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Judul Information and Political Perception, University of Colorado, 2008. Rethin in! the impact of the church on the "ynamics of inte!ration of Con!olese mi!rants in #ohannes$ur!% & case study of 'ah(eh shammah assem$ly, University of the )it(atersrand, #ohannes$ur!, 2011. Pluralism and Moderation in an Inclusive Political Realm% & ,ormative "efence of Reli!ious Political Party, University of -din$ur!h, 200.. /ospitality to the *tran!er% 1he -2perience of Christian Churches in the Resettlement of &frican Refu!ees to the United *tates, *t. &ndre(s University, 2003. 1he civil (ar revival and its pentecostal Pro!eny% a reli!ious movement amon! the i!$o people of eastern ,i!eria 51.63720028, University of 9irmin!ham, 2000. :iolence, 1errorism and the Role of 1heolo!y% Repentance and Re$ellious Christian Identity, *t. &ndre(s University, 2006. Reli!ious Pluralism and Conflict as Issues in Reli!ious -ducation in U!anda, University of <eeds, 200+. 1he road to peace% 1he role of the southern *udanese church in communal *ta$ilisation and national resolution, University of -din$ur!, 2008. 1he =ther in the curriculum% ethno!raphic case studies on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions of reli!ious education in sites of value commitment and contestation in the U>, University of ?las!o(, 2011. 1he *tate and the Church, the *tate of the Church in 1on!a, University of -din$ur!h, 2003. ?ender, Reli!ion and "evelopment in Rural 9an!ladesh, /eidel$er! University, 2004. -veryday piety% ,e!otiatin! Islam and the economy in &mman #ordan, 9oston University, 2011. 1eacher Perception of the Purpose of Classroom Reli!ious -ducation in ,e( @ealand Catholic *chool, &ustralian Catholic University, 200.. Indi!enous &ustralian and Islam% *piritual, Cultural and Political &lliances, Aueensland University of 1echnolo!y, &ustralia, 2010. Mahasiswa Muhtarom &sep *. Mim$ar Ke .

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Radea #. &. /am$ali &de #uanda


&don ,. #amaluddin &;id /a im 1amami Rusman Rahadian Muhammad &fif

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*afiin 'usuf @& 9u hori M.


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Islam, civil society and social (or Muslim :oluntary )elfare &ssociations in #ordan% $et(een Patrona!e and -mpo(erment, <eiden University, 2008. &. *tudy of Cetana and the "ynamic of :olition in 1heravada 9udhism, Concordia University Canada, 2000. 1he ne2t &um% reli!ious violence and ne( reli!ious Movements in t(enty7first century #apan, University of Io(a, 200.. &n -thno!raphic *tudy of :iolence -2perienced $y "alit Christian )omen in >erala *tate, India and the Implications of this for Beminist Practical 1heolo!y, University of ?las!o(, 200+. 1he Influence of Culture on Malay MuslCm 9usiness Practice% & Case *tudy of Malaysia )ith *pecial Reference to the *tate of >elantan "Dr al7,aCm, University of 9irmin!ham. Reli!ious Protectionism in the Bormer *oviet Union% 1raditional Churches and Reli!ious <i$erties, *t. &ndre(s University, 2003. 1o(ards a 1heolo!y of Conflict 1ransformation% & *tudy of Reli!ious Conflict in Contemporary ,i!erian *ociety, University of -din$ur!h, 2011. Politics and the Beud in <ate Medieval *cotland, *t. &ndre(s University, 1.8.. & *tate of Conspiracy% *yrian Challen!es to Political &uthority in the Course of -veryday, University of -din$ur!h, 2003. *tate &ttitudes to(ards Palestinian Christians in a #e(ish -thnocracy, "urham University, 2010. & 1heolo!y of International Relations% & 9uddhist &pproach to Reli!ion and Politics in &n Interdependent )orld, *t. &ndre(s University, 2011. )ays of *pea in! in the "iaspora% &f!han /indus in ?ermany, University of Io(a, 2011. )here do I 9elon!E -volvin! Reform and identity &mon!st the @ema /era a of ,orth Cachar /ills, &ssam, India, University of -din$ur!h, 2008. -thnicity and Po(er in -thiopia, University of -din$ur!h, 200+. #ust )ar and ,uclear )eapons% #ust )ar 1heory and Its &pplication to the >orean ,uclear )eapons Issue in >orean Christianity, University of -din$ur!h, 200.. -cclesiastical Politics in *cotland, 148671610, University of -din$ur!h, 1..4. Inclusion and -2clusion% ,?=s and Politics in @im$a$(e, University of =2ford, 2001.

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1oleration of the IntolerantsE &ccommodation of Political Islam in the Muslim )orld, University of Chica!o, 200+. Beelin! 1hreatened% Muslim7Christian Relations in IndonesiaFs ,e( order, <eiden University, 2006. Culture, Po(er and Resistance% Post Colonialism, &uto$io!raphy and Malaysian Independence, "urham University 2010. Conceptualisations of citiGenship in *(eden and the United >in!dom% &n empirical study and analysis of ho( HcitiGenshipF is understood in policy and $y policy7ma ers, University of -din$ur!h, 200.. "octrinalisin! dreams% Patristic vie(s of the nature of dreams &nd their relation to early Christian doctrines, University of -din$ur!h, 2011. Baiths 1o!etherE Muslim7Christian Co7)or in! on a Pu$licly Bunded Pro;ect in 9eeston /ill, *outh <eeds, 1he University of <eeds, 2008. 1he Ima!e of the Incarnation as Motif for "evelopment Practice in )est #ava, Indonesia, 1he University of <eeds, 200+. 1he Interplay of Christianity, ethnicity and Politics in &n ole, U!anda 1.4+71..+, 1he University of <eeds, 1..8. 1he >in!dom of ?od and the Pres$yterian Churches *ocial 1heolo!y and &ction c.1880 I c.1.10, -din$ur!h University, 2003.