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Untitled By Jesicca Hernandez

I am Jessica Stinson, 25 years old I can do anything sir, I can wash dishes, mop the floors just hired me I really need a jo , and that is all I remem er after I was drun! in ar and wa!e up with some ody" Before that let me tell you a story a out myself, well I am Jessica I am secretly schooling on acting class ecause my parents don#t want that future for me, and at the same time I attend $edical schools ecause that#s my parents wants for me" I ha%e a oyfriend named &a%id they say that he is the perfect man, oh' my oyfriend and hus and to e is arranged y my %ery lo%ing parents, why %ery lo%ing ecause they only forgot all my allet recitals ecause they are all (BUS)*, anyway one day my parents found out that I am attending in acting school, and they get mad at me" +he thing is I don#t understand, why they can understand that my happiness is in acting, entertaining people, I don#t want to e li!e my older rother who they control y they own" +hat night I decided to lea%e our house, so I can e free and do my own" ,hen I a out to lea%e, my older rother Scott saw me, and I am egging to him, not to tell to our parents, and luc!ily he allow me and said (-o follow your dreams ($onths and wee!s pasts, I am lea%ing alone in a small room, I didn#t go to any of my friend#s house neither to &a%id, ecause I am pretty sure that they will tell to my parents that I am with them, I stop my medical school and continue my acting school" I am pretty smart that#s why I got a office jo in a an!, to support myself and my schooling" But one day the an! I am wor!ing for, crashed out" +hat#s why I need to find a another jo , it#s hard for me to find another one, until I want to .uit and go ac! to my parents place, and one morning I ha%e a %isitor, it#s my rother Scott, than!s to him I sur%i%ed my / month stay at the room, and he con%ince me to go ac! to our place ut I refuse" I continue searching for jo , and I came to the point of eing desperate, that is the moment I go to a fast food restaurant and says* I am Jessica Stinson, 25 years old I can do anything sir, I can wash dishes, mop the floors just hired me I really need a jo * ut the manager says* just lea%e the resume, and we will call you if we ha%e an opening*, and that is all I remem er, wait ah' I forgot to tell that I went to the ar and get drun!, and wa!e up na!ed with someone" +he person I slept with is 0eil 1eal, and he is a wor!ing in a ig networ! tele%ision in 0ew )or!" +he moment we wa!e up we stare to each other, and shout loudly ecause we don#t !now each other" 2nd he said this (I slept with a girl' 3h no' I need to ta!e a shower and scru hardly my ody* and me (wait a minute I am the one should go first to the shower' * and we are arguing a lot until I notice that I am not at my room, and I as! him if this is his place and he reply that this is not his place" 2nd suddenly it pop up to my head that this is our house so, I gra his hand and we get out of the house, and we are just wal!ing na!ed, not na!ed at all ut we ha%e a ed sheet to co%er oursel%es" Since 0eil place is just near we decided to go to his place, the funny thing is we are li!e in the mo%ie of Hang o%er didn#t remem er what happened to us" I decided to go ac! to my place4 while I was wal!ing I saw a poster saying that there will e an audition for stage play" 2nd I ran to the audition place e%en though I am haggard that day, I go, ecause this might e my stepping stone to my dreams" 2fter the audition, the panels just said to me that they will just call me" But unfortunately they ne%er call me ut instead the fast food which I ga%e my resume, that#s the one who call me ut its o! for me life#s go on, until one day a ig networ! is filming near y in my jo place, and there is I meet 0eil again that is the time I found out that 0eil Is wor!ing in a Big networ!" +hat is why I made a drama, and if you#re wondering what my drama is, I just tell them that I was his girlfriend, I am an actress remem er5 But this is may e the reason why 0eil and I met" 0eil got angry with me, not ecause I chase him e%erywhere he goes, e%en though he rejected and dump me many times" I ne%er gi%e up, until one day he in%ited me for a dinner, and I was %ery happy that time" 3ur first dinner in a restaurant, is a little aw!ward for us, not ecause I

ha%e one night stand to him, ut ecause I ha%e a crush on him too" So to a%oid this aw!wardness, I tell a lot stories to him I tell e%erything a out my life" 6%en though he is not listening, and he start to as! (why do you want to ecome an artist#s5* I simply answered his .uestion with this (I want to e free and ring happiness to e%eryone*, and he smiles at me and followed y ()ou are %ery tal!ati%e girl*" Since I stop my acting class, ecause I can#t afford the tuition "0eil suggests that he will train me" 6%ery night after our wor! he train me in our meeting place, until one day I accidentally !iss him, ut instead of !issing me ac! he refuse ecause he confess to me that he is a gay man, ut I didn#t notice it since we first met, and he said (I am sorry Jessica it#s not going to happened* and he lea%e me alone" 2fter that night I always wait him in our meeting place ut he didn#t come" I sat awhile on a ench thin!ing and .uestioning myself (why I am in lo%e in a gay man5* and I recei%ed a phone call from my ig rother he said that our dad is at the hospital, and I go to that hospital, and that night my family is ac! together I decided to go ac! to our home, and my parents ha%e finally understand me and allow me to go in a acting school" $onths and wee!s passes and I didn#t see him e%en though his shadow, until one day I got a phone call from the stage play I audition a couple of months ago and they said I will e playing the lead role, and I was %ery happy that night" $y mom noticed that I am not completely happy, and then he whisper to me (go get him* I don#t totally understand ut mom is right" 2nd the ne7t day I attended a meeting regarding on the stage play and it was a surprise ecause 0eil and I met again, and he will e the director of my upcoming stage play, and i feel happy moment I wal! near to him and suddenly i stop , ecause I was surprise what happened ne7t, he introduce his fianc8 and it was my e79 oyfriend and childhood friend &a%id, and &a%id recognize me and congratulates me, and I smile e%en though I feel I was heart ro!en ecause until now I am in lo%e in that gay man named 0eil" 2fter that day I decided to go to the par! where 0eil and I used to practice, and I saw &a%id there, &a%id is a good e79 oyfriend e%en though we don#t ha%e closure and he is a good childhood friend too" ,e tal! and I tell him the truth a out what happened to me and 0eil, and he says that he saw me in the ar the night I ha%e a one night stand with 0eil, and he tells what happened at the ar" He said that I drun! a lot of te.uila and I dance and he approach me and introduce 0eil as his oyfriend, that he is a gay man too" But suddenly there is an emergency call that leads him to say to 0eil that ta!es a good care of me, ut suddenly it leads to one night stand" But that day 0eil has a pro lem his parents can#t accept that he is gay" 2nd he also said that 0eil tells stories a out me on &a%id, and he notice that 0eil also li!es me" ,e end our chat on that phrase and he says (you should follow your happiness and your heart* don#t worry a out me, I am o!*" 0e7t meeting I ne%er seen &a%id, so I call him and he said (I ro!e up with him, ecause I am following my happiness too, and would you go on the par! last night ecause I thin! I left my !eys there, would you chec! it for me*" &a%id flew to :ondon to ha%e a $asteral &egree in the field of $edicine" +hat night I went into the par! and it was different, there are full of lights and decorations and orchestra playing" I saw 0eil there, and he is pretty confused too" 2nd he said that &a%id as! him to go to the par! same li!e what &a%id told me too" So we ha%e no choice and enjoy the night we tal! a lot and he said (do you really want to ha%e a gay oyfriend5* 2nd I replied (you !now I lo%e you and who really you are or what really you are I will accept you* and that#s what happened' ;olice< I am just as!ing why you are dri%ing while drun! last night" Jessica< 3h' +hat#s a long story" ;olice< just tell the short one, your oyfriend is right you#re %ery tal!ati%e'