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1. 2. Unit Code & Unit Title: Course of Study: UECS2023 Multimedia Technology Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronic and Communications Engineering Bachelor of Science (Hons) Applied Mathematics with Computing Bachelor of Science (Hons) Software Engineering Year 2 Sem 1, Year 3 Sem 1 and Sem 2 2014/01 3 credit hours (2 + 1) 2.7 represents lecture: (3 hours x 12 weeks) 0.3 represents tutorial: (1 hour x 12 weeks) Chow Mee Mooi Chow Mee Mooi Hoo Meei Hao 8. 9. Mode of Delivery: Objective: Lecture and Tutorial introduce the basic concepts and applications of multimedia systems; introduce the five elements of multimedia and tools for editing and manipulation; present the concepts, techniques and issues associated with the design and development of multimedia applications; present the concepts of interactive multimedia and tools for multimedia authoring for developing interactive multimedia applications. After completing this unit, students will be able to: illustrate how multimedia technologies are used in various computing applications; select appropriate multimedia elements and the appropriate file formats for use in various multimedia applications; use appropriate tools for editing and manipulating individual multimedia elements; apply principles of multimedia design in developing multimedia applications; use appropriate tools to create interactive multimedia applications.

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Year of Study: Year and Semester: Credit Hour & Contact Hour: Lecturer: Tutor:

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10. Learning Outcome:

Teaching Plan

11. Reading List:

Main Reading List 1. Chapman, N., & Chapman, J. (2009). Digital Multimedia. (3rd ed.). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. 2. Chapman, N., & Chapman, J. (2007). Digital Media Tools. (3rd ed.). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. Additional Reading List 3. Li, Z. N., & Drew, M. S. (2004). Fundamentals of Multimedia. Upper Saddle River, N. J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall. 4. Vaughan, T. (2011). Multimedia: Making It Work. (8th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.

12. Method of Assessment:

No. Method of Assessment 1. Coursework a) Mid Term Test b) Assignment 1 c) Assignment 2 2. Final Examination GRAND TOTAL

Total 40% : : : 15% 10% 15% 60% 100%

13. Remark:
Lecture, Tutorial and Assignment Plan Week Lecture Topic Administrative Details 1 13/01/14 Unit plan Assessment breakdown to 17/01/14 Introduction to Multimedia Technology Definition of multimedia Definition of interactive multimedia Concepts and principles of multimedia systems Multimedia hardware and software Networking for multimedia

Tutorial Topic


Reference [1] Chapter 1 & 16

20/01/14 to 24/01/14

Briefing on Assignment Uses and Applications of Multimedia Technology Multimedia applications in government, entertainment, education, business sectors, medicine and healthcare, etc. Networked multimedia applications

Tutorial 1: Introduction to Multimedia Technology

Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 released

[1] Chapter 1 & 2 [4] Chapter 1

[1] Chapter 12 Interactive Multimedia Introduction to interactive multimedia Integration of multimedia elements in multimedia applications (The Authoring Process) Tools for multimedia authoring

Teaching Plan

Lecture, Tutorial and Assignment Plan Week Lecture Topic Multimedia Skills and Training 3 27/01/14 The multimedia development team project manager, multimedia to designer, interface designer, writer, 31/01/14 video specialist, audio specialist, multimedia programmer The Macintosh and Windows PC platform

Tutorial Topic CNY


Reference [4] Chapter 8

03/02/14 to 07/02/14

Planning and Costing Project planning Estimating RFPs and bid proposals

Formation of assign group + theme selection

[4] Chapter 9

Tutorial 2: Uses and Applications of Multimedia Technology

10/02/14 to 14/02/14

Multimedia Design Principles Design principles Guideline for producing successful multimedia project Structure and navigation in multimedia applications Storyboarding for multimedia applications Issues in multimedia design

[4] Chapter 10 Tutorial 3: Interactive Multimedia & skills

[1] Chapter 11 [4] Chapter 8, 10

Delivering the Products Testing with alpha, beta Preparing for delivering Delivering on CD-ROM CD technology Delivering on the World Wide Web

17/02/14 to 21/02/14

Computer basic I/O Devices Processor Memory Storage Modem System and Application Software Static Multimedia Elements: Text Text: Concepts, encoding standards fonts, tools for hypertext documents editing Colour: Concepts, encoding standards fonts, tools for hypertext documents editing

[4] Chapter 14 Tutorial 4: Designing and Producing, Multimedia design principles

24/02/14 to 28/02/14

Tutorial 5: Delivering the Products

[1] Chapter 5 & 9 [4] Chapter 2

Teaching Plan

Lecture, Tutorial and Assignment Plan Week Lecture Topic Static Multimedia Elements: Images 8 03/03/14 and Graphics Bitmap images: Compression, file to formats, tools for image editing and 07/03/14 processing

Tutorial Topic Tutorial 6: Static Multimedia Elements: Text

Assignment Mid Term Test: 3 March 2014 (Monday)

Reference [1] Chapter 3 & 4 [4] Chapter 3

10/03/14 to 14/03/14

Static Multimedia Elements: Images and Graphics (contd.) Vector graphics: Concepts, file formats, tools for vector graphics editing Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Audio Audio: Concepts, sampling and quantization, compression, file formats, audio streaming, tools for audio editing

Tutorial 7: Static Multimedia Elements: Images and Graphics

Assignment 1 due: 13 March 2014 (Thursday)

[1] Chapter 8 [4] Chapter 4

17/03/14 to 21/03/14

Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Video Video: Standards, compression, file formats, video streaming, tools for video editing

Tutorial 8: Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Audio Tutorial 9: Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Video

[1] Chapter 6 [4] Chapter 6

24/03/14 to 28/03/14

Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Animation Animation: Types of animation, file formats, tools for animation

[1] Chapter 7 [4] Chapter 5

31/03/14 to 04/04/14

The Future of Multimedia Technology Issues and future directions of multimedia applications Immersive multimedia and virtual reality applications Presentation

[4] Chapter 1 Tutorial Presentation: Assignment 2 due: rd 3 April 2014 (Thursday)

07/04/14 to 11/04/14

Tutorial : Presentation

Group Assignment Presentation

14/04/14 to 18/04/14

Revision / Presentation

Tutorial 10: Dynamic Multimedia Elements: Animation

Group Assignment Presentation

Teaching Plan