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IRAC Brief

IRAC Brief Abigail Kellar, Yolanda Jusino, Tierney Kennedy, Ladarrius Thompson Law/ !" #ebruary "$, %&"' Rober( Reimer

IRAC Brief

Case Brief )"* Ti(le+ ,arris -. /uinn, January %", %&"'. )%* #a0(s+ This 0ase is abou( indi-iduals who pro-ided home 0are (o disabled indi-iduals enrolled in Illinois 1edi0aid2wai-er programs. They are no( employed by (he 3(a(e of Illinois, bu( by (he indi-iduals who (hey ser-e. 4e-er(heless, under former Illinois 5o-ernor Blago6e-i0h, (he 3(a( e designa(ed a union (o be (he represen(a(i-e of one group of home 0are pro-iders -is2a 2-is (he 3(a(e, and is 0ompelling (hese pro-iders (o finan0ially suppor( (ha( union as (heir s(a(e2appoin(ed represen(a(i-e. Illinois 5o-ernor /uinn a((emp(ed (o impose a similar s0heme of 0ompulsory poli(i0al represen(a(ion on a se0ond group of home 0are pro-iders. Compelling home 0are pro-iders (o suppor( an en(i(y for (he purposes of spea7ing (o and pe(i(ioning (he s(a(e infringes on (he fundamen(al righ(s of pro-iders (o free asso0ia(ion, free spee0h, and (o pe(i(ion (he go-ernmen( for a redress of grie-an0es under (he #irs( Amendmen( (o (he 8ni(ed 3(a(es Cons(i(u(ion. This sui( by home 0are pro-iders see7s de0lara(ory, in6un0(i-e, and mone(ary relief (o remedy (his -iola(ion of (heir Cons(i(u(ional righ(s ("In The United States District Court", 2010). )!* Issue+ 3hould 9amela ,arris be 0onsidered as a s(a(e employee (o be unioni:ed and for0ed (o pay agen0y fees. 3hould home2based wor7ers be re;uired (o submi( (o an e<0lusi-e represen(a(i-e for 0olle0(i-e bargaining= )'* Rule+ Colle0(i-e Bargaining Agreemen( 2 A 0on(ra0( en(ered in(o by an employer and a union during a 0olle0(i-e bargaining pro0edure. #irs( Amendmen( 2 Congress shall ma7e no law respe0(ing an es(ablishmen( of religion, or prohibi(ing (he free e<er0ise (hereof> or abridging (he freedom of spee0h, or of (he

IRAC Brief press> or (he righ( of (he people pea0eably (o assemble, and (o pe(i(ion (he 5o-ernmen( for a redress of grie-an0es. ) * Analysis+ The s(a(e of Illinois 0onsiders home 0are wor7ers as s(a(e employees for

0olle0(i-e bargaining purposes only. Illinois law ma7es 0lear (ha( home20are wor7ers are no( 0onsidered (o be s(a(e wor7ers for any purpose o(her (han 0olle0(i-e bargaining, ?in0luding bu( no( limi(ed (o, purposes of -i0arious liabili(y in (or( and purposes of s(a(u(ory re(iremen( or heal(h insuran0e benefi(s.? A((emp(s by Illinois and o(her s(a(es (o 0laim home20are wor7ers, as (heir own employees for 0olle0(i-e2bargaining purposes are a pre(e<( unsuppor(ed by any legi(ima(e s(a(e in(eres( and should be re6e0(ed as -iola(ing dissen(ing wor7ers@ #irs( Amendmen( righ(s. #irs( Amendmen( righ(s of e<pression and asso0ia(ion are 0ompromised when (hose wor7ers are for0ed no( only (o be represen(ed by a union, bu( also (o pay for spee0h wi(h whi0h (hey disagree. #or (ha( reason, 0ompulsory suppor( of a union in(rudes on dissen(ing wor7ers@ #irs( Amendmen( righ(s )5rossman, %&"'*. )A* Con0lusion+ The s(a(e of Illinois should allow home 0are wor7ers (o be free from 0oer0ed asso0ia(ion and from suppor(ing spee0h wi(h whi0h (hey disagree. ,ome 0are wor7ers should be allowed (o e<er0ise (heir opinions, e<pressions, and -oi0es ra(her (han be for0ed (o agree wi(h (he union. ,owe-er, (he s(a(e of Illinois is no( a ?righ( (o wor7? s(a(e. If a s(a(e ena0(s a righ(2 (o2 wor7 law, indi-idual employees 0anno( be for0ed (o 6oin a union or pay union dues and fees, e-en (hough a labor union was ele0(ed by o(her employees )p. !'*. There are some 0on0ep(s from (he abo-e legal 0ase (ha( 0an be applied wi(hin a business se((ing. The 0ase of ,arris -. /uinn was a 0ase per(aining (o (he righ( (o wor7

IRAC Brief laws in (he s(a(e of Illinois. If (he 3upreme Cour( rules agains( home heal(h0are wor7ers (o 0olle0(i-ely bargain in (his 0ase, many indi-iduals who rely on (he home heal(h 0are wor7ers (o pro-ide (hem wi(h 0are in (heir homes will be a( ris7.

B,ome 0are wor7ers in Illinois ha-e formed a union and bargained impro-emen(s in wages, heal(h 0are benefi(s and (raining. These 7inds of impro-emen(s ha-e been shown (o help s(a(es redu0e (urno-er and ma7e i( easier for (heir 0i(i:ens (o re0rui( and re(ain home 0are wor7ers. Redu0ing (urno-er and impro-ing re0rui(men( and re(en(ion 0an -as(ly impro-e ;uali(y of 0are for seniors and people wi(h disabili(ies, and allow (hem (o remain in (heir homes (o li-e wi(h digni(y, ra(her (han being for0ed in(o ins(i(u(ionali:ed 0are.C )3en(eno, %&"'*. 3eniors and (hose wi(h disabili(ies will need ;uali(y home heal(h 0are wor7ers in order (o a-oid going (o long2(erm 0are ins(i(u(ions. Those business owners and managers of home heal(h 0are 0ompanies will wan( (o build a dependable, se0ure group of indi-iduals (o pro-ide 0are (o (heir 0lien(s. Ad-an0emen(s from 0olle0(i-e bargaining su0h as be((er wages, 9TD, (raining and benefi(s will allow for (his (o happen. #rom (he s(andpoin( of a manager or owner of a business in (his field i( would be benefi0ial for (heir long (erm s(abili(y as a 0ompany (o be suppor(i-e of (he unions and 0olle0(i-e bargaining (ha( (he home heal(h 0are wor7ers are desiring.

IRAC Brief

Referen0es Cheeseman, ,.R. )%&"!*. Business law+ Legal en-ironmen(, online 0ommer0e, business e(hi0s, and in(erna(ional issues)E(h ed.*. 8pper 3addle Ri-er, 4J+ 9ren(i0e ,all. 5rossman, A. 1. )%&"'*. ,arris -. /uinn+ An Fnd (o (he #or0ed 8nioni:a(ion of ,ome2 Care Gor7ers=. Re(rie-ed from h((p+//www.heri("'/&"/harris2-2;uinn2an2end2(o2(he2 for0ed2unioni:a(ion2of2home20are2wor7ers IN TH UNIT D ST!T S DIST"ICT C#U"T. (2010). "etrie$ed %ro& htt'())di*.a+c,oca,.*,s)docu&ents)011.14/itea&/unionsu're&ec urt.'d% 3en(eno, C. )%&"', January "!*. 8.s. supreme 0our( 0ase harris -. ;uinn (hrea(ens ;uali(y home 0are . Re(rie-ed from h((p+//"'/&"/us2supreme20our(20ase2 harris2-2;uinn2(hrea(ens2;ua.php