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Teacher Mission Statement My mission as an educator is to: 1. Empower my students to become active learners. 2. Develop skills as life-long learners, critical t inkers and cooperative learners. !. " allenge eac student to reac t eir ig est potential. #. Encourage students to strive academically and be aviorally. $. %e a conscious model of moral and et ical be avior. &. "reate a classroom wit a positive and safe environment. '. (espect eac student as an individual. ). %e fair and impartial w en student be avior is in *uestion. +. (ecogni,e self-discipline and good citi,ens ip skills in myself and my students.

Mission -tatement .s a future teac er, / wis to influence t e lives of ot ers t roug e0perience. / believe t at being culturally aware is a great c aracteristic to obtain and ope t at / can pass on my knowledge of t e -panis culture and language to students. My 1 ilosop y of 2eac ing / believe teac ing is about e0perience. 3ot e0perience as in t e number of years you ave been in t e education field or t e list of credentials you currently possess, but about t e e0perience your students ave in t e classroom and your own personal encounters wit t em. Eac day in t e classroom is different t an t e last, w ic / feel allows for individual growt for me as a future teac er and also t e students. "reating meaningful e0periences for everyone will ultimately leave lasting impressions and memories even as t e years advance. .s a student, t e e0periences / encountered in my primary and secondary education as been e0tremely positive, w ic is w y / c oose to pursue a degree in t is particular field. / ave ad inspirational teac ers, learned vast amounts of useful information, and grew as an individual because of t ese occurrences. -tudents are constantly at a point in t eir lives w ere t ey can be s aped and molded by even t e slig test boost of confidence. / feel because teac ers ave t e ability to give t eir students encouragement, t ey can ave suc profound influences on t em, and / want to make t at difference in someone4s life. 3ot only do / value t e importance of e0periences in t e classroom, but / feel t at it is so imperative to e0perience cultures ot er t an our own, w ic triggered me to pursue -panis Education. 5rom my very first -panis class, / knew t at t e sub6ect would be a part of my life for a long time because it was t e only time / was fully immersed in traditions and a value system besides my own. / believe a crucial aspect to being a well-rounded person is to ave cultural awareness and knowledge. 7earning a foreign language is a window into broadening t e student4s development, w ic can lead to suc great personal advancements. .lt oug / am still an undergraduate student and not an employed teac er, / am now e0periencing so many t ings and look forward to t e different kinds of e0periences / will ave as an educator. / t ink t e e0periences for t e two are rat er diverse, but bot still very meaningful and practical in life. 8ltimately, / look forward to teac ing -panis because / know t at / ave

t e opportunity to pass on cultural knowledge of a foreign country and give my future students e0periences t at t ey will always be able to look back upon. My 1 ilosop y of Education

.s a future teac er my mission statement is to go to work every day wit passion and integrity. .s a ard-working and dedicated individual / want to make learning fun and interactive for all of my students. My classroom will be interactive and inviting and / want all of my students to feel welcome. .s a person wit a disability / plan to work especially ard to make sure t at none of my students will fall t roug t e cracks of our educational system. / am so ent usiastic about my career c oice and / cannot wait to teac and learn on a daily basis. Education is t e future of our nation and t e world and / am pleased to be on my way to becoming a teac er. St. John Fisher College Mission Statement -t. 9o n 5is er "ollege is a collaborative community dedicated to teac ing and learning in a personali,ed educational environment. 2 e "ollege is guided by its "at olic eritage, as e0pressed in t e motto of its founders, t e %asilian 5at ers: :teac me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.: 2 roug an education rooted in t e liberal arts, we prepare individuals for lives of intellectual, professional, and civic integrity, in w ic diversity and service to ot ers are valued and practiced. Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School Mission Statement %is op 7udden e0ists to furt er t e mission of 9esus " rist by teac ing and proclaiming t e ;ospel, according to t e tenets and sacramental life of t e (oman "at olic " urc . 2 roug our educational ministry, we promote, develop, and appreciate t e sacredness of t e w ole person. <e are called to provide a curriculum and sc ool environment w ic fosters spiritual growt , moral development, academic e0cellence, critical t inking and life-long learning. 2 roug t e educational process, we instill in our "at olic sc ool community t e need to serve as: people w o evaluate or world in lig t of t e vision of 9esus " rist stewards of t e eart and its gifts

active, informed participants w o collaborate in creating a world based on peace and 6ustice <e do t is as a Euc aristic "ommunity, in partners ip wit our parents, paris es and " urc , and t e civic community. Interpretation of MSTI 2 !" /n my personal opinion / believe t at / will learn a lot from t is course and will be able to take t at information into my future classroom. / am going to be certified in -pecial Education as well as " ild ood Education so as an educator / need to know and be familiar to all of t e assistive and adaptive tec nologies t at are available to students. 2 roug M-2/ 2&= / will grow as a professional and taking t is course will better my classroom in t e future for all of my students.

The role of a teacher in the school is to give additional lessons of what the child learned from the community. Teachers serve as not only educators, but also mentors and role models. Especailly in the modern world, where values such as respect for elders, sharing, and cooperation among peers are not always taught in the home. Young students look to their teachers when determining how to interact as adults. The teachers role is to help students learn and apply their learning to real life experiences. Teachers are there to help you motivate and inspire you and other students to be the best they can. The role of the teacher in school To provide their students with sufficient knowledge about the course they teach, and make sure they are able to understand it. Roles of the teacher as a community leader !. "ake herself aloof to ensure that her decisions will not be influenced by community politics.#. $olicit donation from philanthropist in the community.%. play an active part in the activities of the community. &ow will you encourage more community participation among teachers and students' (rgani)e more services that will capture their interest and attention and be able to participate and do well in your community.