. Battalion Operations Order

Task Organization: Alpha Company, Blue Hen Battalion

1st PLT
2nd PLT

Time Zone Used Throughout Order: Local (Eastern Standard Time)

I. Situation
Enemy Forces: None
Friendly Forces:
Higher Unit Mission The Fighting Blue Hen Battalion conducts PT,
Leadership Lab, and competes at 4th BDE Ranger Challenge during
Week 8 (18OCT09-24OCT09) at each company’s respective training
sites and Ft. Bragg, NC , IOT improve physical fitness and continue to
educate and develop cadets military skills, and build comrade and
represent the BN.
Higher Unit Intent It is my intent that the BN conducts weekly
company pt and lab according to their respective company training
calendars. Also that select individuals compete at the brigade
Ranger challenge competition. All cadets arrive on time, are accounted
for, have the proper uniform and equipment to conduct training. End
state for this operation will be complete when all Cadets conduct
weekly physical training and lab improving their knowledge of military
skills, physical fitness and the Ranger challenge team successfully
competes at the brigade competition building teamwork and espirit de
Rear Unit Mission: Bravo Co. of the Fighting Blue Hen Battalion
conducts PT and LEADLAB on Ambush/Claymore Mine NLT
231600OCT09 IOT develop and train cadets and prepare MS III’s for
Attachments/Detachments: None

II. Mission
Alpha Company of the Fighting Blue Hen Battalion conducts PT, LEADLAB on
Ambush and M18A1 Claymore Mine and Ranger Challenge at company
training areas (CSB, BN HQ, Ranger Hill, Fort Bragg) NLT 251600OCT09 IOT
provide proper training to cadets and prepare MS III’s for Warrior Forge 2010
and represent the Blue Hen Battalion in front of the Brigade.

III. Execution
Commander’s Intent: It is my intent that all cadets receive training on
ambush/M18A1 Claymore Mine and all complete physical training without
sustaining any injuries. Also, selected cadets will compete in the Ranger
Challenge competition at Fort Bragg. Rehearsals will be conducted, plans will
be submitted and cadets will show up to all events on time, in the proper
uniform. The end state of this operation is when cadets complete their weekly
physical training, LEADLAB training and when the Ranger Challenge team
completes the competition.

Concept of Operation
This operation will be conducted in three phases:
Phase I: Consists of rehearsals and plan dissemination
Phase II: Consists of Alpha Company executing PT, LEADLAB
according to company training calendar and Ranger Challenge team
Phase III: Consists of AAR’s and accountability

Phase I: Begins with C/CPT Smith attending the BN staff meeting
to inform BN leadership on upcoming company events. It continues with the
rehearsal of Ambush/Claymore Mine Lab with their platoon leader and then A
Co. CO. PT instructors will submit their PT plan to their evaluator and platoon
leader one week before their PT. Lab instructors for week 10 will also submit
their lab plan to evaluators and platoon leader for feedback and review NLT
15OCT. This phase ends when PT plan for 23OCT is submitted for review NLT

Phase II: Begins with a Combatives PT on 19OCT by C/SGT

Bogdan at Pearson Hall Gym. It continues on Wednesday morning when
cadets conduct an APFT according to the OPORD put out by C/CPT Smith.
C/SSG Chester and C/SSG Robbins will conduct LEADLAB on the
Ambush/Claymore Mine at Ranger Hill. Selected cadets from Alpha Company
will depart for Fort Bragg, NC to compete in the Ranger Challenge
Competition. This phase ends after C/SSG Sherwood’s squad competition PT
on Friday morning.

Phase III: Begins with MS III’s conducting an AAR of PT and

LEADLAB and submitting it to C/CPT Schellenger (Assistant S3). All equipment
drawn from the S4 will be accounted for and returned. Ranger Challenge
returns to UD after completion of the competition. This phase ends when the
AAR is submitted, all equipment has been returned to C/CPT Timmick and all
cadets return from Fort Bragg.

Tasks to Maneuver Units

C/1LT Williams
T: Oversee physical training of Delaware State cadets
P: IOT meet company and battalion training standards
1 PLT; 2nd PLT

T: participate in PT on Monday and Friday; LEADLAB on Thursday

and a PT Test on Wednesday
P: IOT complete company mission and meet Commander’s

Tasks to Support Units

C/SGT Bogdan; C/SSG Robbins
T: Conduct LEADLAB on Ambush/Claymore Mine
C/SGT Bogdan; C/SSG Sherwood
T: Conduct PT according to A. Co. training schedule

Coordinating Instructions

190630OCT09 Combatives PT
210530OCT09 APFT
221000OCT09 Ranger Challenge Departs
221600OCT09 LEADLAB Ambush/Claymore Mine
230630OCT09 Squad Competition PT
23OCT-24OCT Ranger Challenge Competition
251900OCT09 Ranger Challenge returns to UD

Uniform: Will be specified by event instructor. Uniform will meet Army

Standard, as will cadet appearance.

IV: Service and Support

Resupply: No resupply available
Material Service
Cadets will coordinate with C/CPT Timmick, the BN S4, for any supplies
needed at least 10 days ahead of time
Transportation: Cadets will arrive at events via POV, or walking
Services: None

In case of injury or illness, CLS qualified personnel will respond accordingly. If

injury or illness is not severe, injured personnel will be transported via GSA
van to nearest hospital. If there is a possibility of loss of life or limb, 911 will
be dialed and injured personnel will be transported by ambulance to either
Newark Emergency Center or Christiana Care Hospital.

V. Command and Signal

Location of Command: Alpha Company Commander will be present at all
training events except for 1st hour of LEADLAB and Ranger Challenge.
Company chain of command will assume position until C/CPT Smith’s return.
Succession of Command: C/CPT Smith, C/1LT Williams, C/1LT Streckenbein,
C/1LT Conger, C/1SG Lynch, C/SFC Hicks, C/SFC, Lewandowski
Primary: Face to Face
Secondary: Cell Phones (Numbers located in Annex A)

C/LTC Sieber
C/CPT Smith
A Co. CO

Annex A: Cell Phone List

Annex A: Cell Phone List

Cadre Chain of Command

Cell Number Office Email


LTC Moxley 828-455- 302-831-

6545 1763

MAJ Cooke 302-528- 302-831-

6093 8209

MAJ Keen 443-980- 410-677-

8105 0277

CPT Austin 302-547- 302-831-

2866 8213

1LT 240-217- 410-677-

Engleman 4515
Cell 0275
Email m

2LT Moss Number

302-388- 302-831-
C/LTC Sieber 7521
302-893- 2014
2LT Wishko 3274
203-257- 302-831-
C/MAJ Cochran 3921
302-584- 2014
MSG 7082
931-216- u
C/MAJ Miller 8594
610-406- 8217
SFC 1813
931-217- 302-857- tgeraldsen@desu.ed
C/CPT Smith 3305
443-534- 7361 u
Cadet Chain of Command
C/1LT 609-602-
Streckenbein 6711

C/CPT Quinn 302-632-


C/1LT Conger 201-317-


C/CSM 302-353- korisu56@hotmail.

Arrington 7769 com

C/1SG Lynch 610-513-


C/SFC Hicks 305-804-


C/SFC 205-962-

Lewandowski 2297